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  1. Newsflash, Sport. Dems are underwater - big time - in presidential approval, vice presidential approval and congressional balloting. They are doing a shit job and the American public notices. Your party has gone looney left and America wants nothing of it. Toodles!
  2. I'm hoping the number of vacation days from stupid that you have banked is really, really high.
  3. Clear to all but you, Andy. Your above words are just the usual pablum of you patting yourself on the back for nothing. What was my theory, Andy? 🤡
  4. The point of my thanks to President Brandon have to do with the upcoming mid-term elections. Republicans are actually ahead in generic congressional polling for the first time since 2014, a year where they had solid gains in both the Senate and the House. Anything close to such a result in 2022 will give the Republicans control of both chambers and shut down the crazy train even without the recent noble efforts of Manchin and Sinema.
  5. Your inability to process isn't my problem, Andy. What was my theory?
  6. The visit to the Tuskegee booth was a priority. I read a lot of military history and those cats were heroes on many levels. Having my boys meet them and thank them was a must. Thinking about it, it must have been around the time Red Tails came out (which was also made a priority). I've taught my boys to thank first responders and military whenever they can, but getting to do it with Tuskegee airmen was on a whole other level.
  7. I addressed the very comparison YOU posted. 🤡 No one is surprised that unvaccinated 80 year-olds would have a high hospitalization rate. Such people are also no doubt less likely to wear masks and more likely to socialize. If you do the math, there about 9,000 of them. They are stupid given the morbidity rates for their demographic. In comparison, there are nearly 100k 80 year-olds who are triple vaxxed (and probably wear masks and socialize less). What you CONVENIENTLY 🤡 didn't post is that despite having a lower hospitalization rate than the unvaxxed 12-29 demographic, the death rate for triple-vaxxed 80+ year-olds was 5x higher. Even unvaxxed, the younger demographic had just a 0.004% chance of dying in that time period per Alberta data. BTW, I am not anti-vax. I have been dosed twice in addition to natural immunity from having had Covid.
  8. Not sure how many saw this. I've seen him on tv many times over the years. A very impressive man and a true American hero. I had the good fortune to meet some Tuskeegee heroes at an air show here in Atlanta with my boys many years ago. https://abc7.com/charles-mcgee-tuskegee-airmen-obituary-veteran/11476834/ Charles McGee, brigadier general and one of the last surviving Tuskegee Airmen, dies at 102 McGee drew a standing ovation from members of Congress when introduced by President Trump during his State of the Union address. By DOUGLASS K. DANIEL Associated Press Monday, January 17, 2022 5:27AM WASHINGTON -- Charles McGee, a Tuskegee Airman who flew 409 fighter combat missions over three wars and later helped to bring attention to the Black pilots who had battled racism at home to fight for freedom abroad, died Sunday. He was 102. McGee died in his sleep at his home in Bethesda, Maryland, said his son, Ron McGee. After the U.S. entry into World War II, McGee left the University of Illinois to join an experimental program for Black soldiers seeking to train as pilots after the Army Air Corps was forced to admit African Americans. In October 1942 he was sent to the Tuskegee Army Air Field in Alabama for flight training, according to his biography on the website of the National Aviation Hall of Fame. "You could say that one of the things we were fighting for was equality," he told The Associated Press in a 1995 interview. "Equality of opportunity. We knew we had the same skills, or better." McGee graduated from flight school in June 1943 and in early 1944 joined the all-Black 332nd Fighter Group, known as the "Red Tails." He flew 136 missions as the group accompanied bombers over Europe. More than 900 men trained at Tuskegee from 1940 to 1946. About 450 deployed overseas and 150 lost their lives in training or combat. In recent years the Tuskegee Airmen have been the subject of books, movies and documentaries highlighting their courage in the air and the doubts they faced on the ground because of their race. In 2007 a Congressional Gold Medal, the highest civilian award from Congress, was issued to recognize their "unique military record that inspired revolutionary reform in the Armed Forces." McGee remained in the Army Air Corps, later the U.S. Air Force, and served for 30 years. He flew low-level bombing and strafing missions during the Korean War and returned to combat again during the Vietnam War. The National Aviation Hall of Fame says his 409 aerial fighter combat missions in three wars remains a record. He retired as a colonel in the Air Force in 1973, then earned a college degree in business administration and worked as a business executive. He was accorded an honorary commission promoting him to the one-star rank of brigadier general as he turned 100. Another event marked his centennial year: He flew a private jet between Frederick, Maryland, and Dover Air Force Base in Delaware. In 2020, McGee drew a standing ovation from members of Congress when introduced by President Donald Trump during his State of the Union address. In addition to encouraging young men and women to pursue careers in aviation, McGee was a source of information about the Tuskegee Airmen and offered a unique perspective on race relations of the era through the airmen's nonprofit educational organization. "At the time of the war, the idea of an all African American flight squadron was radical and offensive to many," McGee wrote in an essay for the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. "The prevailing opinion was that blacks did not possess the intelligence or courage to be military pilots. One general even wrote, 'The Negro type has not the proper reflexes to make a first-rate fighter pilot.' The Tuskegee Airmen certainly proved men like him wrong." Charles Edward McGee was born Dec. 7, 1919, in Cleveland, the son of a minister who also worked as a teacher and social worker and was a military chaplain. He graduated from high school in Chicago in 1938. Survivors include daughters Charlene McGee Smith and Yvonne McGee, 10 grandchildren, 14 great-grandchildren and a great-great grandchild. His wife of more than 50 years, Frances, died in 1994. A family statement described McGee as "a living legend known for his kind-hearted and humble nature, who saw positivity at every turn." In tweets Sunday honoring McGee, both Vice President Kamala Harris and Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III called him an American hero. "While I am saddened by his loss, I'm also incredibly grateful for his sacrifice, his legacy, and his character. Rest in peace, General," Austin wrote. In his Smithsonian essay, McGee wrote that he was often asked why the Tuskegee Airmen were so successful in combat. "I would say it was because of our courage and perseverance," he wrote. "We dreamed of being pilots as boys but were told it was not possible. Through faith and determination we overcame enormous obstacles. This is a lesson that all young people need to hear." He added: "I am most proud of my work as a Tuskegee Airman that helped bring down racial barriers and defeat the Nazis."
  9. The Washington Post The left dreamed of remaking America. Now, it stares into the abyss as Biden’s plans wither. Jeff Stein - 4h ago
  10. How many 80+ year-olds do you guess are out and about in Alberta during the winter? Do you think that octogenarians in Alberta and their carers know that they are at hugely higher risk than 12-29 year-olds and act accordingly?
  11. Mass shootings in the U.S. by shooter’s by race/ethnicity as of November 2021 Published by Statista Research Department, Dec 1, 2021 Between 1982 and November 2021, 66 out of the 125 mass shootings in the United States were carried out by white shooters. By comparison, the perpetrator was African American in 21 mass shootings, and Latino in 10. When calculated as percentages, this amounts to 53 percent, 17 percent, and eight percent respectively. Race of mass shooters reflects the U.S. population Broadly speaking, the racial distribution of mass shootings mirrors the racial distribution of the U.S. population as a whole. While a superficial comparison of the statistics seems to suggest African American shooters are over-represented and Latino shooters underrepresented, the fact that the shooter’s race is unclear in around five percent of cases, along with the different time frames over which these statistics are calculated, means no such conclusions should be drawn. Conversely, looking at the mass shootings in the United States by gender clearly demonstrates that the majority of mass shootings are carried out by men.
  12. You mean my stolen tax dollars don't pay for their care? WTF, Ruf?
  13. Kamala Harris So Disliked Nation Considering Hillary Clinton Politics January 14th, 2022 - BabylonBee.com WASHINGTON, D.C.—Recent national indicators have hinted that the Biden Administration may not be as popular as hoped. These revelations have forced strategists for the Democrat party to face the truth that Vice President Kamala Harris is so disliked, the nation would rather consider Hillary Clinton. “National polls, which never lie, have shown that Americans would prefer Hillary Clinton over Kamala Harris, which is pretty bad,” said political pollster Stanlip Bilksmear, “Even more disturbing, they both polled worse than ‘The propped up corpse of serial killer John Wayne Gacy.’ That wasn’t even an option in our poll; Americans wrote it in.”
  14. Fuck Clempson and fuck Dabo. The Bucks won't need perfection on D, just be respectable. The rush four and soft zone defense they played the last couple of years has been horrific. Other teams - even mediocre ones - have been able to sit back and pick apart the Bucks. The new DC Knowles is known for aggression and mixing things up. Combine that with the 4* and 5* athletes he'll have, that's the way to go. They'll give up some big plays but sacks, TFLs and (probably) INTs should go up even more. The offense should put up video game numbers. Georgia just lost their other RB to the draft in addition to all the defense that's declared. I think next year could be tough sledding for them. A&M could be a surprise if they get healthy. Their recruiting has been very solid the last few seasons.
  15. I hadn't realized that this had turned into a gambling site. I'd love for them to meet next season. Ohio State will have the best receiving corps in the country (again) and potentially the best RB stable too. The offense will be sick. Bama will have to reload (as they do) after losing their top two receivers and their most productive RB (by far). If Knowles can get the defense back to respectable, the Bucks will be very hard to beat next year.
  16. Andy of course won't be specific about what I'm supposedly being misleading about. Because I wasn't. The point remains as regards presidential debates. They are hosted by reps from major media and overwhelmingly by left-leaning major media (ABC/CBS/NBC/PBS/CNN...). Andy is just spewing chaff out his ass. As per usual. His best retort is apparently that Chris Wallace is a registered Democrat supposedly because DC is a town run by Dems and that makes life easier as a journalist. Simply a diversion from the fundamental point mentioned above. Andy will, of course, try to make it all about Wallace.
  17. I'm being misleading? STFU Almost all mass shootings are committed by males. What percentage of males are white? You are a complete douche.
  18. Google it yourself. You get lots of sites about mathematics. 🤡
  19. Idiot Boy, You can check virtually any site that makes an attempt to rate news/media outlets and apart from Fox news, the ones that do debates skew left. Even when a Fox News host has been used in one of the three debates (and that is not always the case), it has been Chris Wallace. A Democrat. I'd say it'd be nice for you to have the slightest clue about this, but you never will because you are an idiot.
  20. You may well be the most stupid human being on the planet. At least you excel at something, I guess.
  21. The 64% number is roughly in-line with the nations demographics. I'll bet almost all murders in China are committed by Asian guys.
  22. Idiot Boy, You are the one accusing people of running scared. So, I repeat: Given that the mid-terms are expected to give the Republicans control of both houses and that President Brandon and Willie Brown's chew toy both have approvals impressively in the toilet, what exactly are the Republicans running scared about? Wanting debates to not be run overwhelmingly through left-leaning outlets is hardly "running scared". But you are, unsurprisingly, too stupid to grasp it.
  23. Given that the mid-terms are expected to give the Republicans control of both houses and that President Brandon and Willie Brown's chew toy both have approvals impressively in the toilet, what exactly are the Republicans running scared about?
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