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  1. Personal responsibility is utterly anathema to the modern liberal. They want to be able to fuck who, when and wherever they wish and either be able to kill the unwanted result or make someone else pay for it.
  2. The liberal stance is stomach-churning: "Conception is somehow unavoidable and not the responsibility of the man and woman, so we're the good guys OKing the murder of their offspring." As regards black babies Wee Willie apparently agrees with Margaret Sanger, the racist eugenicist, personal hero of Hillary and founder of Planned Parenthood Infanticide.
  3. We do not live in a democracy. We live in a constitutional republic with democratic underpinnings. Get Hooked on Civics and then prepare for November. BTW, as I support the constitution, I'm winning, dumbass. 🤣
  4. Take a civics class you idiot. Then look up "mob rule". 🤡
  5. Take a civics class you idiot. Then look up "mob rule". 🤡
  6. He'll expect a pass because he claims to be a liberal and a Democrat. This guy will call a black man a n***** (though Mr Mom Jeans would never do it face-to-face 🤣 ) and would lose his shit if his kids brought home a person anything less than white as rice, but will call Republicans racist. 🤡 As I said, he is a complete fucking shit stain of a human being.
  7. Chip the Wonder Racist has been a shit stain on this board for many, many years. He not only uses the n-bomb, but is also firmly against interracial relationships. In other words, a good Democrat. I wouldn't cross the street to piss on this guy if he was on fire.
  8. He's a self-acknowledged racist. Those are probably the two words most frequently shit out of the hole under his nose.
  9. Was the incident with the priest or you? If you want abortion to be legal in your state, you'll have many to choose from.
  10. Are you aware the Margaret Sanger - the founder of planned Parenthood - was a eugenicist who believed blacks to be inferior? Are aware that the black abortion rate is 3x the national average and 4x that of whites? Yet you fellate and wave pom-poms for the party that puts abortion mills in every poor black neighborhood they can find. Oh, wait, you're one of the guys who ignores thousands of black-on-black murders but throws a fit of the DNC tells you to if a cop kills a black man every now and then (usually justifiably). What a turd you are. đź’©
  11. When an abortion happens, a death occurs but the mother lives. The deceased - regardless of stage of development - has unique human DNA and possibly is of a sex different than the mother. I may have a heart beat, be able to feel pain... Thus, there is the - very credible - argument that two bodies are involved. There is even law (look up the The Unborn Victims of Violence Act of 2004) that says a "child in utero" is "a member of the species Homo sapiens, at any stage of development, who is carried in the womb." Interesting, no?
  12. The faithful part of me says it is a life. But given our system of government (separation of Church and State), I can see the arguments behind it not being a viable and/or truly human being (yet). Organs start developing at just four weeks. There's a heart beat at 5. At 6, facial features begin to be recognizable. By 14 weeks the baby can suck its thumb. At 16, gender can be determined. There are arguments that pain can be felt even within the first trimester. Even given the above, you don't have to invoke God to believe life begins at conception. BTW, what a feckless cunt you are with the Christian/Taliban drive-by.
  13. Joe Biden Donald Trump Average of Polls June 24th 41.7% [+0] 43% [-0.3%] EchelonInsights June 20 45% 43% Redfield &WiltonStrategies June 15 38% 41% YahooYouGov June 13 42% 44% EmersonPolling May 25 41.7% 44.3%
  14. President: general election, 2024 Jun.17-22 1,000 LV C/D McLaughlin & Associates Harris 42% 50% Trump Sr. Trump Sr. +8 Jun.17-22 1,000 LV C/D McLaughlin & Associates Biden 44% 49% Trump Sr. Trump Sr. +5 Jun.17-20 1,030 RV B/C Echelon Insights Biden 38% 39% Trump Sr. More Trump Sr. +1 Jun.17-20 1,030 RV B/C Echelon Insights Biden 44% 44% Trump Sr. EVEN Jun.17-20 1,030 LV B/C Echelon Insights Biden 39% 40% Trump Sr. More Trump Sr. +1 Jun.17-20 1,030 LV B/C Echelon Insights Biden 45% 43% Trump Sr. Biden +2
  15. Dems Pause January 6 Hearings To Call For Insurrection Politics June 24th, 2022 - BabylonBee.com WASHINGTON, D.C.—Democrats have temporarily pushed pause on the January 6th hearings in order to lead an insurrection against the federal government. "On January 6th, a branch of our federal government was almost overthrown because politicians used dangerous rhetoric that caused—wait, hold on everyone, I just got the update. Roe's been overturned!" said Representative Adam Schiff. "Okay, well if all the Republicans could please sit tight, there will be a brief recess while our Democratic caucus takes to the streets demanding we overthrow a branch of the federal government." After closing down their presentation entitled "How Trump Undermined Institutional Authority", Democrats raced to join the crowd surrounding the Supreme Court building. "Rigged! Rigged decision!" shouted Senator Elizabeth Warren. "Judges must no longer be allowed to hold power! We will never abide by an illegitimate decision by an illegitimate court. Fight, fight!" she screamed as beleaguered police arrived in riot gear. Despite the fact liberal states will still have the most permissive abortion laws in the world outside North Korea, Democrats helpfully painted the Supreme Court's decision as a matter of life and death. "They are literally going to enslave every woman in America and force them to have 17 babies," said Representative Ilhan Omar to a group of mentally unstable lunatics. "Which is why the Supreme Court cannot stand! To the streets!" she shouted, then returned to the House for a speech on why Trump's words were directly responsible for violence. At publishing time, the January 6 committee had resumed its hearings to the stark sound of no one caring.
  16. Weird: Democrats Suddenly Saying 'Woman' Today As If Everyone Knows What It Means Worldviews June 24th, 2022 - BabylonBee.com U.S.—Following the overturning of Roe v. Wade, Democrats nationwide have been accusing the Supreme Court of taking rights from “women.” Onlookers have confirmed this to be confusing, as it seems to suggest that Democrats do in fact know what a woman is. “Women today have less freedom than their mothers!” Nancy Pelosi took the stand today to defend “women’s rights to make their own reproductive decisions.” Onlookers found themselves befuddled by the rhetoric about the “women’s right to choose,” since Pelosi should have no way of knowing what a woman is since she is not a biologist. Trans activists have come out in opposition to this timely recollection of what a “woman” is, decrying Pelosi’s “exclusionary and transphobic language.” One activist, Jesse Wolfshine, explained that “inclusion of trans people starts with the erasure of women.” Eyewitnesses confirm that Mx. Wolfshine backpedaled and looked flushed when she realized she had used the word “woman,” walking back her statement: “Only after women are gone can we progress – I mean, uterused people, since that's a woman part! I mean, that's a birthing person's part!" Eyewitnesses confirm that Mx. Wolfshine still looks flustered while trying to erase women without using transphobic language, but still accidentally says “woman” after every two or three elaborate euphemisms for “women.”
  17. Well, Barrington is in the USA, right? 🤡
  18. You did great, Slappy. Read the title of the the thread again. 🤡
  19. The 25 biggest... Stadium College Conference Capacity Opened Michigan Stadium Michigan Big Ten 107,601 1927 Beaver Stadium Penn State Big Ten 106,572 1960 Ohio Stadium Ohio State Big Ten 104,944 1922 Kyle Field Texas A&M SEC 102,733 1904 Neyland Stadium Tennessee SEC 102,521 1921 Bryant Denny Stadium Alabama SEC 101,821 1929 Tiger Stadium LSU SEC 100,500 1924 Royal Memorial Stadium Texas Big 12 100,119 1924 Los Angeles Coliseum USC Pac 12 93,607 1923 Sanford Stadium Georgia SEC 92,746 1929 Memorial Stadium Nebraska Big Ten 92,000 1923 Rose Bowl UCLA Pac 12 89,702 1921 Ben Hill Griffin Stadium Florida SEC 88,548 1930 Jordan Hare Stadium Auburn SEC 87,451 1939 Memorial Stadium Oklahoma Big 12 84,000 1925 Doak Campbell Stadium Florida State ACC 82,300 1950 Memorial Stadium Clemson ACC 81,500 1942 Camp Randall Stadium Wisconsin Big Ten 80,321 1917 Williams Brice Stadium South Carolina SEC 80,250 1934 Notre Dame Stadium Notre Dame Independent 77,622 1930 Spartan Stadium Michigan State Big Ten 75,005 1923 Razorback Stadium Arkansas SEC 72,000 1938 Legion Field UAB CUSA 71,594 1927 Faurot Field Missouri SEC 71,004 1927 Kinnick Stadium Iowa Big Ten 70,585 1929
  20. Kari Lake, Republican candidate for governor of Arizona, flames a CNN bimbo... 🤣
  21. The flight from blue state bullshit continues... Illinois' richest man Ken Griffin is taking his $25 billion fortune and trading firm Citadel to Miami after slamming Chicago's rising crime rate and saying the Sunshine State 'embodies the American Dream'
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