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  1. He beat out Dylan McCaffrey (who then opted out of the football year and likely will graduate and transfer to another school and have 2 years of eligibility left) and indeed does have a rifle. He looked smooth last week, but it was vs. Minnesota and the OL did a solid job of blocking. Nonetheless, solid start for the FL native Milton.
  2. https://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/highschool/football/fl-sp-hs-aquinas-deerfield-football-2020-nfl-rosters-20200918-yrw3xj2pibespn5bqbvyrsymya-story.html Edit: Full list link submitted by @RedZone https://football-austria.com/houston-florida-saint-thomas-aquinas-produce-most-nfl-players/
  3. Nothing wrong with a little correction and profit taking for a few days. Tuesday, it will be interesting to see if the market begins green in any index and does value continue to show some support or does growth continue to push the p/e further on momentum buy ins on a recent dip?
  4. The Franchise ... my favorite ball player.
  5. You had a Popeye’s chicken sandwich thread going nicely. Need to bring that one back up. Any new contenders?
  6. https://www.salon.com/2020/08/28/former-oan-correspondent-emily-miller-fired-at-fda-after-misleading-tweet-during-trumps-speech/ @15yds4gibberish, another Friday sacking. Shocker. Lol on this vaccine propaganda clusterfuck.
  8. ...Wife #1 unhappy with wife #2 (Vanky) Lol. Malaria almost lost her ability to smile after #2 passed by.
  9. I recommend folks watch the ESPN 30 for 30 Documentary titled, Small Potatoes: Who Killed the USFL? Not sure how though, but perhaps ESPN 30 for 30 docs are on demand? I linked a preview... I took in a few games at the Meadowlands to see Sipe and Walker. Yea that trade with Walker was really out there between Dallas and the Vikings.
  10. Did she make a bet with someone for $1 in a contest? Trading Places reference. It was the Dukes, It was the Dukes
  11. https://www.thedailybeast.com/rnc-speaker-boosts-qanon-conspiracy-theory-about-jewish-plot-to-enslave-the-world-1 Only the best speakers...
  12. Claudia tweeted a video rant and mentioned physical abuse and a lack of care or interest from both parents. Sad situation for sure. Good that both parents stepped down from work... therapy sessions await and/or a groovy new car for Claudia as a loving parting gift for playing the role of daughter in last name only With that said, she may have been a “Problem Child” (AC/DC tune, nice) that didn’t help matters Physical and emotional abuse was brought up by Claudia. 😞
  13. Wrong. Her father was a republican until 2018, when the con artist and his grift took office, and will no doubt go back to being a republican once the drug addict rapist leaves office. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Conway
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