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  1. I don’t know the deal with USA, but if it’s as appears KWatt got out because shit went bad south. Between him and Propst they are 2 of the most well connected people in the Southeast as far as relations with college coaches. I hate it for him if he got in a bad deal. He has helped a lot of kids navigate the recruiting process
  2. It was 92 degrees at practice time today, and not one kid or parent complained about the heat. It was great to be back at the fields
  3. It was damn sure good to get back out to the ballparks today. My 10yr olds travel team started practicing as a group again today.
  4. Safeties and Co DC
  5. 94Packer

    Rush Propst

    I’ve got a covered just let me know
  6. 94Packer

    Rush Propst

    Camden won’t be a sleeper this year. This should be their shot to make a hard run
  7. 94Packer

    Rush Propst

    Man you’ve got to be optimistic. It’s the only thing that’s keeping me sane right now
  8. 94Packer

    Rush Propst

    Hey man if want to come down for the game let me know and I’ve got your ticket
  9. 94Packer

    Rush Propst

    This is going to be a HUGE game. I think it will be an ESPN worthy game. The story line is just to good. Save the date 9-11
  10. Colquitt County Kicker Ryan Fitzgerald 1st Team!😀
  11. Never mind..... they just canceled the USSSA tournament
  12. We played in a local tournament this past weekend, and are scheduled to play this weekend in ATL. I wonder how much longer until they pull the plugs on the tournaments. The one this past weekend was a small tournament in SE Georgia, but the one in ATL is the USSSA Spring super NIT and there are 243 teams entered.
  13. I know Kenyatta well. He is a good man. I can’t speak in the USA academy thing because I have nothing but my own opinion on that. But as a person Kenyatta played ball at Boston College. His oldest plays for Texas now. He is formerly the recruiting director for Grayson. He was the SE recruiting director for the Under Armor All American Game. He also organized the Tru19 game a couple years ago. He knows and is known by every college coach in the country. He has helped a TON of kids navigate the recruiting process. He puts kids with talent in front of coaches. He would be a huge pick up for any team as a recruiting director or in a personnel role. He has even helped some of our Colquitt County kids. He did just host a middle school camp at GT. He hopefully made some money on it, but what he does is not a money grab. He really does identify talent and steers them to college programs that will be a good fit for them. The opportunity for exposure is there for anyone, but the ones with talent are identified. He didn’t get his rep amongst college coaches by being shady, and just taking peoples money. That’s not him. I can’t say anything bad about the man at all.
  14. https://valdostatoday.com/news-2/local/2020/03/steve-nichols-asks-rush-propst-about-wildcat-rumors-and-past/
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