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  1. 4. NorthWestern 3. Vero Beach 9. Cardinal Gibbons 2. Seton Hall Prep SHP 10. Grayson 8. Denton Guyers 7. Lakota West 1. North Little Rock 5. North Gwinnett 6. CHS Columbia
  2. Yep and that game was loaded with BIG HITS and big plays all game long. Energy level through the roof and the game was absolutely one of the best GA games I've ever seen.
  3. Warner Robins v Ware always a good game! 2008 Northside v Ware takes the cake tho!!! Big time hits in the swamp.
  4. Somebody need to check in on Ole Rab. He's losing his mind b/c we all know Diamond Dave Hunter is somehow behind this shit move against South Ga football. Fucking war time I believe. AJC reads tomorrow morning; South GA invades northern section above "Da Loop". Ole crazy dude w/ American Legion buddies in Panzers knocking out Spaghetti Junction on a Friday afternoon and then looking to surround and block all access into Grayson Friday night. Ole Rab going to be one of the hosts on ESPN. They just don't know it yet, lmao.
  5. before you know it, me and Vol gonna be fightin' for 1st place. You all enjoy it now, lmao!
  6. Not sure if I have the right school and/or name but there was a running back years ago, think the name was Cody Johns??? Wasn't he a pretty awesome tailback for Los Al at one time? found him and correction; Cody Paul was the running back.
  7. I always remember the speed both teams had during the 90's. I remember all three games I saw were won by a touchdown or less too. I lived on Murdock lane in Byron GA at that time and a nearby neighbor's son was one of the linebackers during the mid 90's. I loved me some Peach County football back in the day! They packed the stands for small school ball.
  8. this game has always been a good one. hell go back to the 90's and these two had some epic battles. can't remember which season but two or three seasons in a row (might have been 94-96) PC and CC were league foes and usually played last game of the regular season. I made that drive down 75 to Crisp a few times but those few mid 90s games were topshelf for sure.
  9. @Duckburghsfinest1987 bro here you go w/ an Estes game I never did find the one I had but this game is a better one of his than what I had!
  10. I'll go with Lakota West and St X. for the Ohio picks
  11. 10. MIAMI CENTRAL 2. Columbia CHS 1, AHP 9. SJR 8. Hoover 7. Hewitt-Trussville 6. ArchBitchup Rummel 5. Roswell 4. Tucker 3. Saguaro
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