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  1. Here we go again with transfer agenda. Every team does it at a certain extent and is been on for decades.
  2. Oh lawd, the transfer subject again. First the privates have the money to entice transfers. What is Centennial offering? Like the old saying goes. If you build it, they will come.
  3. They should have switched opponents.
  4. You seriously can't be confusing me with Sammy. You've been on these boards long enough to know that. BGW.
  5. Time for JT to hit the portal. Georgia will be going on a drought again.
  6. It helps when the opposing teams top receivers aren't playing.
  7. Does this guy/kid know google is free?
  8. The touchdown to CJ Williams was just a spectacular catch by CJ. Luke out ran the defense.
  9. Was it a bad year for QB’s or did they all just have a bad day because they were off the mark on many throws.
  10. Impressing a girl on a high school message board. 🤔
  11. Any talks of out of state games?
  12. Kirby Smart is 0 - 3 vs Saban. BY is gonna shred them again.
  13. You gotta do something. Bring the house and jam the receivers at the line of scrimmage.
  14. The more time you give a qb, the more time you give the receiver's to get open and shred the defense. Take your chances and bring the house.
  15. Utah D coordinator sucks.
  16. There is no looking forward to bowl games anymore more with all these shenanigans. The teams playing are not indicative of the teams that played in the regular season. I understand opting out for the fear of getting hurt but if its gonna happen it will happen. Could happen at the combine, at your pro try out. I guess from now on, only the playoff series will matter.
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