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  1. dan in daytona

    What's the highlight of your life?

    Being a dad, greatest joy of my life.
  2. dan in daytona

    Pretty much

    Dem for life my Florida brother!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. dan in daytona

    Pretty much

    you're right, but that was against a group that was forming a new nation. And I think the north had both right and left leaning citizens
  4. dan in daytona

    Pretty much

    Don't put words in my mouth. Where'd you dig that shit up ? I'm an open minded American, unlike you and Concha : a couple of intellectual dinosaurs.
  5. dan in daytona

    Pretty much

    At no time in America's 500+ years of history has the left been more violent then the right. Bannon is a hack. It's fake news to scare and energize white people on the right. It's a low tactic, but it works. All's fair in love, war, and politics. GO DEMS...
  6. dan in daytona

    ESPN 30 for 30: What Carter Lost (2017)

    Saw it a few months back on ESPN. Like all 30 for 30's, it was 1st rate.
  7. dan in daytona

    Criminal Alien Stats... Scary

    Short and sweet....classic
  8. dan in daytona

    Week 5 FL pickems

    954, I've only been wrong twice in my life. When Trump beat Hillary, and when I bet my mother I'd be 5'10" or over. At 5'8" in the 8th grade it was a sure thing........Damn Italian genes!!
  9. dan in daytona

    Week 5 FL pickems

    2015- Mainland 28 at DP 7 (DP loses 3rd round) 2016- DP 21 at Mainland 42 (DP loses 8A Final) 2017- Mainland 0 at DP 20 (DP wins 8A title) 2018- at Mainland......(hint,hint) DP won't win!
  10. dan in daytona

    Week 0 - Present Apology Thread

    "The Foola from Pacagoula." How things have changed for the 'Noles in 29yrs.....it was great while it lasted.
  11. dan in daytona

    Florida State down 30-7 vs Orange Final

    They play D-1 ball Hater. Other then having a QB keep his hands in your ass throughout your high school career as a slow undersized center, what did you do that was note worthy ? I'm betting a corny female or baby impersonation while running for Mr Don Bosco your senior year. Talent-less jocks always think that's a funny skit. Drummer in a diaper......you've come full circle, Jackass.
  12. dan in daytona

    Florida State down 30-7 vs Orange Final

    FWIW, both FSU safeties #19 Westbrook, and #24 Cyrus Fagan (who put Syracuse QB out) are Daytona Mainland graduates....Homer alert!!!! Atlanta Falcon's starting safety Ricardo Allen is also a Mainland grad.
  13. dan in daytona

    Let’s bond, family. How old are you?

    Not high school , but still young. She starred on weekly TV comedy show (Rowin and Martin) in the late 1960's......no fantasizing
  14. dan in daytona

    Let’s bond, family. How old are you?

    Me too.....63
  15. dan in daytona

    The resistance right in the WH

    ...since we reaching way back.....Curtis LeMay too !