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  1. Redzone, you might want to edit that first line. It could cause you trouble.
  2. Bite his (concha) ass boys (DBP66/Buford) !!!!!
  3. First Diamond League meet of 2022...Doha (8 hrs ago)
  4. I think Texas turns blue in the future. They get a few more Georgia type homegrown organizers and door bell ringers and the sky is the limit. Talk about a state loaded with "have nots." Alabama and Mississippi are next...
  5. Like most all of your post.....I call Bull$hit. I've never heard a left leaning board member say we shouldn't do a better job at our southern border. That boondoggle asinine Trump Wall ain't the answer either. Let's just throw the damn money in the Rio Grande and stop wasting materials.
  6. What kind of number would it be without Narcan ? 300,000-400,000 ? We'll never stop drugs coming into this country. The appetite for mind altering pleasure and is too strong. America is the world leader in all self destructive vices.
  7. In my 15 minutes of research it appears, looking at both liberal and conservative news outlets, we America, had more Covid deaths than any other country on the face of the Earth. Of course China and Russian numbers can never be trusted. They aren't real big on "Freedoms" or sharing for that matter. Our victory as a "Freedom loving nation" was lead again by my White people who out performed all other races and claimed 65% of all the nation's Covid deaths. As a slight tear welled up in my right eye, and pride peaked across my face, this win was much bigger than beating one of those poor Caribbean island nations 10-0 in soccer. This was 1980 Olympic Hockey....USA, USA, USA, ........ Below, a little insight : Data: More than 700K seniors died from COVID As US death toll nears 1M, some demographics hit harder than others Carla K. Johnson and Nicky Forster ASSOCIATED PRESS Doug Lambrecht was among the first of the nearly 1 million Americans to die from COVID-19. His demographic profile – an older white male with chronic health problems – mirrors the faces of many who would be lost over the next two years. The 71-year-old retired physician was recovering from a fall at a nursing home near Seattle when the new coronavirus swept through in early 2020. He died March 1 that year, an early victim in a devastating outbreak that gave a first glimpse of the price older Americans would pay. The pandemic has generated gigabytes of data that make clear which U.S. groups have been hit the hardest. More than 700,000 people 65 and older died. Men died at higher rates than women. White people made up most of the deaths overall, yet an unequal burden fell on Black, Hispanic and Native American people considering the younger average age of minority communities. With 1 million deaths in sight, Doug's son Nathan Lambrecht reflected on the toll. “I'm afraid that as the numbers get bigger, people are going to care less and less,” he said. Three out of every four deaths were people 65 and older, according to U.S. data analyzed by The Associated Press. “A million things went wrong and most of them were preventable,” said elder care expert Charlene Harrington of the University of California, San Francisco. Harrington, 80, hopes the lessons of the pandemic lead U.S. health officials to adopt minimum staffing requirements for nursing homes, “then maybe I can retire.” White people made up 65% of the total deaths, the largest proportion of any race by far. This isn't that surprising because there are more white people in the U.S. than any other race. American Indians, Pacific Islanders and Black people had higher death rates when looking at COVID-19 deaths per capita. Death rates per capita still leave out a characteristic that is crucial to understanding which groups were disproportionately affected – COVID-19 is more deadly for the elderly. Looking at deaths per capita, Mississippi had the highest rate of any state. “We've lost so many people to COVID,” said Joyee Washington, a community health educator in Hattiesburg. “The hard thing in Mississippi was having to grieve with no time to heal. You're facing trauma after trauma after trauma. ... Normal is gone as far as I'm concerned.” The surge that began in late 2020 was particularly rough for rural America. Americans living in rural areas have been less likely to get vaccinated than city dwellers, more likely to be infected and more likely to die. The Associated Press Health and Science Department receives support from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute's Department of Science Education. The AP is solely responsible for all content. Nathan Lambrecht's father, Doug, was one of the first Americans to die from COVID-19. “I'm afraid that as the numbers get bigger, people are going to care less and less,” he said. DAVID GOLDMAN/AP
  8. Upon further reflection, hold your head's high my enlightened brothers. Concha and his deplorables very well could be headed for major disappointment. I think Justice Roberts sides with the Left. Beer Buddy, having shown a little independence of late, might, could, maybe, be handed the authorship to write the majority opinion. That would make 5-4 to the Good Guys. If not it's also possible the Mississippi case will be written in such narrow terms that Roe v Wade is more or less left intact and still standing. Worse case we take a step backwards to the 1950's. But that will be short-lived. Concha's dinosaurs don't multiple fast enough and Trump (their God) is on borrowed time. History won't treat them well. Think Nixon, Joe McCarthy era Commies, Jim Crow, and Imperialism with modern day Proud Boys, closed borders, and fear of the unknown and misunderstood.
  9. You're a fraud and a fake. I've answered with what bothers me in this thread. When is termination acceptable to you ? Give it up.
  10. When is termination acceptable to you ? All powerful being. A week, month, health issues, in pill form.....
  11. You took several jabs before you started school just like all of us. Science and Uncle Sam said so. Same here, and your parents are smarter then you.....enough said
  12. Vaccines are good. They benefit all of us. Those unvaccinated need to get back under a rock.
  13. Not sure I agree with the percentages but its more than not. Still it needs to be law, damn the fickled citizenry
  14. Come on Doc, give us a professional opinion when termination is acceptable ? hours, days, weeks, health, age, rape, incest, etc
  15. Bull$hit. A week after I get a nut. Still to early for a positive, my friend takes an abortion pill. Is that murder Doc ? Bormio, I tried not to use pretty words or dress it up. Please excuse my coarseness...not
  16. And I laid out what states may do. Fifty individual laws is not the answer. You can't see that ? Florida says yes OK, Georgia no it's a crime. We're not talking marijuana here. It's not your right to say what someone else does with their body.
  17. I expect the black and white from you. No compromise grey areas, only absolutes. I always try to be on the moral side. To each his own...
  18. Like the people from the southern states (1860) ?
  19. One could say her tweet is quite inflammatory, BUT pre Roe v Wade (1973) 30 states prohibited abortion without exception. Which means the advocates of "state rights" could just return to the good ole days, damn the Fed's. So Alabama (Jersey South) decides all pregnancies must go full term regardless of rape, incest, victims age, disabilities, competency, or patient health. No abortions PERIOD ! How's that work for you FreeBird (now a 'bama scrap metal dealer) and your young and abused pregnant daughter ?
  20. The Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution provides a fundamental "right to privacy" that protects a pregnant woman's liberty to choose whether to have an abortion. The rights of "States" can never supersede the US Constitution. From South Carolina (1861) onward that "States Rights" argument has falsely been trumpeted to use, abuse, deny, and own human beings, among other despicable actions, as a smoke screen to force others to comply against their best interest. Personally, I'm not for late term abortions (or teaching kindergarten students about sex for that matter either). Abortion is a woman's "rights" and her body issue. Conservatives are big on "Freedoms." Let each individual decide "with reasonable limits" . What's the new law in Texas ? Banned 25 days after have sex ? That's Bull$hit.....
  21. I'm slow, but something tells me this isn't about the Honey Badger. It's more a Redzone thing...
  22. Come on man, and who didn't partake at that stage of life ? That's a decade old story about college students smoking weed. Now legal in some form in how many states ? Weak, lame, and socially outdated...
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