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  1. Your 20 mins from me, you can sleep on my parents couch
  2. What a coincidence same month tucker Carlson releases the un seen jan6 tapes, chansley is set free from prison 🤔
  3. He only blames republicans for everything and anything
  4. Lmao 🤣 na I gotta save them, Pickem starts in a few months 😩
  5. Na all those bottles are all sealed untouched I only brought the unopened ones home, shame the dude never had the chance to drink them,, I probably threw out 30 bottles that were open but barely touched
  6. Wtf y wouldn’t it taste good? What’s the point of aging your alcohol if it makes it taste bad
  7. How long is these bottles good for, most of them got 1970s-80s tags on them
  8. @Cossacks @HawgGoneIt @THEOC89 @MA Fan did I find anything good at work today? All sealed
  9. Bingo, that’s my point, these people are gonna snap and kill people no mater what if it’s an AR or not, , how about talk to them before they snap, but how ? Mandatory mental health screenings? It’s complex
  10. What’s the difference between a kid getting shot to death compared to a kid getting stabbed to death? your shitting me right?
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