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  1. Lowndes is usually a power house , how are they looking this year ? One thing I’ve always heard is their fan base is huge so their home games are awesome.
  2. Now granted anything can change once the season kick off, but by season end it will be good to see whose rankings were most accurate. So feel free to post your top 15 south Florida rankings below
  3. We’re 2 weeks away from kick off of the 2022 season, we have a lot of great teams, great matchups & a few dark horses. so if I had to rank the top 15, this is how it would look. #1. MIAMI central #2. chaminade Madonna #3. St THOMAS #4. Miami northwestern #5. Dillard #6 homestead # 7American heritage #8 western #9 cardinal gibbons #10 Gulliver prep #11 plantation #12 avant- grande #13 killian #14 Columbus #15 MIAMI Norland
  4. Lol a the bigger win for us the better it’s been a while since we had a OOS matchup and with the team we have this year we need to make a statement right out the gate.
  5. This is my first time hearing about them as well lol. Apparently they’re a private school out of BALTIMORE who has done a lot of recruiting this off season & have been doing a lot of trash talking lol. they must have something to be chosen to participate in the broward county national OOS showcase, so we will see lol.
  6. Rock creek Christian academy (MD) @ Dillard which is apart of the broward county national showcase
  7. Appreciate the support my guy, it’s going to be a great year with a lot of great matchups. i can hear our band cranking up now lol.
  8. I don’t think Dillard sweeps that gauntlet. With two being on the road early in the season I can see Dillard going 2-1. At worst 1-2. as great as our roster appear to be on paper Dillard has to show up each week. I do know 1 thing for sure, they will be battle tested come playoff time.
  9. Interesting Dillard plays #13 week 2, #15 Week 5 & #5 week 7 It’s almost time boys. Almost time.
  10. I’m saving them right now! That’s some history right there
  11. Yessir I’ll be there. Dillard first out of state opponent in almost 10 years.
  12. Actually this is my first account on this board. Apparently there was another Dillard poster on here, but it wasn’t me lol.
  13. You hit the nail right on the head. STA scored 9 points off of special teams. early in the game they got a safety, & as you seen in the highlight clip with 2 min left in the game down 14-16 Dillard had a 4th and goal at STA 8 yard line & instead of going for it they elected to kick it & it was blocked & returned for a touchdown which gave STA their 24-14 victory.
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