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  1. Who you pickin in the Lowndes/Lee game?
  2. Whoa! Parkview must've took North Gwinnett lightly?
  3. Lowndes vs Lee County next week or the week after? @HawgGoneIt Really lookin forward to that game.
  4. I almost laughed at this one, but I quickly remembered the situation with him and his child's mother.
  5. What the hell? How?!!!! Recruiting gone wrong or sumthen?
  6. http://wildcats.flywheelsites.com/?page_id=145 Bainbridge vs Valdosta
  7. Don't know if you saw this, but it seems like he made people believers from the jump: "There's not a throw he can't make," Propst said. "The wow factor was there from day one. Our three receivers started going, 'Wow,' and so it didn't take long. In that first scrimmage, about the third ball, you could hear the stands. We had probably 300 or 400 people here watching practice and the scrimmage, and people were excited and the kids started gravitating to him. He's a natural-born leader."
  8. But he was qb1 going in.....wayyyy before Jake got there. Now I did hear that Amari was doing better in the scrimmages, so he passed up Mike. Then, Jake comes along and does better than both in a short amount of time.
  9. Surprised you haven't workked with Coach Gess yet. 5 titles in a row, impressive victories during that span, PRIVATE school, small roster. They might've even beaten Eastside Catholic instead of Marietta...lol.
  10. You haven't tried doing business with good ole Blessed Trinity, yet? What about ELCA?
  11. Known or unknown, he's still a coach at the end of the day, right? Yeah I thought so.
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