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  1. An on the 7th day, @Cossacksdid NOT rest.
  2. @Cossacks it's not a great look when the two people running this thing are at the top. You should probably start making worse picks to help with the perceived credibility of this contest. Thanks.
  3. Week 8 Results Overall Totals
  4. The NJ teams' recent results against the Trinity League sort of speak for themselves...
  5. When you see @Sammyswordsmanactively posting on other forums but he hasn't even posted his Week 7 Tiers.
  6. Ah yes, I too wake up each day excited for the possibility that a miracle results in me ending up in 5th place.
  7. Rankings haven't finalized for the week yet, but Sierra Canyon's loss to Saguaro, for the moment, has them dropped down #10 in the CIF-SS rankings at calpreps. Los Alamitos now sitting at #8.
  8. Standings through Friday games:
  9. Their entire resume is: beating Norco and losing to a bunch of better teams.
  10. IDK, I'm not even convinced that Folsom is the #1 team in Folsom.
  11. Can we kick Sierra Canyon out of D1?
  12. Never thought I'd be saying this, but Cen10 has the edge in punting.
  13. Cen10's offense has looked disjointed. Gotta love these 2 QB systems. 🙄
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