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  1. I'm giving myself a half point for this game since I did say that the on-paper prediction would go to Liberty but leaned toward Saguaro because it had been "too easy" for the Lions. This is significant as I can save my "I don't know a damn thing" post for another week 🙂 We know Basha's been my pick out here all season and I'm rolling with them to get a measure of vengeance against Liberty next Friday. I'm somewhat apprehensive about that based on similar logic I used with Liberty against Saguaro (it's been easy for the Bears since the Los Alamitos game) but I love that Basha has a QB with nearly 30 offers but still feed the ball to their running backs (250+ yards rushing going into last night). I also love this stat regarding the Chandler schools (Chandler, Hamilton, Basha, Perry, Casteel, and 4A Arizona Charter Prep) this season:
  2. That runs contrary to what a lot of the local thought is, based on how Liberty has started the year.
  3. You either didn't read the article or can't comprehend what you read. The elite programs have no issue with the current situation. The article made mention that in last year's Open championship there were seven former Chavez players in the game but didn't mention that Saguaro was playing five transfers from Chandler. Why was that omitted? Because the elite programs don't care when kids leave because their spots are back filled immediately. The schools that have an issue with the current system are those who have become defacto feeder programs for the elite programs. The Phoenix Union schools were highlighted but the reality is that the circumstance is far more widespread than that. Essentially if you haven't played for a title in the past ten years your ability to draw talent is restrained to a huge degree. Finally, of the programs mentioned only Chandler, Saguaro and Hamilton are truly "elite". Dude had to play up the record of Chaparral's frosh team to wrap up the article because the varsity is .500 playing an entirely in-state schedule. Like Chaparral Desert Edge is a one-time Open bracket participant that had half a hundred hung on them in that lone appearance. The essence of the article was how open enrollment and transfers have gutted inner-city programs out here. A compelling premise for sure, but a premise very narrow in scope.
  4. The length is a big reason why I think the failure to put things in proper historical context (timeline of open enrollment vs. Phoenix schools' championship drought, the martyrdom of Jim Rattay that is hilarious to anyone who's followed this state long term) was such a giant miss.
  5. Long read where a topic I've mentioned frequently (open enrollment in Arizona) is prominently featured. Good deal on the Hamilton recruiting allegations and the Chaparral-Saguaro arms race in Scottsdale. Some stuff offered up with no context (saying that the inner city Phoenix Union schools would be the top programs without open enrollment is absurd considering the 1) 41-year title drought in the district [open enrollment has only been a piece of legislation since 1994] and 2) the fact that the district has only had five semifinal appearances since 1981) but a good read nonetheless.
  6. Wrapped up flag football about an hour ago and ended the evening with a shot of peanut butter whiskey in cream soda (an attempt at my favorite drink at one of my local spots; they use pecan whiskey but I had to work with what I have.
  7. Sad. However, I did see @Cossacks "Schmitt's Gay" post on the Drinks thread right as Matt Gay kicked a PAT.
  8. I'm now stuck with Cards-Rams and am contemplating a petition to replace Kingsbury with Jason Mohns (if Shaun Aguano can go from Chandler to ASU in three seasons this should be no big deal).
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