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  1. No promises. I'd say, take your request to @The Comishbut I'm not sure he's answering his email at the moment.
  2. Oh dang. We're doing a Pickem this year?
  3. Anything in the pre-statcast era should have a giant fat asterisk next to it.
  4. Never too early to go 0-10
  5. Your username starting to make a bit more sense...
  6. You should conserve your energy. OC is in a competition with 🦆 as to who can make the most repetitive and inane posts. As I've argued many times on this board throughout the years, SJB 2015 was the better team. The 2016 team gets the recognition because they won, but the 2015 team was better. Sometimes the better team loses, that's just football. Same thing for Mater Dei 2018/2019. Ask any Monarch who actually follows HSFB, and 99% of them will tell you, despite not winning it all, 2019 was the better team.
  7. Sometimes adding money to stuff like this can change the general atmosphere or cause too much drama. Just throwing that out there. If the general consensus is to move forward with this, then I'll be donating any $ I win to charity.
  8. Already updated in my "staging" sheet. HSFA preseason poll comes out today and last year USAToday didn't release a preseason poll. Assuming PrepForce and PrepNation are still MIA, we should have a finalized preseason comp poll by tonight or tomorrow.
  9. That's funny. I literally just looked at this for the first time like 30 minutes ago. We must be on the same wavelength...
  10. https://247sports.com/Player/Caleb-Sanchez-46131715/
  11. STA beat SFA in 2021... the team that beat IMG...
  12. I'm not sure if technology has advanced far enough yet. Maybe in a few years...
  13. Here's the same data, but from Massey (omitting IMG for consistency with your list): SJB (CA) - 63.86 (#2) Guyer (TX) - 56.12 (#7) Center Grover (IN) - 50.51 (#44) SFA (MD) - 47.48 (#70) Collins Hill (GA) - 46.03 (#106) SJC (DC) - 45.66 (#112) Kahuku (HI) - 43.70 (#150) Thompson (AL) - 43.25 (#161) Venice (FL) - 39.41 (#298) Bishop Gorman (NV) - 38.44 (#347) Bixby (OK) - 31.50 (#885)
  14. Comp Poll: Updated 2021-12-27 Calpreps has updated with Kahuku's 49-14 win over St. Louis and Kahuku moves up to #8 over at CalPreps as a result. Massey has the result updated on Kahuku's individual team page but the overall rankings haven't been updated. There is still one more game in Hawaii to be played this Thursday. I'll check back again next week and see if either CalPreps or Massey changes as a result.
  15. Nice, I have a Galaxy Watch 2 Active, but was waiting for the new Pixel Watch to get a new one. How do you like it so far?
  16. Could well be, but it more than likely involved alcohol and view of the Pacific Ocean.
  17. Don't take the back and forth the wrong way. I don't troll for the sake of trolling. I really do value different perspectives, so the back and forth is really me wanting to understand your thought process and perhaps glean some insight (and perhaps with a bit of "cheek" thrown in). I was definitely more of a SoCal homer before I started posting on the "national" boards and I watch a lot more national games than I did before this. So take this as me genuinely wanting to continue on this journey of having a more holistic understanding of the national HSFB landscape. At the end of the day, I just want to know which 5 teams you think would go 10-3 or better with Servite's schedule and I'm not sure I've seen you provide an actual response to this question except for some vagueness that didn't actually answer the question being asked. If you want, I'll give you my list (I'll even go up to 6 teams) that I think could likely go 10-3 or better with the same schedule (in no particular order): 1. Mater Dei 2. SJB 3. Centennial 4. STA 5. SFA 6. IMG
  18. Was that the post where you said you could but you didn't? Or did I miss something.
  19. I only ask because you posted this: I don't necessarily disagree that seeing a 10-3 team in the top 5 is a little jarring, but context is certainly important. I'm just wondering if you already had something ready to go to back up your initial post or if you were just shooting from the hip...
  20. I'm fine if we disagree. I'm just curious which 5 teams you think would do better.
  21. It actually started a little before that. After Mater Dei missed the playoffs in 2011 and Rollinson saw what Negro was doing over at SJB, Rollinson went to Negro to talk about how to run a successful HSFB program in the modern age of the internet, youth camps, social media and where practically every game is streamed. Rollinson is on the record saying as much. The rest is, well as they say, history....
  22. I actually think Massey has the better projection tool:
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