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  1. I think the distinction is that this was a high school-only mile whereas Webb's record happened in a mixed, pro/amateur race. Video mentioned Ryun's first sub-4 mile was the latter but focused specifically on his sub-4 at Kansas state championships as being what Martin just broke.
  2. Philly kid breaks Jim Ryun's mile record while sporting "WOOD" across his chest:
  3. In Arizona's top two divisions there have only been two championship teams since 2004 that have ran for less than 200 yards a game. Opponents are a factor but 2021's reality says Chandler had their worst team since at least 2015 (probably more accurate to say since 2013) while the only thing notable about this Saguaro squad versus their previous editions was they had the ability to bench a D1-bound quarterback for the playoffs simply to create a matchup nightmare for their opponents. If anything there's an argument to be made that 2021 was a down year for Arizona football. In Arizona having a blue chip, Power 5 quarterback has historically been a detriment to championship aspirations (see Spencer Rattler, Jack Miller, Ryan Kelly, and Kyle Allen). I don't look at a team like Hamilton losing their starting quarterback as a significant loss because in our top divisions you're not winning postseason games leaning on that guy. With the other losses you have guys already on the roster that logically make sense to fill those spots (Deuce Davis is probably the most notable departure but the d-end opposite him had 8.5 sacks and 20 TFLs as a junior) or are talking about guys that are going to NAIA Ottawa despite the exposure that comes from playing on a national top 25 team. TL, DR - if Hamilton emphasizes running the ball like they did in 2020 I will not be surprised to see them take a step up in 2022.
  4. They also have their top two rushers back (and their fourth leading one as well), a six-foot-four three star recruit at receiver, a senior safety with nine D1 offers this offseason, two linebackers with a combined ten offers between them, and nine seniors overall with at least one D1 offer. Yes they lost some guys and I'm not saying they'll beat Gorman or win a state title, but for every guy they lost there's a pretty clear replacement at the ready; that's what happens when you have an enrollment of 3500 kids and are in an open enrollment state. When I say Hamilton is better equipped for postseason success that's a term I use intentionally. Do I think they're more talented than they were last year? No I don't. Based on history though I'm confident in saying that when an Arizona team loses a blue chip quarterback it is overwhelmingly addition by subtraction with respect to postseason success.
  5. Hamilton has a good deal coming back from last year and IMO is probably better equipped for postseason success than last year (they leaned heavy on the passing game last season which has a wretched record here come postseason). I don't know how that will translate to out of state matchups but this senior class was very highly regarded (and successful) coming up through the lower levels.
  6. More McAlester facts - they are home to a state penitentiary that once had a rodeo profiled on ESPN and was the birthplace of Reba McEntire.
  7. I haven't but from what I've seen on Sooner social media McCarty is very highly regarded. Guy gets it done on both sides. It's been a minute since I looked at enrollment breakdowns in Oklahoma but 5A as of a decade or so ago they were equivalent to Arizona's Class 3A (largest small schools; McAlester has less than 1000 kids as a public school). I don't know how that breaks down in terms of talent as OKC in particular seems more localized than what we do here so those schools likely have more access to metro area athletes than what our small schools do.
  8. McAlester had a linebacker nicknamed the Apex Predator few years back, so they have that going for them.
  9. McAlester is in completely different division than Bixby. Along with McCarty they have an 800+ and 600+ yard rusher coming back. They're 24-4 over the past two seasons.
  10. OU spring game, notable for me as Peoria Centennial product Tawee Walker is a walk-on RB there (punched one in and looked pretty good aside from a fumble near the goal line) and the fact that I've adopted them as my team until ASU gets their shit together.
  11. Pels odds of moving on definitely (obviously) jumped with Booker going down, at the same time this is an incredibly deep Suns team that saw its starting lineup combine to miss 74 games this year (Bridges made it through all 82, everyone else missed at least 15 for various reasons) yet still won 64 games. If Crowder is able to shake out of his funk and Ayton plays as if this is his best opportunity to secure a max deal (...because it is) the Suns can weather this for a round.
  12. My first "real" job was working AAA call center, first as the guy that took incoming roadside requests then to dispatch before evolving past the horrors of every day call center life altogether. I was fortunate to never have to deal with anything too harrowing but girl I dated was on the radio with a tow driver when a car rear ended his truck into the car of the person who made the service request. Both our driver and the requestor were killed almost instantly. All that to say our freeways are nothing to be trifled with, and while changing a basic flat isn't the biggest time commitment out there you're still forfeiting a ton of control in that circumstance. We always advised folks that if your car isn't on fire it's the safest place to be when you're stranded on the highway.
  13. I think the fact that they have an epic, unique mascot like "makos" (the fastest shark on earth) more than makes up for any administration issues.
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