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  1. Did you have 2014 Buford in this? That was the team that beat Trinity Christian (FL) in ESPN. Much better than the 2013 team imo.
  2. The Bingham game was pretty much in BTW backyard..lol. Good win nonetheless.
  3. I'll excuse the mceachern loss for marietta since thy're rivals. Shit happens in rivalry games. The Grayson loss was confusing. Other than that, they were good money.
  4. Not gonna lie... I would like to see Buford vs Bingham What you think about that game? @BUFORDGAWOLVES
  5. Baby boy, just because Marietta did what they did doesn't mean that the next team would do it too. Now I would lean towards MNW, but @Columbiafan mentioned how MNW can't hang with teams who are better coached and more disciplined, so I wanted to see if he thinks that MNW can beat teams like the ones I mentioned.
  6. But they still manage to win state when it's all said and done. How do you think they'd match up with a team like Bingham, East or Eastside Catholic? Bishop Gorman a bad match-up for them as well?
  7. so you don't think they can beat top teams from OOS based off of talent alone? Because MNW always has ballers. Do you think they could beat a team like Bignham or Eastside Catholic? Now that you mention it... did you feel like they were gonna lose the Chandler game off the rip back in 2017?
  8. Ehhhh..... maybe. Not 100% sure on that one.
  9. I hope you were saying the same thing when MNW played IMG...
  10. So if the state of GA doesn't face the number 1 team in Florida it doesn't count?
  11. Has Florida done that since 2013? I feel like our top GA teams have beaten more top FL teams since 2012.
  12. You do know Grayson beat Miami Central in 2012 and Miami Central went on to win state and finish number 1 in Florida while Grayson didn't even win state that year right? I guess that means Georgia is better the FL with that being said, huh? Lol
  13. Like I said, I understand the bias for your guy/team, but one season worth of production means that he's the real deal? The guy barely got on the field at OSU and he's still that dude? Even Tate Martell was getting more burn at OSU over him!!! Give Joe a full off season with those same guys (two freshmen and two sophomores) without JB, does he put up the same numbers?
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