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  1. Media says Liberty looked good in their scrimmage but had a parent from there say they were sluggish at spots. They're young but have a pretty esteemed soph class. Unless something changes we have to wait a week to see Saguaro since Chaparral is in two week quarantine because they had a positive COVID test.
  2. Hamilton apparently looked great in their scrimmage last week against Queen Creek. Unfortunately my Centennial Coyotes get them straight out of the gate tomorrow.
  3. First game of the year between Willow Canyon and Maricopa. One mediocre team (Maricopa) and one bad one with obnoxious, shoddy audio but it's football: https://youtu.be/uc7sDqdxj0s
  4. This week is scrimmage week for most of Arizona then the real games start next.
  5. I think it's possible as long as we establish what's relative and what's not. Size is probably the most "relative" of factors when looking between eras as you have to account for the impact that modern weight training and specialization has had on sports in general. Yes your typical "stud" lineman in 1970 is physically inadequate compared to a similar guy from modern times, but that previous generation didn't have the "benefit" of year-round training, position-specific offseason coaching, and contemporary advancements in nutrition and weight training. Pace of play is the one relative that work
  6. Those mid-nineties Nebraska teams hit when I was at an impressionable age (I was 12 when they just missed winning it all against Charlie Ward and FSU in '93 and was 14 when they boat raced the Gators in '95) and as such am partial to the exploits of Tommie Frazier and Co. I'd probably still rate '95 as the top dog but am impressed with the fact that they were as explosive as they were in an era still dominated by ground-based offenses and when the no-huddle wasn't a thing. Interesting to note that the only defense to really clamp down on the '83 team was Jimmy Johnson's Oklahoma State tea
  7. I addressed this in a different thread but Chandler is stocked to the gills with returning talent from a dominant, undefeated championship squad. And while their out of state slate got 86'd thanks to Ronarama 2K20, they are going to have a stocked in-state schedule that will include district rivals Hamilton (seven-time state champ) and Perry (two-time state runner-up) and tentatively have contests with seven-time state champ Centennial (a team with eight seniors holding D1 scholarship offers) and reigning 6A champ Liberty. Based on last year's results and what they return Chandler is a he
  8. I don't think folks realize how much Chandler has coming back, otherwise I don't know how they wouldn't be a top 10-15 team. Starting quarterback is back as well as top two receivers, two 600-yard rushers, and a scary number of quality pass rushers. Hamilton might be just as good but are more junior-heavy; I'd probably have them as Arizona's #2 as both them and Saguaro have new quarterbacks but Hamilton has a nice transfer from Colorado at the spot (https://www.hudl.com/profile/11086913/Nicco-Marchiol/about).
  9. The 83-84 team that missed out on the natty when Osborne refused to accept the tie; Heisman Trophy winner in the backfield with a long-time NFL standout catching passes and another 15 guys who played NFL ball (and a handful of others that played USFL/CFL ball). Hung 50+ in six games and only fell to a damn good Miami team in the Orange Bowl.
  10. With respect to Arizona this is very lazy; yes Phoenix Union's 1930 team is the only team in state history to win a state title the 1970 Tucson High team that finished third in the nation was objectively better. I say this based on the 3 1000-yard rushers Tucson had (all of which would play D1 ball), the pair of Parade All-Americans that suited up for the Badgers (future NFL lineman Mike Dawson and USC commit Marvin Lewis), and five eventual D1 athletes on the Tucson o-line. Give Union their due as regardless of era having a quarterback recruited by Notre Dame and a receiver recruited by
  11. Oklahoma has a 6A-1 and 6A-2 title, each with 16 teams apiece. Obviously divisions that small aren't ideal but the previous 6A model that had 4000+ student Union and Broken Arrow playing for the same title as schools with less than 1300 kids. Bixby does play Jenks annually and gets both of the traditional Oklahoma Big Two (though Owasso and Broken Arrow have usurped those schools in 6A-1 past couple seasons) this year.
  12. When they split up their 6A ranks few years back it seemed like it opened things up, though that might have just been a coincidence as Owasso, Bixby, and Broken Arrow had been closing in on the big two for a few years prior. The metro OKC schools are still an afterthought in the 6A ranks but Carl Albert is a mother in 5A. RB gets another one for Bixby and we're at 27-0. Only thing in doubt now is the shutout.
  13. I tuned in after first two touchdowns but their RB looked good on the long run (obviously...just ripped off a big gain on a screen). Union has several guys that look the part physically but not converting that on the field. They do have some dogs on the d-line.
  14. 67-yard run on first play of second half, 20-0 Bixby.
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