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  1. And the last decade team all time was your Eagles from St. Edward😀 that’s Ohio👍 Coletrain, what’s up? Be safe
  2. Had an order today for WVU only 20% ordered because football not happening this year. Hope they are wrong , need the 80% and football! 😩
  3. Wow The program needs to fit both school and more important the student! kind of easy or pass
  4. Opposing coaches are a good source. I know and learned.
  5. I'd rather be the scientist than this dude OP here noonereal😉
  6. Kids need help and some coaches are not qualified, Reach out to other coaches not only your school but other schools.
  7. Wow! Hope this does happen in other states.
  8. Damn Drop who was confusing and started this thread? in 2 hours you could have walked around the block, had 2 glasses of wine or watched an X rated movie. Then done the other two😀
  9. 😐 But he' s cool and how can you judge this one? Goodnight is best
  10. Where were you 4 years ago? Funny bunny you know now 😐
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