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  1. Because he’s talking about ALL people…not just black people. He’s a God-fearing, law-abiding citizen of Tenn.that appears to believe in capital punishment. His prerogative. His track record is solid. He stepped on his dick (considering the political landscape), and he should have to answer to it…which he has done the best that he can at this point. I say move on. We’ll see where it goes from here. There is no better way. I personally wouldn’t have said it. But I know what he meant. Y’all are gonna have ZERO understanding nor any kind of forgiveness (tolerance). This is what’s wrong with our nation. That’s said, we have been tolerant to all of the political leftist BS for decades. Where has it gotten us? “Just let us get married”…ok…you men can get married. Now look where we are…trying to protect our kids from pedo drag shows. It never ends either the left/marxists.
  2. What’s going on in LA? Crime, poverty, illiteracy, incest…and dumbs ass racist morons on message boards. I’m sure there’s more…
  3. Oh…and stop sending this crazy-ass Texas weather up this way. It crazy outside right now. 😳
  4. Respect him? Yes. Could he have used a better choice of words? Absolutely. I personally would have said it differently. But at the same time, I’m not a melting snowflake. And I have experience (some local), education, and common sense enough to know that it had exactly ZERO racial implications to it, and that we sometimes put our foot in our mouths. But of course, all y’all wanna make it into that because you’re snowflakes that are offended by everything (and have an agenda), and still living in 1865-1968. East Tennessee is a beautiful place where we all get along. I guess I’m in the right place.
  5. I’m doing just fine even though my net worth has gone down significantly since the demented shitbag and his crew started calling shots to intentionally dismantle America. I’ll survive, no question. Because I’m “wealthy”. However, MANY Americans are not doing so hot. One does not have to look very far to see the destructive effects of the last 2 years of Biden-American policy. This is THE worst America that I’ve lived in since Carter’s regime. There’s no close second. It was Geri g better year after year, then all of a sudden…this. Absolute garbage. This shit make Obama look like an actual America-first POTUS. Carry on.
  6. Tennessee is fucking awesome! Especially East Tennessee. I just love how our politicians listen to us constituents; good ol’ boys (hillbillies that some dipshit fucks affectionally call ‘em)up here love God, and vigorously protect strong American values and our awesome 2nd amendment. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s like being…free…here🤷‍♂️. More states should follow suit.
  7. 2009 Obama was POTUS. Dems controlled House (pelosi was speaker), dems controlled the Senate. That’s odd 🤔
  8. Have you been paying attention to the career leadership democrats that have become gaseous, decomposing, evil cretins for the party? Asking for a friend.
  9. You’ll appreciate this. I’m originally from the bay area. Until about 25 years or so ago, the city of Oakland’s hotbed for violence, drugs, and prostitution was the legendary (or notorious) E. 14th Street that spanned from one end of Oakland to the other. The new name…MLK Blvd. The thinking behind the name change was to clean up its and the city’s image. Forget fixing the problem, just change the name. The old saying of “you can’t put lipstick on a pig” appropriately applies here🤣. But don’t be too shocked when I tell you that it’s only gotten worse over the decades. …and of course the worst area of town here in Knoxville is…wait for it….has MLK Blvd running straight through it. Go figure.
  10. Yeah. Public health. Go figure huh🤷‍♂️. Unfortunately, I missed the class where they taught that science is a sociological theory and not actually real science where it’s all about questioning the methods and outcomes. Just know that I’m not the only student and colleague that missed that class. Pretty sure you know my stance on the Joseph Mengele lawn gnome.
  11. That’s a great story! I personally didn’t know him in that way as a freshmen in his 2nd semester. I remember him being a pretty cool professor though. They both taught a lot of philosophy and some psych courses as well. Philosophy 105 was something along the lines of “The meaning of life and death”. That may not be the exact title, but you get the idea. I am asked that frequently. I just happened to grow up literally 1/2 mile from one of the only ice rinks in the bay area (and CA for that matter back then) that had select hockey teams. My buddies and I took a bike trip over to check it out when I was 7, and the never looked back. Ended up on traveling teams…and boy did we have to travel to get competitive games. Much different today. Ended up at UMass with hopes to play with real elite competition. I try’d out as a walk-on, and managed to stick for a couple of years before I realized that my ambitions apparently exceeded my talent level 🤣. I guess I did alright considering the level of play. I will always cherish and be grateful for that opportunity. I still play today albeit only in beer leagues. Keeps me in shape for sure.
  12. Correct. I grew up in the bay. I played hockey at UMass and moved back after I graduated. Finished a masters in 2010…to help get a promotion. Worked out for the most part 👍 Not a stretch! I remember them both. I actually took Philosophy 105 from Bob Sleigh in 1988. I never got to meet nor take a class from Feldman though. I believe that both must retired by now…or close to it. I take it that you know them?
  13. Sorry BB. Just saw this. Was logged off for a few days to take a couple of deep breaths to re-center. Oh yeah. Berkeley has changed over the years, but it’s definitely still a cool town…for a non-sports town at least 🤣. It’s beautiful geographically and architecturally. I lived just next door to Berkeley in Walnut Creek. I can kinda relate to what your describing. Saw a lot of places come and go in my time growing up in that area. I have a BA in psychology from Umass and a masters in public health from UCB. That’s why I am so passionate about the absurdity (in my humble opinion) of the origins and our government/media’s subsequent response to it. Probably gonna get canceled now just for saying that 🤣
  14. Yes. The system still exists. But I’m convinced that through life and experience, the system had been weakened to the point where it needed to be…re-strengthened…maybe that’s why the world is in chaos. But fine…let’s fix the system. Suggestions? But just know that fixing/compliance by legislation and force are not going to bode well for ANY of us long term. White people only “rule” as much as you let them. And for the record, through my experience, we’ve been fighting for equality for decades, and it’s never been more equitable than it is right here right now. Is is perfect? Probably not. But why go back 75 years? That’s what’s happening with all of this is. Force doesn’t work. Understandably, black folk didn’t like it and neither do white people. There’s an attempt to pull a coup on the majority and they’re not just gonna roll over and take it…just like blacks people didn’t acquiesce. Fair warning. Yes. I do think that the communities have what it takes. It just takes vision and commitment by strong, influential leaders. Keep in mind. Its a long game. It’s not gonna happen over night. But we are and have been on the right track. I’ve lived it. I hope that we don’t continue to ruin all of the gains that have been made. There is no “blame” brother. It just IS. I used to be angry because of the initial hand I was dealt in life. That resentment and anger only hurt ME and mine. Fortunately, I acquired a certain amount of acceptance that enabled me to have a pretty good life. Interestingly enough, I’m kind of in the same boat again today…just circumstances have changed a bit. Working on it.
  15. Good question. I’m not sure that they solve any problems…as you already noted. But logic would dictate that their mere presence must curtail at least some illegal activity and violence. I’m down with reallocating funds to areas that will help citizens as long as the neighborhoods don’t plunge into complete anarchy, which would be highly likely. So that would entail the communities to be on board. Are they? It’s like a chicken or the egg thing now. The irony is that even though we debate, we are the ones actually debating. Not too many others are thanks to the media. Sigh.
  16. I’m with ya for the most part. I believe that we need strong and ethical leaders from our black communities to lead us. Not leaders like we have today that sellout to “the man” at the sight of a dollar, and then the neighborhoods stay the same and or get worse. Because that’s what’s happening. To me, this isn’t hard. But the citizens of said neighborhoods would have to be on board as well. It would take a commitment. Change will NOT happen via legislation and force. We are Americans…THAT should be our binding fabric to facilitate change. How come nobody ever pushes this message? You’re gonna hate this, but Trump is the only one remotely peddling this message.
  17. We DO think. I could ask the same to you. But white (and black) LIBERALS have made black communities what they are. I get it, it was a “system” at one point, but now major urban areas have been run and ruined by dems for decades. At what point do black communities stand the eff up and take control of OUR current situation and future? It’s easy to keep blaming the white man, but who and what does that serve? What are WE going to do about it? Keep bitching and fighting? I certainly don’t believe the republicans are the be-all end-all in terms of solutions (far from it actually), but damn…don’t blame them when the left has been calling the shots for 75 years in these areas. Everyone wants to bitch rather than step up to facilitate REAL change. Either we come together as people or we let DC continue to do what they’re doing…which is successfully getting 50% of the nation to hate the other 50%. This isn’t neuroscience.
  18. Good post. Thanks for sharing. Although, I must disagree that the police “don’t fix anything”, but your point is duly noted and I agree with what you’re saying for the most part. Not sure how much the system in its current configuration helps our plight. That said, I believe that police are necessary…or we go back to the Wild West…which is kinda happening already unfortunately. I’d like to see measurable and REAL changes to the system to get to what you’re talking about. Although, we battle at times. I’m tired of this truly…unnecessary conflict that we have today. I bet that I’m not alone. WE can make a difference…the day that WE can come together is the day that we can make some gains. The left and right love us fighting with each other. Sells their BS. I believe that WE are closer than we might think…and closer than THEY want. Probably why the world is such a shit show today.
  19. Wait what?! I thought all you lefties think that higher learning makes you better than us deplorables. Willie (and many others) certainly seems to think so. I wish things were different too. I wish we could get along. But considering the landscape of today, I conduct myself just fine. I just learned a bit ago that you’ve gotta fight fire with fire to not let your rights get trampled upon. Sitting back and letting you and your ilk destroy our great nation is NOT an option any longer. Not in my book at least. I’m a nice guy, a tolerant and loving guy …until you trample on my and other Americans’ rights. Then I’m what you’re getting right now. Get used to it. Grow a pair. There’s LOTS of us. The days of letting the left (and right for that matter) walk over us is over. In my book at least. You’re indoctrinated, so you’re gonna just go with the current program and never question anything. I get it. And fyi…since you brought it up again, I didn’t attend UT. I only live here. A great place btw. I went to UMass-Amherst and Cal (for my masters). As Ive already stated, higher education doesn’t mean squat at the end other day. It’s only part of the puzzle in this thing that we call life. In addition, I’ve had the privilege of working in public service for 30 years. That’s where I LEARNED the most. ….what say you Einstein? Flash some wisdom.
  20. Although, I don’t necessarily disagree with you, but I feel that you’ve overly simplified the common remedies to fix the problem. I assure you that in white neighborhoods in the Bay Area, typically mom and dad’s house isn’t turned into a drug house where addicts can walk up to the door to buy shit. I hate to say it…but it is fairly common in Oakland…especially on the east side. Houses and streets have been turned over to gangs selling junk. It’s 100x worse now than when you were there. That said, plenty of white kids have been busted for selling drugs in suburbia N. Cal…and I’d imagine across the nation as well. So why aren’t you asking yourself as to WHY black neighborhoods and communities have been saddled with oppressive governing…by DEMOCRATS…for over 75 years? Then blame the police for trying to keep order in a war zone? The police (and their occasional aggressiveness) are a symptom of the problem. Not THE problem. Just like drug use is merely a symptom of addiction. Can you tell me with a straight face that black neighborhoods would be better off without cops?…or cops that just let them do whatever the hell that they want, while serving lattes and bagels to all of the dope slangers and all of the bruthas that are killing other bruthas? What’s your solution? A realistic solution?
  21. Ok you got me. I’m stupid🙄. How old are you? 19? 20? Apparently, my masters degree from one of the premier universities (which now I know means very little at the end of the day) in this nation doesn’t accurately reflect my the “stupidity” that you clearly see…in your ultimate wisdom🤣. I certainly bamboozled them 🤣…and that’s why I know that indoctrination is real. I saw it first hand. And I see it now. See…you can’t win this squirt. I’ve intimately experienced the left’s AND right’s agenda and intentions, all sides of the identity politics BS since it sadly was enabled since before you were born, and I’ve lost count of the fucking different Armageddons that the left has been pushing for decades (yet here we are alive still…shock😳). I have seen and experienced events that you’ll NEVER experience. I don’t have to work another day in my life if I dont wish to….and I ran with scissors while chewing gum at the same time. Not bragging, but you brought it all up. I know that you’re indoctrinated. And in my extensive experience with the indoctrinated, you cant reason with them/you. So I see it as a badge of honor that we can’t agree. Reasoning is simply not a tool in your tool box. I get it. I know that my moral compass is pointing north. So DO tell me how my…what?…test scores as you bizarrely and randomly mentioned? … continue to point to that I’m “stupid”.
  22. WTF is wrong with you?! The economy is NOT fine, asshole. Once again, you just know any better…yet. Those of us who’ve been around the block once or twice can assure you that the economy sucks. Take Econ 101 and get back to us. And the world is changing. “Progression” is good, but we’re not changing for the better. That’s what pisses us off. You’ll understand one day when your balls drop, junior. Until then, ignorance is bliss for you and you ilk.
  23. You are what’s wrong with our this and next generation. Clearly you’re not as smart as you think you are (trust me you’re not) you’re gullible, and you have zero ability to question shit. You have people older and more experienced than you telling you shit, but you think you’re smarter…typical. I did the same thing when I was like 17.
  24. Not sure I’m dealing in absolutes. But your point is duly noted. That said, that’s the problem. We have literally 1/3 (or more) of the country that’s be completely indoctrinated and has zero ability to critically look at shit. Plenty of examples right here in this forum. THAT said, I’ll keep it real, it’s not unique to this generation. But there’s so many outlets (compared to back in the day) out there to review, that gives us the ability to come to obvious and logical conclusions if you’re willing and have the ability to do so. Universities “educate” our youth (and they think they’re “smart”), but it’s funny (sad) how the availability and enrollment of classes that offer actual logic and reasoning have fallen drastically over the past few decades. And the generation of today don’t even want to entertain the idea as to WHY. Because they’re indoctrinated. 🤷‍♂️
  25. Whatever smart guy. Continue to enjoy your ignorance…and being a douche.
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