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  1. You mean they support the rule of law, the right to self defense and justice being upheld? Good for them. I guess the option is to tongue the balls of rioters, looters, arsonists and child ass rapists as you do, Talcum. "Shoot Me, N****!!!" 2021 winner of the "Make a Wish" Foundation's Talcum X Grand Prize
  2. You are apparently much more tuned into their goings on than I. I imagine you overheard this in the gents while you were scrubbing their toilets?
  3. I'm the new president of "Justice Has Been Served Society". Fans of violent pedo rapists who get their tickets punched when attempting an assault need not apply.
  4. 1) Given the current low LPR, the labor force being 4M workers shy of its high under Trump and the over 10.4M current job openings, that's good? Americans not wanting to work is a good thing? 2) Which is much less than 1.3% when netted against inflation. Here's some fun data: Real disposable personal income is declining. This would indicate that folks are spending the "free" gubmint money they saved, which is thus not going to be sustainable spending. Look at consumer sentiment: "...the University of Michigan reported that its consumer sentiment index fell 4.3 percentage points to a reading of 67.4 this month, its lowest level since November 2011, weighed down by inflation concerns.". What a dumbass. But he thinks he's being clever.
  5. 1) You're welcome 2) You're welcome You're late for your daily lying spree, btw
  6. Ruf, Are you aware that you have to be at least 35 years of age to be vice president? That said, he'd be better than the cackling moron we have now.
  7. Wow. Talcum being honest that he doesn't give a shit.
  8. Tell you what, why don't you do your usual and lie, and we can move on from there? Anyhooo.... here you go. Try not to act like you care about these people, Talcum. After all, Kyle Rittenhouse punched the ticket of a violent pedo rapist who attacked and that's terrible. November to Date Shot & Killed: 47 Shot & Wounded: 202 Total Shot: 249 Total Homicides: 50 Chicago Crime 2021Shortlink Week in Progress (11/21 – 11/27) Shot & Killed: 4 Shot & Wounded: 39 Total Shot: 43 Total Homicides: 4 Chicago Crime 2021Shortlink Year to Date Shot & Killed: 728 Shot & Wounded: 3448 Total Shot: 4176 Total Homicides: 775 Chicago Crime 2021
  9. Over the years, Republicans have moved slightly to the right. Democrats have lurched left.
  10. Well, they got it wrong about carrying the gun across state lines. They got the kind of gun wrong, but no biggie. They expressed concern over something that happened between white guys. And I'm wondering how often they set aside these special moments for the huge numbers of victims of black-on-black crime that are killed every week. I'm betting not. Or the black jobs and businesses inevitably destroyed by BLM riots?
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