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  1. “To the conservatives out there”… if you don’t have any friends, go make some friends” 😆
  2. 2 angles for your viewing pleasure… the fielder’s reaction with his arms 😂
  3. Opening Day yesterday and 🤩.
  4. That’s twice I’ve thought of this song today. #cancun #babyitscoldoutside
  5. Was explaining this exact example to a friend in Arlington Heights (I kid you not, Chicago!) about 2 hrs ago. That’s what prompted my post.
  6. McDougal & Pecker bolstering case? David “Pecker” #priceless Link from article above https://www.wsj.com/articles/trump-grand-jury-to-reconvene-amid-mounting-expectations-rhetoric-56b7ad4a
  7. Investing math: Date X $1000 investment Date Y $800 value You’ve lost 20% of investment To gain $200 and net to investment, a 20% gain won’t get you there… You’ll need to gain 25% to reach $1000 (200/800).
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