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  1. 09, and 06 would be my 2 and 3 in terms of best Oline Groups. the 2015 group with Capelia,who went on to be a multiple year starter at Center for Yale, Fornadel who would go on to be a all american and potential mid round NFL draft pick at Guard for JMU. Maietti multiple year starter at Center for Rutgers and current Missouri starting center holding down the middle. Tyler Friday who will start for Ohio State this year on the Dline at the other guard and Matt Hennessy who's currently the Atlanta Falcons backup center at Right Tackle and yeah thats the Best Oline Group in DBP histor
  2. Been a lot of discussion on the board lately about how NJ is down and will won’t produce a top national team for the Foreseeable future. Obviously since 2011 no team is been on the level that Bosco was during their peak. However, I think those great teams make it hard to realize that their have been some very good teams in the years that followed. I think the top 5 are 1. 2014 SPP: Wimbush and Fitzpatrick lead IMO easily the best team since 2011 DBP. Lost only to IMG in Florida with some Controversial calls. Still this team finished inside the top 25 teams in America that year. 2. 2
  3. Bosco will be competitive with the top teams this ear but is still a year away. Teams is pretty much all Sophomores and juniors. I think only 4-5 senior starters. I think it’s between BC and SPP this year.
  4. I would argue actually that DBP has pretty good size everywhere except at WR and CB which doesn’t necessitate being 6’4 and 225 pounds. But I would agree that the defensive secondary is DBPs biggest question mark going into the season.
  5. One month from today the BNU will kickoff for football (thank god). With that I think it’s time to take a look into what each team has for the 20 season. I think this looks to be one of the most exciting years for north jersey football as each of the parochial has a lot to be excited about. Please feel free to add to this as you see fit. Maybe PJR can give his insight, always enjoyed reading his previews. BC: should have some serious Star Power on both sides of the ball, with Angeli and Butler at QB and RB and Malone and Gould at DT and CB. Overall I’m really excited to see watch how BC
  6. DBP will bring back a lot at key positions (OL, QB and defensive front 7). I think they’ll beat JC, not by 40, but comfortably at home.
  7. Yes replacing Berger, Monangai and Ramos is going to be very hard. However, with 4 out of 5 offensive linemen back and Robbins at QB. The offensive has a chance to be very efficient.
  8. Ummm it was 7-0 at half time and ended at 21-0. Was SFA better? Yes but to say Bosco was “murdered” is a gross exaggeration
  9. Mhmmm no. Examples of “really, really fucking good” DBP teams would be 02, 03, 06, 09, 10 and 11 with 2015 and 2008 a tier below. That 2013 team that played MC had a lot of tough kids but loses to all the prior stated Bosco teams.
  10. Paramus Catholic I believe, no idea as to why.
  11. Tough to predict how DBP’s online will look right now. Losing the returning Center to transfer hurts though. The 2 starters they do bring back are good players.
  12. Yeah I expect Bergen to be a very good team this year. I’m excited to watch them play and represent the state.
  13. Bosco returns much of last years team. A 3 year starter at QB 3 out 5 return on the online. ( the LT and RG were seniors) best RB tandem in the state and most of the receiving core return. Defensivley they bring back 9 out of 11 starters so I would expect the D to be pretty stout barring injury. Special teams at DBP are always good.
  14. I might be mistaken but I think Gonzaga lost a lot from last years team, I would have DBP favored over them at home. I think they lose to SJB ( no shame in that) and then will lose a close one to either SJR or BC.
  15. Looking at that schedule I’m thinking 7-2.
  16. If I had to bet the farm I’d say Bosco top 2 choices would be Nunzio and Sebella
  17. I mean SPP did play IMG in Florida in 2014. So I wouldn’t say never
  18. will anyone at the game be able to post updates? thanks
  19. Bosco’s D actually might surprise you. The back 7 returns a lot of experience. The front 4 is the biggest question mark but the DT Jamir Greene will probably end up a D1 player by his senior season.
  20. Berger is probably about 6 or 6’1 about 200 pounds. Defiantly looks like he’s added 15 pounds of good weight this offseason. I’d say Monagai is about 5’8 or 5’9 185. Completely different back from Berger, running style wise.
  21. I’d say the QBs both Batts and Tarentino will be much improved from last year. The RB Monagai along with Berger will be a potent 1-2 punch. And Bosco returns pretty much all the receivers from a year ago. The Big question for Bosco going into the this year was the Oline which had some injuries during the summer but as come together and will be better than most people think
  22. If Bosco is fully healthy, I say Bosco wins something along the lines of 28-17. I think they’re gonna surprise people this year
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