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  1. And yet this is a problem for some people.....smh.
  2. but that didn't happen until 2017. MC beat Hoover way before this even happened.
  3. Cherokee and Walton might belong in the top 10, bro. Not too sure about West Forsyth....unless they have a lot coming back this season.
  4. who should be in/out of the top 10?
  5. I actually have y'all beating sjb....especially with the firepower y'all recently received on defense.
  6. Only reason I say that is because of what I just recently seen on social media.
  7. I'm willing to bet that the Garcia's still live in Grayson, too.
  8. Remember this: "nobody cares about the truth when a lie is more entertaining."
  9. I feel like Gwinnett County is just like Dade County when it comes to transfers. You have schools that are so close to one another to the point where if a student athlete transfers, it won't be a big deal.
  10. Honestly, you can take Buford out of this. They're a special case. You'd have to know the details as to why they can do what they do. It's pretty simple.
  11. Alex and Kristin....lol. I loved, loved, loved two a days. Didn't really care for season 2 besides the episode vs JC, Vestavia and Prattville. Any website I can watch season 1?
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