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  1. So USC has had a habit of 2nd half letdown and Penn St has been 2nd half strong. We'll see. Right now gotta think that NAMBLA U survived the storm...
  2. Question regarding USC. They have gotten a ton of hype after a shitty start. But they only have one quality win, right?
  3. QB was not 100% and they were missing their top receiver (or two?), in addition to be a traditional running team.
  4. ESPN going with a purple/lavendar color theme for Rose Bowl. Fucking painful.
  5. That said, they did smoke a tough Rutgers squad by 7.
  6. Southern projection at its finest. I, of course, expressed no such interest. But it is interesting to witness your Freudian mention of fantasies. Your special friends officially liked it. Telling.
  7. Be sure to be polite Southern gentlemen and give one another the reach around.
  8. "Definitely". OK. LMAO. Having an athlete like Peppers to mark Cook or one of the best TEs in the country healthy would not have helped Michigan, I guess.
  9. And then Northwestern beats the team that beat the B10 and ACC champions. Good to see you enjoying the squeaker over MeatChicken.
  10. No o-line. No o-line means no run game. Or pass game. Throw in dropped passes, the kicker shitting the bed again etc and there you go. tOSU's defense was on the field for 36 minutes / 85 plays.
  11. The only bad loss has been tOSU. Serious o-line issues. We know MeatChicken's situation. At least three B10s were non-25s paired with Top 25s.
  12. Deja vu all over again with Durbin. AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!
  13. Yeah. Peppers was expected to key on Cook. It was the matchup folks wanted to see. The only injury to FSU that could have "offset" was Cook himself. Congrats on winning the also-ran bowl. The one true accomplishment is upsetting Harbaugh, which is frankly priceless.
  14. Peppers and Jake Butt were regular members of the starting lineups that got Michigan to the bowl game. You beat a team - barely- missing a Heisman candidate and a projected 1-2 round draft pick. Congrats. "Woot Woot"
  15. Certainly true. But then again, just try and picture FSU minus (just) Cook and Michigan winning. Sure, it's a W. It's just a hollow fucking W, or should be. You want to face your opponent at their best, and that didn't happen.
  16. Cook is great. But the "We this and we that..." when your opponent is missing two of their best, I just call bullshit.
  17. Much as I hate TTUN, sucks that the offsides was missed and they have to lose without two of their best.
  18. Peppers and Butt in the game... Where are we now?
  19. Looking at the angle of that kick, I think he would have missed it left anyway.
  20. If you would have told me that Michigan would be without Peppers and Butt yet still be in the game, I would have laughed at you.
  21. No Butt. No Peppers. No F'ing problem. LMAO.
  22. It's like going all in on a pair of deuces minus one of the deuces. You might as well ask me to beat Bolt in the 100m.
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