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  1. Too many questions to answer considering where I am currently.....stand by, woke fuck.........
  2. You’e gonna lose you, anti-American shitbag. Enjoy. 😊
  3. ‘preciate it. But here’s the thing. Unless you wake the the fuck up (not “woke”), ya gonna lose....at least in YOUR lifetime. Are you ready for that? Are you ready to die for your cause? Because I like 10s of millions are. As crazy as that sounds, but it’s really not that crazy if you analyze it from a historical perspective. This is OUR moment/blip in history. Literally tens of millions of us are out there. You just don’t get that do ya? Enjoy CNN...they’re like a warm blanky for you. America...as our founders imagined it....is going to prevail..at least through THIS generation. I’d love to
  4. These assholes cut their civics class to smoke a spiff out behind the field. Oh wait...was civics even taught at their schools? 🤔
  5. Show me the data that backs up this stupid ass USAT article. You stupid fuck liberal puke sheep need to realize that you’ve been played. It’s not your fault, you don’t know any better. But there is still time for your to be free. #matrix
  6. Unlike you...you immature, UN-American, indoctrinated, slave, woke fuck. I have many more levels of “insufferable prick” -ness to get to...believe you me...before I am through. You just don’t get it, do ya, asshole? Even if you’re right (which you’re not), there’s literally MILLIONS of other REAL PATRIOTS that are ready to stand behind one another or into my shoes to save this great nation. No joke...this how our founders must have felt as they pondered defying Great Britain. THIS is what you and your pathetic ilk are up against going forward. No joke. Don’t let CNN tell you oth
  7. Standing by. ...as I said before...I will be an insufferable prick (more than usual) within a month. Be ready.
  8. Good grief. The same of course. But there are FAR LESS crazy ass, far right, closed-minded racists than “normal” kids and young adults that have been poisoned by the advent of social media (the “Gospel” for youth today)...that’s the truth despite what CNN is telling you. I’ve been around the block once or twice. You may not like my views, but I KNOW WTF I’m taking about based on experience. Its not rocket science. These people understand human nature, have technology on their side, and don’t have any moral nor ethical compass....a very bad combo. Let me give you some ”wisdom”...as others befor
  9. I just don’t understand why/how liberal pukebags don’t want to get to the bottom of......DEMAND!!! ....to get to the bottom of this!!! Oh wait...(in a high pitched little bitch voice) “I’ve been asking for proof...but not willing to wait because I’m a never-trumper”. Its not over yet.. let the evidence be presented. That said, TONS of evidence had been presented...for people willing to trust their eyes. But. Oh wait. Russia collusion? Impeachment? Domestic/foreign election interference? 24/7/365 harassment of sitting POTUS....I could go on and on. noting to see here (lol)🤣. I literally am b
  10. Let’s keep it real. Tonight. Real Americans.....! Tonight.... BL (that’s me)....like so many other REAL Americans..UNLiKE you gay gullible, fucking ass , stupid, socialist, liberal, basement- dwelling pukebags...have had enough of this shit. Serious as a fucking heart attack. If you think that America is gong down like l that? You’re sadly mistaken....be ready. Because I’m serious. WE (Patriots) are ready for you. WE ARE SERIOUS ...... about 100 million other American Patriots are sooooooooo over you. O-ver-the-fuck over you...Basement boys and girls .We are fucking pissed. I am simply
  11. Right!!!?....the witching hour is coming .😎🇺🇸😎🇺🇸😎
  12. Enjoy your JV “wins”. I now realize that you’re a card carrying member of the TDS posse. All good. To each his own. All good Captains go down with the ship. 🤣
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