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  1. Right. That’s why we know Trump is “kicking ass” there👍
  2. You mean the riots? Yes...definitely superspreader events. Keep em coming. This great stuff🤣
  3. What? Are laughing like Camel-a when she was broadsided by 60 min? That was funny shit. She was like how dare you ask me a real question? I’ll laugh like a fucking hyena with hemorrhoids while I figure out how to respond....kinda like what your doing now 🤣
  4. Fact check this numbnutz. Blacks continuing to leave the self-hating whitey plantation in droves. This tweet alone had over a half million likes and God knows how many retweets by his 35 million followers. Uh oh 😧 🤣
  5. I should say he’s getting his ass kicked relatively speaking compared to elections past proportions. If you believe the people on the ground, that 73% is going to be much lower come Nov. 3.
  6. Dementia is getting ass kicked in Miami-Dade so far.
  7. Hell effing no. He’s a dead man walking wherever he steps foot in the Sunshine State. Sorry noon. There’s just not enough voters that “hate Trump” as there sole factor for ruining our country by voting for a man that is corrupt and has dementia.
  8. Nothing to see here, bro. CNN was talking all day about Trump’s music playlist at his rallies. Can’t make this shit up. I am sooooooooo glad that I left the plantation, and thank GOD🙏for our great President Trump! 😎🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
  9. I have to admit that this is accurate...and I have Verizon. 🤣
  10. Sorry, bro. I had to give you a thumbs down on principle alone. And not to mention...nooner...please perform a cerebral-anal extraction immediately. I beg of you.
  11. Quick and honest question. What’s your take on all of the censorship going on against conservatives? ...and please don’t say that there is no there there. Thanx.
  12. I almost gave you a thumbs down for this one. Almost...
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