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  1. I think that it's telling that when "we" make a mistake, we own it. The left blatantly lies and makes shit up. Then they are proven wrong every time โ€ฆ.literally. But they just move on to the next lie (or manufactured story) because nobody other than a handful of people hold them accountable. The MSM is no longer the watchdog. They are complicit pillow-fluffers for the clown show...CLEARLY. Then ya have the minions out here defending that garbage even in the face of proof...like actual video and audio of their agenda coming right from their mouths. Very much unlike the anonymous, BS, made up, "leaky", "whistleblower" crap that the clown show is scheming on behind closed doors. What a joke. I can't wait for Trump to steamroll this election....and THEN take back the House. Then our government can actually get back to governing policy for ...you know...the people they were elected to represent.
  2. I agree. Praying, like nobodyโ€™s business, that we are correct. ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ™
  3. My only concern that this will not be a normal election. There will be record turnout for both sides (which will result in a Trump win). And we can only imagine what BS the left is going to try as the time counts down KNOWING that they will not beat Trump in the EC. I personally think that Trump wins the pop vote as well. However, we are in scary times as the unhinged, lying, cheating, destroying, unethical, immoral, Never Trumper-win-at-any-and-all-cost-loser, TDS infected, democrap clown show has become desperate. They have demonstrated daily to have the attitude of "our country be damned" that Trump won't win again. They are more-than- willing to tear down our democracy to regain power and keep the swamp full and functioning as normal.
  4. I prefer to refer to as the ensuing bloodbath, myself.
  5. Blueliner


    The dems know this. And sadly they are, and will continue to make a concerted effort to tank this economy and enter into a recession. Picture this. The economy tanks, and a recession ensues. Trump isnโ€™t re-elected, and a socialist dem is elected to office. Now millions are once again dependent upon the govt. just what the doctor ordered for the left. And the absolute death of America as we know it. ....which is what the left wants. Make no mistake, this is a huge election coming up.
  6. Blueliner


    No doubt about it. 110% true. They will do anything, say anything, pay anything, destroy anything and anyone to overthrow our duly-elected President.
  7. Blueliner


    And here is a lunatic leftist dodging, diverting, spinning, and just generally making shit up as usual. Nobody wants to "lose money", goofy. But the lying, unethical, fascist, elite leftists are willing to take a financial hit to take down a duly-elected President (because they can). All of you lunatic leftist minion (and the rest of us) will be the ones holding the bag the bag. Then we could watch one of the lunatic dem prez candidates "rebuild" our country into some shithole that resembles Venezuela. Hey...but at least Trump, this great economy, and record unemployment (among other things) would be gone.
  8. That is some funny stuff. Need more of this. I wanna see these clowns go down to Texas or Alabama and try this garbage and see how it works out for them.
  9. Forgot about Conn. VT will probably stay blue as well. But you get the idea๐Ÿ‘ #bloodbathensuingin2020
  10. I bet you guys were bad ass. Thank God we still have men and women that still love our country, what it was founded upon, what it stands for, and will defend it against all enemies foreign and domestic. Thank you, brother (hand....salute)
  11. Just had a 4.7 earthquake centered about 1 mile from where I am. I'm from CA so I'm used to quakes. I thought that this one would be more than 4.7...shook really good for about 20 seconds. Being right on top of the epicenter must have made it seem stronger. Makes sense. Damage will be a minimum if any at all. Praying that's the case.
  12. Russ. I'm sorry, brother for the loss of your buddy and fellow amazing patriot-warrior. Bless him and his family. Keep the faith, my man. ๐Ÿ™
  13. Attacking is their go-to move. It's what they do. I know...let's attack the guy who outed a bunch of unethical liars that are deceiving the American people, and harassing a sitting US President. Makes sense to me. If that doesn't work after failing miserably, they dodge, dive, divert, jazz hands, smoke screens, or just flat out make shit up....anything but answer the question...as we witnessed noon in full display earlier. PS. I always appreciate your wit and keeping it real/balanced. ๐Ÿ‘
  14. So you're saying that this whole CNN story is fake?
  15. I predict that that CA, NY, IL, MA, HI, OR, WA (state and DC), CO, and VA will be blue. These are the Never Trumper states that embrace illegals, weed, and lawlessness at all costs....oh and one is home of The Swamp. The rest will be red. You heard it here. Unless the left somehow manufactures a scandal that sticks (God only knows they're trying), this is going to be an absolute bloodbath.
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