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  1. I think the real question is if Servite loses both matchups vs MD and Bosco will/should they slide to 4? And if they split with they stay 3?
  2. It’s strictly based off CalPreps. Straight 1-8 no league consideration.
  3. What I don’t get is they might as well fired him this past season then go two games into 2021 and let him go lol
  4. Or schedule like Cen10 with MD (wasn’t played), Cathedral Catholic, Sierra Canyon and LB Poly….lol
  5. 😂😂😂 man someone tell these players to stop lying 🤥
  6. And I believe for Cen10 to make the top 8 they might need to go undefeated. One loss they will almost surely not make top 8.
  7. Weekly Top 8 for D1 1. Bosco 2. MD 3. Servite 4. Sierra Canyon 5. Los Alamitos 6. Mission Viejo 7. Alemany 8. Inglewood
  8. Considering the game is in Texas I believe DV definitely has a chance
  9. Cen10 ain’t the same anymore I mean they did lose to Norco last season 😅
  10. They did! Became the school of choice in the SFV and their is definitely a lot of options out that way.
  11. CalPreps released their preseason rankings going into this week 0. Remember this is how playoff divisions will be determined. Top 8 D1 next 16 D2 and so on… CalPreps Southern Section Rating
  12. Not true I just read that board…
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