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  1. Woulda loved to seen Duncanville vs John Marshall this year. Woulda been worth the price of admission.
  2. Damn! Lowndes beat em so bad they decided to shut down? Yikes! Lololol
  3. When Chaminade beat Buford, they were getting their revenge for the state of Florida when Lowndes beat Champagnat so we even in that regard. With Lowndes having Adam Carter at the helm, you can expect to see better oos games for Lowndes.....for the most part.
  4. Plant finished 11-2 that year tho? LG finished 8-4 and you saw how that game went vs Lowndes. Champagnat? Won state in Florida in their classification that year. So how bad were these teams in all reality? :Lol.
  5. I think De La Salle vs Valdosta shoulda been made as well. Maybe ESPN woulda picked that game up.
  6. As schedule fillers. Not anything to brag about, which I highly doubt they were. But at least when Lowndes scheduled up, they scheduled UP! (AHP, MNW, Plant, Lake Gibson, Champagnat Catholic). I'm almost certain that they'll get Miami Central, Chaminade, or Aquinas into the Concrete Palace in the near future.
  7. Well region 1-7a is the SEC of hsfb in Georgia, but you gotta realize that these ain't the same teams that you might've been used to seeing. I'm confident that Camden and Valdosta will start to schedule "up" when they're back...especially Camden.
  8. Brotha.... why are you so hard on teams like Camden and Valdosta when it comes to scheduling? You do know these ain't the same Camden and Valdosta teams of yesteryear....lol.
  9. Nah that ain't happening. If anything, you'll see a lot of Northside transfers to Peach County.
  10. Yeah I think it was a money thing, but no one really knows why he left. Interested to see how it plays out, but I will say that he had the luxury of having great players during his run at WR, so I want to see how "great" he actually is.
  11. If TCU's best receiver goes down, Georgia wins....lol. Just goin by the trend (Last year's natty game and Ohio State game).
  12. Looks like Wheeler has Sierra Canyon and Bishop Gorman comin up. You think they win both games?
  13. Tap dancing around the question again. As expected. Be a man and admit you was wrong, but I know u won't do that, so that's all I need to know bout you. Deuces, mama!
  14. Dumb ass bitch! Did I not mention Mill Creek in a question that you and 2/3 other people responded to?
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