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  1. But I’m sure one of the alphabet agencies said it was alright...just like selling uranium to Russia! Assholes
  2. https://trib.al/SWXHB7g Joe Biden’s Brother Frank Linked to Projects Receiving $54,000,000 in Taxpayer Loans from the Obama Administration—Despite No Experience
  3. Nothing to see here...keep it moving.
  4. So another government entity, from the last administration, found Trumps actions to be unlawful! Well color me surprised! GAO, FBI, CIA there are plenty of resistance deep seeded in these alphabet agencies. They all covet big government!
  5. There was an attack on al asad air base!
  6. Something else the leftists and terrorists have in common, hypocrisy
  7. Just in case non-world asshole has questions!
  8. Joe Biden 1996: If Iran attacked a USA facility it is an act of war and ANY retaliation is warranted
  9. You wouldn’t know critical thinking if it bit you on the ass...asshole leftist
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