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  1. no doubt you are correct however much of the time its the leg work of others getting these coaches connected. sure after that its mostly done by both schools and their associates but prior to that all these games wouldn't happen if it wasn't for the work of others behind the scenes making calls in late winter, spring, and even into summer. coaches make the final decision but as for open venues, dates of two qualified teams, their travel requirements, etc.... is all taken into account prior to.
  2. Wow, sounds like you have a shit-ton of experience doing this. But in case you don't know, it goes a bit further than a phone number exchange and he is doing what most of us either want to see happen or want to make happen, and that is trying to put together some decent OOS games that might not otherwise kickoff. Plus not too many others willing to put up w/ other peoples shit and half-ass opinions when it comes down to it. hey man, if you think its that easy to line this shit up and you can make it happen then get off your ass and get an I-95 kickoff classic or Beltway Battle going! You right in the middle of Dematha, Gonzaga, SJP, STF, AWB, Good Counsel, Malvern Prep, and the entire BNU only another 1.5 hours northeast of Philly. Rapido Tortuga!!!
  3. Hopefully the police add an attempted murder charge to a the group for stomping his face/head. Plop, Flush!
  4. that really could mean they just kept starters in longer trying to run up the board for posterity or whatever. Now if there defense held everyone to 7 points or less; that would be impressive. also CHill's region was down and CHill was offensively stacked! Buford perfect example of a Dynasty. Started small at 1A winning everything in front of them and kept winning and winning and winning into a 6A power over the course of 25 seasons or so. Plus Appling was a badass linebacker up my way back during the Higgins Lembo Days! I don't think Collins Hills has even been around as many seasons as Buford has titles, lol.
  5. we can play a game with this one, its called Fill In The HawgGoneIt blankS, lol "By the time those 8th graders are actually high schoolers, they'll all be __________ ____________ . I'll go first; By the time those 8th graders are actually high schoolers, they'll all be LEGALLY DRINKING By the time those 8th graders are actually high schoolers, they'll all be CONVICTED FELONS By the time those 8th graders are actually high schoolers, they'll all be OXLEYS EMPLOYEES okay okay,just kidding. By the time those 8th graders are actually high schoolers, they'll all be MAROON PLOWBOYS
  6. I know a whole lot of people didn't like Dandy Randy but he was a really good coach. I was happy he retired; he put a beating on Northside and WR at times so good riddance!!! BUT until you get someone like him, you could have Mater Dei talent and still won't win R1. His offense was badass and I know its not easy to win in R1 but I think he had a winning record against ALL teams in the region (I think) and three or four state titles - again R1 not easy to do. I'd put his best Viking teams up against anyone and expect a great game!
  7. on a side note, SJR upper weights at the Escape the Rock looked tough. just surprised how Mullen got worked over. the kid from MPrep looked scary tough!!! Finally had a chance to actually watch the finals and semi's instead of specific wrestlers (Bethlehem Catholic sent a squad of kids) but also St Petes Prep had a few younger guys that looked tough.
  8. Not at first, lol, and then those dipshit dummies from the governing body realized that fucking w/ the Quips is like fucking w/ the better half of the state! Quips threatened to pull out of PIAA and go WPIAL all the way. Plenty of teams would follow and I think PIAA realized they picked on the wrong kid in this one!
  9. I'm sure it is if youre on the other end of a Toal/DBP beatdown, lol. I'm sure it all tastes like piss and vinegar after one of those games, lol you are now my guide for next season, lol. I'm up in BNU territory 3x's next season
  10. Hi Joe I finally made it The Rose, lol. Next time w/ you and the crew!!!
  11. Damn, I thought that was one of them Servite cheerleaders you all have to borrow from week to week. No silly, Shannon Rose and Don Bosco Prep are in New Jersey and has been for a while now. DBP is right next to this restaurant pic I posted thinking most people will make the connection; but maybe not????? And I do know a few people that do commute from Easton into Newark or The Poconos into the Boroughs but never heard anyone commute from Bethlehem to Ramsey? Servite education or already drunk for the weekend???
  12. EXCELLENT from beginning to end! This place reminds me of DBP during the Toal seasons; clean, crisp, smooooooth flowing, and fun to watch! Damn they have a few hotties in there! I'll be back!
  13. What a great way to spend a Saturday evening!
  14. You all might get lucky and snatch Noah Cain from PSU. The kid is really good and not sure why PSU could not get more out of him but he seems fully healthy from knee injury and looks stronger than before. If he has to go, LSU would be a nice spot to see him play!!!
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