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  1. Portugal doing what Spain couldn’t.
  2. It shows you’re a sports fan 👍🏻 When I flipped on the match, I also had a wtf moment initially figuring out, wait who’s red?
  3. 💯 At that hour on a flight, I can barely stop yawning. My guess, the non English speaking around her, made her “uncomfortable”. This racist “C” comes up with that line? Of course she’ll never spend a day in jail, but give her a Lily Pulitzer jumpsuit and let her clean trash on the NJ Turnpike for many hours and hopefully she picks up many Taco Bell wrappers.
  4. I’m not a Dolphins fan, but since I’m local, I watch enough and I’m a big fan of Tyreek Hill (shocker lol). For sure their HC wouldn’t fare too well. He looks tiny. Don’t know his background at all though. Reminds me of the skit that the comedian Andy Kaufman (spelling?) did years back with a wrestler Jerry Lawler (spelling?). Was a great skit they had. Andy was out there.
  5. I refuse to believe extended soccer (whole team participation in movement on the pitch avg) vs NHL OT participation extended with physicality added in is plus soccer. Nope.
  6. Isner wins 5th set 7-6? Fuck that! Who wants it! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isner–Mahut_match_at_the_2010_Wimbledon_Championships Whats the Wide World of Sports famous intro by Jim McKay? Thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. !
  7. Boo! NHL with breaks and shifts sure. Physicality, endurance, pain, hello NHL playoff extensions in OT. They play again sooner than in WC also. Who wants it, gets it. Tennis past also played to a proper winner in slams. FG horse? How about HR Derby extra innings? Cardio, rest yada yada yada… athletes perform and should win a game properly.
  8. He might… he’s been busy. New gigs from ‘19. https://www.linkedin.com/in/dallasajackson
  9. Tennis is the only other sport that adjusts normal play in a major event that I can think of (that I follow). Edit: one other, CFB OT
  10. Where’s Al Michaels? Not so fast… Spain save. Wow. MAR goalie 2-3 This is just like the PK match that Croatia won yesterday. Same sequence I think. Hot MAR goalie and Croatian. Congrats Morocco 🇲🇦
  11. NOLA D is Charmin! Chris Christie’s feisty niece tested 6 of them! Check the dysfunctional+ side
  12. 2 min until nonsense, but good entertainment though. A last sub for MAR. Only reason to do this is for a quality penalty kick striker. Corner ESP late. +3 et 1 min to PK’s. Dang it. Spain angled rip touches outer edge of post. 💩 PK’s for the quarters.
  13. 15 min vs nonsense… C’mon Spain, net one! Net another on a counter, damn it. Finish this. MAR hopes for one magical shot or a nonsense ending win. Maybe the NFL should have a FG tiebreaker in 2023. Two placekickers play a game of horse for the W. 😂
  14. MAR’s goalie just noticed Bounou spelling. Nickname Bono. Almost “a beautiful day” a min ago. Rip right at goalie. Kick save Spain. +1 corner. About to flip sides after…
  15. Passes update. 800 to 208 @I AM IRONMAN 😂 100th min
  16. I hope this game ends properly (no PK’s please). I’d like to watch my fav CNBC show on the market (dvr noon) before Portugal-Switzerland.
  17. Wow. Nice save MAR late! 30 more to go.
  18. ET coming up +5. Spain nice set piece header off target.
  19. Check his volleyball talent in the random thread 😂.
  20. Dutch Fork stands out to me in this list. Their marquee performance is literally a 19 point loss differential to SFA, unless beating some teams soundly rated in the 40’s is representative of a powerhouse. They will surely drop in Massey’s poll. Their top 25 rating is due to finishing the season earlier than some power states.
  21. The announcers are fantastic on both vids
  22. Casillas was a Scott Sterling for Spain in net many years. If this goes to the nonsensical shootout, I hope the new ESP goalie on the WC stage is solid.
  23. At some point, Spain should net one and then turtle shell the finish. But until then, Morocco has enough to win. Good match. Nice flow. 60th min. Of course a 5 min water break on a foul after I bring up nice flow in game. Will be plenty of ET in the half.
  24. Yup. Thought of it a bit late as I saw your reply notice come in. The drug night. Didn’t recognize his face initially.
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