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  1. You always down play Florida schools when they play out of state teams. Tell me that's a lie !
  2. Hollywood (Ft Lauderdale area) Chaminade Madonna. Small catholic school State championships : 2003, '05, '17, '18, '19, lost in final '2020. Nolebull is a hater. This team is usually tough.
  3. And that's the problem. It's not an honest argument. Even we, a small group of high school football fans, rarely all agree on much of anything either. Now add 300,000,000 plus different, freedom lovingAmericans of all nationalities, races, creeds, beliefs . Surely some small amount cheered on the Oklahoma City bombing (anti gov militias), MLK's assassination (bigots, rednecks), 9/11 (according to Nolebull: Democrates, Lefties, socialist, commies, BLM, Arabs, Moslems, ect,ect. ) Ignorant "F's" like Nolebull paint large groups of humanity with the same bush. Dems hate America and babies, BLM hate America and want free stuff, Mexicans are lazy and want our jobs as ditch diggers, house keeepers, fruit pickers, meat packing plants workers, yard men, and drug dealers. Outside of drug dealing, I don't know of any white or black people interested in any of those fulfilling Mexican border crosssing jobs. I haven't seen a white man in a ditch for over 30 yrs !!! Come on, we're all the same. We want health and happiness for our families. And some of us care about others too. If you don't so be it....just get the hell out of the way. We got work to do building a new and greater inclusive America
  4. I gotta give it to you Nolebull; you are consistent. Consistently dumb, ill-informed, deceitful, and easily manipulated by looney conservative nutbags and their dogma. Head for the hillbilly hills....you're a lost cause.
  5. True 100%. Ever checkout the online Daily Mail (US Home) site. The comment section is hilarious. And you thought "Prepgridiron" had funny smart asses. Daily Mail got them from all over the world
  6. Yesterday I went to the comment section of the you tube video. I got the translation : a testicle reference, a gay slur, and a male organ suction and all in a few short words. Some said it was slang Puerto Rican, others Dominican, and still others Venezuelan. It was universally enjoyed by the Hispanic commenters, and this old white man
  7. Could someone interpret that for an old man. It sounded funny what ever the hell he said.
  8. Miramar is traditionally a very athletic team, not unlike MNW, Central, or Carol City. How they did in the summer tranfer wars is beyond me. They reside at the Dade/Broward line. Lots of D-1's in the area.
  9. Sure wouldn't want you guys on my ass....Geez
  10. Great work Old Terrapin. Sorry to say, but the guy really does have serious mental issues. His continued denials are pathetic.
  11. Yes, the "MTV- Real World " drama was to much for me too. I fast forwarded all those interactions (boy/girl) from 5 minutes into the first episode till the semi-final knockout. Googled Rush and learned more about his messy life. Valdosta wasn't big enough for Nub and Rush.
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