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  1. Wasn't SFA (Biff) gonna pay for the trip out to Cali in this year's honor bowl?
  2. Yeah I'm surprised Peach took that game. Crisp was looking good before Peach came rolling into town. Gave them their first L of the season. Wouldn't be surprised to see both teams in a rematch come playoff time.
  3. So are they solely dependent on football to bring in the dollars for their athletic department? And I'm guessing it would be too much for an OOS private school to foot Cen10's entire bill if they were to bring them in, huh?
  4. At least they have a respectable win over Mill Creek...lol.
  5. Wait.... how can they not afford to HOST? Their pockets are that limited/non existent?
  6. Soooo Grayson and Norcross go life and death with Mill Creek while North Gwinnett takes them behind the woodshed? @ngdawg
  7. Wow! Probably gonna be a final score of either 7-0 or 3-0
  8. Let us know how Norcross looks. I wanna know if they're the real deal or not.
  9. I agree. There shoulda been a lot of leeway allowed for this season to begin with.
  10. It's all good. This is the "unstoppable force vs immovable object" type of game.
  11. Don't forget about Peach vs Crisp County. I think that game can replace the hillgrove/walton game.
  12. Yeah that's gonna be a great game as well! I'm 95% certain that the 5A champ is gonna come from region 1-5A because that region is TOUGH.
  13. Man I'm really lookin forward to this Cherokee/Roswell game. I forgot that Cherokee beat Cartersville a couple a games ago, so they do have a notable win on their record. Not too sure with Roswell, but it appears they have some guys who can really ball.
  14. Does Teo give him the rematch now? Or is Teo and the rest of the boxing world gonna see this as an excuse?
  15. I think they're on the same side of the bracket. Either team would have to lose a regular season game in order to meet up in the championship.
  16. If Jake takes over at QB for Grayson and they go on to win it all? Man! This board is gonna be a war zone.
  17. Right! Really interested to see if Roswell is all that or not.
  18. Right for the most part. The parents "divorced" so that he could gain immediate eligibility and Jake went with the the dad (who was considered his legal guardian) to Valdosta. They thought it would be considered a bona fide move since he moved with his "immediate" family/legal guardian. Since the mom had to stay behind in cali for 2.5 weeks and the espn interview, that came back to haunt Jake. According to GHSA, it wasn't considered a bona fide move.
  19. It's all good as long as it's a legal, bona fide move, right? Should be no problems with him playing. How does Grayson get shamed for this?
  20. Thought he spent his entire freshman year at LBP? (where he backed up Matt Corral) Now if it was a thing where he just wanted to transfer for the hell of it, then that's one thing...but I think we have to look at this whole transfer thing in its entirety. I do know there was some shit that went down at Narbonne that caused him to leave and then he left La Habra because Cali postponed the season. Left Valdosta due to being ruled ineligible (we can speculate all day but we'll never know the actual reason).
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