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  1. Texas 6A final may look ridiculously fast at first glance... until you zoom in on the ridiculous wind aided red marker.
  2. Little break from the political bs. The curse makes it.
  3. I assume the ESPN game is confirmed and I understand the FL schedule, but STA could/should have had AHP on their schedule and would be nice to see STA play Chaminade-Madonna as well. The new AD is Twan Russell, who looks like a solid choice.
  4. Looking at that list again a few tidbits... AHP's secondary was a tad talented Schwartz (when needed) played on D and roamed Centerfield as a free safety. DeVito from DBP QB stats were not pretty that game. The secondary baited QB's into thinking there's an opening, but there wasn't. Josh Palmer barely touched the field until Trevon Grimes went down with a season ending injury his senior season. Palmer took full advantage and landed a late Tennessee offer and bailed on Syracuse. Elijah Moore needed more touches at STA, lol. Just one football.
  5. Yup, beat me to it. Good to see you on here DS.
  6. Would have been interesting to see an NFL Combine 40 run by Schwartz among many other burners in the draft.
  7. Any idea how many from Broward County or South FL overall?
  8. What's the deal with Moses... medical and/or off the field issues? AHP wow. I saw those guys vs. DBP hanging with @GardenStateBallerand @Mag44and some other guys (sorry forgot screen names... one was a guy who's son I think attended Yale. Another was the QB's father). I met others at the bar we had a few beers at.
  9. Trevon Grimes was signed by the Eagles as an UDFA. I thought STA would have 4 total.
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