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  1. Warnings on this messageboard are like...

  2. 2018-2019 National champs

    If Cen10 runs the table and wins State by beating The Devil...
  3. Coach Q&A

    Does he like men or Is his mom a prostitute? Seems to be a hot topic for the NFL...
  4. First Two Games 2018 Cen10

    Shit ain't funny...lol
  5. First Two Games 2018 Cen10

    Oh Ye of Little Faith...
  6. First Two Games 2018 Cen10

  7. First Two Games 2018 Cen10

    If GA would beat someone of relevance, then we could have some clarity on where they stand in the national arena. But beating Hoover Plant Hoover Plant and losing badly to every top five program that stumbles through is well, a Black Eye! I don't think that GA football is horrible, in fact I believe just the opposite, I just need them to help me out by staying within 20 points of a top 5 team. #55-0
  8. Way too early California Top 10

    Centennial (Corona) St John Bosco (Bellflower) Mater Dei (Santa Ana) De La Salle (Concord) Folsom Mission Viejo Narbonne (Harbor City, Los Angeles) JSerra (San Juan Capistrano) Oaks Christian (Westlake Village) Lutheran (Orange) Way too early end of year rankings 2018
  9. First Two Games 2018 Cen10

    So with all that money, here are the directions to Husky Stadium. Take the 10W all the way to the 15S, get off on Magnolia Ave, right on Magnolia and a left on Rimpau. Cen10 on the right. Get R Done
  10. First Two Games 2018 Cen10

    Cen10 plays a different style of football that takes getting used to. I would like to see them get punched in the mouth by Chandler! That might sound bad, but when you reload, you need to earn respect...it's not just gifted to you. I don't think Coach Logan expects anything to be handed to them. However, if any GA team finds some funds to travel out west...
  11. First Two Games 2018 Cen10

    GA killa Chandler AZ and OLU... Off and running, just not a lot of teams lining up to play the Huskies.
  12. Look no further than 35 miles along the 241 to the 91. Signed We're your Huckleberry Cen10
  13. Way too early California Top 10