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  1. dan in daytona

    Happy 243rd Birthday U.S. Army

    Thanks D'Dog
  2. That's about the last time, as a 10th grader, I sold a nickel ($5) or a dime ($10) bag of weed. Quickly moved on to larger quantities and improved my bottom line...never looked back. #NativeFloridaBoy
  3. dan in daytona

    Pops, found one lol... sub 4.4’s

    Have seen him many times on the football fields and the track. Talked about him several times with Darter. Good size, good speed, BUT not very elusive. College blocking may change things. He was in a one dimensional basic run offense in high school. I'd be surprised if he dominated as a college running back. Wish him the best. Didn't think or observe a 4.27 time in the 40 was within his capabilities.
  4. Lib'Don you're out there bro. To each his own....(I'll pass)
  5. dan in daytona

    Rosenstein is a thug!!!

    Evil Woman
  6. dan in daytona

    Rosenstein is a thug!!!

    One can understand the angry white dude that doesn't have $hit. The problem is his hate has been manipulated by the White Dudes who control the whole damn world outside of China. By inflaming this hatred towards the evil blacks, browns, yellows, gays, non-Christian, and poor, they sit in Ivory Towers divvying up the resources and wealth of the planet. The greedy bastards should all be strung up. #dangerousleftyrant
  7. dan in daytona

    Rosenstein is a thug!!!

    No I'm not. It's obvious by your numerous post that you are highly intelligent... just a little unhinged
  8. dan in daytona

    Rosenstein is a thug!!!

    Only thing coming out of the woodwork are narrow-minded neo-nazis skinheads, haters, and dumbshit's. Sometimes the truth hurts...sorry
  9. That's a pretty good assumption DD. Virginia is blue with the Robert E Lee crowd dying off and the rest heading for the hills
  10. dan in daytona

    Rosenstein is a thug!!!

    In your eyes, if a Republican isn't an unhinged Wingnut slurping down Hannity, Rush drivel they can't be real. The old grand party ain't what it used to be. Putting all their eggs in the hands of a "Carnival Barker" will never expand the base. The majority being hapless bigots.
  11. dan in daytona

    Healthcare under attack...again.

    All true, but do we let American's die in street from unwanted diseases because they are priced out of the current system. I don't have the answers either. I do know we are the most powerful country in the world and our citizens deserve, at a minimum, what other countries offer. If that's BS to you, so be it. I just think, minus the greedy bastards, we can do better.
  12. dan in daytona


    Bunch of us neighborhood kids were out in the road fooling around. My father walks out of the house and goes over to our metal mailbox next to the street. Opens the door and throws in a lit M80, shuts the door, and backs up. The box explodes! The door flies off and hits him in the chest. The rest of the mailbox flies in the air and comes crushing down in the middle of the road. The corrugated steel bottom of the box was all lopsided and bent up, but still attached to it's metal post. We couldn't believe he did it. Good times, but those M80's were for real. Hard to believe they were legal in some states. Hear the new one's are far less powerful. More like the strength of the old standard "Black Cats" that came strung together 50 in a pack.
  13. dan in daytona


    On a lighter note, back in the day of real M-80's, Cherry Bombs, and the like, there also were little round Trix cereal colored balls that exploded when thrown against a hard surface or stepped on by your shoe. Firecrackers were banned in Florida. A couple times a year, one of our crazy uncle's would take us across the Georgia line (100miles) to buy Firecrackers. Later when Georgia banned them we went to the South Carolina line. One night, back in Daytona, my uncle takes my brother and I to the drive-in movie. They always played double features on a large outdoor screen. When the first movie ended most everyone would leave their cars and head for the concession stand, bathroom, or a kids play area. Well with 5 minutes to go before the ending of the first movie our uncle loaded both his two little nephews pockets with cereal sized bombs. He instructed us to put both hands in our pockets and walk very slowly while dropping the little balls on the concession stand floor and the men's restroom. They came 10 balls to a pack. We had 5-6 packs each. So we run back to the car, pockets empty, waiting.... Movie ends, lights turn on, people start header over to..well you know. All hell breaks loose. It started one, or two "Pops", then pop,pop,pop. Within seconds people were looking on the floor and jumping up and down like crazy on those colorful little firecrackers. What a thrill, we couldn't stop grinning though the whole next movie. My uncle Joe's gone now, but I'll never forget that night and our many other trips (straight up, straight back) with him to get firecrackers out of state. Times have changed. We only go this way once....enjoy yourself. Peace
  14. dan in daytona

    Healthcare under attack...again.

    In most industrialized western democracies Health Care is a right. Why not here ? (IMO) It's mostly a greed thing. Although seeing how the government runs the postal service so poorly and inefficient, it's not unreasonable to surmise how badly they would also oversee health care. It would lose trillions.
  15. dan in daytona

    Healthcare under attack...again.

    So we just throw up our arms and wish it to go away ?