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  1. How do you as a HC treat your starting or star players that enter the transfer portal during the off season??? Do you cut their playing time b/c they are not fully into your program or do you give them more ball time so they don't leave and take your signals/calls/other players with them??? just curious after hearing about a certain HC and his reactions to one of his players.
  2. Ha, that's Ole' Rabs version of a rural GA drive-by.
  3. I'll take SJP and +17. SJP all back and healthy for this weekend. Not sure why so many write this team off right away????????
  4. @BUFORDGAWOLVES has Buford and Peach County ever played in regular season or crossed paths in playoffs??? I can't remember in the mid to late 90's if they played but PC was always AAA from what I remember and Buford always AA. Correct? tx.
  5. This is/was ALWAYS an intense matchup, sometimes lopsided scores but always always always intense!. I still bust out the early 90's PC games w/ Quez Green and the crew. And always love me some Middle GA football w/ the Eagles and Demons anytime of day or night! thanks for the link.
  6. I will go out on a limb and say that today at 2pm ESPN2, we might get to see the best game of the weekend from two nationally irrelevant schools. I know a little about Hammond SC but will let somebody from that area tell you more about them. I can tell you this about Southern Columbia Area; you will see very few penalties, crisp, technical line play, fundamentally sound in nearly all aspects of the game, and depth for a small school. Chances are that very few of you have ever heard of Southern Columbia like many probably haven't heard of Hammond SC. Hey its small school football. But this is community ball as we call it. This team travels well as well so I won't be surprised to see visitor side fans in black and gold. SCA head Coach Roth very similar to Berwick's George Curry and CB West's Mike Pettine. Win or lose they will bring a good brand of football to the game. They love their running game but have good receivers to keep the defense loose. They are aggressive on defense w/ their linebackers as well. http://www.scatigerfootball.com/
  7. Love to hear that and hopefully they run into a very good Northside team along the way!
  8. for everyone that has every attended a Kell Classic - what are some of your better games you've seen??? all time favorite Kell - 1996 had Warner Robins beating Pope or Wheeler (can't rmemeber which), had the TCC v Marist game and fight in stands, lol. Valdoooooosta putting it to a heavily favored and eventual state champ Brookwood. and of course the last game of the night was McEachern getting handled by some slow, undersized, piggies from Oxlies, I mean some Hawgs from Moultrie. I can't rmember the score of that game but I just rremember the McEachern fans jaws hitting the ground on at least three CC touchdowns.
  9. One of the main reasons I stopped coming down to the Kell was the lack of effort put into the teams invited and the matchups. The lack of invites of Middle and South GA teams. Yes I know I know the Kell was originally put together for the Gwinnett teams/Cobb teams but that shit flew out the window when they invited one or two teams from South GA years ago. Now time to FINALLY turn this event into something GA could be really proud of and show off to the rest of the country. Benz owners need to take a page out of the Heinz family playbook and take one for the high school athletes. Anyone every have the chance to attend the WPIAL (western pa) championships at Heinz field in late November, its on another level. One $12 ticket for the day (all four games), free stadium parking, big crowds, and a few athletes popping up once in a great while throughout the stadium. Great time for sure and I know alot has to do with the stadium being on the cheap for that weekend.
  10. its sad you don't know football. And its only an excuse if I actually said Marietta would win or SJP would lose. I didn't so I guess your post is just; well stupid. Look elsewhere for your nonsense to try and make someone else look bad. Won't happen here, lmao.
  11. You probably should stick w/ an excuse thread for your own school before you venture out and up. if you don't think Marietta having two official games (which I mistakenly thought they had) prior to this game's kickoff is not significant; then you're just downright silly!
  12. I got it Great game for sure!!! I have that one, the NW state title game vs KKiissiimmee , and vs South Lake Carroll. drop me a line if interested!
  13. Marietta will have two games under their belt, SJP will be their first game. That's the killer!
  14. yes and they are VERY junior heavy. next season could be a legit top 5. everyone talking about their stud quarterback, receivers and linebackers but nobody talking about their linemen; deep deep deep, all about the same all solid. their running back is a small stud and will have a big season.
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