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  1. Sportsnut

    Another ""Best People"", taking your............

    Billions in cuts from HUD a matter of 'life or death' for some in Atlanta "Seniors in our building are already on a fixed income. They can not afford rising rent. At this point, they can barely make ends meet now." ps://www.11alive.com/article/news/billions-in-cuts-from-hud-a-matter-of-life-or-death-for-some-in-atlanta/85-547709226
  2. Sportsnut

    Pretty much

    Not what YOU said. And understood not what YOU meant. Too old to fall for the code.
  3. Sportsnut

    MAGA Strikes Again

    I love meeting those kind........anytime, anywhere.
  4. Sportsnut

    Pretty much

    So is your ineptitude.
  5. Sportsnut

    Ellison Double-Standard

    Thank you and you are incredible ignorant. Truthfully.
  6. Sportsnut

    Pretty much

    Not what the man said. He typed it and you quoted it so you had 2 chances to read it and you still came up with something other than what was before your eyes. Remarkable.
  7. Sportsnut

    Kavanaugh hearing

    Hurt much? Ignorance is you friend and you are blissful.
  8. Sportsnut

    Ellison Double-Standard

    No need to read. My ears did not deceive. Dumbass neither did those of sane America.
  9. Sportsnut

    Manafort singing??...

    Like I said, Stupid does not read. Without words without knowledge.
  10. Sportsnut

    Manafort singing??...

    Stupid does not read. You are without words. That is why you use pictures.
  11. Sportsnut

    Ellison Double-Standard

    Your brain is on standby The whole world heard what that S.O.B. said on that bus. ""You are NOT the brains owner""
  12. Sportsnut

    Pretty much

    The Klan were and are white. Hatred has no party. You peon.
  13. Sportsnut

    World record Flamingo Kick

    New Jersey Champion No other state entered.
  14. Sportsnut

    Kavanaugh hearing

    SCARED !!!!! No words left, huh?
  15. Sportsnut

    Pretty much

    ""Antifa showing up anywhere and everywhere they think they can provoke a riot and burn and destroy property and clock folks over the head.."" You mean like the Klan did? ""But it just doesn't compare to Tea Party conflagrations where places were left cleaner than when the law-abiding folks who attended them arrived"" Like the Klan did?. .