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  1. Yes it’s patently clear you are pandering to all the users here from GA and N.J. and you freely use “west coast” when you really mean MD and SJB (and/ or Trinity League by osmosis) i liked you better when you were forced to use DLS as your west coast proxy — now, we’re just an old toy you’ve tossed aside for the shiny new ones 🤣
  2. You put out the best top 50 poll! i knew what I was saying 😘
  3. Ahh — got it well, you did leave yourself open a bit for some challenges thinking but knowing what a pollster is thinking is part of the fun some guys want to ID beat team, period. Usually based on paper talent, which is a slippery slope. Losses are starting to matter less when teams play MANY top 25 national type teams. Pre-season is most important time of year for these guys As that’s when top teams play each other most some guys want to ID the team that accomplished the most and there’s very little tolerance for losses when you have hundreds of undefeated teams to consider . Post-season is most important time of year for these guys. most use some combination of factors all is ok, but all is subject to critique if you’re going to share your thinking
  4. The recognition we all work toward
  5. Hard to tell if you’re being critical or not or, how you Devine that @whiteshoes is even remotely considering remaining schedule (examples would be nice) i, for one, think no one puts out a better National hsfb top 100 it ain’t perfect but it’s better than anyone else’s that puts one out there, right? If anything, his remaining schedule may have kept SJB #2 — counting the fact that they are capable of beating MD at least once in 2 tries more than a bad performance for them against a young, scrappy Servite team that just isn’t a team that ought to be pressing a Tier 1 team yet
  6. DLS probably wasn’t too 5 when they lost to bellevue — team went 8-3-2 the rest are good and you can add x2 for sta and DBP and 1x for East and Lakeland DBP also beat MV when they were fringe top 5
  7. You can say a lot of shit but calling out DLS and MD, who have EACH won more high profile OOS games than state of TX combined is a). Laughable b). Ill advised c). Demonstrating horrific self awareness d). All of the above
  8. I can see this spreading with a big built in advantage for football states ie. USC’s QB may get some nice love, but the OL/ DL isn’t getting anything whereas someplace like Tuscaloosa will have staff ensuring that every car dealership and other public business in the state is sponsoring someone on the roster
  9. Agree if someone to blame, maybe it’s the AD
  10. I agree with this in isolation However, Lakeland beating STA last year (not 10 years ago) adds credibility to their consideration, especially since their team largely returns In any event, doesn't matter who's ranked higher -- you'll either play or one or both of you will have tripped badly beforehand fwiw, I'd probably only have 2 teams in Tier 1, STA in Tier 2 (w/ St Francis, IMG, Duncanville), and Lakeland in Tier 3 w/ DLS et al
  11. didn't they also add a contender for fastest kid in the country at WR? I remember @badrouter touting Lakeland as having 4 kids that could run a 4.6 40 (or something like that) and we were coaching him that the 2 kids that can run 4.3-something is more impressive than 4 kids running 4.6 or better
  12. That was only ranking I really appreciated -- the rest seems like a bit of a regurgitation of comp poll/ CP At least this is a bit of a unique take -- sticking his head out slightly, saying who he thinks will win that game (STA/ Lakeland) He clearly doesn't hold losses against teams -- I agree conceptually not to punish teams that play challenging schedules, but am not a huge fan of 2-4 SJB in top 25, not 3-1 Marietta with a 2 TD loss to a team outside top 100 and sig 3 point win over a 2-loss team. Seems like he's gripping on preseason convictions a bit
  13. I also hope that don’t and agree these current teams are just on a different level than the even the best historical teams I do think that when DLS has a bit of a team, that they’ll still be able to compete with these guys and maybe steal one occasionally — they haven’t had that team since 2015 — I think ‘19 is beat since then but I also think it’s socal’s Best so not sure they’ve closed gap
  14. It causes harm to the kid that started at that school and worked with his teammates that he replaced acting like this idea of helicopter parents chasing dreams for their star children exists in a vacuum is ridiculous
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