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  1. Still think Dville could take out Westlake and Katy. Cedar Hill has a really nice QB.
  2. To be fair North Shore does have a very Ja`Quinden Jackson like QB. That's something Dville could have really used against IMG this past week. They didn't really dominate their first two opponents though. Can't wait till the end of November to see if Westlake are frauds or not.
  3. Way too early to say. I like what I saw out of Klein Collins. They had a good chance to beat North Shore this year if their starting QB didn't get hurt during the game.
  4. North Shore will be a taking a few steps back after this year. Don't know why folks will want a piece of them then. Shame the DLS game didn't happen this year.
  5. That's pretty impressive. I forgot about that one I remember them getting trounced by Montverde Academy last year, who was lead by a Texas player. A DFW one at that. Man, it's been rough for Texas football at every level here lately. I'm just gonna cling to that A&M win over Florida as tight as I can for right now.
  6. Some people are obsessed with Texas football and their fans, even if they're far away from here and never been to a real Texas game. Funny how that usually doesn't work the other way around. As for as this game goes, I was hoping for a more respectable score. Also wish the Dville kids had lost with a little more class from what I'm hearing. You absolutely can not turn the ball over against a team like IMG and expect that to happen though. Should have played better. That makes them 1 - 1 against OOS football competition. Competition that matters in some people's opinion
  7. Oh wow.....gonna get blown out turning the ball over like that. Afraid Dville is gonna get worn down now.
  8. I had to look this up. Dude is 6'9, 330 pounds 😲 Also hope I never have to listen to these SLC homer announcers ever again.
  9. Another int by Rockwall. They're gonna win because of defense. Only in 2020.
  10. There's the Rockwall defense we were all expecting. 44 - 42 Still a defensive showcase for both teams.
  11. Nice int by the Rockwall defense. Cant believe I'm saying that. 76 for Rockwall looks like he's 10 feet tall lol.
  12. What a letdown. I thought it would be 76 - 70 by now. Maybe things are changing a bit for both teams.
  13. I just realized SLC is playing Rockwall this week 😆 This is gonna be funny.
  14. IMG by 14. Hopefully Duncanville can make things interesting for a little while and keep the score respectful.
  15. All these list are good for is comedy. Goes to show you how lame the idea of a MNC really is. Rockwall at no 37 is a really bad look for the rest of the country 🤣🤣🤣 We won't know how good Westlake is until the end of November. They traditionally beat up on trash opponents (except Lake Travis) till deep into the playoffs. Don't know why this dudes likes SLC better than Duncanville, either.
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