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  1. I could care less what you think. How can anyone say that a coach leaving for a better paying job is a sell out? The only person who knows that is the coach himself. Who are we to judge?
  2. I bow to no one. The delusion is your Trump delusion syndrome.
  3. So I guess barry hussein show a lot of respect to BiBi for example. I would suggest you go back in time and see what you come up with.
  4. Well hopefully the rising tides don't get you first.
  5. This country had no lower standing in the world as a leader and appeaser than under barry hussein nobama. We now have a president left to clean up crap leftover from previous presidents (NK) and people crap in their pants because finally someone says enough is enough. The deal with Iran can possibly be the worst foreign policy blunder in U.S. history. The enemy within is the biggest issue in this country. And most of it comes from the progressive left.
  6. How is getting a possible better paying job a sell out?
  7. Don't forget global warming. That will be another "end".
  8. Let's please stop the john mccain hero worship. As a POW nobody can deny his courage etc. As a politician he's nothing but a pathological liar many times over. mccain is out for one person and one person only. he was a horrible presidential candidate, he's a terribly failed Conservative but of course he's the one and only maverick. I've lived his bs every day in Az.
  9. Coming from the all time left wing hack like yourself.
  10. Looks like the thread starting police are out in full force this morning. As usual NOR thinks he knows the correct way to complete everything in life. Who would have thought a soccer mom who be telling a bunch of football fans how to conduct their life?
  11. Thank you for the compliment. Coming from you it made my day.
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