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  1. They’re a little bigger than GH. Look like they have ~150/class in the High School. Pretty sure that’s on the larger size in ten SPC, but not much compared to a lot of schools.
  2. Greenhill is my team. The SPC is made up of mostly similar college prep type schools. The best schools in Texas are in this league. The athletic prowess is important but not at the same level as other leagues. Greenhill graduated ~115 kids today and have 13 signed to play one (or two sports) in college. Not bad for the records of a lot of the teams. Off the top of my head they’re going to Brown/Columbia/Vanderbilt/St Olaf/Centre/Middlebury. Not a bad list
  3. I didn’t see Kinkaid this season in football but would bet the house(at least yours ) on The Woodlands. The SPC has some very good athletes at times but hard for me to see them being competitive with almost any 6A school. At all.
  4. SPC discussion, BOOM!!! Finally lol We didn’t play them, but would have been crushed. Good team, and Micah Bell is a stud athlete.
  5. For Allen, it's a pretty significant cost and logistical question with 800+ members.
  6. Are there schools that don't? Unless there's a contest conflict.
  7. OK, it was the fourth round, but better than the first round exit the yer before he took it over and ran it into the ground, right?
  8. Prosper's a town to watch out for. Just another one of the new (more affluent) suburbs that are popping up all over the place in DFW and the ret of Texas. They opened a new HS, Rock Hill recently. They beat Marcus and gave Guyer all they could handle.
  9. If my Aunt had balls, she'd be my uncle(no politics ).
  10. It's a bold statement when 11-3, with losses to good teams making it to the state quarterfinals (three rounds further than the year before) is defined as running it into the ground.
  11. This seems like a statement that needs to be backed up. I think finding incidents of hazing/etc. is not difficult. I'm not aware of anyone suspending the sports operations, but could be wrong. I know the Midland Christian baseball team kept going and lost yesterday in the playoffs.
  12. Last season they scheduled Atascocita out of Houston and Cedar Hill along with Plano East and Tyler Legacy. This season they have SJB, CE King, and Martin Atascocita and Cedar Hill are very good teams. Not certain exactly what people want.
  13. Only been on the board for a short time but appreciated your views and posts.
  14. Can't really comment to that as I didn't read that or see what you're referring to. I understand he may have a bias towards MD as an alumni and supporter, but think he has provided a lot of good insight to the legal side that is certainly not my area of expertise. To that point, the proceedings appear to have gone like he said, so hard to see that he was wrong in that analysis at all.
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