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  1. Honestly Rutgers and Shiano could do some damage if they could ever find a QB
  2. Rutgers has used z4 different QBs thru that first drive
  3. Na osu just scored way to easy, if Rutgers don’t score here this game is over
  4. Guys I was just joking but apparently Rutgers took me serious lol @NYHSFAN33
  5. @TheMaximumHornetSting stay tuned #it’s happening
  6. @Rufus69make sure to put on a sweater, it’s prolly cold as hell all the way down there
  7. In CYO basketball St Anne’s fairlawn COrpus hasbrook heights and Saint chathrines always had these 6foot 5 , 7th and 8th graders, we would leave with legit injuries after playing them
  8. I fucking hate those guys lmao 🤣 worse then Corpus Christi and St Anne’s
  9. Did you go to Saint Catherine’s?
  10. You call your self that word , look at the hiphop coulture bitches money murder drugs Nword this NWord that, if you really cared about the Nword u would be holding ur own people accountable, that being said u win I’m not going back and fourth, it’s the weekend and ima relax
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