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  1. Off topic, but one (two) reasons why Carrollton's win over Colquitt was so impressive is because they're playing with 5A numbers and they went down there and beat em at the vaunted Hawg Pen. Yes, Carrollton is open enrollment, but they're literally playing up due to the multiplier. Same thing for Buford....minus them playing/beating Colquitt...yet.
  2. Rome wasn't built in a day. Within the next 2-3 years, Buford will have a 7A championships. But Buford still remains the premier program here in Georgia.
  3. Our adopted brethren @HooverOutlawwill have this completed here shortly.
  4. Hey, they (Buford) shit the bed big time. That's a fact. Deserved to lose that game. But you CANNOT under any circumstance lose to a team from 1) a smaller classification 2) On your home field 3) a 14 year old dude who just started going through puberty. Just can't happen. Either way, both teams are at home about to watch "the same ole Mill Creek team" or "a team led by a baby" capture the 7A title net Saturday night.
  5. Yeahhhh.... Buford are posers. What looks even worse is a legit 7A team losing to a team that has 5A numbers. So while both are posers, it's hard not to say that Colquitt ain't the bigger poser. #PoserLife
  6. Let's not get too greedy. Gotta let the other kids play...lol.
  7. I'm for it. I'm thinking it's between our 7A winner and Hughes, but if I had to bet money, I'm thinking Hughes has the invite. I saw GSB say it's lookin like GA vs AZ @ Geico
  8. Chill bro...lol. But on a serious note, Colquitt really hasn't been tested all year if we're being honest. I'm not the only person who thinks this either (check the georgia board). I say this all the time: COMPETITION MATTERS.
  9. I think we oughta fire up the best team in Georgia debate again. Nahhhhh.... we'll wait until next weekend.....possibly after the 17th.
  10. I mean, let's be honest... it was only a matter of time before they lost. Way too small in the trenches, and a good team actually took advantage of it. I also saw someone say that Colquitt really hasn't been tested all year, so that might've caught up with them tonight. #CompetitionMatters
  11. What I tell you earlier this week @ATLien12x I would hate for either team (colquitt/mill creek) to trip up before the big game, and look what happened? Smh. How Colquitt gone let that wet behind the ears, breath smellin like similac baby JuJu walk into the Hawg Pen and do them like that? Lolololololol.
  12. All it took was for SJB to beat Mater Dei to be named national champs, eh?
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