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  1. There's absolutely no distinction between DLS and Servite 🤡
  2. I’m good I’m extreme social distancing — keeping at least a mile away from anyone stay healthy yourself
  3. Hey Buford, ive been busy self isolating so haven’t posted in awhile but wanted to let you know that Wolves nation is in the prowl as far away from Buford as you can get and still live in continental US I’m just inside candian border on west coast and a guy came up to me, and asked about the DLS sticker on my truck window turns out he’s a Buford Wolf daddy — Marty bogart, who’s some Bryce played LB for Buford and bit for The Vols. I may have stretched, but I told him I have a buford friend 👨‍🌾. Marty played for GA Southern back in early 80s
  4. What’s time frame for this, @whiteshoes? lots of work
  5. Argue with @954gator then — I’m agreeing with you that they’ll have great QBs going forward and that their teams for 15 years weren’t very good
  6. What is your point? Mine was that MD and SJB ought to be expected to have good QBs going forward
  7. Mater Dei has more P5 recruits on their current 2nd string than they did in aggregate from the whole roster of all of those 15 years you don’t have to be much of an evaluator to see that “Nothing to see here“ say the academies
  8. I do remember him — definitely had the George Costanza leaving on a high note down am trying to remember that Paly team — didn’t they have a lineman that was even better than Adams (for HSFB impact)? Anderson?
  9. Our discussion was about whether they’d always have elite QBs I use the term “academy” too broadly in talking about (ie) MD, SJB, and SF, but as have explained, it’s sort of an abbreviation for “those schools willing and able to have A hsfb roster 2-deep with P5 recruits” — I understand the distinction between “academies” and academies
  10. @aarar Can we get a non resident primer on Sierra canyon how are they apparently successfully positioning themselves as the best team to challenge SJB/ MD socal supremacy over CC, MV, Narbonne, and rest of Trinity
  11. I bet in last 10 years socal has averaged about 3 of the top 10 QBs in country in every class. That puts 6 top 10 national junior/ seniors in their relevant neighborhoods on average they are getting enough share of overall socal talent to assume they’ll each have one most years, often the backup also Wasn’t that along ago josh Rosen (#1 QB in class, 1st round pick) and JT Daniels (2x Gatorade National POY) we’re the QBs as long as the admin at these schools supports doing what’s necessary to maintain a nationally elite HSFB team, and presuming no one else in socal breaks thru
  12. Pretty sure it was Zach Evans — am sure the rumor was about a TX kid could’ve been/ probably was bs but it was a credible rumor discussed for A bit on here in last off-season
  13. Whatever — suck is relative they’re a good small school, capable enough to beat anyone in norcal besides DLS most years But comparing them with the big boys is apples and oranges — they inevitably average less than 200# along LOS
  14. There was a rumor last spring — not sure of source or veracity — that he was transferring to Mater Dei (and my recall is that MD “pulled” offer when it started to become a message board discussion point). happy for anyone that knows to clarify
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