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  1. She ain’t lying #patience #itsHappening
  2. You think they care what’s happening in public school??? Those people have no clue, they send their kids to $60,000 a year private school
  3. There it is, always the republicans fault that’s why shit don’t change cause your always arguing with the other side no matter what the issue is
  4. It’s easy to say this but there’s no real action and there is not going to be
  5. Stop acting like US is onlyone suffering mental illness , every country has to deal with that shit, in china you got mass knife stabbings Middle East you got Suicide bombings, America is shootings
  6. Good he’ll be a Inside Linebacker for Saban
  7. This is just another mass shooting, people are gonna forget about this in 2 weeks when another shooting happens, it’s fucked up world, No easy fix unless you get government involved and litterally background check and screen litterally every single person
  8. bruh is yous serious, how many McDonald’s bags has Shiano and Ryan day given thier athletes at OSU? Y’all live under a box if you don’t think ur coach is buying players, shit college coaches been doing it since 2000!miami
  9. In 2023 Rush Propst will be a Packer once again Mark My words
  10. It’s sad Buford 96 could care less about the 4 teens killed today in South Carolina just because the Shooter wasn’t a police officer, he could careless Gotta hold your own people accountable before holding others accountable https://www.wyff4.com/amp/article/4-teens-killed-south-carolina/40076124
  11. Ohhh LAWD have Mercy Touch him Lord
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