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  1. Grabbing my morning coffee about 2 min away from SJR and ran into a current Jr on the team. We started talking and the kid could not be more impressive. Mature, humble. Waiting to see how it all plays out and hopes it’s one of the coordinators but fully committed no matter what. He made a positive impression on me
  2. "Kids already being called by other schools" who? Evidence?
  3. Hope he chooses Wisconsin. Paul Chryst is one of the most decent men in the game
  4. Right there with you. My son and us parents wouldn’t change his HS choice if we could go back. Yes I paid 2x between prop taxes and tuition. But, 2 years into undergrad and he’s still reaping the benefits. And for us old guys, 2030 will be here in what feels like the blink of an eye
  5. For grins, I’ll bet you steak dinner it’s gone by 2030. Demand for parochial education has been waning. Is DePaul cash flow positive? What is PC’s financial situation? There will always be a place for single sex school options. I look at the LI schools and the coed ones seem to be getting hit pretty hard in the last decade
  6. Most notably, he wanted no part of having to play more than one of the Bergen County “silver spoons” in win and advance tourney
  7. Bosco and BC will continue to get their share of kids who want to go to those schools while Auggie will continue to wheel and deal. Competition among the 3 will almost always remain present. SPP will continue to get more than their share of athletes from JC/Newark/Elizabeth areas. The real question is how long PC and DePaul can hang around as teams and, more existentially, as schools
  8. Maybe SJR can aspire to be ranked 3rd in the state
  9. Couldn’t overcome the knee Robbins took to the head
  10. I’ll waive from the cheap seats. Happy Thanksgiving all!
  11. Good weather forecast for Saturday. Should be fun
  12. Who’s going to MetLife?
  13. That requires a pretty big assumption about the student body. If both schools had pre-determined districts, then yes. But boys choose to attend these schools. Some for football. Others for different reasons. I would venture to guess SJR brought in more “talented” football players in the last 4 years. But it was decided on the field. 2x. Both in Montvale. And the Ironmen showed well. I think Sabella will be a force to deal with in the old Big North
  14. Pressure may be on Vito to win a title in next two years
  15. 2 best teams in the state, separated by about 5 miles. Hopefully, its a classic
  16. At this point in the season, Both would be favored over SPP. But the seedings were a farce so SPP is heading to Met Life. Would have made for a far more interesting weekend if SPP were facing BC this weekend
  17. No doubt the same folks who didn’t see who started tossing water bottles onto the kids on the field. Unfortunately, everything has become a Rorschach test where we all see offenses wherever we look for them
  18. Every game has a different theme for students. White out. Black out. Pink out (usually for October game breast cancer awareness)
  19. What are the chances Wall would win even one game against SPP/SJR/DBP/BC? I’m guessing most observers would expect them to go 0-4 against that group. The fact that anyone anywhere (let alone someone who writes about HS sports for a living) would rank them the number 1 team is beyond laughable
  20. Would the aggregate gate be any less if Bosco Bergen Joes and Peters were all in the semis? Who’s driving to Caven Pt to see Augustines or SHP. It is an absolute farce. I hope whoever comes out of Bergen pounds the tar out of Hansen and Peters
  21. Crazy that you have Bosco BC and Joe’s all on the same side. That’s why they made BC 6 instead of 5. SPP wanted no part of any of those 3 teams until Met Life
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