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  1. That is a lllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggggg article. Good stuff though, thanks for posting.
  2. Outside of the TD drive and the last 21 seconds, nothing was working on the ground or through the air.
  3. Plenty of blame to go around. This isn't all on Card, but part of it was the offense not sustaining drives AT ALL in the second half. Below are the posessions in the second half: Drive 1 - 4 plays, 8 yards turnover on downs Drive 2 - 8 plays, 75 yards and a TD Drive 3 - 3 plays, 2 yards and a punt Drive 4 - 3 plays. 0 yards and a punt Drive 5 - 5 plays, 17 yards and a punt Drive 6 - 4 plays, 46 yards (game tying FG at the end of regulation) You have to give your defense a little bit of a break.
  4. No problem bringing up to your team if you think it will motivate them. Not a good look to take a shot at Waxahachie ~”what have they done?…”. Also, one of the first times I can think of a Coach even acknowledge rankings much less dispute them in this kind of context. Lastly, what rankings are those? Studio guys got that shot in.
  5. You better put some respect on Parish. Lol at some of the in game comments.
  6. Pretty sure all of it is in Denton County. There may be a street or two that runs over into Tarrant. Not 100%
  7. You DID include it in your top games of the week.... If 6A rules the roost in Texas, I'm not sure how it's NOT the biggest game in the state this week. Austin Westlake (#1) vs Lake Travis (UR) Rockwall (#20) vs Rockwall-Heath (UR) Longview (#1 - 5A D1) vs Lancaster (UR) DeSoto (#12) vs Waxahachie (#23) Parish Episcopal (#1 TAPPS D1) vs China Spring (#2 4A D1) Klein Collins(#24) vs Klein Oak (UR) Cy-Fair (UR) vs Houston Stratford (UR) Frisco Wakeland (UR) vs Frisco Lone Star (#9 5A D1)
  8. This thread seems proof that people will argue about ANYTHING and I'm guessing take sides regardless if they agree or disagree with what's being said. 🤷‍♂️ To the story, thank goodness someone spoke up and they were able to catch them. I know some people that were at that game and it's scary to think what could have happened.
  9. Jalen Hall picked Alabama yday over Texas (and others). This may have an impact on the recruitment of MHP. TEMPLE, Texas — Mikal Harrison-Pilot is a month into his senior season and the countdown is on until December when the On3 Consensus’ No. 7 athlete will make his college pact. Harrison-Pilot was in Austin for the Alabama game and the Longhorns have already gotten the four-star playmaker from Temple (Texas) on-campus for a June official visit. He’s tentatively scheduled to be in TCU for the Oklahoma tilt this weekend for an official visit. Houston is also likely to get Harrison-Pilot back before a decision is made, and he’s starting to lean in one direction. “I think I’m moving closer,” Harrison-Pilot told On3. “I’ve seen what I need to see. I have three official visits, Houston and TCU still and I know what they have planned for me and we’ll see what feels the best for me.” Sarkisian, Texas offense pass the test Steve Sarkisian’s offensive blueprint has been a major selling point for Harrison-Pilot as he examines his fit in each respective offense. “When I went to Texas for the ‘Bama game, they really impressed me. They really shocked me,” Harrison-Pilot said. “If Quinn Ewers didn’t get hurt, I think they would’ve won the game. They have a bunch of playmakers, Xavier Worthy, Bijan (Robinson), Quinn Ewers looking back, looking calm, cool and collective doing what he does best throwing the ball.” This time, Sarkisian and wide receivers coach Brennan Marion spent time pointing out how Harrison-Pilot could carve out a role in this scheme. “I already know what they got. I know what they got planned for me, their plan for the future,” he continued. “Sark doing a great job recruiting right now and that might be my future home as well.” Kelly, TCU remain in the mix TCU receivers coach Malcolm Kelly, who signed potential first- or second-round pick Quentin Johnston from Temple (Texas) three years ago, was back in town to see Harrison-Pilot against Arlington Martin on Sept. 26. Kelly and the Horned Frogs have remained persistent with Harrison-Pilot, especially since visiting in July. “He’s literally like my big bro,” Harrison-Pilot said of Kelly. “If I had a big bro, it would be him. He’s turning up on me and I hit him up, see how I’m feeling. We chop it up and we’re really cool and we’re really cool.” “When I went to their recruiting event, it was all the commits and it was fun. They made me feel like I was a commit,” he added. “They were bringing me in like family, meeting the guys and Cordale (Russell) and I are close. That could me my future teammate and might be my future home.” Harrison-Pilot is the nation’s No. 172 overall player according to the On3 Consensus, a complete and equally weighted industry-generated average that utilizes all four major recruiting media companies.
  10. Parish deserves credit for scheduling about as tough a schedule as they could. Looking at their results so far and the TAPPS results it looks like they should walk to another state title. Interesting to see where that program goes. On the administrative side, they lost their long time and dynamic leader and haven’t named a full time replacement that I’ve heard of. Will they continue a focus on athletics? Go for it even more? If so, what does that look like?
  11. I can see it both ways. Would be a cool experience at SoFi imo, but a packed house is always cool. What channel will it be broadcast on?
  12. What's the size of the MD stadium and how many "might" attend if there was room?
  13. F off Chelsea FC You ain't got no history Five (now 6) European Cups and 18 (now 19) leagues That's what we call history
  14. nicht so gut Liverpool fan here. Been able to get Anfield a couple times, once on the Kop. YNWA
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