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  1. I’m sure if Chinas balloon was deemed unvaccinated, Fauci himself would have went up there as soon as it crossed our border and pop it with a vaccine shot
  2. China knew what they doing, they wanted us to shoot it down over our country covid 2.0 has officially started
  3. You live in a state that literally still hasn’t abolished slavery stop acting like you live in a nice place , you literally live in south Fulton
  4. Lmao 🀣 πŸ˜‚ I’m doing a demolition for this for Chinese contractor and that balloon 🎈 thing got my mind on China 😝
  5. Y’all need to stop living in the past if you want a better tomorrow, what do you want me to do , this isn’t the 50s and 60s any more, , it was a different time, we also thought dropping nuclear bombs on Japanese women and children was ok to do, we’re way closer to 2060 then 1960, y’all stressing over past shit this shit has nothing to do about police and all about parents teaching their kids not do be scumbags and do violent crimes
  6. @SJR 04 @SJR89 Audric gonna get more Carries now?
  7. @concha @Nolebull813 @Slotback Right eye spy πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™€οΈ with my tiny eyes
  8. Why is wild willie always defending the criminal and terrorists, like wtf is wrong with people like Willie66
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