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  1. Aphasia Aphasia is a disorder that affects how you communicate. It can impact your speech, as well as the way you write and understand both spoken and written language. Aphasia usually happens suddenly after a stroke or a head injury. A person with aphasia may: Speak in short or incomplete sentences Speak in sentences that don't make sense Substitute one word for another or one sound for another Speak unrecognizable words Have difficulty finding words Not understand other people's conversation Not understand what they read Write sentences that don't make sense
  2. I'm just putting him on ignore. His stupidity is losing its entertainment value. Just getting old and occupying space. Time for quality control. This was tailor made for his content:
  3. Like the list of 100 top sources (sourced from a leftist organization)? "100 leftists polled by a leftist organization supported the leftist viewpoint". 🤣 I look forward to you dismantling my points. Oh, and Hungary is bad for controlling its borders and electing folks who put Hungary and Hungarians first... just to clear. They don't behave as dictated to by the overlords running the EU.
  4. So if that's your belief and poor understanding of statistics, why mention the 5? Dumbass.
  5. The five most recent polls out have Abbott up between 7 and 11 points. Your "never get anything right" streak is unbroken. Congrats.
  6. Willie, weird, willfully ignorant and stupid are not a great approach to life.
  7. I only wish you had the capacity to read it and recognize the demonstrable crapola rather than thinking it was a worthwhile read. Unfortunately, you've shown that you clearly do not. Takeaway: golfaddict is one of those folks you can feed bullshit and comes away thinking about how great the chocolate ice cream was. 💩
  8. You are having a rough day with your old nemesis, Comprehension. You provided an article by a very rag that tried to argue that the right is becoming authoritarian. I read stuff like that not infrequently. I simply see it as bullshit arguments. What you think that Vox article "explains" was utterly biased tripe. I actually got started reading it and had to stop due to the bias and hypocrisy. You, however, nodded thoughtfully when you read it, not stopping to ask yourself why it apparently isn't authoritarian when Democrats question election results. And why it isn't authoritarian to load a panel making an inquiry into Democrats main political opponent with nothing but people who publicly attack and loathe him? Or why wasn't that person allowed a defense or anything resembling due process? Why were quotes cherry-picked for maximum negative effect? Why weren't witnesses called who had publicly announced that testimony taken by the panel was false? The author is a far leftist who declares that the US constitution is "outmoded". Really? Says who? Oh, HE does. In the sentence after where he makes this - dare I say it...- "authoritarian" declaration, he LIES outright. He claims Pennsylvania is redder than the country as a whole. Except that Pennsylvania isn't red. There are over half-a-million more registered Democrats in the state of Pennsylvania than there are Republicans. Since 2002, the governor has been a Republican just once, for four years. More? He addresses gerrymandering as if it is a purely Republican practice. It's comical in its bias and hypocrisy. But to unquestioning golfaddict1, it all made pure sense and was Truth. 🤡
  9. I'm guessing The Donald was probably thinking "Holy Shit, look at those cans. I wish I brought a helmet. Concussion protocol in effect."
  10. Who says I don't? Knowing your opponents arguments (such as they are) makes it easier to expose them. I've simply stated that I won't reward a particular guy for a particular cheap political drive-by. Not sure why you struggle with this simple point. Have a blessed day.
  11. When he's paying his own cable bill, he's free to do so.
  12. ga1, You're sympathetic to Burns' politics and not bothered at all by his cheap political drive-by as a result, and are therefore happy to watch his stuff and provide him with ratings. I'm not going to change your mind. You read Vox and find it to a worthy source of truth for fuck's sake. 🤣 Happy to move on.
  13. Ken Burns is a leftist who pulled a bullshit political drive-by and I will not reward him for it with ratings. - concha
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