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  1. Dude... you really gotta chill out with this shit. Everyone knows HSFB is ran differently nowadays. There's nothin you can do about it.
  2. Gotcha. I think in recent years we've seen Aquinas underachieve vs schools they should beat (the publics). And it just seems like AZ teams tend to give the southern teams fits hen it comes to stopping them OUTSIDE of the Chaminade/Highland game in the geico bowl. There was a glaring difference as to why that game went how it did if you catch you my drift..lol.
  3. DeMatha and Saint Frances victories. Took an L vs Gorman but I still feel like they let Gorman off the hook. They gave them all they could handle in that game.
  4. More times than not, you're gonna see aquinas struggle vs a public school just as good as them compared to a private school. Period.
  5. Surprised Clemson is at number 10. I think Wisconsin should be on this list.
  6. Publics they lost to that jump out at me are Miami Central, Booker T Washington, Lakeland, Miramar, Venice. Then you have the Centennial game where they got blanked. The common trend that I've seen with Aquinas is that they play pretty good against privates but struggle against publics.
  7. You might be getting mixed up. That game happened in October, which happened during the season. And how in God's name don't your best players make that trip? You might be talking about Chandler beating Miami Northwestern in the Geico bowl.
  8. While we're talkin about Georgia, let me ask y'all this: Which Georgia team has the best oos schedule? Colquitt has Deerfield Beach and Lincoln (FL) Lowndes has American Heritage, Gadsden County, North Miami Beach, and Dunbar (all from florida) Buford has Mallard Creek (NC), Thompson (AL), Roman Catholic (PA) Cedar Grove has Edison (Miami, FL) and St. John's (D.C.) Creekside has Dutch Fork (SC) and East St. Louis Milton has Lipscomb Academy (TN) and Christian Brothers (St. Louis, MO) Brookwood has Bishop Gorman
  9. I think they will. I have them as the favorite to win 7A. Not sure if anyone else has enough talent to beat them. And besides, the infrastructure they have in place up there in arguably second to none. Still being able to win it all while running an outdated offense in today's time is very impressive.
  10. Here's why I think they'd beat Aquinas: Arizona has the state of Florida's number when it comes to head to head games. Also, Aquinas has had bad luck when it comes to playing publics that are just as good as them. We've known for Chandler to be one of the top public schools in the country, so I personally feel like if Chandler is going blow for blow with them, I don't feel like they'd be able to keep up with Chandler as the game wanes. It's weird because Aquinas doesn't have trouble with the power privates, but when they play the power publics they tend to unravel.
  11. They have the horses for it. They'll be okay.
  12. Buford loaded, my guy. Plus they just got the 5 star RB from Blessed Trinity.
  13. Eh.... debatable. I would not be surprised if they beat Aquinas and one of the Texas teams in a shootout.
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