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  1. I’m not voting to kill democracy, I’m voting to put the needs of our countrymen first. What happens in other countries is their responsibility alone and no one else’s. I will choose isolationism over warfare every time. I’m not too concerned about the prospect of Russia taking over all of Europe. Russia has a long history of taking care of leaders that go too far. If Putin continues to F around he’ll eventually find out.
  2. Remember what a big deal it was when Florida Gulf Coast went to the sweet 16? A once generational event is now a yearly occurrence! Completely insane.
  3. This doesn’t even feel real anymore
  4. Just think about how crazy it is that it’s FDU, Princeton and Peters carrying the Garden State and not Seton Hall and Rutgers.
  5. Yesterday Princeton Today FDU THIS. IS. HISTORY Remember where you were We may never again see a 15 & 16 seed from the same state win in the same tournament. Pair that with what Peters did last year, this is both the pinnacle of insanity and glory. And Princeton and FDU aren’t even done yet! Never have I been so proud of my state! To the 49 states, two words, BEAT THAT!
  6. I don’t give a f_ck, FDU JUST KNOCKED OFF PURDUE!!!
  7. Just as any smart person has always known. The demonstrators had no intent to overthrow the government. Jan 6th was not an insurrection, let alone a coup. Had it been, the mob would have brought big guns with them and they certainly wouldn’t have loitered around outside for hours before hand (that would waste precious time). They would have gone straight to the point, and probably never get inside. If the Military thought the govt was in danger, and saw the weapons, there would have been a huge gun battle. And let’s say the mob does win that and gets inside. They would have all gone to one specific point and attempt to capture the necessary people. That didn’t happen, instead you got a few dozen lost folks aimlessly wandering around, not knowing what they were doing or where they were going. Nobody in that crowd was expecting to reach the capitol floor. It was a freak accident and a setup. If this was a coup, it was the worst planned one in history and has nothing in common with all the others in history.
  8. Right wing policy rewards those that are hardworking and responsible. Left wing policy rewards those that are neither. By voting Democrat you are asking for your money to go to people and countries that will give you nothing in return. Its very simple, I pay for my life and you pay for yours. But that is where responsibility comes in. Many leftists hate the idea of being held accountable for their financial, sex and health lives. Freedom requires responsibility. Period. Its not right that I have to put in 40 hard hours at work each week, (sometimes more)and pay for my own expensive, while some lazy bum that sits on his ass all day gets everything for free, and gives nothing in return. We should be taxed to bare minimum as the less money the government has, the more rights the people do. Here's my question to you, do you consider yourself to be financially responsible? If so then what do you have to gain by supporting policies that give your hard earning cash to those that have done nothing to earn it and won't give you anything in return? And what does society have to gain by perpetuating culture of laziness and irresponsibility. Whenever you vote for a left wing candidate, you are complicit in perpetuating that culture
  9. Its really a shame, crazy parents did a legend in. (A copypasta of the Varsity Aces article above, for anyone who is out of articles. Very interesting read.) https://www.northjersey.com/story/sports/high-school/wrestling/2023/03/09/dave-bell-bergen-catholic-nj-wrestling-coach-decision-step-down/69990615007/ Former Bergen Catholic wrestling coach Dave Bell discusses 'fractured' program on web show In his first public appearance since stepping down as head wrestling coach at Bergen Catholic on Feb. 17, Dave Bell shared some details of his decision during an Instagram Live show on Monday. Bell called into the Airey Bros Radio 'Do It Live' show on Monday, surprising hosts Jimi Airey and Mike Malinconico with his call. The hosts quickly diverted from the topics they had been discussing to interview Bell about what led to his decision to step down as the Crusaders' coach one day before their district tournament. “We had a situation where we had four wrestle-offs, well, four weight classes were being challenged. We had controversy from one parent, who didn’t think that there should be a wrestle-off, her son shouldn’t wrestle off," Bell said. "They went the law route, they contacted an attorney, they contacted the school, and it was getting pretty dicey. "We decided the wrestle-off would be on a Wednesday, with a two-pound allowance. It was set in stone, and wrestlers who opposed the wrestle-offs didn’t show up, so they forfeited their spot. A few more things that I’m really not at liberty to say went down with, kind of, not allegations against me, but allegations against wrestlers. It was just a little too much and I felt that the best way … I felt that if I cut the head off the beast, it would relieve the pressure and they could get on to the normal thing of wrestling.” Thirteen of 14 Bergen Catholic wrestlers won district titles the following day. Four went on to win region titles and all 14 qualified for last week's state championships in Atlantic City, where six Crusaders reached the podium. Bell used the word "fractured" to describe the state of the program in the days leading up to his decision. “There was a bit of a coaching dispute," he said. "I was still the head coach, but there were a few coaches who thought there were wrestlers who were in their spots that earned their spots and shouldn’t wrestle-off. But I thought there was good reason to wrestle-off, so it was kind of further divided that way. When push came to shove, it wasn’t a united front and it wasn’t a good situation.” Bell said he made his decision to step down after talking to his wife on the afternoon of Friday, Feb. 17. He said he had a meeting with the Crusaders' seniors and one assistant coach the night before. "I’m telling people that are close to me that things aren’t what they think they are, and they’re telling me, 'well, I find it hard to believe that'," he said. "If you can’t believe me, and you’ve known me for all these years and I’ve always supported you, then who can you believe? So I started feeling ... I felt like I was on the outside looking in.” Bell also talked about the way that high school wrestling has changed since he started coaching the Crusaders in 1998. He said he and other coaches used to referee wrestle-offs in the practice room, but now they bring in independent referees and time-keepers. “Wrestling is a cottage industry now. You have clubs, you have private strength trainers, mindset coaches, dietitians," he said. "You know, there’s a lot of money invested, and I think wrestling ... I was having this discussion the other day with a colleague who is a basketball coach and obviously a big wrestling fan, and playing time is still an issue. But wrestling was always cut-and-dried, you challenge, you wrestle off. But now it’s getting to be, playing time is an easier argument than the wrestle-off. It’s just changed.” Bell said he watched the state tournament from home, the first time he was not in attendance since 1974. He also said he doesn't feel that he's ready to walk away from coaching. "At this stage in my career, I’m not sure I could go build another high school program," he said. "And I don’t think I would want to coach another high school. I would come back in some capacity to coach at Bergen Catholic. But that’s out of my hands, really.”
  10. This is not Nicholas Cage movie, this is real life, you don’t just prance around DC (one of the worlds most secure cities) and go wherever you’d like. The demonstrators got into the building because someone let them in. Plus if you think a rag tag group in Viking suits had a chance to overthrow the US govt w/o weapons, you are too stupid to even try reasoning with.
  11. It was indeed, until the feds started firing mace and tear gas into the crowd (it’s on film). They wanted to provoke a reaction and they got one. The cops were then ordered to open the doors (also on film). Lastly, to put the cherry on top, the Nationals Guard was told to stand down. The whole thing was setup by the left so there’d be a reason to demonize the right.
  12. Yep, Biden blows my mind with the senility, disorientation and outright stupidity he displays to our country every single day. I hope he doesn’t run in 2024.
  13. Trump needs to give it up and stop attacking other Republicans. The GOP cannot win with a party this divided. He has already screwed us by picking poor Senate candidates last fall and he will screw us again in 2024 if he doesn’t fold up. He was the man for the job in 2016 but he’s not the man for the job in 2024. I hope enough Republicans understand that.
  14. Unfortunately, this is the first season without The Tournament of Champions, a competition in which Union Catholic would have faced off against the other 5 state champions for supremacy. It was abolished by cowardly public schools, who were tired of always losing to the private schools. Not only was it totally pussy, but shortsighted as well. Camden (a public school) was a Top 5 team in the nation until their DQ. They would have been favored to win the TOC. It shows that the public schools can still win these competitions. It time they put their big boy pants on and reestablish the competition.
  15. Union Catholic prevails in a defense battle 38-35. They win the Non Public A state championship.
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