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  1. Can red zone and hawg just bump tacos and get it over with!!!
  2. Nothing to see here...same people that for 3 yrs made shit up to Enable a coup! But now is somehow clueless to a weaponized hantavirus!
  3. My mouth was agape for at least 5 episodes! I thought it turned me into a mouth breather!
  4. 390 million people in the US...you’re just an asshole for rooting for the virus!!!
  5. The leftists did this sick fucking count during the war. You can’t really doubt why I call them assholes...right?
  6. There are lies, damn lies and liberal leftist assholes! Don’t be a littledrop!
  7. Fuck all leftists! All 47 rats in the senate voted no!
  8. And most of us in California gave newsome the finger! I played golf twice this weekend.
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