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  1. Indeed ha. That was like/laugh quality. C'mon admins, we need another choice . I sense he's a mild-mannered dude, who's interested in studying journalism in college lol.
  2. Allie Sherman... pretty cool history regarding Lombardi and Sherman especially. Two legends as coordinators. Indeed, QB's do get blamed for nearly every INT or turnover or 3 and out etc. It's not tennis folks. Many moving parts on every play, including receivers running incorrect routes and/or a tip of the hat to simply a great defensive play. It happens.
  3. How many football fans even recognize the name of the center that paved the way for Starr in the ice bowl? WR’s who block downfield. The OL who takes out two defenders by himself. A FB with no neck abusing himself for a TD by a “superstar” and so on. It’s not fair, but it is what it is. Players who many don’t know, are superstar teammates.
  4. QB’s get the hot chix and the glamour. But it’s a team sport and different eras. All we have is banter Hoover. Starr was a leader sure. So was Staubach. Ranking leaders as QB’s is hard to measure/gauge. I can use the Phil Simms/Hostetler SB season as an example of a QB doing his job and leading with a heavy running game slant. Giants didn’t skip a beat when Simms went down and Simms was a leader and tough like Starr was. GB was a running juggernaut. Dallas had it all and Staubach was a stud. Had Jackie Smith not dropped a sure TD, who knows. Maybe they sneak that win vs the Steelers. Hard to believe Lombardi and Landry were once assistant coaches for the Giants together.
  5. … jumped out of my seat. Allen wow, Bills wow! Then blue balls. My father and many old timers spoke of prevent defense preventing you from winning. Just sickening for Allen. What a game and finish. No curse of OJ… just asinine coaching with 13 secs left.
  6. https://247sports.com/Player/Nyckoles-Harbor-46114050/ I think we all should get to know his name… great find Wood. Ripped a 10.31 last July at the Univ of Oregon track. He’s a 17 yr old jr… if he chooses to, he’s got two more outdoor track seasons ahead in HS.
  7. Yup. As you mentioned, squib kick. 8 secs let’s say. Mug multiple receivers and take 5 or heck 15, doesn’t matter. Hail Mary one play, win or lose.
  8. Giants have so many other weaknesses, Danny Dimes is fine.
  9. Giants? Please? No rebuilding for A Aron. No chance.
  10. Thru 1979… Starr should be 5th. There’s 4 ahead of him actually.
  11. Yup was inching up each year prior to the ‘21. I got to about 75 then looked at 78-79. Starr I think was quite high, about 4th? I’ll use through 1979 and share.
  12. Tannehill just behind Montana 😂 Romo 9th. This data is GIGO.
  13. I’ll go with this stat and even this looks skewed.
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