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  1. Angry young white males

    I never said you weren't honest Drummer. But your truth isn't the same as mine
  2. Angry young white males

    Agree with all the opened minded responses above. As the great grandchild of Italian, German, and Czechoslovakian immigrants, born with blond hair and blue eyes, I'm just an ordinary looking American white guy. Racist like Drummer are abundant all over this country. And I'm sorry to say, many look like me. These ignorant losers live for instances to fuel their hatred and negative stereotypes. When a bomber, shooter, killer, or rapist is apprehended (dead or alive), and they are caucasian it's a relief. I Know how fucked up that sounds, but for people like Drummer it needs to be that way for now. As Americans "brown", through birth and immigration, people like Drummer and myself will become an endangered species. The optimist in me thinks it will be a good thing.
  3. GOODBYE Tide Pods Hellllo Bug Spray

    +100%. Add the Bozo's that can't take their eyes off their mobile devices while driving, walking, jogging, or breathing for that matter. These lost souls are everywhere, sporting events, concerts, restaurants, WORK!, on the beach! Took a long walk on the beach the other day (old folks do that). Went an hour north then an hour back, low tide, nice breeze, bikers and spring breakers by the thousands. Went past a group of college aged girls (a dozen or so) doing flips, cart wheels, dancing, laughing and giggling. ALL HAD PHONES taking pictures and videos of each other. Then they'd run together and watch what they just shot with phone cameras 10 seconds ago. An hour later I come back by and their in the same spot still doing the same thing. Take a pic, run together, look at it, giggle, repeat. Harmless fun for sure, but it's SPRING BREAK. Times have changed, guys got cellular competition now...
  4. Physical Punishment for upsetting coach

    I saw that movie 😁 ...my late grandfather (b.1905) saw Harry Houdini do an escape while hanging from a rope tied to a Pittsburgh bridge sometime in the 1920's. He and his pals, in their early years, also took the "Wildman of Borneo's" tip cup when he duct out of his cage to take a leak. But that's another story for another day.
  5. Physical Punishment for upsetting coach

    Even in the mid 1970's in Army boot camp, at Fort Jackson, S.C., our bad ass drill instructors, just back from Vietnam or Panama jungle training, couldn't lay a finger on any of us dumb ass recruits. They sure got in our face to intimidate, while daring us to try something physical. Smartly no one did. If men of authority in the armed services can't touch an 18yr or older adult, no way in hell does a rinky-dink high school coach put his hands on anyone. That macho bull$hit ended long ago, and rightly so.
  6. Physical Punishment for upsetting coach

    Fire that a$$hole. No parent, teacher, coach, boss, administrator, employer, police officer, or ex girlfriend should get away with a firm unguarded punch to the stomach for breaking a rule or misbehaving. I'm not against a parent using a swat across the backside if necessary on rare occasions, but that clown doesn't have any authority to assault anyone. Who's to say injury or death couldn't result from a rupture to an internal organ. Most are under aged school children at that. Put that pu$$y in jail. See how that works out with people (criminals) his own age.
  7. Rick Saccone vs Connor Lamb in PA-18

    Is there a miss connect here ? Get an education, save, and do what your heart desires. Sure stay active, but being able to call your own shots 24/7 is one of the great possibilities in anyone's life. Raise that future goal of yours. You live in the greatest country on this planet. Work it right young man. There are many avenues, choose one.
  8. Rick Saccone vs Connor Lamb in PA-18

    Must be nice to love your work. Been retired for a year now. Life is great. No way do I miss the old working days. Maybe with age, maturity, and a family, you'll see things differently, but then again maybe not. It's your life...Peace
  9. Rick Saccone vs Connor Lamb in PA-18

    My man you need professional help. I've never heard the above statement uttered before. You claim to be an outcast among your peers. The young disenfranchised loner male can be a dangerous individual. That trait is dominate among mass murderers. Any future correlation there ? Own any high capacity military-style weaponry ? ...You also claimed earlier if Georgia goes blue you'd leave the country. Tell us what place on Earth holds your 19th century values and would be acceptable to you ?
  10. trump fires Secretary of State. Rex Tillerson

    Don't bet that before he leaves office cameras aren't following all his waking hours. They'll be a cliffhanger at the end of each day(episode) broadcasted live at 10:55pm. His adoring fans will squeal with anticipation for the new day.
  11. Trump to meet with Rocket Man

    It sounds like something positive could be in the works. Did Trump's dangerous rhetoric and increased sanctions do the trick ? Time will tell, but I'll take fruitful conversation and negotiation over bullets and bombs anyday. I'm hoping Trump wins the Nobel Peace Prize on this one. Unlike the ignorant close minded right, we recognize a potentially historic event is possible even if an immature blowhard was the catalyst in making it happen.....Go Trump Go
  12. Cocoa Coach Wilkinson to New Smyrna

    As my already swelled head gets larger. Thanks Columbo.
  13. Cocoa Coach Wilkinson to New Smyrna

    (Dan).....to New Smyrna Beach, where he lives. They (NSB) also need a (6A) HC. This rumor has been floating around for years. There's been a Merritt Island/NSB/Cocoa connection for many years. It started with coach Gerald Odom and some of the boys who played for him. (Dan)...Don't know the man, it's pure speculation, but he and family live in the area. His boyhood buddy from Pop Warner thru high school ( Lance Jenkins ) was the head coach at NSB till 2015? There are a group of area business men (NSB) who aren't afraid to throw dollars around. Booker T Washington High, out of Miami, won 10K two years in a row by winning a summer 7 on 7 tournament in New Smyrna Beach. The runner ups won 5K. So anything is possible. You know, as I do, in Florida most head coaches get 4-5K over their teaching salaries. That's the norm.
  14. Israel-USA relations?

    Saudi Arabia's value to the U.S. is twofold. As the largest OPEC producer of oil, many times they have opened the gas spicket to keep prices lower for the American consumer when their cartel partners wanted to cut supply so prices would rise much higher and screw our economy. They also are the largest buyer of American-made weaponry in the world. They fear a fundamentalist movement that could topple the ruling royal family. The American government's arms producers and suppliers wouldn't let that happen.
  15. Israel-USA relations?

    The Jewish lobby in the U.S. is as strong as any. Many influential and wealthy Americans are of Jewish descent and don't shy away from letting their feelings known to our policymakers. They also have a western style democracy , not unlike ourselves, in a sea of totalitarian and often brutally conservative Moslem regimes. They give us a stable toehold in an area of great oil wealth. This alone can't be under valued.