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  1. Beyond my wtf comments during the STA game 😂… I haven’t seen Bowman since. He had breakaway speed for sure. Beyond that, I dunno. Maybe @steeler01knows more insight in following CFB? I have no idea if STA has an opening left, but if HC Harriott and Castle want to IM me, if funds are an issue I’ll help as much as I can to see that happen for Lakeland to travel for free. I wanted to do a bowling outing to fund a Dade squad. I reached out to Tim Harris months back, Ice’s son to help for BTW. Tim seemed excited and felt his Dad would call me. Ice didn’t unfortunately. I wanted to meet Ice and get a feel for the program and write up their season. @HawgGoneIt I mentioned it to.
  2. Spot on, minus the dem jab. When I first saw the thread title I thought of this song. I found a YouTube version initially, but it wasn’t the original sound and the quality stunk. This is the one. No faking me on this one.
  3. AHP will not be playing STA this season… they had a nice rivalry going, bummer.
  4. @badrouter c’mon man… Castle (wonder if Lying zone knows that chess maneuver) needs to up the ante on the sos in 22. Would be sweet to see them play some OOS marquee names like in the past before he retires. Also caught a mention about Bowman in the transfer portal. Where do you think he ends up? Edit: He’s UCF bound. Just saw a mention on Twitter. GL to him.
  5. https://www.gpb.org/blogs/gpb-sports-blog/2018/08/10/dont-break-the-rules-change-them
  6. Your opinion on anything is a lie. You have no identity here… just a racist unathletic buffoon, who follows one state with a cry for help posting style.
  7. So you’re not. Your track record of lying on the forum is exceptional.
  8. Read the subject header again buffoon… Your opinion is a WGAF as usual.
  9. Nice. Yea the Keys (Siesta, Lido and Longboat) are relaxing upscale locations.
  10. Good share thanks and I get it. I will never watch the movie Schindler’s list. I visited Oswiecim multiple times during my many trips to Poland… and that’s plenty enough for me to view and take in.
  11. A Louisiana athlete just passed gas Lying zone… head to the other side and report headline news.
  12. “Better than you?” At what? And what a weird comment. But that’s you. Lying? Racism? Athletics? 0-3 Buffoonery and crying for help. 2-0 you got me.
  13. You are a racist, lying weasel. You have no athletic ability and can easily prove varsity proof… you can’t. I don’t lie and am honest and transparent. You have no shame and are a sad and jealous buffoon. Make another screen name. Call it Lying Zone. Be honest.
  14. A handful of viewers know my name and and that’s cool. When you’re a normal contributor for years, you tend to make friends and trust others. When you’re normal, unlike you. You are a LA homer poster, lying buffoon with no athletic ability… so you lied about participating in varsity sports… and have yet to apologize for it.
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