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  1. Jersey Publics "Super Team" try fails

    No problem. We're good.
  2. Jersey Publics "Super Team" try fails

    Good for you not living there. No comment on the rest of your comment.
  3. Congratulations to the Board

    Let me guess, Born in the 90's?
  4. Angry young white males

    It was simply life. They also tell me we were poor but that never occurred to me as a child. You just live. My grandparents, whom I lived with until the age of 8, kept away from whites unless it was work. Shop at black owned stores. As a child, you go along with what you are taught.
  5. Jersey Publics "Super Team" try fails

    Someone has to represent the area. You don't seem to know shit.
  6. Seems the public schools in New Jersey want to compete with the privates so badly they went to the House Law makers to try a get a bill pushed thru to allow any public to merge with any other public in sports without oversight of the NJ authorities. The governor did not sign it so it lost. http://highschoolsports.nj.com/news/article/-8620021676907318363/gov-christie-pocket-vetoes-super-team-bill-co-op-rules-remain-as-is/
  7. Angry young white males

    I remember seeing those type signs as a child.
  8. Congratulations to the Board

    And no matter what I do, you will criticize it. Thanks
  9. Congratulations to the Board

    From the start, I thought it would gain no ground, even after a few of the civil minded posters showed a little interest. I had some expectation of it catching the eye of certain posters. It has done well. I might add that my desired outcome has been achieved. It is wonderful to see so much dialogue on a touchy subject without the constant attacking of each thought. Many here think I am racist. I am not. I have lived a decent amount of time and have had some experiences that many here have not, especially dealing with the black/white issue. I know some would have a hard time accepting things such as being witness to cross burning's and being chased by Klan. Of going to school with Klan. Of being a teammate only on the field. I try to bring to the board a point of view from that experience but at times, I guess it is too much for some to handle. You have done well with this. The topic is a major issue in our world today and deserves our consideration. If we could get leaders to talk, express concerns and exchange idea's as you have on this subject, more could be done because all are involved and devoted to one cause Understanding is key. If we know why people feel the way they do, we could understand more clearly their actions. We put ourselves in position to intervene possibly before we face the sad situations we often find staring us in the face. I really appreciate the putting aside of hostilities for this. It is good. Gentlemen, and the rest of you, Well done
  10. GA, the home of the...

    I have not said a word.
  11. Folsoms best from Georgia

    Did them in Pensacola. Pretty decent.
  12. Angry young white males

    I post things to get the juice flowing and they look but will not respond. I would like to hear reasons. These are grown men, aren't they? Can't stay on topic long enough to establish a qualified legitimate conversation. Check on the mental illness. Can you say Jonestown?
  13. GA football schedules for upcoming season

    You think the offense is ready? They have had a couple years now and they should be better at it.
  14. 160 days till Dooms Day for Georgia

    I think Some counties have open enrollment. If the school has room and you provide your own transportation.
  15. Angry young white males

    ADHD all over this board. Can't stay on task. This is a synopsis of America's problem.