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  1. CalPreps 1st National Preseason Top 100

    That’s your best comeback? servite wwas the undefeated champions of a bracket that is usually at least 50% top 100 teams — they beat a top 5 team in all the human polls the previous week by 14 and were themselves just as highly ranked in human polls as CP the gap between 1 and 100 is about the same as 100 to 1,000 — in my example, DLS moved up 1/10th if 1% for beating the team that was #1 in the country at CP and almost every human poll in a championship game — doesn’t get any more material than that and you’re going to object to a 1/10th if 1% movement because it doesn’t fit your narrative bring it a lot stronger than this — my interest is waning
  2. CalPreps 1st National Preseason Top 100

    You wrote “for fun” and then have been editorializing your opinion of CP since CP gets very good after it has data and remains to a lot of hsfb enthusiasts as the go to source for national rankings there is no perfect system — CP as good or better than any and exponentially comprehensive they do scale nationally — again, as well as anyone, especially with the increased amount of interstate games and is willing to adapt every year you mock their wild fluctuations of rankings but 1% of hsfb teams represents about 150 schools — don’t you think results from week to week can change the “ranking” of any team by 1%? (That’s 150 spots). 1/10th of 1%? That’s 15 spots, which is how far DLS jumped after beating #1 CC in the SBG in 2015. @Hardhit is on your side because he can’t accept that sort of jump, which would never happen in human polls. Human polls do things like in 2010 when heading into the final weekend, USAT had: #1. Trinity ((TX) — vs Pearland in 6A1 TX championship #2. South Panola (MS) — season had been over for two weeks, biggest win was a 14-point victory over Olive Branch #3. DLS — vs unbeaten Pac5 champ and national top 5 Servite Trinity loses, SP idle, DLS was up 42-0 before service got a 1st down final rankings 1. South panola 2. DLS human polls are inheritance polls and especially ill-advised when you are trying to rank 15,000 teams whose personnel turns over 50%/ year moreover, teams with competitive playoffs are penalized by inheritance polls that rewards a flashy September win more than a December championship because the order is more fluid early before becoming rigid embrace it
  3. CalPreps 1st National Preseason Top 100

    Anyone that looks at CP preseason ratings in March has too much idle time and/ or clinical psychosis
  4. JSerra Catholic vs Hoover

    Great, thanks — hope you are as well can’t say I’ve ever been to San Juan capistrano but heard it’s one of the rare nice parts of socal
  5. You had me except for UNC Id put them in the very good camp sammynwouldnhave at least one TIER in between Stanford and UNc
  6. JSerra Catholic vs Hoover

    Nice let us know results of Hoover vs average Left coast team — JSerra 4-4 after taking a doubleheader from Birmingham (not yours) and was 17-13 last year
  7. 2018-2019 National champs

    Thought he was great — Thought SJC was loaded with athletes but think he’ll leave a big hole — would be my question on sjc being a top 5 or 10 type team
  8. 2018-2019 National champs

    Did they replace Doyle at QB?
  9. 2018-2019 National champs

    You can see Marietta top 5 but can’t see MD as #2 thanks for playing — please get your Bobbie prize as you exit
  10. First Two Games 2018 Cen10

    What is an alumni of Brown doing taking courses at Sac St?
  11. Louisiana's #1s since 2003

  12. Should charges be brought here?

    You haven’t moved me one iota kids game — leave it to kids should coaches start sending game tape to the police for reviews? #sillysilly
  13. Should charges be brought here?

    Is this a racist thing? i didn’t view it that way looked to me like one kid committed a foul in a kid’s game and absolutely 100% the thought wouldn’t even enter my mind to have charges brought Does that make racist? you ought to remove that chip from your shoulder to think clearly
  14. Garfield, WA vs All Saints (Dallas)

    FIFY 🤗
  15. Garfield, WA vs All Saints (Dallas)

    Except for strake and Dallas Jesuit, correct?