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  1. Thank you and that is the reasoning why this game was canceled. There is still plenty of respect amongst both of the schools administrators. Gorman has played Servite more than any other OOS opponent in recent history.
  2. Uhh you clowns are going to be surprised with this 2020 Gorman team. If the covid pandemic slows down and if the fall sports season continues as usual this is going to be a great team. Much better than the team that spanked Servite 42-21 last year.
  3. Do you hear that? No retorts just 🦗🦗🦗
  4. As long as Samuel is around trying to obfuscate the masses I’ll be here to clear things up. The score of that 2017 game was 14-7 at the half. And 28-21 with about 7:00 minutes left in the 4th quarter. Your cali OIAG struggled to beat a severely depleted Gorman team. Also it’s not a good look when MD failed to schedule Gorman from 2010-2016 when the Gaels were calling for a series. Anyway I hope that you and your family are safe Samuel.
  5. Calpreps projection 2016 Gorman 77 2017 MD 21 Thanks Ed.
  6. Great job Cen10! That’s a legit OOD schedule.
  7. I would like it if he was hired at Valdosta and if he would bring the Wildcats back to national prominence.
  8. Serious question: why would the Valdosta administration fly Coach Sanchez in for an interview if they did not believe that he is a skilled coach and worthy of the job? They could just bring in a local coach from GA or FL. Maybe they want to be in contention for a MNC and feel that he is the best guy for that goal. Kudos to the admins at Valdosta!
  9. And we don’t pay the crazy amount of taxes in Nevada that you guys pay in GA. https://www.marketwatch.com/amp/story/guid/E4C5126C-E47A-11E9-9CC5-AF55813567B9?__twitter_impression=true
  10. Come on man! This is total BS. Put an emoji or some other reference to your post when you are exaggerating.
  11. Vegas is a young city. IMO one of the youngest in the US. And developing quickly. For instance in 1950 we had a population of less than 50,000 in the county. Today it stands at 2.2 million. Any baby boomer from Vegas can tell you how fast this area has changed.
  12. https://www.move.org/lowest-cost-of-living-by-us-city/ The Atlanta metro region is much more expensive. And the dry heat in the high desert is much more tolerable than the humidity of the South East.
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