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  1. Yea but don’t need 3 naked guys by you to prove it @go-red
  2. The ambiance lighting looks special is Ginger next or Mary Ann ? 😀
  3. Watching the rankings there are 1-3 per a team like AL per year @steeler probably knows for sure
  4. A little scrimmage action from yesterday
  5. In Ohio LW#3 vs X 8 Springfield #4 vs Iggy #7 Sorry only in state games gotcha covered weeks 2&3
  6. Rock Creek has a couple dudes but not a complete Football team. Nice folk.
  7. Hello Horse, long time no speak. Not a fan of Maxpreps either. Moeller’ s schedule mass Washington trinity Louisville East central IN good counsel X LaSalle elder iggy eds detroit king who is east central IN? So I picked up my Indiana 2022 football digest and see they were 4A and 10-3 last year and lost to Moeller 39-22 week 3 so a decent team @whiteshoesdid you know this and do you have the IN football digest? It’s awesome dude Horse, somehow they have a rating system like we all do. Ratings/rankings will surely change looking forward to your continued posts. hardhit1
  8. Yea PA 1&2’s Eds also plays CO 3 time champ Cherry Creek coached by former Browns player Dave Logan
  9. Some good OOS games and some good teams. More in 3 weeks😀
  10. For those who could not read the rankings since they want money it is: Eds Moeller LW Springfield Wayne PC Iggy X Marysville Fairfield
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