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  1. That guys lawyers are making a motion to relieve themselves of his counsel
  2. Cnn finally found out he was helping his brother through the scandal more than he said he was Suspended indefinitely
  3. BTW what half was the Williams ejection for targeting? If it was the 1st half hes back but if it was the 2nd half he misses 1st half of the game
  4. I hope so. It's gonna be a stressed full Saturday afternoon
  5. Yes that is their offense. Pound the ball. Than go with the PA. They have been doing that for years. I would assume Saban will sell out to stop the run and keep them in 2 and 3 and long.
  6. And look what happened to tua. Mac Jones was a better qb and I'm pretty sure he already proved that Bryce might be the most complete qb Alabama has had in a decade. He can throw like tua and move like Jalen
  7. Alabama secondary has been giving up yards all year Yes Bama OL outside of neal is pitiful and painful to watch and they lose neal to the draft. The losing of 20 kids every year is starting to catch up. Georgia will not be getting 8 yards a carry. At least I hope not
  8. Yea Michigan beat Ohio state wonderful. 2nd time in 18 tries. Come on now. Let's not make it bigger than it is I'm praying Alabama plays Michigan for the national championship. You can turn that game off by halftime
  9. Najee Harris was a good running back. He was a big part of the offense.
  10. There's only 1 school who can talk. Ohio state. They are the only big ten school to beat Bama in the playoff era of college football Nobody else has any argument
  11. Bama is gonna have to score north of 30 to win this game Stetson will have his throws and the Bama secondary is sub par. If Anderson and company doesn't get pressure it's gonna be a long day
  12. Sure idk who John gruden is But I heard jon gruden is a hell of a coach
  13. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.ocregister.com/2021/11/29/cif-will-not-investigate-the-mater-dei-hazing-case/amp/
  14. Only one guy on that list makes sense fickell
  15. Brian was annoyed ND never fully joined a conference and he knows it's gonna hurt them when it comes to the playoffs. So he went to the best division best conference in America It's a bold strategy cotton let's see if it works out for him
  16. Don't disrespect les like that. Les is a better coach
  17. He has 0 chance to win a natty That 2019 team under oregeron was special. Kelly won't get a team like that. All 22 starters are in the NFL. Kelly with this move remind me of Mr. T in rocky 3. What's the forecast clubber....pain
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