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  1. You talk like Grayson is ass...lol. But if you wanna pick a year where they were super vulnerable, then yeah you can with 2018 Grayson.
  2. Which Grayson are you referring to? Like the year is what I mean.
  3. Question: Who'd win a game between the best Kyler Murray led Allen team vs 2015 Katy Tigers?
  4. Yeah I know Carswell. That's my guy. Didn't know he went to Crisp. I'll tell you what: Crisp County is gonna be making a lot of noise here soon. But yeah, that coaching staff y'all have is arguably second to none.
  5. Austin Westlake was crowned 2020 national champs via Massey Ratings. Didn't know that. Good shit, Texas!
  6. Nice! I guess if adding transfers is looked down upon (at least in South Georgia), then you have to do the next best thing, which is adding coaches...lol.
  7. But I'm pretty sure y'all still have some talent to work with....especially at receiver/tight end. And I'm almost certain y'all have a few guys on defense that'll get the job done for you....for the most part
  8. You gonna love High School Musical then....lololololololol.
  9. I mean, they aren't the best team in Utah, but they have clout from the movie and beating DLS. Plus, they'll play anybody. But yeah, they've lost some luster over the years.
  10. Maybe. East (UT) vs John Curtis might be more attainable. You know those Utah teams are always down to play.
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