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  1. I just tried it for lunch today. Chic Fila has nothing to worry about with customer service or speed ...... but damn that sandwich was good
  2. I will be there but will be there probably just before kickoff.
  3. Had a co worker from Lake City FL tell me just this morning that Columbia is going to annihilate Colquitt this Friday..... sure hope he was his words this weekend @Rufus69 @HawgGoneIt @Columbiafan
  4. I’ve watched that kid play since he was in the sixth grade if he is the same kid I’m thinking about..... in the sixth grade we used to joke that he must have drove the teams bus also lol. He is legit and he is huge. He’s grown even more since I saw him last though by those numbers. My son played center for Cilquitt back then and they would line him up at nose for Tift. It was always interesting to watch to see if someone could block him
  5. Long Snapper faired pretty well today and made a good showing at FSU. Not enough pressure snapping to the coaches watching let’s throw in a random ambulance passing by wailing the sirens 😂 @HawgGoneIt @Rufus69. He goes to Western Kentucky next weekend. 0F4FD67A-9633-4B10-A2A9-5120EC26CEB1.MOV
  6. I watched the live stream. They looked good!
  7. Colquitt and Valdosta in the Championship game.
  8. Mr Knighton is a beast, and is going to a fine job filling the shoes of Merritt. I saw the videos and he absolutely dominated today at FSU. I saw him in person yesterday at VSU and he treated those kids like rag dolls. I’ve watched him play since he was 7 yrs old and it’s cool to watch the payoff of years of hard work. Nicest kid you could ever meet until it’s time to toe up on the field and then the ugly comes out, but it’s a good ugly it’s Colquitts ugly and I couldn’t be anymore proud of him. @HawgGoneIt @Rufus69
  9. The kids in the program have bought in and that might be trouble for opponents
  10. It was a camp award for being a top performer. There were 3 given to snappers and 3 given to kickers. He was in great company. The other 2 snappers that received the award were from California and Illinois.
  11. Thanks! @Rufus69 @HawgGoneIt. He's definitely been working at it. He had a great day Saturday
  12. None to my knowledge at all. Nothing more than the normal losses of kids that decided football wasn’t the sport for them. All of the key players are back that are eligible to play
  13. 🤞🏻 I really think we have a receiving Corp and running backs that can hang with...... ANYBODY. I said it and I don’t regret it. I’m going to be the biggest fan of the front 5 on the OL you have ever seen. The defense is set and I think with a little wd40 they can knock of the rust and resume causing havoc. The OL is going to need all the support and .... grits we can give them. I know each of those boys though and I can tell you they are good as gold, and I believe in them. They just need to protect long enough for plays to develop to the 2nd level. We have the weapons in place to score we just need to make sure the protection is there to make sure we have the chance. @HawgGoneIt maybe we need to have a “pancake” breakfast to support the OL
  14. @Rufus69 the Long Snapper is a work in progress but the Arnett hybrid grits seem to be working . 😊
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