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  1. So, something you might expect of a team playing in a scrimmage against a vastly inferior opponent. Got it.
  2. Booty is ass. He'll probably end up being the best QB in Texas. 😆
  3. It's not meaningless because it's not the only example of the Wikipedia entry being incorrect or incomplete. But please, feel free to be a clown and continue to reference it. Back to the original point, DLS does have legitimate claims to MNCs in 2015, 2014, 2012 and 2010, regardless of what you or an incomplete and incorrect Wikipedia article have to say about it.
  4. Please tell me more about how"The wikipedia entry for high school national championship is actually pretty good on this". 🤡
  5. I don't claim black is white and declare a W, so perhaps no points that you would agree with, no.
  6. The point is, as any halfway decent researcher knows, Wikipedia should never be relied upon as an ultimate source of truth.
  7. You do realize that "Freeman" is the same as CalPreps right and that is one of the selectors listed on that article? You also realize that Wikipedia is completely crowdsourced and available for basically anyone to change right? Also, for what it's worth, I've been one of the people that has been updating that page over the past few years. LMAO.
  8. Thanks for validating my opinion. You disagreeing with it is usually a pretty good sign that it's a reasonable opinion to have.
  9. Agree to disagree. Finishing #1 in CalPreps or Massey (or HSFBA) is just as a legitimate a claim to an MNC as any human poll.
  10. DLS won the following MNCs from '07-'19: 2010: Massey (pre-recalculation) 2010: CalPreps (pre-recalculation) 2012: Massey 2012: CalPreps (pre-recalculation) 2014: Massey 2014: CalPreps 2015: CalPreps For context regarding "recalculation": Over the years, both Massey and CalPreps have performed retroactive recalculations of their historical ratings. In other words, if you had looked at the final 2010 final Massey or CalPreps ratings the day they were released DLS would have been the #1 team in both ratings and would have been considered a co-MNC for purposes of the 2010 s
  11. Attached is the new CIFSS football playoff proposal for 2020 which will be voted on soon. It shows what the 2019 playoff brackets would have looked if the proposed system was in place last year. 2019 D1 and D2 brackets using proposed system: Football Proposal.pdf
  12. 1 x AZ 1 x UT 1 x The Bishop 1 x ?
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