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  1. what do you guys think? good hire? https://www.tennessean.com/story/sports/high-school/2023/01/24/kevin-mawae-lipscomb-academy-replaces-trent-dilfer-what-to-know/69743881007/
  2. yeah it was a good year but those top guys are a whole different level. I wish oakland would have come to LA to play this year but I dont think they wanted to play again. I think LA got lucky with the thompson win and I think oakland knows they were lucky, too.
  3. thanks for sharing your thoughts. 2 other interesting games were against CPA (who hammered state champ oakland). they put up over 700 yds of offense on them the first game and then held them to 80 yards of total offense in the championship game. their schedule will definitely be tougher across the board moving up a division next year. fingers crossed the new coach keeps it rolling... have a good day!
  4. im curious why you have lipscomb academy in the top 10? it's my team so I don't mind : ), it's just higher than other polls.
  5. I think he did that pretty well. might find other parents with a different opinion...
  6. thanks for the responses, y'all. much appreciated. lipsomb's team definitely changed and some kids didn't fit well but there were no huge issues. mostly, kids would leave over not getting enough playing time more than disciplinary issues that I know of. kids certainly came to play for him but nashville, like a lot of southern cities, is exploding with people moving from north and west so lots was organic, I think.
  7. so trent dilfer came to our school which had only won 3 games in the two prior seasons. in his 4 seasons, lipscomb academy went to the state title game 3 times and won the last 2 and got a little national attention. in addition attracting and developing talent, LA has an indoor practice facility, new weight room, turf field and jumbotron. it was a pretty quick turn around and fun to be a part of for sure. so, I have 2 questions for you guys... do you think dilfer will have success at UAB? he had not coached at all before coming to LA. will that translate to college? do you think lipscomb is an attractive job now and can the success continue through a coaching change? just curious to hear from folks who have been following high level high school football longer than I have...
  8. nevermind. I just realized you are talking standings, not rankings. so sorry. my brain is clearly not fully functioning...
  9. so 6-1 vs 5-1 outweighs head to head competition, particularly a one sided blowout? how about 9-1 on a stronger SOS versus 8-2 on a weaker SOS? I get that it is just your opinion, which you are entitled to, i'm truly just curious.
  10. what is the logic to putting LSU ahead of UT? UT has one loss and LSU has 2, one of which was UT stomping them at their home stadium.
  11. thanks for the responses. looking forward to the game!
  12. this will be LA's 3rd out of state opponent in 4 games and the first out of state opponent at home. second state champ I think. what do you guys know about calvert hall? I heard it is mel kiper's alma mater which harkens back to the old dilfer draft kerfluffle which is kind of fun. predictions?
  13. here is a video from last year of the eventual AR state champ giving up 60 and having a running clock. instead of playing LA again, they broke their contract. i think it's interesting to watch because they are confident always going for it on 4th and onside kicking will get them back in the game...
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