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  1. Pops

    DLS showing off their offense.....

    ..... hutch (only CA POY on defense since DJ Williams/ USC - captain), Renaud (Vikings), Barton (Cal/ AZ — 3 year starter), Egu (all-Ivy), Tautalatasi (ASU) DLS has had more good LBs than any position — at least with regards to next level talent, otherwise OL im perfectly in sinc with you “national elite” is relative to me, from a bit more afar than usual this DLS team feels as good or better than all.but a few teams in the country — sorta in that #5 to range i think BG is in same boat and Folsom there or knocking on it so it will all sort itself out and either DLS or Folsom ought to have a shot an nth level team at the end
  2. Pops

    PC’s Greatest Athlete has Passed Away

    I remember her well and am not much of a women’s hoops fan — she definitely was the face of the game for a long time RIP
  3. Pops

    DLS showing off their offense.....

    I defer to your insight I’ve moved away and all of the kids I knew have graduated I still think it’s possible you’re i a bit of a prisoner of the moment theory as I said I’m convinced DLS is better, just don’t know if they’re back in the ‘10-‘15 range and thinkntheres a gap between the best teams in those years and the best teams today (and DLS will likely face one at end of year if they beat Folsom)
  4. Pops

    DLS showing off their offense.....

    ‘14 was a legit team in the nth level of hsfb ’10 was legit top 25 team ‘12, ‘13, and ‘17 we’re legit top 50s i FEEL like this team’s best comparison is ‘10
  5. Pops

    2018 Watch list for Tiers

    Shouldn’t Lowndes be in the “Will stomp a Mudhole in You” Tier?
  6. He’s definitely obtuse I’m just not sure if it’s intentional or ignorant — probably a bit of both
  7. Pops

    DLS showing off their offense.....

    Like I said, I’m skeptical but if you are correct I think DLS is in trouble, especially early with a new 15-year old QB
  8. Pops

    2018 Watch list for Tiers

    I’m glad Folsom and DLS are playing but I really wish Folsom would have scheduled OLu, JSerra, and MV
  9. Pops

    DLS showing off their offense.....

    Yes first time ive seen him besides pee wee game tapes where he was a man among boys looked like he might deserve some of the hype to me Am still not brimming with confidence to be playing a top team with a new sophomore QB in August
  10. Pops

    DLS showing off their offense.....

    I think your assessment (‘18 close to ‘14) is being met with a bit of skepticism I also think that the local DLS enthusiasm is a bit overheated due to a couple of relatively off years — i’m Convinced they will be better but don’t know how much the gap has been closed bs MD/ SJB if you’re right about this Folsom team, I think DLS is in trouble; if blueline and you are both correct, this is a top 10 national game (Folsom ‘14 certainly qualified as did DLS from ‘10-‘15) time will tell
  11. Pops

    DLS showing off their offense.....

    Echs’s list was already exposed as a bunchnof local mudholes typically misrepresented GA really doesn’t travel considering you can’t go very far in any direction without being somewhere else the real issue is who GA plays when they travel — the fact that ISB was regularly scheduling a couple of very top GA teams says volumes just observing — don’t be sensitive
  12. Pops

    DLS showing off their offense.....

    Do you think this Folsom team is better than 2014?
  13. @ThunderRam this is typical of echs misconstruing info to serve his purpose “the only real team they will play” aka a better team anyone in GA has played this decade except ‘13 BTW and ‘16 IMG and look how that turned out for 2 Ga state champions
  14. I didn’t think so its undeniable unless you stick your head in sand and avoid facts there certainly aren’t any years with big wins early and losing to Cooper City later