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  1. I don't recall trash-talking. Please feel free to point it out. Not sure how Bama's losses equate to missing effectively losing Najee with Najee's back-up coming off a concussion and hardly touching a football in weeks (and HIS backup out with Covid). Along with the QB playing injured. As I said, you're the kind of complete clown who'd trash-talk a one-legged guy you just beat in an ass-kicking contest. 🤡 🤣
  2. I think ATLien's greatest accomplishment in life was beating a recent amputee in a butt-kicking contest. 🤡 🤣
  3. Did they have a healthy QB, their first string RB, intact 0-line and d-line etc in December of 2017? 🤡 🤣
  4. All that's missing from making this the most wonderfullest hit of all time is a prison shank to the kidney. Head and eyes down, crown of helmet sighted in...
  5. Justin Fields turning, twisting or doing the Funky Chicken was entirely irrelevant. Skalski clearly lowered his head and led straight on with the crown of his helmet. This wasn't 6'6" Trevor Lawrence lowering his head and leaning into 6'1" Shaun Wade. It was a cheap and dangerous shot. He did a similar thing in last year's natty game. He wasn't leading with a shoulder in any imaginable way. http://www.espn.com/video/clip/clip?id=30635271
  6. Teague and Sermon shared time, with Teague probably the 1a until the MSU game when Sermon (the new guy) began to really outperform him. And the o-line was missing a starter (and then two when Davis got hurt). So, we had a depleted o-line, the starting RB gone, his backup having had a concussion and thus barely able to touch a ball in the previous month, and the 3rd string guy out with Covid. Ohio State literally ended up having to put in a kid who had not touched the ball this season. Waddle was long gone and Bama had ages to adjust to his loss. Dickerson had been gone for weeks. Oh
  7. Ohio State football has a balanced run and pass attack. How do you have a running game with two missing o-linemen, your star RB heading to the hospital right away and the next guys available basically not having touched a football in over a month (Teague) or at all this season (Crowley)? Once Sermon went out it was basically over. It sucks and is what it is.
  8. Ohio State's offense works when they have a running game. It's that simple. I don't disagree that they should have passed more, but Fields was clearly not 100%. I think both teams had vulnerable defenses. The difference is that Ohio State's offense had its game plan hosed at the get go. Ohio State was the most balanced offensive team amongst the major programs. When Sermon went down and then Wyatt Davis and they had to rely on a guy who had had a concussion and carried the ball just twice on the last 5 weeks, I knew the game was likely a foregone conclusion. They literally were left
  9. It's tough with no running game. You start minus one o-lineman. Then you lose an AA first-rounder. Your star RB goes down on the opening play. Your next up is coming back from a concussion and has two carries in the last 5 weeks (and he's not being used much, so I think he wasn't 100%). Your #3 RB is out due to Covid... The Crowley kid they're using hasn't been used at all this year. Not a single carry until tonight.
  10. IDGAF where you put it or what you call it. 👍
  11. Yeah. That's the same as two o-linemen who include an All-American top 10 draft projection and your start RB. 👍
  12. This. Fields is not 100%. Two starting o-linemen out. The RB who's put up 500+ yards in the last two games out on the opening play. The #2 d-lineman out. Frankly, with Togiai out, I thought the game was likely over once Sermon went down.
  13. With Togiai out, they can focus on Haskell Garrett.
  14. Sermon did not look good with that shoulder. Potentially HUGE game impact.
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