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  1. The Dolphins will now try to act completely innocent on this matter and blame everything on that one doctor.
  2. Pretty uneventful night, but that's how district games work a lot of times. A little surprised at Richmond Foster losing to Magnolia West 12 - 7. They'd been rolling and looking like a very good team in 5A.
  3. Not sure what his source is but....
  4. Should have never been on the field. No way he was near 100 percent and ready to go after stumbling around with his "back injury" from the previous game.
  5. Dave Campbell has Cy Falls/Langham Creek playing tonight. CF wins 39 - 33 according to them. Guessing a lot of defensive TDs in this one. Max Preps has the game listed for tomorrow 🤷‍♂️
  6. North Shore - 38 King - 3 NS gonna win, but I don't anticipate good news with Bailey.
  7. NS - 21 King - 3 Halftime. King offense is pretty trash against good teams. They really shouldn't even have 3 points.
  8. North Shore up 14 - 3. David Amadore doing his Cooper Rush impersonation.
  9. North Shore up 7 - 3. They'd better hope Bailey ain't done for the year though.
  10. I've said I didn't like the way Bailey runs the ball, now he might be hurt. King up 3 - 0 on North Shore.
  11. North Shore and King getting ready to throw down.
  12. Champa


    There have been quite a few games where one team could have scored 100 if they had wanted to. It's only bad if the coach still has his starters in late trying to hit triple digits.
  13. Literally ran through 2 or 3 Mustangs at a time and Mossed it another time or two. Also a hell of a b-ball player. Sad to report that WOS might be on the decline from here on out though. They don't turn it around by the end of the year, things won't be pretty. People aren't happy right now. Word is some players are quitting the team.
  14. Remember the name. Still got one more year left.
  15. It's the Mathis " We're being disrespected" rankings. Done by Coach Mathis. Would love to see the rest of the top 10.
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