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  1. Las Vegas_JC

    Folsom versus Cathedral for CA 1AA State Title

    Highlights of Cathedral squeezing by Narbonne. Folsom should win this one easily.
  2. Las Vegas_JC

    2018 Tier Placement - Dec. 9 week

    He is correct in that OOS games by themselves mean nothing. Gorman could schedule Needles (CA) high school or any of the thousands of other slapdick California schools in order to fatten up their already stellar OOS record. A better term to recognize is the scheduling of "Risk Games." These are games that when scheduled are considered a toss up (with a 50% to 65% chance of victory for either team). Also a team should be given respect for purposefully scheduling 4-5 risk games in the regular season when they do not have to. There are not many teams in the nation which schedule in this manner. Maybe about 10 elite schools do so in a given year.
  3. Las Vegas_JC

    Texas Pansies

    The season is not over in Nevada. Gorman has one more game vs Bishop Manogue and their stud running back Peyton Dixon.
  4. Las Vegas_JC

    Texas Pansies

    Gorman offered to play both Allen and Cedar Hill in 2016. Along with SJB and STA that year. But why are you turning your attention to a Nevada school when the original post is from a Cali backer. Go after them. Nevada posters respect Texas football.
  5. Las Vegas_JC

    MC 43 STA 27 final.

    Great job Rockets!
  6. Las Vegas_JC

    2018 Tier Placement - Dec. 9 week

    Your cousin is a good guy! 😎
  7. Las Vegas_JC

    2018 Tier Placement - Dec. 9 week

    So you are a fan of Steelers?
  8. Las Vegas_JC

    Best 0-4 team in America?

    Dude Servite just lost to something called Villa Park. And St. Paul also lost to the Parakeets. What are you crowing about?
  9. Las Vegas_JC

    Bishop Gorman 21 v. De La Salle 27 (Final)

    Damnit you just put the old “Block Curse” on Gorman. Whatever team that you pick in a big game loses. In Vegas we call your type a Cooler. Dls by 14. 😂
  10. Las Vegas_JC

    Week 3 Excuse thread

    Sort of like how you have gone dark on Gorman? #SadSamuel
  11. Las Vegas_JC

    Bishop Gorman Thread

    Hmmm maybe you should pick up a newspaper and read about what is going on. Educate yourself!
  12. Las Vegas_JC

    Bishop Gorman Thread

    Nice! I like it. Have pride in your school. 👍 Plus Servite and MD are arch rivals so you can not root for the Monarchs. That is like being a fan of the Cowboys and of the Redskins.
  13. Las Vegas_JC

    Week 2 Excuse Thread

    Wake me up when your St Paul team is nationally relevant. I’m going back to the poker table now.
  14. Las Vegas_JC

    Bishop Gorman Thread

    I’m just busting his balls because his school is irrelevant in HSFB.
  15. Las Vegas_JC

    Bishop Gorman Thread

    He was accused of raping a babysitter in one case. And accused of running over his wife with a car in another. Dude you are clueless