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  1. Going for his 7th ring...how many do you have?
  2. Don't think so at all,LT is not passing very good today trying to run up the middle.QB is looking at who he is going to throw it to got picked off for a td. Ns can be beat ...just broken plays hurting LT today...NS 35 LT 14 half...we got to go back to passing at this point
  3. https://www.kxan.com/sports-general/high-school-sports/westlake-lake-travis-rivalry-adds-another-chapter-friday-watch-live-on-kxan-com/
  4. Robert used to live in Austin for 3 yrs, off south congress he was dating singer Patti Griffin at the time. He has other places of course, Cornwell in the UK, Nashville , LA. I already met him at ACL tv show old studio which held only 320 people. I been in the LT area for 30 yrs. I know a lot of artists....Happy Halloween
  5. Last time I went to WL field I was listening to Paul McCartney who was playing at ACL at Zilker park not far away. It is always a pain in the ass to go to their games, park miles away at a mall, get bused over ,small visitors side, small video screen.....-They are kind of land lock where the school is also. WL students do a great job of doing all of the video for TV. So no I will not be going, have not been to a game all yr just listen on the radio, I think you had to be a parent to get tickets so did not try after the 1st game.
  6. # 5 I"Chuck" Norris is the backup QB also
  7. They do a good job on the radio....https://hornfm.com/2019/08/28/lake-travis
  8. Westlake will face LT @ WL last game 11/05. LT has played higher ranked teams at this point in the season...at Rockwall next
  9. Hey, I will take Allen except vs Lake Taravis it
  10. For LT always go for Horn FM LT up!
  11. He is a great guy and I will always support him . LT up 42 -7 LT vs CJ
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