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  1. Troll. YOU wouldn’t. I’m clearly well past that. I’ve been patient and understanding, but I’ll be as quick as I need to be now. I’m over it. Show me otherwise and I’ll listen. These Aholes don’t listen to anyone else. As a former (real) democrat, I know exactly where beliefs and values stand in terms of liberalism. i know that oh so many innocent lives have been negatively affected by these A-Holes that are so quick to look down upon and control the common folk. But please remember, as I’ve “boasted” so many times, I am experienced in terms of government, education, social, and economics that I guarantee that no other clown on here can match. And if you can, let yourself be known. I’d love to hear about your experiences so that we can share with the class.
  2. I have absolutely 100%, ZERO, nada faith in the people that have everything to gain from this. I'll let you figure out who those people/party/ideology that is.
  3. Sigh. Whatever, man. The Devil is not "everywhere"...just on the left. Sounds like your friend needs to get out more. Or maybe he doesn't and he's right. Not my call. Me? I didn't grow up in a small town. In fact, I grew up in the one of the most populated areas in the US. I've seen my area go from normal to fucking liberal and it's now destroyed by said ideology. Let me tell you something else, BB. I've been down in the shit my entire career. I've seen people die from trauma, and socioeconomic shit YOU and your pussy friends here can't even imagine. I didn't just fall off of the turnip truck, and for you (and others) to dismiss my "knowledge" is fucking offensive (to me). But don't worry, I'll get over it. I've got a bachelor's and master's degree from two prestigious universities. I've seen the liberal academic establishment at work first-hand on our youth. You offend me with this crap. Go fuck yourself. YOU are the guy in the small town. 👍
  4. You're center ring supporting the BULLSHIT. Nice job, Barnibum. 🤣
  5. True. But my gut and logic tells me that the number that is being reported is the ABSOLUTE highest. And I am 110% certain that the number is being over-reported. That said, THAT number will never be actually known because there aren't any autopsies being performed. ANYONE that has anything that is remotely close to the signs and symptoms of the Wuhan has that being the COD. I used to ask myself why the hell do people WANT this to be so bad. Well...now we know (actually is was right in front of our faces the whole time). I don't need to bother myself with such obvious answers to obvious questions any longer.
  6. I don't believe that it's as bad as it is. Only gullible fools and people who want the virus to win for their own agenda, actually buy into these BS numbers that the media is feeding us. All real, evolving scientific data (something that the left completely ignores) is showing that the death count is highly debatable, and our response to this has been a catastrophic failure (thanks to Fauci and the tyrannical governors) in pretty much every regard....as my little snapshot of data from my county indicated. I thought that dipshit noon "debunked" this fact. But hey, what the hell do these doctors know.... California doctors say they've seen more deaths from suicide than coronavirus since lockdowns
  7. California doctors say they've seen more deaths from suicide than coronavirus since lockdowns
  8. We KNOW which way it's gonna go. There will be a few more hotspots, life will go on, and the media and left will continue to lose their shit to discredit Trump and destroy the economy while acting like it's Armageddon...chapter 35. We'll look back on this (in 9 mo.) and we collectively (well...rational and normal people) will scream W-T-F did we do??!!! "Let's just see..."🤣….Goooooo Viiiirus!
  9. I have never been so happy to be sitting in bumper to bumper traffic😎. Pretty sure that the only thing left that isn't open is entertainment. You can be anywhere and everywhere, but just don't have fun doing it. Go figure🤔
  10. Good data. And I'm about 110% certain that "covid" deaths are being over-reported. So there's that, too.
  12. What a coincidence. I said...you’re an unethical pussy. And I ain’t kiddin’.🤣
  13. (Shock) Go figure. Shit...didn’t see THAT comin’🙄
  14. And you are a pussy. An unethical little vagina that is afraid of his (we assume) own unethical shadow.
  15. This is some funny ass shit, I tell ya. You gullible, scared, lame sad goofy fucks are determined to go down with this ship, aren’t ya? You’re just DYiNG (no pun intended) to have this overhyped cold virus be then end of mankind. Dig those heels in, douchebags. I’ve seen the data personally, spoken to people “in the know”, and see what I see in some dense places of CA. I can tell ya that you will be alone soon enough. But keep praying for the virus to win just to prove us wrong. Dumb fucks🤣
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