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  1. GA guys whining about CalPreps, Block creating alts and fooling absolutely nobody, Sammy trolling. Damn, it really must be football season.
  2. Posting my response here for greater visibility This is somewhat of an outlier week because even though some games have already been played (last week) most of the major polls haven't released their first official rankings yet (only preseason rankings). USAToday, PrepForce and Maxpreps have not released updated rankings this week (they were all released prior to last week's games) and PrepNation just released their "Preseason" poll today (these are all the human-based polls). The algorithm polls work a bit differently as they are constantly updating their rankings based on new data input (i.e., game results). So Miami Central has moved up in the CalPreps poll since CalPreps' initial Preseason rankings. HSFBA hasn't released any new rankings since their Preseason poll back in June, but their site works a bit differently as they manually post only the top 100 teams as a result of their algorithm as opposed to publishing the entire results of their algorithm to their site like CalPreps and Massey. In order to create a compilation poll you need all of the data points that represent roughly the same point in time. This gets a bit tricky with preseason polls because not all of the polls release their preseason rankings at the same time (the biggest example is PrepNation releasing theirs after games have already been played). Since only CalPreps and Massey have updated rankings following last week's games, I'm going to base the Preseason comp poll on the CalPreps and Massey preseason rankings snapshots that I pulled from their sites in early August and not on the rankings you see on their site now. Next week, all 7 of the polls should release new rankings and the first official week of the comp poll will reflect those rankings. Since we only have non-preseason rankings from 2 of the 7 polls this week, I'm going to skip those for the sake of consistency.
  3. Sr. Nathaniel Jones should be the starting back for SJB this year. He was out most of last year with an injury. I would guess that Rayshon Luke and two other Sophs to potentially get a fair amount of reps. I wouldn't be surprised to see Luke in games fairly early as a change of pace back and the others will probably get reps if games turn into blowouts.
  4. Oh woops, I had it sorted by CalPreps because I was auditing the data based on the feedback from MC Rockets. It's back to being sorted by Total Points. Narbonne is now at 17.
  5. MaxPreps released their Preseason "Composite Rankings". Interesting to note that this year they seem to be including SportingNews. This is the first I've heard of these guys putting out a HSFB poll. I'm not sure how to take this poll considered it's currently listed under their "NCAAF" section and says that last year SJB lost to MD in the "Trinity League Championship." 🤦‍♂️
  6. Thanks for the QA. Calpreps is a bit of an outlier because their "preseason" rankings are constantly in flux (especially at the bottom end of the top 25) and it just depends on what date you pull the data from their site. During the season I generally pull the data either Sunday evening or Monday morning after all of the week's games have been played and the algorithm has a chance to settle down. You can see that the CalPreps ranks that Redzone pulled on 8/9 differ from the CalPreps ranks that are listed on Maxpreps with an "Updated Date" of 8/11. I've double-checked my comp poll and they reflect the ranks listed on Maxpreps with a date of 8/11. Luckily these are preseason ranks so their accuracy isn't all that important.
  7. 2019 Preseason Comp Poll It's that time of year again. Some familiar faces on top of the preseason comp poll. Anyone know if Jamie is going to release his poll? Sort of hard to call it a "preseason" poll now that games have already been played.
  8. Last game to fill out the schedule is DeMatha at SJB.
  9. I got inside info that SJB will be playing a Florida powerhouse. The only concrete info I have are the initials I.S.B. Do those mean anything to anyone? Also, happy April 1st.
  10. It was a true split. They each played full alternating series in the OLU game: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.ocregister.com/2017/10/06/orange-lutheran-upset-bid-falls-short-against-st-john-bosco/amp/ https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.latimes.com/sports/highschool/varsity-times/la-sp-st-john-bosco-orange-lutheran-20171006-story.html%3foutputType=amp
  11. "Del"? I thought the "D" in "DMV" stands for D.C. If you're gonna give me the "D" at least make sure it's the right "D'.
  12. Re'al and SJB had success in 2016 because they had an all-world rushing attack, anchored by an O-Line with Wyatt Davis and that played to Re'al's strength as a run-first QB. In 2017 they didn't have the same luxury and Re'al's passing game got exposed by great to elite D-Lines. Saying he got the job yanked from him is patently false. DJ came in and won the SJC game in the 4th. The next game, against OLU, Re'al and DJ alternated series and it was clear that DJ was simply better - at least with the 2017 SJB offense. After the OLU game, once it was clear that DJ was consistently outperforming Re'al (and that the SJC comeback wasn't a fluke) and that he would at best be splitting time, that is when he got "injured" - which was transparently bogus to everyone. If anything, Re'al (or his father's) selfishness in refusing to split time with DJ, actually hurt SJB's chances at beating MD that year. Imagine the possibilities if you have both DJ and Re'al on the field at the same time - even if for a handful of plays per game. I certainly wouldn't want to game plan against that...
  13. Here's an incoming freshman.
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