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  1. Sportsnut

    Cohen was ""The Fixer""

    so it is only appropriate that he fixes Trumps little red wagon. Not old enough to understand the reference?
  2. says is being built? He says the border wall is being built as we speak. Show me this wall. Show anyone this wall.
  3. Sportsnut

    Trump Weekly...........

    Now another of his ""Best People"" is about to go to jail. Soon, the man himself is going to go. I no longer hear all the chest thumping once heard on this board by these blind individuals letting themselves be led by the blindness in Washington. So stupid is this man that he let himself be goaded into saying on worldwide TV that if the govt. shuts down, he proudly takes responsibility, because he does not get what he wants. Not what is good for all but for him. Lie after lie. Mexico will pay. The military will pay. The tax payer will pay. Mexico will pay. Now Congress and the U.S. will pay by not having a functioning govt. because of a useless wall. Let the lies roll now that he has no yes boys. All gone down and those that are jumping ship know better. Nobody wants to work for this idiot and he still claims people are fighting for the spot. His followers are beginning to shake on the edges. The end is near. Can't you smell it?
  4. MORROW Ga. — Be careful what you ask for. On Wednesday, a Virginia woman went into Morrow Police Department headquarters and asked for a copy of her criminal background record. Happy to oblige, Morrow PD ran the check. “Would you believe that she had warrants from Virginia for dangerous drugs with a warning of violent behavior. The warrants authorized full extradition,” according to Morrow PD’s Facebook page. Noting the building’s heavy police presence, the post noted that she was “promptly arrested,” searched, and allegedly found to have “a bag of weed in her pocket.” The woman was charged and transported to Clayton County Jail, pending extradition to Virginia. A check of the 48-hour Clayton County Jail booking list shows a Monica Leigh Smith, no address given, was booked at 4:21 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 5. Smith is charged with being a fugitive from justice and of possessing less than 1 ounce of marijuana. On Friday, Clayton County Magistrate Court Judge Wanda Dallas granted Smith bonds of $1,500 cash and $2,000 property, plus $200 in fees, on the marijuana charge, but was not granted bond on the fugitive charge. Morrow PD added, “We did not charge her for the initial background check as it is our pleasure to provide a high level of service.”
  5. Sportsnut

    105 illegals arrested in NJ

    Where is the next Charlottesville you two?
  6. Sportsnut

    UN won't condemn Hamas terror group

    HAMAS was democratically elected. The U.S. pushed for elections in which Hamas won in 2006. Overwhelmingly. The UN has nothing to do but recognize them as the legit government.
  7. Stupid to have a ban in the first place. It would be violated on the first snow day.
  8. Sportsnut

    RIP George H.W. Bush

    That same feeling or expression could be attributed to many red blooded Americans. Doing what is right instead of what is popular or expected. Against the norm. Morally intact.
  9. Sportsnut

    RIP George H.W. Bush

    "Thousand Points of Light"
  10. Just how would you know? Ex military? trouble maker? minority? This is not the bartender telling you you have reached your limit.
  11. Like the teacher that kicked the kids ass for calling him names? More asses need to get beat so more can understand what they are not allowed to do in the real world that their up bringing taught them was O.K.
  12. Should be but we all know all is not what it should be, rather what it is. Man has intervened.