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  1. I’m good for a laugh when and where were you in jersey
  2. @HawgGoneIt I’ll never make fun of y’all for drinking during the week again, God damn Bada Bing was packed at 1030 am today on a Monday 😂
  3. that’s hot but I don’t think @Ga96 or @Wildcat Will will approve gotta post sum Ting like
  4. ThAts Ga’s Brother, definitely not as Dumb as 96 but still dumber than a rock
  5. Atleast it’s not a dudes foot this time, I see we’re moving in the right direction
  6. @ChimpGrip that’s all yous
  7. Least we don’t wear Mom Jeans 👖
  8. Trumps not my president, Byron Is, and I everything is his fault , EVERYTHING
  9. You got him I swear this time 😂
  10. My town public does it right, hasn’t had a transfer in 35 years also didn’t win a game in 4 years and Is so sad that we actually had a town parade when we won our first game
  11. Lol you did this with st joes and listed kids who don’t even get playing time on JV 🤣
  12. Way to spend the weekend on a HS forum and totally ignored your family, you need therapy dude, and a new pair of wrangler jeans preferably not your Mothers
  13. Wait!!!! People fish Sober? shit half the time only thing I catch fishing is a Buzz
  14. Hate him or love him but do y’all understand the time and effort Bryant Gumble over here put in to literally search up each Individual kid and stalk each one’s social media page impressive I say probably Pathetic
  15. He’s just mad that ain’t no Elite players wanna play at his bum ass school and only kid they finessed to transfer is all the way from Florida and don’t know that Clowndes dark history
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