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  1. He’s got one like 😂 reliable no doubt
  2. I like that match up Bills 5 time losers ? they get there they finally finish
  3. Not today baby how life changes 😀
  4. Have you met GSB? you don’t half what you think😂
  5. You mean the 8 ball bitch LOL says the event coordinator 😆
  6. Don’t tell @GardenStateBaller that the schedules are complete Little nut alert 😂
  7. Yep just verifying it now thanks I gave you first like😀
  8. St Edward HS Football 2021 tentative schedule Toledo CC DC Woodson Mentor Elder Massillon BS Sycamore Iggy Canadian crap Moeller Hoban
  9. Really? of course he does not just look at the last 2 NC winners and that’s why they need to change Ewers a year away
  10. Only one hit the $1B last night keep on playing😂
  11. Well the fortune teller gets it wrong every now & then but this is why we are here 😂
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