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  1. The MSM are trying to find a way to blame it on Trump and accuse him of conspiring with aliens. Give them time.
  2. Gracias. No idea how he's survived this long...
  3. Cancer and kidney failure... and he's a nearly 25-year double lung transplantee. It's a miracle he's still with us.
  4. Maybe we've identified the problem. There are imbeciles in the land who think resisting and fleeing is compliance.
  5. Russia was instigated by the Hillary campaign. That is the fact. A bullshit dossier funded by Dems paying foreigners and pushed incessantly by leftwing pols and their MSM and social media bootlickers. The investigation was done by a man the Dems swore by until the results came out. And then they lost their shit. Mueller's investigative team was near-as-damn all Dems, if not all. Fact. Cries of racism from the left come as easily as breathing. What is NOT "racist" these days if the Dems don't like it? You asshats keep bringing up Charlottesville and - almost without fail - complete
  6. I'll boldly predict that none of the above will seriously contend for a Republican nomination in 2024. Many Republicans wouldn't cross the street to piss on 2 or 3 of them if they were on fire.
  7. Nor the fact that he caused the escalation that resulted in his death. I cannot begin to imagine why folks screw with people who have guns. It's an entire group of Darwin Award winners of all colors.
  8. There's the Russia hoax that the left tortured the country with for years. There's the lies about Trump showing support for white nationalists. The lie you mention above about Russian bounties... At least two of those were used in the national debates (the white nationalist one by the debate host NBC!). Anything not in agreement with far left dogma is instantly labeled racist it seems. And have you seen the new Project Veritas videos where a CNN director is basically admitting that CNN was run as an anti-Trump network? This is not shocking, but nice to see it admitted to by an internal s
  9. Oh, I know. Meanwhile, black-on-black violence rages, causing thousands of deaths per year rather than tens or scores. No riots. No outrage from leftist pols or the leftist media. The boogeyman cannot be black and/or a Democrat.
  10. Kind of ridiculous, no? People are not upset about something that causes enormously more death in the black community than cops do (since numbers involving police and unarmed blacks are, in reality, very small fractions of what the left believes them to be)? They are OK with the widespread ignorance about the numbers of deaths of unarmed blacks actually involving the police? You are supposedly of Asian descent. Perhaps you should feel guilty about the high incomes Asians enjoy on average compared to other ethnic groups. And representation in top universities. How do Asians do i
  11. People are individuals. Each with their own demeanor. Shocking news, huh?
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