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  1. Maybe but the metro/Suburban thing was primarily voted on and applied on a county basis May be a few exceptions but I'm not sure if Lake Wales is far enough from the "population base" of the county to get that kind of exemption and a school their size will certainly not get it Otherwise why isn't Glades Central in suburban?
  2. Well Volusia County has a population of 564k Polk County has a population of 753k If Mainland should be in metro so should Lakeland and Lake Wales
  3. Ah defection the skill of a coward who doesn't know a damn thing You blocked me like a bitch because you knew you couldn't disprove anything I said about Polk County transfers running rampant You run your mouth and lie while hoping people are stupid enough to believe the crap you say but you will always be a discredited liar who can't even be interesting in the process At least Los is entertaining when he lies, you can't even do that. Your boring and repeat the same lie in every thread hoping if you say it enough times someone will actually believe you You would be better off mimicking the redloner because while he's completely braindead at least his stupidity makes people laugh
  4. Because people like that basically say nothing of actual substance to try and convince people that they actually know what they are talking about when in reality they are completely bluffing
  5. So a toaster oven and a used beanbag chair?
  6. Harassment, slander and calling people retards isn't free speech Remember nolebull it's free speech not freedom of consequence, you can't go tell your boss that you want to fuck his wife while he watches and face no consequences of it
  7. What's the typical home game fee?
  8. They will take a home and home with Osceola or Apopka but they won't take one in SFL so the only SFL teams they can get are ones that will take a paycheck for a one year ass kicking, they basically like the Lowndes of Florida
  9. It's because any elite in-state opponent would want a home and home and they refuse to travel outside of Central Florida
  10. Kinda like it's a personal preference for a coach that likes to take teams on long travels across the country but that doesn't stop you from saying "they only doing it to stroke their ego" when in reality you have no clue as to their motivations
  11. Yeah it's just a diss on THE REST of the teams on Lakeland schedule but he will never get that
  12. May have been better if Lakeland didn't raid their kids through RECRUITING
  13. And you think that makes Lakeland top 5 in the country and the best team in Florida over Central and Chaminade? 🤡
  14. So it's okay when it's all expenses paid but when both teams GAIN money and a team like Venice hosts it then he's being an egomaniac Venice looked somewhat competitive for a bit in that game (being they didn't get running clocked like you predicted) and they got a cut of TV revenue and a gate for the game but your telling me the best games Lakeland could get is Osceola and Apopka? Give me a break!
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