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  1. NotBigdaddybloom

    (3) Mater Dei defeats (1) IMG 28-24

    So was your mom
  2. NotBigdaddybloom

    Live Stream: Colquitt Co. 26, Grayson 14 - Final

    No fumble, out of bounds!
  3. NotBigdaddybloom

    Florida is in win-win situation...

    Shouldn’t this be in the week 5 excuse thread?
  4. NotBigdaddybloom

    2019 OOS update

    lol probst isn’t cautious with scheduling. Although I do think there’s something to the “we’re way too far from anywhere” excuse. My solution is instead of playing something something creek at the KK, play an OOS opponent.
  5. NotBigdaddybloom

    Week 5 Pick 'Em Games (9/20-9/22)

    Mater Dei CA Orange Lutheran CA St. John's DC (9/22) St. Thomas Aquinas FL American Heritage (Plantation) Colquitt Co. GA Archer GA Clinton MS Bergen Catholic NJ (9/22) St. Ignatius OH (9/22) Jenks OK Union (Tulsa) OK PByrnes SC Timpview UT
  6. NotBigdaddybloom

    2019 OOS update

    I didn’t write that for you to perpetuate it either...
  7. NotBigdaddybloom

    I’m picking Coolhwip and MD...so

    Yea but I had a bookie tell me”sarge you might want to try something else besides betting!”
  8. NotBigdaddybloom

    2019 OOS update

    You are being a dick and I read 99% was top 300. Sometimes it’s better to be kind than right.
  9. NotBigdaddybloom

    I’m picking Coolhwip and MD...so

    In picking on this site, I have a 57%chance of being wrong...let that sink in!
  10. NotBigdaddybloom

    I’m picking Coolhwip and MD...so

    You should pick IMG and Grayson!
  11. NotBigdaddybloom

    The Official Poor Mouth Thread For Colquitt/Grayson

    I saw this and just wanted to share...
  12. NotBigdaddybloom

    Smelly is back in business!

    It’s always the last person you would suspect!
  13. NotBigdaddybloom

    Folsom obsession

  14. NotBigdaddybloom

    An Olive Branch

    Block was just like the GA contingent, if they were stacking hgh and steroids! All he wanted was to promote Folsom on the national board. I too got banned by DJ arguing centennials worth on the national stage back in the day, so I understand. However, Folsom sucks until they call Mr William Gunn and play the Huskies. Anything short of that...keep him and all his aliases, including this humble guy, blocked! No pun intended.,,well maybe
  15. NotBigdaddybloom

    2018 Tier Placement - Week 6 Tiers *Posted