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  2. Why don't you hate whites? They are more than responsible for some of the worst atrocities in human history, including slavery, which you benefit from on a day basis. Why not hate them and tell them to go back where they came from?
  3. I've been to Jersey. Dump that shit anywhere. It will blend.
  4. Paul Ryan has given a new chapter to trumps legacy with a tell all and now Trump calls him a loser. Read the story later.
  5. There are some real sad people here. Day after day, they eat it up. I hope I'm dead before it comes.
  6. Sportsnut


    The problem with that is some believe a lie to be the truth from the start. When that is the case, you have what you describe. Say it enough, the mind of those not strong enough to use their previous knowledge to overcome these conditions, will become statistics in your categories.
  7. Proud Boy in the forum. Just tell us.
  8. No one has said it did. They mentioned chump because they know one another. This is the pussy way, to put a word out on a subject that is fake news, creating a fake narrative. Talk about punk moves. Or better yet, baby chump, pussy like.
  9. Sportsnut


    The administration continues to try and stall the process of counting America. Trump wants to count citizens but that is not the purpose of the census. The count is to be people living in America, not American citizens. He is fighting a losing battle as the Supreme court has ruled that they had no standing because of the reason they gave, which was to supplement the Voting Rights Act. The court found that reason false and contrived. Yet he continues. I know for a fact that the form is already being printed.............without the citizenship question.
  10. You are not smart. You just use you ignorance to further the conversation. All that shit you talk is just that, shit. People waste their time with you, pretending to be neutral and all the time riding the right like a 10 speed bicycle.
  11. I don't expect your sorry ass to come off the porch, you pussy. I would have taken his ass out after he hit the first woman, wife, sister girlfriend of whomever. Sorry excuse for a man you are
  12. He is also a Trump friend. You crazy lazy ass did not want to get that in, did you ?
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