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  1. Division 1/2 is gonna be predictable as always. Talked to a buddy of mines and CIF is trying to figure out some solutions to change it up in the near future because the consumer/fans eventually will get tired of seeing the same two teams dominate.
  2. The refs were horrible. Every time Cen10 had a big play it was a flag behind them. They had around 300 yards in penalties. Idc how you feel about them undisciplined or not no team gets 300 yards in penalties in one game.
  3. Wouldn’t be such a bad idea lol. There one more loss away from going to the D2 playoffs
  4. And females athletes in other sports. I just counted and there’s maybe 10 football players on the list and all of those kids aren’t even varsity players lol. So please don’t compare Cen10 to the transfer happy teams like MD and Bosco .
  5. Apartments are everywhere in the city of Corona just like there is apartments in the city of Santa Ana and let's not mention the houses you guys own that are VERY close to the school People who have shuttle buses that stop throughout the IE shouldn't throw stones either 😉
  6. Bingo reason why they either need to change the rules or spit public and private
  7. 😂😂😂 you’re delusional and only see through your Folsom colored glasses
  8. Only to be second to Cen10 during that same time period who has been ranked #1 five times 😉
  9. I know we always talk about it but the people at CalHiSports did a pretty good breakdown of the top public school for each years going back 40+ years. Listed most was Cen10 Public School No. 1 Teams In State
  10. Not true. Cen10 has gone to Sacramento for the state game and played Clovis West for 5-6 years in the past.
  11. First off why would Cen10 turn down a game? They have trouble finding games themselves. Secondly go back and look at there non league schedule for the past 5-7 years or so they are playing quality teams. I wouldn’t believe anything that says Cen10 turned down a game.
  12. This is 100% false from the start. They were NEVER in talks about a game!
  13. Bingo! With this new playoff division of 8 team it really doesn’t matter who’s in it because it will always be MD and Bosco. It’s time to split public and private or just make the Open division 2 teams. If CC is your third best team and lost by 30+ points last season and this season CIF needs to look themselves in the mirror and be honest. Do you want MD and Bosco for the next 5+ years in the title game? Because if no changes are made that’s what will happen. I’ll tell you this I wouldn’t even be mad if Cen10 lost another game or two because that would probably mean they wouldn’t be in D1/Open. Go to D2 and get to play with teams that are similar to them not travel ball all star teams. #PublicSchoolLivesMatter
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