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  1. I'll be there for the Open. Anyone know when tix are on sale?
  2. Literally posted 2 posts before you asked Edit: all of those are the final games (no more after that)
  3. I'm assuming you're asking about how I calculate the 1-10 risk points for the computers? Both computers already use home/away/neutral when generating their projections. To generate the confidence values, I go based on %Win first then tiebreak based on % of point spread differential (e.g., 65% => 21-28 => 28/49 => 0.571, 65% => 28-35 => 35/63 => 0.555 : where the larger value gets the higher confidence). If they are still tied (e.g., 21-28, 21-28) then I just flip a coin.
  4. Maybe ask @Columbiafan. He puts a lot of stock into scrimmage results. Perhaps he knows.
  5. Week 15 Totals Overall Standings
  6. That's not the first time I've heard that
  7. Should have made it 7 to match Lakeland's MOV over Osceola
  8. Bruh, I'm watching the game on NFHS. It started at 7:00 PM EST.
  9. The MA game isn't until tomorrow. The only game that has started is Clearwater. Fix your other picks accordingly. lol
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