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  1. NotBigdaddybloom

    Trump walks out.

  2. NotBigdaddybloom

    Trump walks out.

    Shouldn’t you be drumming up some more alternative scenarios??? lol
  3. NotBigdaddybloom

    Trump walks out.

    Show me where the mean President touched you! 😆😝😂 Jeez!
  4. NotBigdaddybloom

    Trump walks out.

    You are truly challenged!
  5. NotBigdaddybloom

    Trump walks out.

    Hmmm...for two years the mandate was the President colluded with Russians. Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort: Sentenced to seven and a half years in prison for financial crimes. Roger stone indicted for lying to congress about Wikileaks leak on Clinton. Rick Gates lying to investigators, FBI hasn’t released about what, but it didn’t affect the outcome. Former Trump personal lawyer Michael Cohen: Pleaded guilty to tax and bank charges, campaign finance violations and lying to Congress. Former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos: Served 12 days in prison for lying to investigators about his contacts in Russia! He served twelve days and the info was about Clinton! You're an idiot that LIVES in an alternative world!
  6. NotBigdaddybloom

    Trump walks out.

  7. NotBigdaddybloom

    Trump walks out.

    You mischaracterize why some were indicted! From what I read, They were indicted for lying, something Democrat’s are very astute at. They lied about extraneous personal activities outside the scope of the investigation. So your alternative facts cloud what little integrity you have left.
  8. NotBigdaddybloom

    Trump walks out.

    Inciteful, considering you and the rest of the looney left have been mired in alternative facts since November 2016! lol
  9. NotBigdaddybloom

    Trump walks out.

  10. NotBigdaddybloom

    TX vs. GA. & CA the Carnivore Challenge

    Depends on how much 🍻 is involved!
  11. NotBigdaddybloom

    Trump wins again and great news for America

    Political humor = a little bit of truth
  12. NotBigdaddybloom

    Angry White Male Studies' course provokes anger

    Truth hurts huh? You’re nothing more than sheeple verbally vomiting your liberal mantra to incite a response. lets see, who believes in family, children (even the unborn), being a stable hard working productive citizen and keeping America great? People who lean conservative. who believes in the killing of unborn and sometimes born children, having multiple baby daddies and would do anything to have the government run their lives! Leftist. so which one would you think shoots in mass?
  13. NotBigdaddybloom

    Angry White Male Studies' course provokes anger

    You don’t give two shits about kids dying! If you did, you would be complaining about texting and diving, underage drinking and diving or just teenage driving which kills a lot more students every year. This is nothing more than a leftist chess move to gain momentum in confiscating guns from law abiding citizens. You socialists know your agenda could never be implemented without removing the one thing you fear...the right to bear arms. Idiot
  14. NotBigdaddybloom

    Angry White Male Studies' course provokes anger

    https://rare.us/rare-news/across-the-u-s-a/kansas-police-shooting-at-tornado/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=sendible&utm_term=fb&utm_campaign=fb In reality, firing your gun at a tornado is an obviously terrible idea. Here’s a quick rundown of what will happen if you decide to walk outside and start pumping rounds into a cyclone. The tornado will hurl a brick or tractor or jagged piece of telephone pole at you. You’ll die. The tornado will pick up your gun. The tornado will start firing your gun at everything it passes. Your county is now under attack by both a tornado and an active shooter.