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  1. The "Non Violent Solution" To The Great Replacement Theory @Socialdamus As white supremacists / nationalist offer their solution to the Replacement Theory in the form of mass shootings and murder. A black supremacists / nationalist King Nazir Muhammad offers his non violent solution in the form of satire - or is truth often clothed in jest ? YOU DECIDE ⬇️ SHARE • COMMENT • LIKE #BlackPlanet #ReplacementTheory
  2. " Are We Living In The Last Days of The Black Church " ? A Discussion For Black Youth ... With the preexisting generational distrust and skepticism of "black pastors" by many in the black community. Was the heartless mocking of deceased relationship guru Kevin Samuels by Pastor Jamal Bryant the nail in the coffin ? SEE HERE And as a result, will this generation be the one to stop supporting the black church all together ? .. will the legacy of the black church end in bankruptcy ? #PastorJamalBryant #HolyGossip #BankruptBlackPastors
  3. Developing Story : Are We Ready For Another Alex Jones ? I think it is safe to say .. "The Conspiracy Theories Don't End With Alex Jones" Because just when we thought we were rid of him, it seems that his influence has spawn a "copy cat" as most polarizing figures usually do. But the twist here is that this character seems to believe that his theories and predictions will become actual events. And that his so-called fake news will become legitimate news. - He calls himself Socialdamus and you can find him on twitter ⬇️
  4. Actress Vivica A. Fox Receives Her Own "Karma" Over Her Evil Comments Concerning The Death of YouTuber Kevin Samuels @Socialdamus Days after the aging actress made her "evil comments" about the deceased relationship guru Kevin Samuels live on Fox Soul SEE HERE "Stating that his death was due to karma over his criticisms of black women" Social analyst Socialdamus issued a tweet directed at the 57 year old actress informing her that Kevin Samuels was not the only black person who has an issue with black women. And she may be surprised to know that this person is a "black woman" .. and her revelations may be even more damaging to the so-called sistahood. Has vivica inadvertently sparked a Black Girl Civil War ? #BlackGirlCivilWar
  5. The Relationship Bible : For Black Women Over 40 by @Socialdamus Inspired by Kevin Samuels As black social media argues over the life and death of controversial relationship guru Kevin Samuels. It reveals that his legacy unfortunately leaves behind a greater divide between black men and women over what his work actually accomplished. But in all of his harsh criticisms, did he expose the faults that create failed relationships between black men and black women ? Or did he expose the root of all failed relationships between men and women of all races ? This new book will break down the underlined message that he tried to convey to his audience - without all of the controversial rhetoric that made him so misunderstood. ⬇️ Read & Share The Free Preview
  6. FUTURE HEADLINES @Socialdamus " It Is Gay To Be A Heterosexual " We all know that under the present set of social norms , being gay means that a person is attracted to the same sex. But what happens when we are reprogrammed to accept the idea that being attracted to the opposite sex is gay - and being attracted to the same sex is not ? .. ➡️ #ItsGayToBeHeterosexual ⬇️ RETWEET • LIKE • COMMENT NOTE : Turnt Out is a variety show hosted by ex transexual porn star TS Madison that airs on Fox Soul. The Black Boule is an organization allegedly elected to oversee the affairs of black people.
  7. Christ Killers | Definition by @Socialdamus Christ Killers (noun) 1. A group of pro abortionist. 2. People that give no value to human life. 3. In biblical terms they are called antichrist. ⬇️ RETWEET • LIKE • COMMENT
  8. MOVEMENT TO FREE AMERICA FROM STD'S idea conceived by @Socialdamus Because the LGBTQ community unjustly carries the stigma of perversion and promiscuity. I feel they should lead the movement to force the government to aggressively develop or release the cures to the last few incurable STD'S. Those being ... HIV · Hepatitis B · HPV · Herpes · Gonorrhea SEE LIST And even though perversion and promiscuity is not exclusive to one particular group of people. Having that title unjustly or not gives them a greater power to be heard when they collectively protest against it's damaging effects. And if nothing else, this movement will make it "safer" to practice perversion and promiscuity. And not just for the LGBTQ community, but for all of us ... #FreeAmericaFromSTDS
  9. By @Socialdamus After dealing with the confines of the Covid-19 pandemic black people started acting really "weird" - it reminds me of how my uncle acted after being in prison for 15 years. Low self esteem, anxious, paranoid, aggressive and not very trusting of others - he acts as if he is still in prison - my auntie said he had been in prison too long - and that he had become institutionalized. #InstitutionalSyndrome That's how black people are acting now - like former inmates who still feel incarcerated - and because of that they are creating a prison environment to accommodate themselves. While at the same time - they are Socially and Mentally distancing themselves from each other as if their shared feeling of incarceration brings about a shared feeling of shame. I fear their homes and apartments will become their "prison cells" and socializing will only be done via the internet. And if they fully adopt the work from home , home schooling & online ordering of food and clothing alternatives. They will slowly disappear from public life all together ... What is Institutional Syndrome ?
  10. DOWNLOAD Socialdamus _ Voodoo Love (1).pdf ⬅️ A free " love spell " to cast on angry black women by @Socialdamus & the instructions are simple - email or text this spell to an angry black woman - She must be somewhat educated for it to be fully effective After she reads it - her demonic distortion of feminism will begin to dissipate. Leaving her to acknowledge her emotional starvation caused by a demonic love deficiency #BlackWomanLoveSpell #AngryBlackWomen COMMENT*LIKE*RETWEET
  11. Prediction by @Socialdamus With the news that gangster turned police informant Keefe D - could soon be arrested as an accomplice to the murder of the beloved rapper - Tupac Shakur. The anticipation of watching the trial coverage is growing as if it were going to be a blockbuster movie. It is no doubt that this will be the most controversial trial since the O. J Simpson murder trial in 1995. Unanswered questions , conspiracy theories , all the players involved - it will all come out in this trial and finally give closure to this 25 year old story. And although justice will finally be served - I have to speculate that this trial could actually end the legacy of constant conversation regarding Shakur ... But that is the bittersweet side effect of bringing this case to a close. Retweet ⬇️ This Prediction #2pacMurderTrial
  12. @Socialdamus RAP MUSIC - particularly hardcore ebony rap - is mental illness music - meaning that it is derived from a dysfunctional point of view of life. And dysfunctional in other words means - disabled - and in this case - mentally disabled. Therefore, If a mentally sound person becomes a fan of this music they will be reprogrammed with a dysfunctional point of view. They will no longer be a morally guided citizen of society - and that will ultimately lead them to become a detriment to the integrity of their race. If you do not want your communities to be morally degenerated into a reflection of most ebony - urban communities. It is advised that you quarantine your communities from the influence of this psychotic form of mind control that is mis-categorized as art. You can help regulate the spread of this sickness by retweeting this advisory to concerned parents nationwide. ⬇️ #ParentalAdvisory
  13. Florida : The Last Moral State In America Prediction by @Socialdamus As radical pop culture continues to spread throughout the nation corrupting the masses by popularizing abnormal norms. Those that wish to live outside the madness will begin to look to the last true conservative state of Florida for refuge. Florida will become a literal Mecca - a place to conserve the morality that is being rewritten in the surrounding states - in the name of progressivism. #FloridaMorality
  14. Creating The Most Hated Name In The World / Unifying The World Through Hate : An Interview With King Nazir Muhammad Mr Muhammad, it is my understanding that you intentionally changed your name to something you knew everyone would hate. Why would anyone want to do that ? And why is the name you chose so hated - in your opinion ? There are a few elements that makes this name so hated .. #1. After 9/11 the name "Muhammad" was definitely not the name to have because in the minds of the people it is associated with those events. #2. I added "King" to it , because as a black man in a society plagued with racism and a low opinion of black men. It would offend a racist to the core to have to address a black man as King. #3. The last element is claiming the title of "prophet" because that puts the name in direct conflict or competition with the historical Prophet Muhammad. And if you add all of these elements together, you have a name that a large group of ordinary christian American's don't particularly like. You have a name that racist don't like. You have a name that 1.8 billion orthodox Muslims are not particularly fond of as well. And I would have to say that is a very large portion of the world. I see your point, but why did you want a name everyone would hate ? Bacause it would make me an outcast .. As an artist, how is that beneficial to your career ? Because I'd be able to explain why this name is so hated - as someone on the outside looking in - which gives me a point of view that no one else has. And from the outside, I can see that the name Prophet-King Nazir Muhammad has the power to "unite" so many demographics. Ok, but why would that be a problem ? Because if their "commonalities" are bigotry, racism and hatred that wouldn't be good PR for a world that points the finger at each other. And who wants to find out that they are just like the people they despise ? So you're saying oddly enough, that the world can be united through their hatred of you ? Exactly !!! Why can't you get the world to unify through love rather than hatred ? I don't know, you'd have to ask the world ... #WorldsMostHatedName #KingNazirMuhammad #UnitedHate
  15. Idea by @Socialdamus After the box office disappointments of the last few installments, the popularity of the terminator movies has seemed to dwindle significantly. And I believe the idea of the terminator being the "hero" is part of the problem. Although it worked in Terminator 2 Judgement Day, I think it should have ended there. Also, the idea of Arnold Schwarzenegger continuing to come back over and over has been overused and is no longer appealing to the audience. But, I feel the franchise could be revived if arnold retires the role, and the terminator is rewritten as the "villain" again. As for the directors, they must stop making pure action driven movies. And craft them as psychological action thrillers - in which the key people are being stalked by this merciless cyborg assassin. And this time .. he is a Black Man a dark skinned Terry Crews looking black man - with a Micheal Myers seriousness that makes him terrifying. Not to mention, a story that doesn't go on and on for decades without an ending. That's How You Make Everybody Interested In Terminator Movies Again !!! #BlackTerminator
  16. Calling All : Licensed Psychiatrists Could my TRANSSEXUAL belief that I am a gender other than the one I was assigned at birth be the result of a DILLUSIONAL DISORDER that I am unknowingly suffering from ? And if so, should I be receiving mental health therapy for this disorder ? And because this is a severe disorder, can I claim this condition as a disability ? #GayIsTheNewDisability
  17. Creating Human Dogs Through Social Engineering analysis by @Socialdamus I ask myself, 150 years ago - what did 3/5 of a human being really mean ? Did it only mean that a slave was not considered a complete human being because they were being used as a tool ? Or did it mean that a full blooded human being could not become a slave - mentally or physically ? And if that is true, do you have to be something "other than" a human to accept slavery ? I often wonder, were slaves created genetically ? Through a breeding process that consisted of gene splicing - is that why they were considered 3/5 ? And if so, what animal was used in the process - to create a kind of a human - who would be obedient to it's master ? Is the answer right here in my everyday dialogue ? The most popular word for me to call a black person - is a DOG .. could this be a sign that my animal consciousness is aware of something that my human consciousness is not ? - or vise versa. Or even more so, could this entire analysis be a case of just watching too many Spider-Man movies ? Or lastly .. has years of being subjected to black urban thinking and living within it's abnormal norms - socially engineered me into accepting it's human degradation programming ? Which seems to be designed with the intent to brainwash black people into believing that they are human DOGS #TheDogInMe
  18. Prediction by @Socialdamus Looking ahead, after a generation has genetically altered their sperm & fetuses ability to discern reality from fiction - due to their abuse of the many mind altering drugs that are trending today. The idea that human beings are living in an artificially generated reality will easily become the norm. As a result, Christianity will overthrow all other religions by replacing the literary story of Jesus with the cinematic version - that we now know as the matrix movies. The whole of humanity will embrace it because In 100 years no one alive today will be alive to dispute that it is a fictional story. In 2122 it will be regarded as a documentary of real events - just as the bible is today. Neo will replace Jesus as the Christ and figurehead of the religion of Christianity. And no one will be the wiser These events will create a real life Matrix consisting of people living out their lives unknowingly trapped in a reality created by their own disabled minds. Minds damaged by their forefathers drug use - which attributes to their belief that this fictional character is real and that one day he will save them. #Christ2122
  19. TOTALITARIANISM vs PATRIOTISM : ARE THEY THE SAME ? Debate Started by @GovernmentIsGod Totalitarian is defined as - a person advocating a totalitarian system of government. Patriot is defined as - a person having or expressing devotion to and vigorous support for one's country. " a totalitarian is a true patriot " - True or False ? #TheGovernmentIsGod
  20. Idea Suggested by @Dem90sBoyz Bringing the story full circle ... Jackie Chan's character ( Lee ) is now retired , meanwhile Chris Tuckers character ( Carter ) is still chasing down bad guys when he discovers that "the punk that killed his father because he didn't want a traffic ticket" is actually the big time urban crime boss that he's been investigating. Now out for revenge , charter reluctantly takes on a new partner - a rookie detective played by actress comedian - Tiffany Haddish. This time around carter takes the more seasoned ( Lee ) approach - While Haddish is the slick talking thrill seeker - a reflection of how carter came off in the first rush hour movie. ... Playing the mentor and the student .. they turn LA upside down trying to take down this crime boss and avenge his father. #RushHour4 #TuckerHaddishRH4 ⭐ Check Out our Concept for the Last Friday Movie with Ice Cube & Chris Tucker
  21. What is the definition ? CLICK HERE
  22. Idea Suggested by @Dem90sBoyz SMOKEY IS BACK !!! .. using his real name this time ... he is now a successful preacher with his own church .. but he still comes back to the old neighborhood trying to convert craig and get him away from the bad influences of day day .. who by the way is jealous of craig and smokey's close friendship. While in the neighborhood, he ( condemns ) I mean ( ministers ) to the youth .. And although he's high society now .. he gets "emotionally triggered" if somebody even mentions marijuana or tries to antagonize him by calling him smokey .. it's obvious that his days of substance abuse has left him with some " issues " .. if you know what I mean @ChrisTucker mentioned he might return if his part was right .. Fans .. Do you think he would go for this ? This is the last of a legacy .. AND YOU KNOW THIS ... MAAAAAAAN .. #OneLastFriday ⭐ Check Out our Concept for RUSH HOUR 4 with Chris Tucker & Tiffany Haddish
  23. Oped by @Socialdamus - What Does The Kim & Kanye Drama Reveal About Modern Interracial Relationships ? - Kanye might have thought that his money , education and position in life took away his skin color and made him equal to white people .. But when it was time to make him look worthless .. dispite the fact that he is a Billionaire .. it was proven that just being a white man is far more valuable - Surprise & Welcome 2 America But this could be somewhat insulting to an educated black person who justifiably may feel that they are a hot commodity But less of an insult .. if you understand that white people will use you just to bring value to themselves .. and to make other whites jealous & covetous The same way black people use white people .. to elevate their status .. and to make other blacks jealous & covetous The only difference is .. when white people are through using you .. they shut you down so nobody else can use you They'll kill your career and send you back to the ghetto broke .. where all the people you stepped on are waiting to tell you what Farrakhan said I feel for these black folks .. Men & Women .. all around the country .. entangled in this game with somebody white .. pretending they're in Hollywood Because to get kicked out of black america hurts .. But to let black people see you get kicked out of white america .. That shame hurts worst than when the devil got kicked out of heaven .. So before it happens to you .. take some advice .. pack your bags right now and #GetOutofHollywood
  24. @TheWiggerNation " What happens when WHITE people adopt BLACK supremacy & use it for themselves " ? #WiggerNation
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