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  1. Good luck to Corey down in the bayou. Very talented player, and by all accounts a first class kid off the field. If Ohio State wasn’t recruiting at an insane level nationally right now landing Henderson and Pryor, I think he’d be a Buckeye. Very glad he didn’t end up at Michigan.
  2. Good stuff, but about half those dudes need to take some weight off and get their form squared away before they hurt themselves.
  3. The Tigers have been taking flak in recent years for downgrading their schedule and dropping the likes of Mentor and St. Ignatius. They've added Iggy back this year and are apparently taking on SJB as well. Interesting to say the least. They return a great WR combo in Jayden Ballard (OSU) and Andrew Wilson-Lamp (WVU), but I'm not sure what else beyond that.
  4. Bingo. Not sure how this concept escapes people. Find the areas with the highest concentration of lower to lower-middle class African Americans and you are likely to find the biggest feeding pools for the NFL, a league that is 70% black (and by and large from a lower socioeconomic background).
  5. Wasn't even a matter of not doing good. Haskins just edged him out in spring ball in the eyes of the OSU staff. By all accounts it was a very close competition. Wasn't an easy decision Joe and his family had to make to cut ties, but sitting another year would have hindered his development. Turned out to be a great decision on their part as we all saw the jump he made in the past year.
  6. Hoban loses three D1 studs in RB/SS DeaMonte Trayanum (Arizona St.), TE Caden Clark (Alabama), and LB Devin Hightower (Michigan St.), but they bring back a good group as well. Dual-threat QB Shane Hamm will be coming back as a rare four-year starter behind a more seasoned offensive line that consisted of mostly sophomores and juniors this past season. They also bring back one of his top receiving targets in 3-star WR Brayden Fox. RB Victor Dawson returns after rushing for over 1,000 yards in place of the injured Trayanum. On defense, their best position group will once again be the linebacker corp. They have three D1 recruits there in Damon Ollison, Jake Bauer, and Chances Carter-Hill. DE Darryl Peterson also holds several power 5 offers. Hoban and LaSalle are the clear front-runners in D2 once again IMO, along with Massillon. As for this game, the fact that it's in Akron should help Hoban to some degree. Don't know that they've ever made the east-coast trip before. You guys will have to tell me what kind of team Bosco expects to have next year, but in my experience, they are always a talented and well-coached group. Should be a great game.
  7. Pretty awesome IMO. Love the passion your state has for high school football. Must feel incredible for the kids who get to play in that atmosphere.
  8. Massillon ranked ahead of LaSalle?
  9. My final Ohio rankings (my top three are more like 1a,b, and c). 1. Pick Central - I said previously that I wanted to see how they performed against Elder, a team that Ed's handled rather easily in the regular season. And while they did not look nearly as good as Ed's did, I do have to give some credence to the fact that this was the state championship game, and both teams were playing very well coming into it. Wouldn't be entirely fair to compare a week 4 matchup with the big game. Additionally, the play of QB Demetric Crenshaw throughout their playoff run was something to behold. The Tigers avenged their only loss of the regular season to a talented and underrated Groveport-Madison team, got by a great Mentor team that seemed destined to take the D1 title, and fought off a very game Elder team in the state final. Not as dominant in the regular season as they seemed they should be on paper, but the talent came through when it mattered most. 2. St. Edward - I think the Eagles were playing like the best team in the state when the postseason started. Offense had its full compliment of weaponry, O'Malley was running the read option with extreme efficiency, and the defense looked locked in. And after one half of football against Mentor, it appeared a repeat was imminent. Low and behold, it was not meant to be. Without rehashing the controversies in their entirety, a series of events found the Eagles asking, "What the hell just happened?," as Mentor stormed the field after converting a 2-point attempt in OT. Even the Mentor faithful seemed to acknowledge the better overall team did not win that day. Would have loved to see an Ed's/PC semi-final. Had they gotten by Mentor, I think they once again finish the job. 3. Mentor - a magical season that saw the Cardinals knock off the Cleveland Catholics in back-to-back weeks to open the season, and then run the table in an otherwise competitive GCC. The dominance continued leading right up the regional final. Refusing to let Triv's last game come down to another loss at the hands of St. Edward, they found a way to pull off a stunner, thanks largely to the other-worldly play of WR Luke Floriea and his timely big plays that kept the game within striking distance and delivered the final blow. Unfortunately, destiny met its match the next week in the form of Demetric Crenshaw and Pick C Tigers. This time, it was the Cardinals on the wrong end of the controversial calls. And injury was added to insult when Kipp went down with a bad ankle injury late in the game. Despite out-gaining the Tigers and putting up close to 450 yards of offense, the dream season came to an end. 4. LaSalle - this spot was tough to decide, but I gave the nod to the Lancers over the Panthers. In addition to edging Elder in their week 10 game, LaSalle was able to finish the job in convincing fashion against a very good Massillon team that many thought would finally deliver a playoff title. 5. Elder - offense as good as any in the state, and a defense that was actually playing solidly by year's end. Crenshaw's heroics and a big-play Pick C offense ultimately proved to be too much. I felt they relied a little too heavily on the legs of Leubbe, and did not open up the passing game enough. Royer with one catch for 21 yards is not the stat line you want from him. Yes, it enabled them to eat clock and keep Pick C's offense off the field, but it was not a winning recipe. 6. Colerain - without the injury to Thomas I think they could have come out of R4 and probably on to the final. Springfield would have been a great matchup, but I believe the Cards defense would prove to be the difference. 7. Springfield - defense as good as any, but their offense could just not muster the points against the top teams. 8. St. Xavier - again, lacking that quintessential X defense. Offense very good at times, but inconsistent QB prevented it from really taking off. 9. Fairfield - would a healthy Jutahn McClain have made the difference in the rematch with Colerain? We'll never know. This was a very good team though. 10. Massillon - I'll keep the Tigers in my top ten as this was a very good football team, but what we saw in the D2 final was an example of what it takes to compete week in and week out with the D1 big boys. LaSalle does that in the regular season and it obviously paid dividends in the playoffs. Others: Groveport-Madison, Hoban, Coffman, TCC, WW, O-Lib, Trotwood-Madison
  10. Attendance in Ohio was pretty bad for the most part. As expected, Massillon-LaSalle drew the biggest crowd at 11,286. The D1 game was an abysmal 6,690. I think that may be the lowest ever. Elder's crowd looked decent. Pick C fans stayed at home.
  11. And ties Ignatius’ 11 title mark.
  12. Elder held them to about 20 yards less than Mentor did, and Mentor outgained PC by 100 yards.
  13. Mentor put up over 400 yards on this PC defense, including a TD that got called back on questionable hold. I think you’re underestimating the Mentor offense.
  14. No doubt. I think the group of Ed’s, PC, and Mentor are about as close as you can get. PC got it done. Props to them.
  15. Congrats to PC. Definitely the second best team in the state. 😁
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