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  1. check out the story of the Carson Tinker Alabama LS years ago. great story. he dealt w/ some tragedy (I wont' spoil the story) but point being he got a schollie to Alabama for longsnapping. Carson Tinker was only 6' tall at most but he did wieigh about 220 while at Alabama.
  2. being a backup punter is good to learn as well, if you have a decent leg. in that situation, a coach is looking for a backup who can handle the snap, get the ball off, control that play for 8 seconds. be that guy, coaches NEED good depth, your current punter is not indestructible. And most kickers and punters are emotional and superstitious, some have trouble making it through an entire season.
  3. long snapper. plenty of schools give schollies for longsnapper, specifically. lean kids than can run make great long snappers as well. work on your hands a bit and be a speed tightend as well.
  4. Punter! Then run a fake and show the coach you can throw. If you throw an interception, show the coach you can hit and jar the ball lose. And just keep working out with whatever position coach gives you. Eat right too.
  5. 2002 was the season - CALAGA were the places to be! CA LA and GA that is. Kickoff Friday night takes us right to it! Title time!!! Kickoff Friday 8pm EST. 2002 Brookwood GA v Parkview GA for the 5A state title. Two of north GA's finest; Cruzing and Flowing! Talent v talent, speed v speed! The energy level of this one was off the charts! Five minutes apart and ready to lock horns for the second time this season! There's a new #12 in town for the Panthers as well. This is Parkviews cherry on top of the cake! Kickoff Saturday taking us west on I-20 and then south on the Five Five Kickoff Saturday 8pm EST 2002 Evangel Christian Academy LA v West Monroe LA - 5A title with ECA bringing all the stars out on this one. Chad Cook one tough kid though! Booty and Hester one heck of a duo. Kickoff Sunday taking us right into Cali for the battle for #1. Kickoff Sunday 5pm EST 2002 De La Salle CA v Long Beach Poly CA - "When the Game Stands Tall" is what its about. Win streak in the 120's and Poly looking to start DLS over; however, Brent Cecil one of the most underrated DLS quarterbacks over the years and he and Terrence Kelly are hookin' up for this showdown. Poly once again bringing the big boys for this game. My second favorite DLS v Poly game of all time! I think this is the longest I've ever been in the redzone without putting points on any board!
  6. odd question; if certain parts of the country shutdown again, do we see kids (especially seniors) transferring to other schools in parts of the country that are up and running? what does this do to college football. what about kids leaving high schools in states that won't fully reopen and heading to private schools in states that are fully operational? just curious.
  7. the dude is a legend here in Bethlehem. statue and book not too long ago. his grandson was a hell of an athlete in 02' signing w/ West Virginia at QB. That picture of him smoking is in a couple of restaurants in the Lehigh Valley PA. I think most stories about the crazy nut are true though.
  8. LMAO - tackling drills and man-to-man coverage become something of a struggle now.
  9. that's crazy you posted this; before I even saw the pic I was thinking Antonio Cromartie on kickoffs, lmao. That was the Smoke at the Doak weekend, just watched that 6A game as well thank you very much Mr954Gator, lol.
  10. sausmann9

    STA 09

    that was a good game!
  11. Staying positive for now; attitude that is, not COVID! Depends how we all act this summer up here. Most of the eastern part of PA is now closed for the summer. No public pools, picnics, amusement parks, music festivals up to Aug 1, a couple car/biker rallies, etc...if people follow guidelines set-forth by the pros, we may have a season up this way. If not, if all these dipshit dummies revolt b/c they can and intentionally group-up, we're fucked!
  12. Shadow Creek going to catch them off guard; watch. Philly area still in redzone quarantine until at least june 5-`2 sometime. then another 2 - 4 weeks to hopefully come off that into the green zone. then they can begin practicing. Might be mid July before they get together as a team. Hopefully they play a full season. its still very fucked up around the Philly area w/ COVID.
  13. Due to a cancellation St Joseph’s Prep HS in Philadelphia, PA is looking for a game on the weekend of 10/9/2020. If interested please contact Tom Sugden at tsugden@sjprep.org lets find them a good one! this team will be loaded once again this coming season. who's out there that needs a game this weekend??? tx.
  14. The one I saw for Bosco had a 1st team and 2nd team for positions. I believe it was done around 2013, I remember Shumate, Hamilton, and Mohammed (sp?) all mentioned on it as well as Matt Simms, Dillion Romain were offense, MRGavin, and Brian Toal were defense and were also on the 1st team. I am sure one of the Bosco guys has the list or copy of the link.
  15. I saw one for Don Bosco a while back. I think Valdosta has one on their website (look under history tab/link) as well.
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