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  1. 5 hours ago, DevilDog said:

    He would be an abolitionist in 1619 and rejected for standing up to racist power structure.  Today that 1619 mindset still greats him.  



    He would have been born about 3 1/2 centuries earlier in a society where the social, religious, educational and societal inputs that formed him would have been completely different.


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  2. 2 hours ago, DevilDog said:

    You think a lot.  Let me opine.  You think Ancient Egyprians and a  young child about 2yrs old who was taken there to hide named Jesus are White.  You think a fat white male in a red costume has something to do with his birth and a rabbit with magical colored eggs has something to do with his death and resurrection.  I on the other hand think that's all B.S.  Yet you are flabbergasted at my mindset and will whatabout the hell out of it.  How can I expect people with this nonsense to understand anything to do with another's reality?  The term black on black crime has racial connotations.  Never hear of any white on white crime. Yet 81% of whites are killed by whites 10% less than 91% of blacks killing blacks.  You are 6 times more likely to kill yourself than me.  It's an epidemic among white males.  Dismissing history to me is comedic Yet expected.  I saw a picture of the 5 black cops here mocking them as Irish or going back.  What's funny all 5 have European Surnames and a probability of 1 being Irish.  How is that possible?  Let me try.  Something fucking Catastrophic happened to his ancestor.  Could have happened in 1619 😄 Never met one Irishman with an African Surname.  Millions of blacks with Irish surnames.  Here is an oxymoron. Shaquille O'Neil.  WTF.  See how artfully I mocked the mocking. 

    the original Irish Ua Néill, composed of the elements ua, meaning "grandson" or "descendant," and of the Irish name Niall

    The intelligence over here far exceeds mine.  The ignorance though is exceptional.  

    I exit as fast as I entered.


    A black male is something like 5x or 7x more likely to die at the hands of anther black than is the case white by white.

    And are you more worried about dying at the hands of another person - having your life violently stolen from you - or that some stranger might voluntarily (albeit tragically) off himself?


    And indeed something terrible probably happened back aways in Shaq's family tree. Likely his African ancestors were enslaved by fellow Africans and sold to European slave merchants. Awful. And something ended going on 160 years ago through the spilled blood of hundreds of thousands of souls of all colors.


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  3. 10 minutes ago, Belly Bob said:

    Sometimes the race of the person employed, or in charge, or even giving an opinion is important; other times, it's not.

    The color of police departments and police chiefs may have changed over the last several decades, together with the color of those governmental organizations who oversee police departments; but the real objective of the police, which is to enslave and oppress Black people, hasn't changed.



    Which explains why generations of both black and white Democrats - who have been swearing to help out black folks for basically a lifetime now - are so ineffectual.  They're nostalgic folks who respect traditions.

    Thus contemporary black cops commanded by black police chief commanded by mostly black city council = 17th century white slavers.


  4. 5 minutes ago, Belly Bob said:

    I think so.

    17th slave traders --> 18th century slave patrols --> 19th & 20th century Jim Crow enforcers --> contemporary police; therefore, contemporary police = 17th slave traders.

    19th century Democratic Party --> early 20th century Democratic Party --> contemporary Democratic Party; therefore, contemporary Democratic Party = 19th century Democratic Party. 

    The former is an important, insightful, and valid inference regarding a major American institution. The latter is not. 


    Aaaaaahhhh.... I see now.

    White 17th century slavers >> 18th century white slave patrols >> 19th & early 20th century white Jim Crow enforcers >> contemporary black cops commanded by black police chief commanded by mostly black city council = 17th century white slavers.

    Crystal clear.  👍


  5. 1 minute ago, FreeBird said:

    Y’all need to stop living in the past if you want a better tomorrow, what do you want me to do , this isn’t the 50s and 60s any more,


    They're still comparing today to the 1850's.

    Folks vote for the same party that sought to maintain their enslavement.

    They get them in control of the mayorship, the city council, the schools and the police. Even the governor and presidency at times. Often they are black.

    So they have their chosen people (who swear to help them). For decades and decades. They CONTROL the SYSTEM. They ARE the SYSTEM.

    But we still have to hear about Seamus O'Toole (died 1871).



    You can be accused of stupidity.

    If we had a wall and better control of the border, do you think more funding and manpower could be directed at stopping fentanyl smuggling?  Do you think the guys now forced to catch and babysit illegals could be focused on the drug trade?

    Don't answer. Whatever you come up with will be painfully stupid.


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  7. Per Census Quickfacts:


    Race and Hispanic Origin

    White alone, percent
    Black or African American alone, percent(a)
    American Indian and Alaska Native alone, percent(a)
    Asian alone, percent(a)
    Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone, percent(a)
    Two or More Races, percent
    Hispanic or Latino, percent(b)
    White alone, not Hispanic or Latino, percent


    18.9% of the population is Hispanic (all races)

    75.8% of the population is White alone

    59.3% of the population is White alone, not Hispanic or Latino


    So... 75.8 - 59.3 = 16.5

    Therefore 16.5% if the population is White alone, Hispanic or Latino

    That means just 2.4% of the population (18.9% - 16.5%) is Hispanic, but does not fall under the racial categorization of "White".

    Or, put another way, less than 13% of the Hispanic population is not under the category of "White alone".




  8. 28 minutes ago, Warrior said:

    DP - you don't buy this stuff you type right? This is an act of a game for you?...has to be. 

    Oh and most important E-A-G-L-E-S......EAGLES!


    I have often wondered whether he is playing the fool or just is the fool. As timed has passed I think the answer is obvious. What intelligent person would waste this much of his life (years now) playing a complete moron on a chat board all day every day?

    It's hard to imagine someone as unintelligent and lacking in critical thinking as he is.

    He undoubtedly did not read a word of the CJR piece. Even though it is a liberal publication from a very liberal institution.


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  9. 1 minute ago, Wildcat Will said:

    Hispanic is not classified as white.

    "No, white does not include Hispanics."

    - Willie the Dumbass


    The Census even has special sub-categories like "White alone, not Hispanic or Latino" in order to identify racial whites from racial whites who also identify ethnically as Hispanics.

    https://www.census.gov/quickfacts/fact/note/US/RHI825221   🤣

    White alone, not Hispanic or Latino are individuals who responded "No, not Spanish/Hispanic/Latino" and who reported "White" as their only entry in the race question.


    People who identify their origin as Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish may be of any race.


    Thanks for confirming - yet again - what an ignorant imbecile you are.


  10. It's great how Willie raises his hand so often to confirm how ignorant and stupid he is.

    Thanks, Willie!


    Per the Census, about 5% of the black population of this country also identifies as Hispanic.

    If you look at FBI stats, the data for the vast majority of Hispanics HAS to fit under the White category because there isn't nearly enough room to allocate the ethnic Hispanic crimes committed to the much smaller racial categories of Native American, Asian or Pacific-Islander. Therefore, for the purpose of the debate, Hispanic was overwhelmingly under "White".


    So, "White" (racial category) DOES include Hispanics (ethnic categorization). In fact, it includes the majority of them.


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    1 hour ago, Belly Bob said:

    When the FBI uses "white" to refer to non-Hispanic whites and "black" to refer to non-Hispanic blacks, then whites are underrepresented among persons arrested for violent crimes, while both blacks and Hispanics are overrepresented. 



    Any remotely intelligent person looking at the FBI crime stats would realize that at the very least the great majority of people listed as Hispanic have to fit under the White category when it comes to race. Most Hispanics in the country are mestizos of Mexican descent (60%). Mexico has hardly any blacks and it's not because they all came here. Cubans, Dominicans and Puerto Ricans are 3 of the 4 next largest (but much smaller) Hispanic groups and have some African ancestry but they are mostly mulattos. They generally would identify as Hispanic and not as black (as a typical Haitian or Jamaican American would). The 3rd largest group is Salvadorans, who are not black.

    It's hilarious that Assclown would try to call me on this. It's not like I married a Hispanic woman and lived in various places in Latin America for many years, while he was in Bumfuck, Georgia running the McFlurry machine and whining about The Man.


  12. Just now, Horsefly said:

    So how would those numbers adjust removing the Hispanics?  Do you want to remove Italians too?  Lol

    talk about desperate, you’ve been scrambling around for years trying to uphold the false sense of white hypermorality and ethics. 😂 

    Anyways, I’m done over here. I saw what I needed and confirmed what I thought 


    Many Hispanics are considered people of color, no? 🤡

    And again, you pathetically stick to this straw man.  I guess when you are trying to argue crime and your team is 13% of the population but commits over half the murders, you're kinda stuck with fabricating and projecting. Amirite?  🤡 😂


  13. 4 minutes ago, Horsefly said:

    The fbi stats show whites commit 69% of all crimes and it would probably be higher if they were equally policed. Start with sending the opioid users to prison instead of rehab and then target white drug users/distributors of other drugs as well. Bust down those doors, police those white neighborhoods!  Lol


    Whites includes Hispanics and overall the crimes committed are at worst inline with their proportion of the population. Remove Hispanics and the crime rate in the white community drops.

    It's amusing in a pathetic way seeing you desperately grasping at anything you can dream up.

    Newsflash:  Low crime, low violence communities don't need heavy policing. 🤪



  14. 40 minutes ago, Horsefly said:

    Conch give it up.  here you are again trying to tell me my reality because you can’t deal with white crime. There was no secret in those communities who was dealing and using. Kids did it openly because no one was going to do anything about it. hell we probably have no illegal substance users on here now typing away in these forums unbothered

    Mailboxes are considered federal property where do you think it’s written culprits get off without criminal charges? Smh


    Yeah. Here you are again just making shit up. 🤣

    I don't deny that white folks commit crime. But basically every relevant and available data point in existence points to the fact that on a per capita basis crime is much more prevalent in the black community. A black is something like 5x more likely to be killed by another black man than a white by a white. The likelihood of a black man committing murder is something like 7x that of a white guy.

    "But, but, but... white people do drugs too!". Yeah. I know. But when you look at crime overall, the results aren't remotely close.

    FYI, a few years ago I had a couple of rich white kids arrested for bashing my mailbox (and a lot of my neighbors' also). I saw them arrested, cuffed and hauled off. One was over 18 and had to go to court (not sure of the result). There was no catch and release on the spot with no consequences though.

    Trying to remember the reaction by the libtard patrol on here to federal building and police stations being attacked and trashed during the BLM riots... Sad to say this, but I am actually not sure what you would see as more serious. A kid taking a bat to a mailbox or one throwing a molotov cocktail at a police station or courthouse?



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