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  1. Racism and bigotry are TOOLS of the left. They don't actually fight against it. Look at America today. Conservative blacks and Hispanics can't join the very caucuses that are supposedly there to support them. Separate graduations. Separate proms. Separate dorms. "No Whites Allowed" buildings. Slandering and besmirching of minorities who dare to not obey liberal Democrat policies and dogma. Cries of racism and bigotry thrown at opponents, no evidence required. The list goes on and on...
  2. This from the guy who is such a pathetic sheep that he actively ignores the Democratic Party fucking over black Americans for centuries. Schools, employment, crime and policing suck in places run by Democrats for six or seven decades and beyond? "It's the Republicans, TMHS." <<But you've been in charge and promising to make things better for us for generations.>> "Look at the jazz hands, THMS. It's the Republicans. Don't try to accept the obvious and show a modicum of intelligence. You aren't capable of thinking for yourself. Now be a good lad and do as you're told." <<OK. I'm sorry. Who should I throw race cards at today?>>
  3. The problem with trying to communicate with this board's libtard patrol:
  4. The question you must ask yourself is would the trend have continued. BTW, NPR and Brookings are left-wing, so the "research" you looked into is unsurprisingly in-line with your hopes. Howsabout real wages? Oh, and under the evil and racist Trump, shouldn't African-American unemployment and wage have worsened?
  5. Under Trump, African-American unemployment reached record lows and real wages were increasing. Fact. The list of things you just don't have the foggiest fucking idea about is depressing.
  6. Typical inflation is in the 2% to maybe 4% range (in a bad year). That you don't know and understand this and accept what's going is both unsurprising and astonishing at the same time. More low-wage workers flooding an economy results in downward pressure on wages. It's fucking Exon 101. Jesucristo, are you seriously this dim?
  7. When there are enough folks like you voting for Democrats so blindly and obediently, there is only so much that can be done. Read "Civics for Dummies". It'll help.
  8. You trust the state enough to want to centralize as much power as possible in one place. 🤡 I doubt you even stop to wonder why so many of the richest counties in the country are deep blue and surround Washington DC. Do you wonder why after voting Dem for 6 or 7 decades now, schools in predominantly African-American areas continue to fail them so miserably? Do you ever question why the Democrats point fingers at the schools and the police forces that THEY CONTROL? Of course you don't. You're not supposed to. You're supposed to just whine about Republicans and pull the blue lever. Which you do. No questions asked. Because you are a good sheep.
  9. Actually, I'm just a smart, educated guy who knows what he's talking about and can back up his arguments. Weak-ass, reflexive race card noted.
  10. I haven't seen the list of concessions you refer to. And private retirement programs are long known to be more productive than SS. In the end, SS proved to be nothing more than a Ponzi scheme and the SS "trust fund" actually ended up being a (long emptied) slush fund. Ooops. Of course, sheep like you DON'T THINK about things like that. Individual states are well able to handle their own medical care programs should they wish.
  11. Again, government is the only solution and it has to be at the federal level, right? Conservatism by its very nature is meant to preserve, not change. Some dumbass liberal woke fuck says the word "progress" and you go weak-in-the-knees. Is not protecting our borders "progress"? You think it's a good thing to let millions of illegals in to drive wages down for our poor and our working class? You think the strain it puts of our law enforcement, educational and healthcare infrastructures is good? The DNC apparently creams its shorts over it. Are you enjoying Bidenflation? Is the assault on police productive? How many poor African-Americans are dead because of it? You are actually pumping a party that is actively flushing this country down the schneid. If it weren't so sad it would be comical.
  12. What an embarrassingly stupid comment. The Republican Party ended slavery. The Democrats enslaved African-Americans to the welfare state and make sure any who try think for themselves and move off the Democratic Party plantation are demonized. Slowly but surely African-Americans are shifting away from the party that takes them for granted and fucks them over with appalling regularity. That you aren't one of those speaks volumes about you, and none of it good.
  13. Untrue. It is a party in conflict trying to get back on the path it should be on. Your party is complete shit show, heading more and more woke and left and either uncaring or oblivious to (or worse yet, proud of) the wreckage it leaves in its path. There is a reason people (and companies) are moving out of blue states and to red states. In fact, the electorate is swinging both away from the left and toward the right also. In the 2022 House elections, Democrats were down about 9.3M votes and Republicans up about 3.5M. Truth.
  14. What a shocker. Everything has to be solved at the federal level (or not at all, I guess). If California were a country it would have one of the top 5 or 10 economies in the world. It is a true blue state. Highest poverty rate in the nation. Biggest homeless problem. Amongst the highest wealth gaps in the nation. Look at the country after just two years of Democrats running the show. But these guys think Republicans are a shit show? 🤣
  15. Not everything is a federal issue. The border crisis was being held in check under Trump and there were plans to further improve. Enter President Tapioca Brain. We may as well have no border. Homelessness? Overwhelmingly an issue in blue states in both rates and numbers. Oh, and the Speakership shouldn't be a rubber stamp. Frankly I'm glad to see folks who'll hold others' feet to the fire rather than be sheep. McCarthy is on notice now. Good.
  16. Who DIDN'T see this coming? 🤣 CNN Hires RINO Adam Kinzinger as New Senior Political Commentator
  17. LOL He was pearl-harbored and obviously impaired. The odds he remembered getting targeted are slim to none and slim left the room.
  18. His heart is working on its own, but he is intubated (not breathing on his own). I hope his brain wasn't deprived of oxygen for too long. US Medical Center is a Level 1 trauma center and highly regarded or heart issues. Prayers to that young man and his family. This is just horrible. 😢
  19. Congrats to fellow St X grad Sean Clifford on his Rose Bowl victory to cap of his Penn St career. Former St. X Bomber QBs 2-0 this bowl season (Chase Wolf, Wisconsin).
  20. "USC spends nearly double on Lincoln Riley than what Tulane does on their entire football program."
  21. I'm pissing myself laughing. 🤣
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