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  1. It is important to know and respect your child's likes and preferences while preparing a meal plan for them. It is good to involve children every once in a while to choose and prepare their own meals. This will help in developing their taste palates and interest in food. Here are a few recipes that are not only easy to make but delicious too: Ingredients: Multigrain flour, capsicum, onion, tomato, mayonnaise, butter, mozzarella cheese, tomato ketchup, and salt. Method: Make soft dough with the multigrain flour and water. Make two chapattis and let those cool down a bit. Wash, clean all veggies and chop finely. Take a pan and brush it with a little butter. Sauté all the veggies, sprinkle a pinch of salt and Epishield Plus Review keep it aside. Take a chapatti evenly spread mayonnaise on it. Spread all the sautéed veggies. Grate Mozzarella cheese on it and cover it with another roti. Heat a pan, drizzle a little butter. Put the chapatti pizza carefully on the pan. Cook it from both the sides. Serve with Ketchup on the side. https://consumerscomment.com/epishield-plus-review/
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