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  1. 94Packer

    2019 Packer Spring Intersquad Scrimmage

    None to my knowledge at all. Nothing more than the normal losses of kids that decided football wasn’t the sport for them. All of the key players are back that are eligible to play
  2. 94Packer

    Is It Spring Practice Yet?

    🤞🏻 I really think we have a receiving Corp and running backs that can hang with...... ANYBODY. I said it and I don’t regret it. I’m going to be the biggest fan of the front 5 on the OL you have ever seen. The defense is set and I think with a little wd40 they can knock of the rust and resume causing havoc. The OL is going to need all the support and .... grits we can give them. I know each of those boys though and I can tell you they are good as gold, and I believe in them. They just need to protect long enough for plays to develop to the 2nd level. We have the weapons in place to score we just need to make sure the protection is there to make sure we have the chance. @HawgGoneIt maybe we need to have a “pancake” breakfast to support the OL
  3. 94Packer

    Is It Spring Practice Yet?

  4. 94Packer

    Is It Spring Practice Yet?

    @Rufus69 the Long Snapper is a work in progress but the Arnett hybrid grits seem to be working . 😊
  5. 94Packer

    Back On The Island - Projects To Handle

    I think it’s going to take a strong showing in the spring to start to turn the tide. If we don’t not only beat but also put an exclamation point on the team from Mississippi some of the community members will sit back with their checkbooks closed and wait and watch what happens and hedge their bets on a losing season so they can feel accomplished in knowing that the 3 amigos set forth this course of action and delight in the sight of the shortcomings. Winning is the only option. If the kids have a strong showing in the spring the checkbooks will open and Packer Pride will return... everyone likes a winner. I may be way off base but that’s my opinion on how it plays out The kids on the team bust their asses day in and day out regardless and are largely at the mercy of people with agendas.... kinda fucked up scratch that really fucked up..... but it’s the truth
  6. 94Packer

    Colquitt county spring practice schedule

    You do realize it’s the off season ..... the board is essentially on auto pilot for the moment and the convo is loose. It gets really good when fall comes
  7. Things are looking more promising this week than they were last week we actually have a head coach and we have a spring practice schedule
  8. 94Packer

    Possible Colquitt Coach???

    I for one am going to do everything I can to help support this guy. He needs an opportunity to succeed, and I think as a community we should get behind him and do all we can
  9. 94Packer

    Possible Colquitt Coach???

  10. 94Packer

    Lowndes needs a game 8/30

    Your band doesn’t have its own section in the bleachers..... they have their own set of bleachers. It’s impressive to say the least
  11. Everyone would cheer him on that’s a Packer fan. We all become color blind on Friday nights, and to be honest with you the “old south” is withering away the black/white issues are not what they used to be down here. You still have some.... on both sides of the fence that like to instigate based on race but no where near as much as what used to be. I could care less about the coaches skin color. I’m more concerned with the ability to win.
  12. 94Packer

    Colquitt - The Good News and The Bad News

    What I was told today is the one of the remaining coaches told the players that there “should” be a new head coach hired by the time they return from spring break which would be on the 8th which lines up with what @Rufus69 and @HawgGoneIt have said.
  13. 94Packer

    Rush has spoken

    I know it’s the off season so it’s good fodder for discussion but I’m honestly tired of it. I will say that it has been taxing to the kids in the team though. That is fact. They have been put through the wringer. The might as well be wearing a scarlet letter. From being accused of steroids to being dysfunctional .... a lot of untruths and a lot of generalization. It does wear on them. Then to have a particular coach that shall remain nameless encourage the kids to sign the petition for Propst and then in today’s news be implicated as one of the coaches that came out against Propst in the investigation.... You know they feel betrayed in their minds after that. Im sure they will reach a resolution on the Propst investigation, and I’m sure no one will be happy on either side of the outcome. Im sure we will lose some more coaches before this is done, and it may affect our ability to play at a high level as we regroup. But this team as much as I liked his coaching is not about Propst. He has laid a successful foundation for someone that has common sense can pick up where he left off and run with it and be successful... but it’s going to take some time
  14. 94Packer

    Moving on....

    Hey y’all..... get out of the fucking rabbit hole...... “Nothing can be done about Rush being gone now. Just have to re focus and move forward.” The question was “What other high caliber coaches can you see filling Propst’s. Void at Colquitt and continuing a winning culture here?”
  15. 94Packer

    Moving on....

    Honestly I don’t know if any of the coaches will stay other than. Dextra Polite. He is the only true home grown coach on staff. He coaches corners, and is the strength and conditioning coach. . Every one else came from somewhere else. The are some I desperately hope we retain, but I would imagine the assistant coaching carousel just began spining again and could hit another gear depending on what head coach is chosen.