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  1. This isn’t that surprising. I feel everyone knew about this weeks ago and with the correlation of transfers going there. Can Manny really coach without all the influx of talent? Lol
  2. The MIAA still considers SFA apart of there association. Reason why Cen10 and MD can play them and not IMG anymore.
  3. And that’s the reason why if this trend continues there has to be a public private split in the coming years
  4. Update from earlier I misstated on the school they were transferring to. They are headed to St. Bernard.
  5. I’ve heard the news from a direct source at the school. I’m not sure if the other message board you are referring too. Either way it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.
  6. Is BG gonna be down this year?
  7. 🤔🤔🤔 so who would you rather them play?
  8. So what is that St. Louis, Loyola Academy and Massillon?
  9. Jserra has lost another two kids to MD. I don’t know what has happened there but I believe they have lost around 10 kids this offseason to 4 different schools. Can’t be too much talent left at the school. Definitely will be at the bottom of the Trinity this upcoming season.
  10. ok dumb f*** actually discuss a game means who will be home or away travel consideration etc it never even got that far for your information either way I'm putting your ass on mute
  11. 1. Lies no game was ever discussed and I know that for a fact 2. Can’t take an offer that was never offered
  12. My understanding is it will be apart of the honor bowl
  13. Clearly your post is so far from the truth lol By the way I guess St. Frances in Maryland is a local to Cen10 😂
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