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  1. Off topic: Saturday has GOT to be one of the best sports days this year. You got the high school football championships, Army/Navy game (which has been pretty entertaining the last 3 seasons), UFC 245 Usman vs Covington, Heisman Trophy Ceremony and boxing on ESPN (3 entertaining fights headlined by Terence Crawford).
  2. Josh Downs, who's only about 5'10 got busy on their entire secondary. One guy. Marietta has Taji, Ricky and Arik. The front seven has definitely masked Lowndes' weakness, but I feel like it's gonna be a different story come Saturday night (And I hope I'm wrong). I feel like Lowndes' secondary has always been their weakness. I hope the injury to Gary Osby and number 3 for lowndes doesn't come back to haunt them.
  3. Seriously tho... how is lowndes gonna stop marietta's receiving core with that weak secondary? Could be along night for the lowndes defense.
  4. In addition, now would be a good time for that Lowndes' pass rush to show their true colors. We all know their secondary is their weakness, and I highly doubt they're gonna be able to stop Arik and Ricky.
  5. I'm about 75 percent sure that Lowndes will win this game, but Marietta has been on point during the playoffs. I would not surprised if Marietta pulled the upset.
  6. Man I'm so torn on this game. Lowndes is Lowndes, but Marietta has been HOT ever since the playoffs started.
  7. Better hope STA doesn't drop the ball. Not too sure how I'd feel about EC beating Harrison. Would rather see Ec vs Marietta to be more even from a talent standpoint.
  8. Other than the Mater Dei quarterback, has SFA played against a dual threat QB? I feel like you have a chance to beat SFA if your quarterback can run it as well as throw it, has size in the trenches, and force their QB to beat you. Not too sure what Eastside Catholic looks like and I haven't seen STA since game 1, so I would have to be reminded what they're working with. Saint Louis has a dual threat QB and size in the trenches....not too sure about their physicality. Lowndes definitely has the size in the trenches along with a dual threat QB. Would be interested to see how they'd stack up against SFA.
  9. Slow your role on Buford, buddy... they losing on Friday.
  10. Somewhere in Baltimore, Poggi has a huge grin on his face...
  11. Injured? How in the hell did he get injured? Fell off his bed while jackin off? He and his team easily handled American Fork in the championship game and he didn't even get touched!!!! Smh..
  12. Really lookin forward to the Paul VI vs Sierra Canyon game. Paul VI looked really good against IMG.
  13. How is it GHSA's fault? You might wanna get at Arthur Blank about this issue, chuck.
  14. Devil's advocate: 1. Would it still be a poor venue if there wasn't any rain? 2. It's a turf field! Shit... imagine if it was grass. The teams will be fine........at least the ones who run the ball more than they pass.
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