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  1. That's what they were. Seen them play back in the day in person. North Shore before North Shore. Too bad they're trash now. School isn't even a shell of what it used to be. Just gonna list their best year: 95 Team: 16 - 0 Didn't give up any points till a safety in week six of the season. Didn't even give up 1000 total yards for the entire regular season. Smashed opponent Denison in the state title game 31 - 8. Gave up less than 100 yards of offense in that title game. Was ranked in the top 10 in some national polls those years.
  2. La Marque Cougars 1995 - 1997. Some would say the team of the 90s in Texas. 95 team is considered one of the best ever in the state by many.
  3. Shaq won a state title at San Antonio Cole. Funny thing is that school had the best big man in the state last year until he left for a prep school.
  4. Duncanville wins another one beating Westlake 66 - 53. They'll probably win 10 more with the way things are set up. Westlake was trying to mimic Argyle in winning state in football and basketball this year, but comes up short.
  5. There really needs to be some sort of shot clock in high school. Maybe not a 24 second one, but something. Argyle - 49 Hargrave - 30 Thank God that it's over.
  6. Argyle - 26 Hargrave - 15 Halftime. Most boring first half of basketball ever. Can the Westlake/Duncanville game please hurry up and get here.
  7. What's funny is it was the same kid from BU who made the shot both times.
  8. Final Beaumont United - 71 Kimball - 70 BU wins on a last second 3 pointer. They needed a last second 3 pointer to send the game into overtime. This is almost North Shore/Duncanville football territory.
  9. Beaumont United - 37 Dallas Kimball - 28 Halftime. BU had a chance to blow this game wide open, but let Kimball go on a run before halftime.
  10. Let's see how bad I can do at this. Duncanville vs Westlake - Going with Dville by 10 or more. The Panthers are obscenely good. They handled a very good Richardson team last game and I really can't see them slowing down. Beaumont United vs Dallas Kimball - T-Wolves by 15 or more. BU is a top 10 team in the state regardless of class and will only get better next season. Only way Kimball has a chance is if United has an off night. Fun fact: Last time Beaumont played a Dallas school for a title (Dallas Lincoln), it was Kendrick Perkins vs Chris Bosh. In case anyone is wondering, it
  11. They're a charter school who was a nobody till the school decided to spend big money on the entire Cedar Hill coaching staff and all the perks that come with it (Cedar Hill players). They were the best state title money could buy a year or two ago. Probably would have won another last year if it weren't for Covid 19. Their roster is ridiculous for a tiny charter school. Take a look on the right: https://www.uiltexas.org/basketball/state-team/oak-cliff-faith-family-academy-2019-2020-boys-basketball Of course they look like a 6A school for good reason. They just get to win titles
  12. It's on: Beaumont United vs Dallas Kimball for it all. Also..... 😆😂😆🤣 😂 @ Faith Family losing to Argyle. Argyle vs Huffman for the title in 4A. Duncanville vs Westlake for it all in 6A. Don't think anyone is stopping Dville right now.
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