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  1. Pops

    Week 6 Excuse Thread

    This is rich — explaining why a SSD1 semi finalist has the same MOv bs an inferior NorCal team did MV just not put the brakes on in time to beat projected SSD2 champ Upland by an extra 20?
  2. Pops

    Week 6 Excuse Thread

    I know why in the polls (and have no gripe) i have a pretty good idea what’s going on in eddy’s Head but wanted to confirm
  3. Pops

    Week 6 Excuse Thread

    Not as good as 2008 or 2015
  4. Pops

    Week 6 Excuse Thread

    Why do you think cc ahead of DLS? Dls 4-1 vs better CC teams than this one
  5. Pops

    Week 6 Excuse Thread

    I agree with this 100%, but would Tier as: MD SJB CC DLS Folsom MV etc
  6. Pops

    Week 6 Excuse Thread

    fair enough but I think they still have a good shot at SBG although it would be a D3 type I'd think they have to win NCS D2 (and they're still the favorite) to get into a 2 team NorCal playoff for an SBG spot and their NorCal opponent would be based on competitive equity from Folsom on down
  7. Pops

    Week 6 Excuse Thread

    Why not O’Dowd
  8. Pops

    Marietta GA 14, St. John's DC 21 - Final

    Hard to watch but this would be a huge redemption game for GA if it holds it’s a bit early but intriguing
  9. Pops

    Week 6 Excuse Thread

    I said Open I excluded ‘06 and ‘07 as pre-open where DLS went 1-1 vs socal’s best no agenda — the point is the same — you’re picking flyshit out of the pepper
  10. Pops

    Week 6 Excuse Thread

    Watch 6 of the previous 7 and you’ll get gist
  11. Pops

    Stache / Trinity League Rolls.

    Through a weird circumstance I played 4 levels of college football — D2, NAIA, D3, and intramural Md definitely capable of beating D3 teams, in fact I’d suggest they’d be a D3 national title contender D2 and NAIA both higher level football that I think could handle any all star teams if 15-18 year old kids the difference is scholarships — there’s not supposed to be any in D3 so effectively they’re all walk ones while both D2 and NAIA offer athletic scholarships that don’t need to needs justified
  12. Pops

    Week 6 Excuse Thread

    Didn’t forget that one either neither were Open games didnt count dls’s Win over CC in ‘07 either
  13. Pops

    Week 6 Excuse Thread

    Bosco and MD capable of beating anyone not named IMG (or maybe SJC) bub3 scores easily so I won’t debate the line but DLS is going to show up this year with the intention of winning vs just being happy to be there Am not saying JSerra not capablenif beating DLS but odds would be similar to DLS vs either of the machines am not sure you were paying attention from ‘99 to ‘16 in between Md section titles but DLS does pretty well against socal’s best and outside of ‘04/‘05 hasn’t lost to socal outside of their best team
  14. Pops