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  1. The question we should all be asking is why Chase Young has a girlfriend in the first place, and why the hell he would want to bring her to California? Hall pass my man.
  2. I'm liking Elder in the 1/4 match-up with X. As I've mentioned before, I don't trust this X defense and Elder can exploit them any number of ways. The regular season game finished with a close score, but Elder was essentially in prevent mode and controlled that game throughout. X does have an offense capable of keeping pace in a shootout, but they've gotten off to slow starts in a number of games this year. If for once they can come out firing on a cylinders offensively, this game could be a classic. I like Colerain as a slight favorite in the 2/3 game with Fairfield. While the health of McClain will certainly be a factor, I also think the mental edge the Cards have will play a role. Fairfield lost their composure several times throughout the regular season game and killed themselves with personal fouls. Meanwhile, Colerain played best when the pressure was on. Wish I could have a front seat for this game as I think it will be another great one.
  3. Great week coming up for R4 football. Really hope McClain returns to health against Colerain (although I'm sure Coletrain might disagree). My top ten: 1. Mentor - more of same; will these weekly ass whippings help or hurt them when they have to face St. Edward? 2. St. Edward - Medina's 5-wide, throw the ball 50+ times a game offense may have exposed some chinks in the armor of the Ed's secondary. Some of it was luck, but there was continued poor technique in man coverage when locating the ball. Definitely need to clean that up. 3. Hoban - more of the same, get to Massillon week already. 4. Elder - best offense in R4. 5. Colerain - really like the way they are playing defense right now, and the offense continues to grow. 6. LaSalle - don't see any reason they shouldn't come out of R8 (I'm not quite buying a Desales upset at this point) 7. St. X - still can't trust their defense, and they'll need it this week against Elder. 8. Fairfield - McClain's questionable health has them at this spot. 9. Massillon - see Hoban above. 10. Pick C - could be too low, but their talent level doesn't always match their results. Others: TCC, WW, Ignatius, O-Lib, O-Orange, Springfield, Dublin Coffman, Groveport Madison
  4. The point of my daisy chain was to show that comparing common opponents is not best practices. I understand where you're coming from with comparing a single common opponent. And if we were to look at single games in a vacuum, the Dematha/Ignatius game speaks volumes. Thorough butt-whooping from start to finish. However, I don't think you'd disagree that teams can change and evolve as a season goes on. Mentor seems to have found a defense for the first time in 15 years to compliment a very good RPO triple threat on offense. St. Edward's first year starting QB is now executing their offense at a very high level with a full compliment of weapons, including two D1 receivers (one that just came back from injury after the Ignatius game, and the other a D1 basketball prospect who decided to come out for football this year and has recently picked up an offer from Michigan State for the way he has developed throughout the year). Both these teams are on an upward trajectory at the moment. Does that mean they belong on a tier above the WCAC teams? Personally, I would put Mentor and Ed's in the same tier as those teams right now. That was not the case weeks ago. Early in the season, the WCAC appeared head and shoulders above all of Ohio. They are still above just about every team in Ohio IMO. But I do see where Sammy is coming from given some results over the past few weeks. Dematha's offense seems to be hit or miss. Both them and OLGC were in what appears to be close games with DC public FCA. OLGC had a tight game against Mt. St. Joseph as well. Maybe I'm not giving those two programs the credit they deserve, but I don't recall any Maryland posters making a case for FCA or MSJ as being on the level of the WCAC teams this year. On the other hand SJC is certainly trending up and their ridiculous schedule is paying dividends in WCAC play.
  5. I'd give Mentor a good shot at beating all three of those teams if the game was played in Ohio with those three making a road trip. On the flipside, Mentor has no history of going on the road OOS and I believe would get beat by all those teams. The Dematha/Iggy game played weeks ago is being given too much weight by some. As we have stated, Ignatius is an awful road team in these marquee OOS matchups. Not sure why, but they are. That game got away from them quickly, and there was no recovering (especially not with their starting QB knocked out). Ed's and Mentor play Ignatius closely for the same reasons the WCAC and BNU teams generally play each other very closely, they are rivalry games and the coaching staffs know each other inside and out. If we want to daisy chain, Dematha only beat a DC public school in Friendship Collegiate 17-0. That FC team played National Christian Academy to an 8-3 win. Ed's steamrolled NCA 36-14. Should we try an make a definitive statement about Dematha or Eds based on these games....no. As for your statement about Mentor only beating a Canadian team by 13, that game was called in the first half because of weather. Mentor could have named their score that game.
  6. While he played at times throughout the year, Allar took over as the full-time starter just a few weeks ago. He's going to be a good one for Medina. He threw a lot of 50-50 balls last night that should not have been completions, but credit those big Medina receivers for coming down with them. Really poor technique from the Ed's DB's last night in not turning and locating the football.
  7. All chalk in D1. R1 Mentor 48, Cleveland Heights 7 (freight train keeps rolling) Eds 73, Medina 38 Euclid 28, Jackson 19 McKinley 29, Solon 25 (good game with McKinley taking the lead late) R2 Springfield 23, Marysville 0 Whitmer 35, Northmont 21 Dublin Coffman 45, Perrysburg 14 Dublin Jerome 38, Springboro 31 (5 OT) (must have been a fun one) R3 O-Lib 14, Westerville Central 7 Pick Central 20, Reynoldsburg 14 (Pick C crushed them just two weeks earlier) O-Orange 36, Pick North 17 (impressive win for Orange) Groveport Madison 18, HD 17 (looks like game was played at HD's pace, but GM eeked out the one point win) R4 St. X 48, Mason 20 (X woke up in the second half) Fairfield 37, Hamilton 13 Colerain 30, Princeton 7 (Cards are playing well right now) Elder 42, Lakota West 17
  8. 10 penalties for 130 yards. Nearly 400 given up through the air. Very uncharacteristic for a Lombardo coached team to look like that in a playoff game, and a rare bad gameplan from Pappas in defending the 5-wide offense. Jaylen Castleberry had a nightmarish game trying to defend the 6’6 wideout for Medina. Must have been flagged for PI half a dozen times.
  9. Defense needs to make some adjustments. Inexcusable to be giving up 24 in a half to this team.
  10. Most of the focus is on the D1 playoffs (and rightfully so), but D2 is also shaping up to be interesting. We only talk about the teams that we think would be competitive in D1 (Hoban, Massillon, TCC, and LaSalle), but there are a number of very solid teams this year that deserve some credit. Mayfield is undefeated out of R5 and will look to play spoiler to either Massillon or Hoban. The Wildcats are pretty sound defensively and feature Joey Isabella (younger brother of Arizona Cardinal Andy) on the offensive side of the ball. I look at R6 as a three team battle between undefeated Avon, Avon Lake, and Benedictine. Avon handed Avon Lake their only loss of the season in week one, a 13-12 victory. After that setback Avon Lake has posted 6 shutouts this year, and only once has given up more than a TD. TCC looks like a strong favorite in R7, but Anthony Wayne is also undefeated and looks to have a stout defense, having surrendered only 41 points all year with six shutouts. Down in R8, Turpin is undefeated (the Cincy folks will have to tell us how good they are actually are) and has to face a 7-seed Columbus DeSales that is usually always pretty tough.
  11. Just a guess really. No real confidence in the pick. I think Solon has played the tougher schedule overall, and was able to beat a Euclid team that nearly put up 50 on McKinley. The pups did surprise me with how close they were able to keep it with Massillon, but as you said, that is a huge rivalry game. Key for Solon will be slowing the McKinley running game behind Lameir Garrett, and the Comets do have some talent in their defensive front and LB unit to potentially get the job done.
  12. Tremendous balance in 3 and 4, a Mentor/Ed's crash course in R1 (will either look ahead and have a hiccup?), and the always forgettable R2. Once again looking forward to the playoffs. My picks for round 1: R1 - Mentor, Solon, Euclid, St. Edward R2 - Springfield, Springboro, DC, Northmont (my upset special; I believe the Bolts have played a much more difficult schedule and were competitive in their losses to some pretty good teams) R3 - O-Lib, HD (Groveport is the more talented team, but I think HD can dictate the pace of this game, and unlike GM, their staff has playoff pedigree), Pick North, Pick Central R4 - X, Elder, Colerain, Fairfield
  13. I'm thinking Solon, but the game is at McKinley and the pups did just give Massillon a solid game. Neither team is particularly impressive.
  14. Final regular season top ten: 1. Mentor - Cardinals give coach Triv just his second perfect regular season in 22 years as head coach, dominating the GCC from start to finish. Can they send him out a state champion for the first time in school history? We shall see. 2. St. Edward - heading into the playoffs with a full compliment of weapons on offense and the defense playing it's best football of the year. O'Malley and Formani continue to grind out yards on the ground, and the receiving corp is now as good as any in the state. They had to wait eight weeks to get Wainwright back, but the wait was well worth it as he has caught 5 TD passes in three games. Along with Montorie Foster (who just picked up an offer from Michigan State), the Eagles can beat you any number of ways. 3. Hoban - the meltdown against Ignatius is the only blemish on the record. They've been coasting the past few weeks with Trayanum out. Not sure if he's expected out any longer, but he will be needed for a potential matchup with Massillon. 4. Elder - Yes, I realize they just lost to LaSalle, but I still think they're the favorite (albeit slight) to come out of R4. They fell behind early before storming back and nearly forcing overtime before the 2-point attempt came up short. I'd favor Elder in a rematch. 5. LaSalle - best defense in the GCL this year by far, and one of the best in the state. Offense is inconsistent, but they do have enough playmakers to cash in. 6. St. Xavier - jumped out early and then held off a late rally by Louisville St. X. One of the rare times I don't trust a St. X defense. 7. Colerain - reign atop the GMC continues as a staunch defense continually denied Fairfield in the redzone. This defense will keep them in any game they could face in the R4 playoffs. 8. Fairfield - the moment was turned out to be too big for them this weekend, and they lost their composure several times throughout the game with personal fouls. Big story heading into the playoffs is the health of Jutahn McClain who went down with an injury. They will need him if they are to challenge in R4. 9. Massillon - dropped the Tigers down considerably this week after a much closer than expected win over McKinley. Rivalry game or not, I expected them to dominate that game. Maybe I've just been underestimating McKinley all year, but I was not impressed by them after seeing them early in the year. 10. Pick Central - I like them to come out of a competitive R3, but certainly wouldn't bet the house on it. Definitely the most talented team in the Columbus area. Others: Springfield, Ignatius, TCC, Winton Woods, O-Lib, O-Orange, Coffman, Groveport Madison
  15. Winton Woods officially eliminated from the playoffs. Shame.
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