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  1. Or is it easier to ask which states do not have a mercy rule?
  2. this is the team that played Hammond SC earlier in the season. They win a 2A title today and break a few records along the way. one of the more impressive ones is the fact their defense scored more points for them this season than did the opposing offenses against them. Earlier today in the title game alone their defense scored four touchdowns (3 on INT, 1 on fumble return). https://www.easternpafootball.com/news/southern-columbia-puts-an-exclamation-point-on-perfection-with-a-74-7-record-setting-2a-state-title-victory/ Might be one of the best public, in-the-middle-of-nowhere small schools I've ever seen. This includes Stuby Big Red, Peach County, Buford etc...back in the day,
  3. Cool! Thanks. Not sure what I enjoyed more tonight; Parkview getting beat at home or Baily throwing for almost 500 yards at the Panther Pitt? lol. No "lights out" tonight Frenchie!
  4. So Lowndes v Marietta. Where at? This will be a good one!
  5. yeah not sure why PCC and DeMatha don't play more often. Somewhat easy ride b/n the schools. Cool venues in each area. Both schools have a nice following. Sounds liked a kickoff classic in thte makings.
  6. a couple of those seasons when CB West was #3 or 4, they ended up playing Erie Prep who was ranked #6 or 7 each season. Great title games, I still break those out occasionally when up at the cabin.
  7. sad to hear for sure. RIP coach. I really got into that rivalry b/n Jenks and Union, both regular season and title games.
  8. Agreed but the younger folks don't see it. Those are two excellent programs in one hell of a game!!! Anytime you bring up the tradition and history of PA football, you hear the same old shit from the same ole' people, lol. Not worth it. But really glad you had a chance to see some o fthe old school PA teams in playoff and title games. The one thing I love about Pitt Central Catholic is they still put the quarterback under center and run out of the I-formation or split backfield. Old school is still cool school.
  9. Prep pulls it out 31-24 on a beautiful Fall day in Altoona, lol. Marvin Harrison Jr. is so smooth and so good, dang tOSU is getting a good one for sure!!! I wish I could have seen his father play in high school just to see who's better but dang Jr. is good!!!
  10. tough pick for Heisman - both he and Fields deserve it for sure. And he did his damage even with missing two games!
  11. I'd like to see him at Villanova or James Madison or the likes
  12. some were hoping Tate would have not only stayed at tOSU but started there for the next seven or eight seasons..
  13. Wow, its been about four five seasons over the last six or seven that these two are not making the trip to Hershey.
  14. https://www.maxpreps.com/scoreboard/football/state/pennsylvania.htm here, its just too windy chilly to keep texting this nonsense.
  15. this might be a better game than many think. SC a good team, no superstars but good team when healthy.
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