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  1. yeah its also dead on my end wtf
  2. waldiejr

    MD vs SFA

    fox sports prepzone. same site thats streaming the bosco good counsel game
  3. I was watching a john middlekauf periscope yesterday and he made a argument about how the pac 12 has fallen off https://www.pscp.tv/w/cDmM-DF4ZUVXbUFNbURLUHd8MVlxSkRuenduT2tLVu9NO7B3uB3yZma15PmqYfudID6Qcw2-nFhQyO7jNBo3?t=8m18s
  4. First 4 weeks of prime ticket and prep zones schedule
  5. hearing from another board ma'a gaoteote is transferring to SJB from IMG. 4 star LB
  6. andrew ueli-faatoala, lineman from la habra high has transferred to mater dei
  7. besides i wouldnt consider any weather reports until friday. theres a chance that the storm approaching that region will stay more south.
  8. bring it. in case you didnt know. the chargers are ASAP ( Any Squad Any Place)
  9. i second this. its just an app u download and u will be able to provide a stream to us
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