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  1. I felt like Cen10 last year could have beaten SJB and at the very least give a run for their money
  2. I think the Maxpreps writers saw the MD allegations and lawsuits and were left with a sour taste in their mouth. Not wanting to put them at 1. They're journalists ofc they saw it.
  3. What's the deal with SJB's scheduling woes? I read somewhere from Jason and other SJB faithful that said teams won't play them but I also read from posters that SJB has left SFA and BG hanging for easier teams. SJB faithful: The oregon team has a 5 star TE who is the #1 TE/H back in the country. They were 14-0 last year and return everybody, they called bosco and the game is at autzen stadium at the university of oregon.And what is your deal with allen. Even after kyler murray left they have an incredible record. They have not lost more than 12 games total in the last 10 years. Their HC is chad morris. He was the OC at Clemson and then the HC at arkansas. Won a lot of games as a college coach. His W-L record at allen is incredible. Sure they are not national champions level but you make then sound like they are not a good team??And no the prep gridiron guy did not tell you bosco would not play SFA. #1 because its not true. #2 bc he wouldnt tell ppl that even if it was true.Funny how 1 randon troll doesnt think the bosco schedule is up to snuff but countless others praise bosco for another great schedule.Allen (who look it up) is literally 100-12 in the past few years.The oregon state champs with a 5 star skill players...in autzen stadium. U compare those guys to la habra.Another state champ from hawaii that won at their highest level.
  4. I mean unless the dude starts respecting the program first. Respect is a two way street,not one
  5. Are they both junior transfers? Also...why do you MD guys even give Sondy interviews? I would never give him the time of day if he slandered me like that lol
  6. Why don't more Florida teams step up to play Cali teams? The Florida teams have seen a lot of success in their history of showdowns with Cali teams. From a Cali dude
  7. Utah HSFB is definitely trying to make some noise. The Corner Canyon Football turnaround situation is very impressive. The HC Eric Khajar was the HC for Jordan HS in 2012. That year Jordan and SJB actually played and SJB won last minute on a 4th and 23 conversion. The final score was 34-33. SJB went 12-1 went that year and he's legit.
  8. Is this BG's make or break season? Also, hows Kenny Sanchez doing?
  9. Yes. Ofc MD has talent. But what I'm saying is, a lot of people assume they have IMG, SFA, STA, Gardena Serra type of talent where every single player on the field is a D-1 player. In 2013, Gardena Serra had Adoree Jackson and 9+ players in the NFL (I'm counting practice squad) with every player going D-1. They lost to Chaminade 38-35 and almost lost to Desert Ridge 28-22 that year at home. You're telling me that would happen to MD? Not a chance. MD's best DB last year was Cam who is considered a 3 star and is going to Cal. They also had a 5'9 160 pound corner. There's no way IMG or SFA would have those type of kids at their DB positions
  10. What are some programs in your state that you feel underacheives with the talent they have? Gardena Serra. Private school in the LA area LBP Poly. They once had the most NFL players before STA took them over. But they're a public school. Let that sink in. Narbonne back then. A lot of TX folks told me Duncanville underachieves.
  11. I'm talking about the OOS folks. Before Cen10 ever played IMG, Chandler, BG people dismissed Cen10 as "soft ass cali ball" or a "west coast defense". But IMG's HC literally just let Cen10 score on the last play because they couldn't stop them. HS Sports is still a very niche thing you'd be suprised. The Virginia folks thought Oscar Smith really had a chance against SJB. They were going to show up SJB, they packed the stadium. It was so packed they needed extra bleachers. When they lost 49-0 everybody was in a complete shock of how good SJB really is.
  12. Hope those Gorman boys develop good chemistry with the transfers. IMG has taught us all that transfers and heavy talent means nothing if they don't work together. Also, Miami Central brought in a handful of transfer studs but lacked any chemistry in their game against SJB
  13. To my knowledge their main runningback was Shakobe Harper, a 5'7 running back with one offer to play at Cal Poly. They had a few WRs Gardiner and Zamora who were undersized and had zero stars. The only offensive linemen they had worth noting was Myles Muraro a 4 star whos at Washington. The only guys were just team guys. Yet they beat IMG and SJB's best team in history with that offense. That is a phenomenal coaching job by their staff.
  14. Cen10 is hands down the most underrated Socal program. It's why I want them to play more OOS games. People will see how good they really are
  15. Mater Dei also has excellent coaching and discipline. Them beating IMG was completely based on coaching ability. Serra, LBP, Narbonne are teams off the top of my head who have had top tier talent but haven't come close. I remember reading an article from a Corona centennial player back when they played that he said Mater Dei was by far the most physical team he's played. Bishop Gorman said that as well. Bergen Catholic's Nunzio also said Mater Dei's physicality was far impressive. Obviously they're not a perfect program but it's worth noting. Bishop Gorman is going to have a handful to deal with
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