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  1. DBP will bring back a lot at key positions (OL, QB and defensive front 7). I think they’ll beat JC, not by 40, but comfortably at home.
  2. Yes replacing Berger, Monangai and Ramos is going to be very hard. However, with 4 out of 5 offensive linemen back and Robbins at QB. The offensive has a chance to be very efficient.
  3. Ummm it was 7-0 at half time and ended at 21-0. Was SFA better? Yes but to say Bosco was “murdered” is a gross exaggeration
  4. Mhmmm no. Examples of “really, really fucking good” DBP teams would be 02, 03, 06, 09, 10 and 11 with 2015 and 2008 a tier below. That 2013 team that played MC had a lot of tough kids but loses to all the prior stated Bosco teams.
  5. Paramus Catholic I believe, no idea as to why.
  6. Tough to predict how DBP’s online will look right now. Losing the returning Center to transfer hurts though. The 2 starters they do bring back are good players.
  7. Yeah I expect Bergen to be a very good team this year. I’m excited to watch them play and represent the state.
  8. Bosco returns much of last years team. A 3 year starter at QB 3 out 5 return on the online. ( the LT and RG were seniors) best RB tandem in the state and most of the receiving core return. Defensivley they bring back 9 out of 11 starters so I would expect the D to be pretty stout barring injury. Special teams at DBP are always good.
  9. I might be mistaken but I think Gonzaga lost a lot from last years team, I would have DBP favored over them at home. I think they lose to SJB ( no shame in that) and then will lose a close one to either SJR or BC.
  10. Looking at that schedule I’m thinking 7-2.
  11. If I had to bet the farm I’d say Bosco top 2 choices would be Nunzio and Sebella
  12. I mean SPP did play IMG in Florida in 2014. So I wouldn’t say never
  13. will anyone at the game be able to post updates? thanks
  14. Bosco’s D actually might surprise you. The back 7 returns a lot of experience. The front 4 is the biggest question mark but the DT Jamir Greene will probably end up a D1 player by his senior season.
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