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  1. That’s one of the best schedules I’ve seen in Cali! Depending on where LB Poly is ranked Cen10 could be playing four top 15 teams in the state. Kudos to Logan and company for willing to play anyone…
  2. I agree with this! It’s not like Cali isn’t considered a power state. There is quality teams up and down the state of California.
  3. They will also be playing Cathedral Catholic, Long Beach Poly and Jserra. A great schedule!
  4. Cen10 is playing 13 freshman or sophomore doesn’t excuse the loss but also have to put into perspective.
  5. All those schools you mentioned are private schools and the schools you say are in the MNC are privates as well. My point is Cen10 is still one of the top public schools in the nation.
  6. Cen10 scrimmaged Upland last night. They played one half format then traded 10 plays with backups. Cen10 won 28-7. They are definitely young this season, rotated two sophomore QB and played other sophomores including a few freshman. Defense was solid per usual. It’s a good thing they aren’t playing a typical schedule or they might have started slow 😂
  7. You might need to double check that cuz I’m not sure if that applies to HS. I know many schools are giving out between 2-4 tickets per player/coach and that will be the only people allowed.
  8. All about buying into the hype machine with those two schools. Not saying they are not good but I we all know Cen10 and Mission will be solid year in and year out.
  9. Only two public schools in the top 10 is crazy lol
  10. Now why would anyone wanna play MD anyways to get beat by the 5 county all stars 😂😂
  11. Jumping the gun a bit eh since no one in SoCal has been cleared lol always those pesky private schools not following the rules 😂
  12. Possibly moving to Orlando by the end of the year. Could y’all tell me some of the better programs in that area thanks in advance
  13. Endless it’s a speedy court case I feel like this could get tied up for awhile...
  14. That is correct and Wigod said that yesterday. There would basically be no sit out period which would really make it a transfer frenzy lol
  15. I still doubt any HS plays with threat of sanctions against them. Now if they get permission from there local county then obviously there’s a higher chance they actually get onto the field...
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