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  1. 2 hours ago, GardenStateBaller said:

    A school's return to glory should not be determined by A sports team. As previously posted, DBP is currently at its all-time apex in every facet. 

    As a parent of an ‘18 grad, With some very minor issues my son had a great experience at Bosco and it was worth every penny of tuition 

  2. 3 hours ago, Drummer61 said:

    Was he fired ??? After Toal was given the gate with dispatch by some nefarious people, was Bosco careful and allow Teel to resign in a "kind and gentle way".......?? This happened like Toal, without warning....A once ominipotent football program has been subverted by a few arrogant and jealous people....I met Heuser at a Florida reunion and he refused to give Toal the approbation he deserved.....Someone told me,"Bosco  won't beat BC as long as Toal is there"......A guy I played against years ago from BC told me that.....

    Cmon. Unless Toal has some voodoo doll.  They had them beat in ‘17 until Berger left with a shoulder injury.  If he plays 4qs that game, they win. 

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  3. Just now, GardenStateBaller said:

    Never. Too much animosity between the SJR and DBP admins at this time. The DBP Pres would never hire a Toal protégée while he's at the helm. 

    When is his term up?Even the Valedictorian at last year's graduation ripped him in his speech

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  4. Just now, Drummer61 said:

    I spoke to someone close....Hopefully, BC wins and countersues....Hope  the kid left BC, if not, throw his ass the  fuck out..

    T should be a crime to falsely accuse someone of a sex crime. If coach did it, lock him up.  If Daddy is just a prick because junior isn’t good enough, lock up dad and junior so they can quickly learn what constitutes sexual assault 

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  5. It was 30 + years ago.  But my views haven't changed much (and I tend to be more conservative on the political spectrum).  Happy to discuss over a beer.  But it mainly comes down to a few points:  (1) I don't see it as justifiable homicide, no matter how heinous the crime because the societal threat can be removed by imprisonment  (2) the desire to see society place value on all human life (3) resources, race  and access to quality counsel have an impact on sentencing and (4)  fallibility.  way more political than I meant to get in this thread.  Im a big Lundy (UVa alum) and Conner (Daughter's classmate) fan!

  6. 59 minutes ago, aZjimbo said:

    The NPs should already be consolidated into 2 groups. I think the strong will survive as many have been around for years. I would love to see the look on the public schools if they were forced once again to play the big boys. Priceless.

    Is that where Wali Lundy went to school?  Was he on that 2000 team?  Kid could ball



    18 minutes ago, concha said:

    Well, given that the left wants to believe there is a general racist agenda, there you have part of your answer. These days a leftist will call you racist for ordering a sandwich on rye because the bread is dark.

    The two situations you remark on actually quite different, btw.

    Nah.  That's cultural appropriation.  What gives us Catholics the right to Rye Bread!

  8. 1 hour ago, Drummer61 said:

    Don't blast Rabid or call him racist....Actually, the above sentiment is not  at all without merit,rather spot on....


    4 hours ago, ORabidOne said:

    It always mystifies me, when the media sticks it's tongue up these pro athlete's asses, when they donate ten thousand bucks(chump change to them) to a worthy cause! GEEEEEEEZ people, it's a hunnered million dollars of publicity, for virtually no cost to them! For what amounts to a MAJOR donation, for you and I!

    NOW, if these SAME athletes would actually DO something substantive, like helping build houses for Georgia based Habitat for Humanity! Or go around like Valdosta's and New England's Malcolm Mitchell does, to talk to the youth of high school football, about LIFE beyond sport! THAT would be noteworthy!

    Just imagine if some of these athletes worked with their endorsements to create some jobs in urban areas.   Leave a little money from their 8 figure endorsements on the table to subsidize Nike and underarmour to manufacture in the US instead of Southeast Asia.  But hey, bend the knee during the anthem if you really want to bring about social justice. 

  9. 9 hours ago, SJR89 said:

    ..SJR has been a model school for the Archdiocese in every sense...so do not think anyone is actually " pissed " especially about a sport.  

    No doubt coaches punching women is model behavior.  Now screen shots of poaching texts. Yes, this is clearly the behavior of a model school.  Just not sure what they are modeling for 

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  10. 3 hours ago, SJR89 said:

    your take is amazing......you won a national championship on the back of a player whose mom was given a condo and a job.....and somehow a frosh coach texting a player is worse than that......or anything partridge did at PC....god knows what deals he made with Brick city and peeps in patterson.   this is a joke ....not mention the holier than thou attitude out of Bosco....

    Someone seems bitter.  Cmon every athlete worth a damn in 4 counties probably has a text from Augie, whether directly or through a “freshman coach”

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