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  1. Rufus what alot of people don't know about you is the fact you are the original Northeast mad genius in the basement of Harvard Univ and eventually they made that movie about you. And for all you others out there that aren't in the "below the gnat-line know", the original movie about the kid getting on the football field in college was originally titled "Rufus" and it's setting was Athens but he declined and we all know it now as "Rudy" playing at some made up institution out midwest somewheres.
  2. It should be in the conversation. Everyone thinks SJP is going to roll over everyone every season; Milton on the other hand people say "Who" from "where"??? This might not be the biggest win but its a damn good one and belongs in any conversation about a free-thinking public school kicking the shit out of a private, tri-state, all-star team in their own backyard! Think of it as Warner Robins going on the road and kicking the shit out of a top ranked private school at their house Better yet, think Joe C. from Kidd Rock kicking the shit out of Kimbo Slice in his backyard, lol.
  3. Not really. Prep doesn't have a home field at their school so they use that site often. They also play some games at Widener University, the Link, and a few other places throughout the Philly area. I thimk Plymoth Whitemarsh HS is another field they play home games at. This is a really cool venue and this was a really good game!!! Way to go Milton!!!!!!!! This was 100^% a home loss for SJP at one of their home sites.
  4. St Johny Boombots is, you know you know, is St Joey Bagadonuts little bro. they out of Bayonne.
  5. Yes and Canzano is a tough kid too. Losing him didn't help Pburg but they have other players on the field. Some of us were looking forward to the Pburg v Piscat game but hopefully they meet up later in the season w/ other cancellations possible. Wimberly will be a nice "catch" for LU is he stays the course! My treat anytime you all come west across the mighty Delaware, lol.
  6. who does SJR play on sept 16 and sept 25 - Pope John is one of those dates, correct??? tx. trying to make my way up to Montvale this season! Oct 23 I hear is a good one, lol.
  7. yeah you let some scrappy teams hang around long enough and they sneak one out sometimes. And this would have been a good one to watch for sure! I was stuck watching Nova methodically dismantle Lehigh on an absolute beautiful northeast kind of late summer football afternoon! Nova will be tough to beat at the FCS level.
  8. I'm glad Pburg showed up. One day notice for both teams and still a really good game. Pburg v Easton on Turkey Day will be another good one! Nice job SJR to keep game in check when it could have gone either way after the half.
  9. Herbie had a good one back in the 2005 time frame. Corky Kell still the best around. I-95 Classic has great great potential and that's the one that could be a classic every season. SJR, SJP philly, BC, DeMatha, GC, STJ, ABW, Imhotep, Gonz, STF, DBP, etc... Find six of those 11 teams to face off at a local college like Nova, Monmouth, Lehigh, Rutgers, or even the Meadowlands or the Link where SJP and LaSalle are playing a couple games this season.
  10. yeah that wasn't a normal occurrence w/ DBP and had he stayed, the next two seasons undefeated and more top-end talent arrives instead of heading elsewhere.
  11. LOL, not sure how many expected DBP to get "Norcrossed" by Central but yeah things haven't seemed the same ever since.
  12. You should see if PGL could put together a few Brian Toals and Dillon Romains and Darius Hamiltons instead of OOS opponents for the Ironmen! Lately they be getting pushed around by the local teams and that shit shouldn't happen!!
  13. Yeah StoRox could have scored two other touchdowns in that game. I think one was called back on punt return and one at end of game on silly but good call nonetheless. Not sure if I'd even rank the Vikings in the top 5 in state of PA at the AA level. But the cool thing was that Bishop Syc got to experience a beating in the Wolverina just like the other big boys, lmao.
  14. RIP young man! Prayers and condolences to his family both at home and on the field.
  15. CJ Stroud inked in as starting quarterback. How long does he stay a starter? Which backup 4* or 5* is first to enter transfer portal/goes elsewhere and to where? McCord, Ewers, Stroud, or Miller
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