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  1. https://247sports.com/college/east-carolina/Article/Max-Parker-ECU-Football-Recruiting-Commitment-160785450/
  2. I am partial but I'm extremely proud! @Rufus69 @imaGoodBoyNow @HawgGoneIt
  3. Thanks it was a cool experience!
  4. Got to watch my oldest sons LAST high school football game yesterday. It’s been a hell of a ride. He got an opportunity to play in the FL vs GA game in Miami yesterday. The talent was amazing. The refs were homers but GA still pulled off the W. Larry Blustein, Kenyatta Watson, and Faheem Ali, brought back to life a great game. FullSizeRender.mov
  5. Perez’s foot seems to get better and better. There was one punt tonight that I clocked at 5+ on hang time.
  6. I’ve got to give the Valdosta daily Times credit for that photo. It was straight out of their newspaper😂
  7. Whatcha think @Rufus69 @HawgGoneIt @ATLien12x @CCBlackhatter
  8. I plead that it will take several 5th's to get through this roller coaster season
  9. im a big fan of pictues...... always got my crayons ready
  10. I think they have a better chance than some are giving them, and they’re going to be playing with a chip in their shoulder.
  11. I will say this.... first and foremost I hope my Packers kick the ever loving shit out of Valdosta this year. I don’t care who ya are ... I just can’t tolerate valdookie Secondly I will say this after thinking through it this a smart move on Rush’s part. Those of us that are familiar with him and his playbook understand that there is no way he has time to install his entire offense this season it’s just not going to happen. His playbook has several volumes and his qb’s have a lot to absorb. So why not burn this year in that respect and give the guy in the wings some time to learn whi
  12. I see they remembered to exclude the long snappers
  13. I don’t know the deal with USA, but if it’s as appears KWatt got out because shit went bad south. Between him and Propst they are 2 of the most well connected people in the Southeast as far as relations with college coaches. I hate it for him if he got in a bad deal. He has helped a lot of kids navigate the recruiting process
  14. It was 92 degrees at practice time today, and not one kid or parent complained about the heat. It was great to be back at the fields
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