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  1. Valdosta and MadCo had a pretty good game back in either 05' or 06' when I was down there.
  2. Phenomenal athlete in high school coming out of AB Wood high school north of Philly.. Really good TE but his two seasons at Wood they had some other studs at wideout and tailback so he wasn't the primary target on offense but for a TE he had half dozen touchdowns his senior season I'm sure. He was a force on the DL/DE spot tho.
  3. hang tight and stay strong! (you still have boxing matches you need to find and get put on DVD so you need to stick around for some time yet
  4. this kid was A LOT of fun watching at the high school level for two seasons. he controlled a few games by himself from the DE spot. I think he had two or three interceptions in the state title game his senior season from that position. currently looking for the game clip of him returning a punt for a touchdown in high school game against AB Ryan. I always thought he'd go as a DE but damn he's turn into an amazing TE.
  5. Los - you can bring up ANYTHING you want from the past and manipulate it anyway you see to fit your agenda. You can add words and delete them to make things look good to you or your agenda. But if you read slower, you will see most of that up there that I actually posted wasn't racist but facts. You twist it your way and you see it how your minimal level of education allows you and you lack the logic and empathy to see it any other way. You know "victim mentality". What's really sad is the time you have in your mother's basement to actually look through four or five years of a HIGH SC
  6. You're opinion is garbage, like you, and means nothing to anyone but yourself. I really don't give a fuck what you think. I defended a way of life that's a great way of life. you can go fuck yourself since you are too ignorant to see it any other way. I told you that once but besides ignorant you're a stupid fuck as well.
  7. STA doesn't want anything to do w/ MD. Hell they have enough time to handle teams in their own backyard.
  8. its a lot of peoples true feelings and there's nothing wrong with it. he didn't say any others did it the wrong way you stupid fuck but youre too fucking ignorant to comprehend a simple sentence. the "white way" could mean a style of discipline, academics, community service, dress codes, curfews, etc... but again youre too fucking ignorant to see that as anything other than racist. Plop, flush motherfucker!
  9. do we have or is there a complete list of high school teams as well??? I know two or three high school teams that won multiple MNC but not sure I know all. Anyone else?
  10. LOVE IT!!! This will be an excellent event!!!! Way to get it done Jersey!!! This will be somewhat of a norm this spring. know a few other schools putting things like this together!
  11. Maybe they heard that former Hoover coach was re-building another South GA badass and they simply did NOT want to face those "tin-roof dentin" Wildcats!
  12. yeah, maybe too quiet. that's scary. and too many folks from this region heading into DC today.,
  13. I'd really like to know which player(s), if any, have increased their stock by going to IMG. Most players that I have seen go there already had their Power 5 offers and already locked in for that college. TRIVIA: Which high school player had offers from the Mount Union, Colgate, Lehigh, Princeton, and Dartmouth only to go to IMG and then receive offers from Alabama, Ohio State, and Clemson??? What I'd like to see is IMG take a whole shitload of one and two star players in their sophomore season and produce five star players by the end of their senior season.
  14. Not sure which GA96 is referring to but I'm sure both Bazemore and Hyder had a postion established here or there for an asst coach or a father. I personally have seen jobs/positions created within a school district for a head coach or for a specific father whose son is a four or five star stud.
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