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  1. That was my question. Why bother, what was the end game? You get to attend a 5A district mtg that you're not part of. Saw the question from the Argyle Coach but hadn't seen that he was the dissenting vote. Curious how you vote that way, when the releasing Coach says there was a valid reason for the move and that had nothing to do with athletics.
  2. Not a 6A school, but probably the biggest coaching news to date in the state.
  3. Kyler Murray was from Lewisville. Personally, I know people in different shoes have had different experiences and faced things that I haven't in the same way others haven't been in my shoes. When someone says something that I haven't experienced, I try to not immediately think the other person is wrong or lying and hope others do the same for me.
  4. I think the "more" is that it is made up to give him a reason. I know nothing about it, so try to stay out of stuff like that but have seen some references to that.
  5. He was also part of a lawsuit that was settled out of court. The lawsuit alleged 52 rapes, including five gang rapes, by 31 players between 2011 and 2014. Kendal Briles coached at Baylor from 2008 to 2016. https://arktimes.com/arkansas-blog/2019/12/18/controversial-background-of-a-candidate-for-ua-football-job
  6. I hope Sark kicks his @$$ next season though.
  7. pied


    Everyone wants to feel "disrespected" it seems.
  8. Love to see kids getting the opportunity to continue their athletic and academic careers. Congrats and good luck to both players!
  9. Transferring to Allen. Allen's QB is leaving the program apparently.
  10. Thank you SO much for your thoughtful reply! Your input is fantastic and SO appreciated!
  11. Thank you SO much for your thoughtful reply! Your input is fantastic and SO appreciated!
  12. Yeah, I'm with you on this one. A great game, but with the added drama of Messi going for his WC and performing so well against the defending champs with arguably the best young player is going to be pretty hard to beat. What is the best WC game you guys have watched/been to? I'm somewhere in this video in the '94 QF between Brazil -The Netherlands. 3-2 with the goals being scored: '52 Brazil (Romario) '62 Brazil (Bebeto) '64 NED (Bergkamp) '76 NED (Winter) '81 Brazil (Branco)
  13. I was watching that live lol(on TV).
  14. Problem is if they don't. Then you are a BIG idiot.
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