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  1. As I alluded to before, Arizona has plenty and I know just about all of it. If I thought you were genuinely interested and acting in good faith I'd be happy to share; this is one of my favorite things to talk about after all. But I know you're not genuinely interested. I know you're not acting in good faith. You've done nothing and achieved nothing in life so you cling to what others from an asymmetrical piece of land have accomplished to validate your existence.
  2. RZ: ARIZONA HAS NO HISTORY!!! ME: (Shares some Arizona history) RZ: YOU'RE SO PWNED!!! 🤡
  3. I did some checking too and made quite the discovery; my humble desert abode has produced three times as many NFL Defensive Player of the Year (Curley Culp in 1975; Mark Gastineau in 1982; Terrell Suggs in 2011) as mighty Louisiana (Ed Reed). Obviously this proves that Arizona kids are willing to grind on defense while Louisiana guys only care about the numbers. (I actually didn't need to check any of this as I was well aware of how great those guys were. I'm also well aware no one gives a crap about a bunch of Arizona prep football tidbits from decades ago.)
  4. My "angle" to be in this conversation was you were omitting some pretty significant information related to Texas quarterbacks in the Super Bowl. This is also what @SeaShells21 called you on. You've attempted to divert to non-sequitur crap about Arizona and Florida and your ass is chapped that nobody's taking the bait.
  5. A list can be factual, stupid, randomized, and useless all at the same time. You've done nothing to disprove a single point I've made but instead lean on a series of poorly-constructed appeals to emotion and authority.
  6. Dude tried to build a Louisiana superiority argument that involved David Woodley. This was David Woodley: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/W/WoodDa00.htm
  7. You brought LaTech into the conversation when you referenced Terry Bradshaw in a conversation about a pair of former Texas prep quarterbacks. I brought LSU into the conversation to illustrate how dumb your point is. Is it stupid to say LaTech is a better programs than LSU contrary to the actual on-field realities? Yes it's stupid, and it's adhering to the same logic that says Louisiana is superior to Texas in high school football because David Woodley was carried to a Super Bowl by the Killer Bees defense.
  8. Who brought up Arizona? Arizona's prowess or lack thereof has nothing to do with this conversation, just as Chandler High has nothing to do with schools like Hamilton, Basha, Saguaro, Centennial, Chaparral, Liberty, Red Mountain, etc, etc, notching notable out of state wins over the past decade. You tried to dunk on Texas football while omitting the important context that 1) you're referencing a two year old article; and 2) come next weekend that four of the past six Super Bowl champs will have had a Texan starting the game. It's not possible to emphasize just how bad you are at this.
  9. My big argument regarding open enrollment and transfers has always been do your homework. If you're going to program shop get it right the first time and check out EVERYONE and not just the big names. To me it's pretty apparent that Chandler has been gradually slipping since Aguano left in 2019, and while it's easy to say that was a hard standard to maintain I'd argue that when you're a 3000 student school with near limitless resources it's inexcusable to fall behind smaller schools you had a head start on.
  10. Crapping on Texas when they've had four Super Bowl QBs since the last Louisiana one is peak Red Zone. My big takeaway from that article is that LaTech and the formerly directional Louisianas are superior programs to LSU 🤡
  11. Article claims up to 20 kids transferring out of Chandler program; DC has not been retained. https://t.co/gKIcbGaS7U
  12. Speaking of Saguaro, their DC is stepping away.
  13. Coach Chick's death forever altered the trajectory of that program. As long as he was around there was that constant reminder of the unsung virtues behind the Chandler program (power run game and the S&C regimen) whereas now you have a QB dad steering the ship with little in the way of checks and balances. Chandler going out scoring seven points in two games against Basha with an offensive-minded coach and a five-star QB definitely raises some concerns.
  14. Not that Raiola needs it but Pinnacle has a reputation as a quarterback factory; Spencer Rattler, former Michigan State starter Brian Lewerke, former Michigan commit JD Johnson (forced into medical retirement midway through his senior year at Pinnacle) and former Idaho State QB Michael Sanders are products of the program (Devon Dampier played frosh and soph year for Pioneers and had a D1 offer or two before transferring to Saguaro). All of that said Pinnacle had a sophomore starter this past year who performed extremely well and lose a lot at receiver so it's certainly not the obvious choice (I first got wind of Raiola being on the prowl Friday night and the suggested destination was Saguaro; that makes a lot more sense). I'm on the record that I don't think very highly of Garrettson as an HC; I think a lot of Chandler's continued success post-Aguano has been mostly momentum and it wouldn't shock me if there was discontent from a pretty legitimate football family like the Raiolas.
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