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  1. Buford is playing at Lee County. That might make a huge difference.
  2. It has to be 50-50. It seems like errol isn't in a hurry to make the fight happen tho.
  3. As a former Bellevue, NE resident from 07-11, I'm proud of Bud.
  4. Yeah the lower teams are hosting (if they're the same seed).
  5. I hear Lowndes just won in a thriller at the palace.
  6. Hey, BG has a state champion under its belt with Lone Peak winning state today. Would be nice to add to the resume if MC wins their classification as well.
  7. Great game between my demons and cartersville. I'm almost certain we captured the 5A title tonight.
  8. Congrats to Collins Hill for winning the 7A title tonight...lol.
  9. Is that really Joe a.k.a. "GSB" ? I guess he really likes my "FootballGuy" name...lol.
  10. Yeah calhoun has to make that FIVE hour trip to the swamp. I hear they're leaving early tomorrow morning tho. Probably shoulda left today and camped out in Warner Robins. But Ware does have a tendency to struggle with northern teams come playoff time. Interested to see how that game goes. Archer seems to have figured things out. I might go with Archer. BT vs Woodward? Justice Haynes vs Damari Alston. Ummm... although BT has struggled this year, I have a gut feeling that they'll steal this one in a thriller.
  11. You still out in the Beehive? @Sweetlarry If so, you gonna check out Lone Peak vs Corner Canyon?
  12. Who y'all got in these games? Ware vs Calhoun Warner Robins vs Cartersville walton vs archer blessed trinity vs woodward academy oconee vs crisp @TheMaximumHornetSting @Wildcat Will
  13. Seems like y'all have a lot to discuss at the next touchdown/booster club meeting. Because clearly the community and BOE/Admin isn't on the same page. Hopefully for the sake of the football program y'all can meet each other at the 50.
  14. If clemson implodes, I can see him coming back to GA.
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