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  1. Football players are not the same breed as 1990 players
  2. Lamar Odom OD on coke or crack at a brothel while dating one of the daughters
  3. I had coffee shop coffee today don’t test. Me 😈
  4. Meaningless , Max, @BUFORDGAWOLVESbeen dominating the smaller classes for years, first year in 7A and he’s been pumping up the basketballs 🏀 since Halloween
  5. Ahh shit that’s my bad, didn’t know Miami central was playing in ga 7A 😏
  6. So who the hell is Carrollton and mill creek? @ATLien12x @TheMaximumHornetStinghow y’all let these unheard of teams win the big boy tile, for Christ sake @MA Fan these two teams in championship ain’t even got no acronyms
  7. Bro relax take ur time, 90% of y’all ain’t gonna do the picks till Friday night anyways
  8. Who do you think the Big guy is, if hunter bidens laptop is indeed real then joe Biden is seriously fucked, i can’t wait for these Fauci Biden Special Commitees
  9. I got the winners, , just interested who the top 2 teams were those years
  10. I mean there can be feet in the pic but it can’t be the main course
  11. https://247sports.com/LongFormArticle/Best-FCS-small-school-quarterbacks-in-NFL-college-football-history-Trey-Lance-Carson-Wentz-Phil-Simms-Joe-Flacco-146757472/#146757472_12 knowledge is power BrotherFinch 👊🏿
  12. It was a yes or no question dude, debating with u is like talking to a brick wall (sometimes) I’ll ask again
  13. Is shaduer Sanders and Travis hunter worse then Colorado’s Qb And WRs?
  14. Can someone list the 7A championship team matchups for last 5 years, 10 if possible
  15. Only downside is that weather, there’s definitely gonna be elite players going on visit saying fuck that
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