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  1. 'Thanks for the opportunity to meet your father': Secret emails between Hunter and Burisma adviser show Joe DID meet his son's Ukraine business contacts - one year before the VP made officials fire prosecutor investigating their company
  2. Always entertaining watching two completely unimpressive people try to pump each other up. Please continue.
  3. I keep stating a reality. And you shamelessly keep dodging it and supporting the party that perpetuates it. You are a piece of shit. Have a nice night, Swede.
  4. Maybe get Slow Joe to help him score some sweet deals in the Ukraine and China?
  5. And you know he didn't.... how exactly? It's like you try to out stupid yourself.
  6. The poor black kids stuck in shitty schools that you are happy to keep stuck don't count? 🤡 "Stockholm Syndrome"
  7. Wow. That's BIG. I'll bet you were up nights about that one.
  8. That's different from Stockholm Syndrome, right Swede? 😂
  9. You worship the ground I piss on and you know it, lad
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