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  1. We did the top golf it was awesome!
  2. I’m headed to Las Vegas with my son this weekend for a Long Snapping competition. I’ve never been to Vegas.... what is worth checking out while we are in town?
  3. What do you think @Rufus69 ? Think they can have the facilities and stadium up by the fall???
  4. They realistically can have the field and some metal portable bleachers in place for this fall if they don't linger to long with the turf manufacturer and get the installation on board. The actual stadium and indoor facility offices locker rooms etc.... well I'm going to sit back and watch that be built by August LOL.
  5. i don't voice my opinion unless I can speak with confidence now is one of those times....... Having this facility built by this fall I'm calling BULLSHIT. I've worked in Large Commercial Construction for to long to believe that, and yes I've been involved in building College and High School Sports Facilities and Stadiums as well. I know at least one other poster on this site that will remain nameless unless he chooses to speak up has built stadiums as well, and can verify this. Things DO NOT happen that quickly. An artist rendering is a long way from a set of stamped engineered drawings. And once you get that you have to get a CM or GC,. There is a lot of permitting that has to be in place. Then you have to get Subs to actually construct it. Then you have the submittal process before construction process can begin. They haven't even turned dirt at the facility. Could it be constructed by this fall...... theoretically yes. Realistically ... NOT A CHANCE IN HELL
  6. @Rufus69 you know I’ll be there. I’ve already got my foul weather gear laid out for this evening. This is going to be diehard football weather tonight and unfortunately I think the stands will reflect that also. It may come down to a battle of perseverance rather than a show of dazzling skill tonight.
  7. If its any consolation here is a link to some of the greatest play by play action for the game tonight you will ever hear. Kickoff is at 8:00 EST http://www.cruisin94.com/
  8. You can thank the Lowndes AD for this one. The game had not completely sold out as of today so they are choosing not to allow streaming of the game. I'll be at the game but I know it sucks as a lot of people wanted to watch it that can't be there.
  9. @BUFORDGAWOLVES you coming down for the Lowndes game this year?
  10. @The Guru I usually tend to stay quiet... and I’m definitely not jumping into a fight but....you obviously don’t know Rufus lol. He is one of the sharpest men I have had the pleasure to meet.....but you know what you must be right because you are “the guru”. His financial education has led him to have to spend his retirement on Amelia Island FL. Maybe I’m just simple minded but Rufus lives in my #lifegoals situation.
  11. Will it be on NFHS Network? I’m going to be at the game myself, but I thought Lowndes aired theirs differently
  12. 9th grader Will Tapscot got his 1st PAT game snap tonight, and looked pretty good! Reloading for the future and getting meaningful experience is what it’s all about. You’ve gotta keep the pump primed if you want the well to keep flowing
  13. Tajh Sanders picked up an offer from Louisville today too
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