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  1. "Rentals" or not there most definitely is a decent size list of transfers year in and year out for MD especially within the last 5 years or so.
  2. “tuition assistance” 😉😂
  3. I agree with you because at the end of the day there is no national playoff or a round robin type scheduling. A natty is just subjective champion from a bunch of different polls.
  4. It’s different district by district some are some aren’t currently
  5. Just in case you Georgia guys needed more proof lol shoot Foreman doesn’t have anything to prove anyways
  6. Yeah this isn't no where near true anybody who knows Korey Foreman would know why lol
  7. I think technically it could be considered that he had pre-enrollment contact with the kid. Basically the same situation that happened to San Clemente last year when they got removed from the playoffs.
  8. Might as well and head to SC now lol
  9. Cen10 may need another game now as well because rumor has it SD section calendar doesn’t align with the SS and that’s why they lost the game with Helix...
  10. They won’t be playing at the same time. Florida is playing in fall and Cali in winter.
  11. Got damn! They might not play a 10 game season lol
  12. I believe Cen10 is talking to multiple teams for their opening. I would love to see a team they have never played like Sierra Canyon or Mission Viejo...
  13. From the CIF release there is no week 0 game so MD at Cen10 is off...
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