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  1. Ah yes, announcing your betting lines after the game is over. Just like they do in Vegas. 😆
  2. You should take this win with some "poise" and stop trying to retcon your wildly inaccurate predictions. Not a great look.
  3. What kind of math they teaching over there on Bristol and Edinger?
  4. Does the doghouse have padded walls?
  5. I feel like taking shots at "programs", "coaches" and "fans" is fine. But players, regardless of age, should be off limits. Gotta rise above and represent that "poise" part of being a Monarch and an ambassador of CIF and CA football on a national board.
  6. Which one of the three stripes stands for trash talking high school kids as an adult?
  7. Fun game. NotTroyThomas has a heck of a team. I'll be rooting for the Friars to take down the big bad Monarchs.
  8. Negro also playing things close to the vest with JSerra on the horizon.
  9. So, something you might expect of a team playing in a scrimmage against a vastly inferior opponent. Got it.
  10. Booty is ass. He'll probably end up being the best QB in Texas. 😆
  11. It's not meaningless because it's not the only example of the Wikipedia entry being incorrect or incomplete. But please, feel free to be a clown and continue to reference it. Back to the original point, DLS does have legitimate claims to MNCs in 2015, 2014, 2012 and 2010, regardless of what you or an incomplete and incorrect Wikipedia article have to say about it.
  12. Please tell me more about how"The wikipedia entry for high school national championship is actually pretty good on this". 🤡
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