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  1. This is a really good post! Since living in GA in 94' - 01' in Warner Robins area (Byron, Centerville, and FV area) and 04'-06' in Marietta, Colquitt County is one of the very few top football schools that I cannot remember being accused of any bullshit over all those seasons until Rush arrived. Allegations on him and not the program are what people tend to forget and then lump together. CC is a great area and community for football. Perfect location to keep all their own kids; very similar to Camden Co area. I did have a problem w/ Rush giving kids pain killers/meds, IF TRUE, but I stil
  2. That forum was really great back in the day!!! The last five seasons of bullshit/nonsense garbage over there pretty much why I left as well.
  3. PA - CB West 97' to 99' was 45-0 w/ 3 titles and national ranking end of season #4, #8 , and #4 PA - SJP 18' to 20'
  4. remember too, Big 10 only has one legit elite team so he has the potential to win some bigger games in the league as well. he will attract some others to follow as well.
  5. Yeah but remember Rutgers is not an elite college football school at this point. He goes there and makes a name for himself and brings Rutgers up, he'll be known. Good staff in place for his development and starting right away, also not too far away from home so sure why not go there.
  6. Bump 15 minutes to kickoff looks like a beautiful day for a football game!!!
  7. Fordham 31 v Bucknell 17 4 minutes to go Holy Cross v Colgate cancelled 156th meeting between Lehigh Univ @ Lafayette College. Couple of BNU guys starting today for both schools. Final 20-13 Lafayette
  8. With about 47 seconds left on the game clock and SJR up 35-10, Auggie hears someone talking tons of shit and he thought Pope John Lions mascot talking shit about the shade of green SJR wore on their uniforms. After some pushing and shoving behind the benches, Auggie hits the mascot w/ a flying knee. As mascot trying to get up, Aug slaps a sleeper hold on the mascot and chokes him out. Several minutes and a bunch of security later the pile was finally cleared and everyone sidelined for officials timeout. Only problem, it wasn't the mascot that Auggie "Norcrossed" but a local
  9. bring that on over to a Lehigh game some saturday and you'll fit right in!!!
  10. no for hartley bridge rd exit but yes for the rt 49 exit
  11. Damn, LA Tech going to stomp a mud hole in them Tigers and be kings of the Bayou!
  12. not sure if any PA guys this season. its a cool tourny. heres a clip of one of my PA favs. I would absolutely love to see these two square off today. Damn!
  13. Did any of the Carlisle teams w/ Billy Owens come down your way in the mid 1980's and play in any tournies?
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