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  1. Does Pencil Neck actually think it's helpful to his cause to keep talking and talking and talking and talking...? He is one of the least appealing human beings on the planet. Don't they have anyone with a shred of personality? I last about 15 seconds before I wish I was there so I could punch him in the vagina.
  2. Good to see wrongs be recognized and a good man given the gratitude he deserves. https://www.realcleardefense.com/articles/2020/01/18/navy_to_name_aircraft_carrier_for_pearl_harbor_hero_doris_miller_114981.html Navy to Name Aircraft Carrier for Pearl Harbor Hero Doris Miller
  3. Apparently the Dems are counting on pics from White House photo ops and a Christmas party to establish a close relationship between ol' Lev and POTUS. Meanwhile, an aide to Ukrainian president Zelensky and the Ukrainian foreign minister are calling all kinds of bullshit on Lev. Given the above, I think the Dems have Trump dead to rights.
  4. He played two seasons for LSU. One was decidedly mediocre.
  5. Hope springs eternal I guess. I think a DoJ spokesperson has already called bullshit on this guy. The left really needs an intervention. They're just desperate and obsessed. I didn't think this possible, but it's gotten so bad and gone on so long that there's part of me that's starting to feel sorry for them. It's pitiful.
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