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  1. NotBigdaddybloom

    My Algorithm on Why Folsom is Gonna Get Bullied By the Big Boys of Concord

    sed·i·ment ˈsedəmənt/ noun 1. matter that settles to the bottom of a liquid; dregs. synonyms: dregs, lees, precipitate, deposit, grounds; More sen·ti·ment ˈsen(t)əmənt/ noun 1. a view of or attitude toward a situation or event; an opinion. "I agree with your sentiments regarding the road bridge" synonyms: view, feeling, attitude, thought, opinion, belief "the comments echo my own sentiments"
  2. NotBigdaddybloom

    My Algorithm on Why Folsom is Gonna Get Bullied By the Big Boys of Concord

    MV has had plenty of opportunity to schedule Centennial. It appears that they have the same admin assistant as CoolHwip...Consuella! Mission Viejo wants nothing to do with the Huskies even during a reloading year, if they did, it would have happened! They are ok with the mediocre schedule that allows them a favorable record at the end of the year. While Centennial is playing a Nationally ranked schedule that prepares them for the gauntlet that is the D1 playoffs. All this conjecture about MV being better than Centennial is sour grapes.
  3. NotBigdaddybloom

    My Algorithm on Why Folsom is Gonna Get Bullied By the Big Boys of Concord

    Yes and will
  4. NotBigdaddybloom

    My Algorithm on Why Folsom is Gonna Get Bullied By the Big Boys of Concord

    Ha ha ha 2017 CC 63 Pitt 21 DLS 24 Pitt 7
  5. NotBigdaddybloom

    2018 CIF-SS D1 leaked...

    It gave us "norcrossed!"
  6. NotBigdaddybloom

    2018 CIF-SS D1 leaked...

    See context is so important when addressing an issue of comprehension. The context of my question involved this perceived success that GA teams have had...not whether or not they are good teams. I've said many times I BELIEVE GA teams are good, but no signature wins to back my assessment. But you keep throwing out words like success to prove how good GA teams are and I'm asking for context.
  7. NotBigdaddybloom

    2018 CIF-SS D1 leaked...

    Care to explain what success you are referring to? GA vs GA? GA vs Top 5 programs? GA vs anyone other than hoover plant?
  8. NotBigdaddybloom

    Questions for the Colquitt fans.

    Aye yi yi, just answer the man!
  9. NotBigdaddybloom

    Publics vs Privates

    Stop saying Centennial!
  10. NotBigdaddybloom

    Calpreps Database Preseason Top 25 (as of May 2nd)

    It appears that an unranked Centennial will have to beat at least 6 preseason Top 25 teams this year on their way to the ship! lol
  11. NotBigdaddybloom


    I saw ccblackhatter answer something addressed to rab, in rab style. Right away...no delay. I questioned it and got ignored, but I never forgot it. I might have Rufus and hawg mixed up, but the same thing happened on DJs board. I know it’s not what some of you want to hear and it’s not just a word or a phrase. It’s the whole demeanor. I’ve sent text to the wrong person when I’m trying to multitask. It happens, but I’m pretty perceptive when it comes to multiple user names! I don’t care one way or the other. To pull it off for this long is a feat in itself. Or not...
  12. NotBigdaddybloom


    Me thinks they protesteth too much.
  13. NotBigdaddybloom


    But your assumption is that rab is the main personality. I too have experienced something said to rab and another poster answered...in true rab fashion. It wasn't in jest either. I'll throw it out there, I believe CCBlackhatter, Rufus and Rab are the same person. It wouldn't be the first time i was wrong...or right.
  14. NotBigdaddybloom


    I honestly believe rab is just one of four monikers for the same person! Just like you caught that black hatter was the one it was addressed to, saus answered. Just my two cents...