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  1. https://www.vype.com/txhsfb-2639821410 “As frequent as athletes announce commitments to colleges on social media, also has become the trend of announcing transferring to a new high school. In Houston and across the state, it is no longer a random occurrence but becoming more of a popular trend. Houston ISD programs have been particularly hit hard this summer, losing three top athletes - Demond Demas (North Forest), Bobby Taylor (Houston Heights) and Darryl Brown Jr. (Yates) - to a transfer out of the district prior to the start of the 2019 football season. All three were either national recruits or already committed.”
  2. Here is a newspaper clipping from the 1966 Las Vegas Review Journal. That type of schedule was very normal for Las Vegas schools over a 30 years period.
  3. Southern Nevada teams were playing teams from Southern California weekly back in the 1940’s through the 1960’s. In fact Boulder City (Nevada) won the CIF SS lower division back in 1949. And Basic High (Nevada) was the CIF SS runner up five years later.
  4. That’s not the way that I see it. Florida is the only state that has their top 6 teams spread out over five classifications. That shows how much depth FL has. Statewide Top 25 1. Lakeland (7A), 0-0 2. St. Thomas Aquinas (7A), 0-0 3. Miami Central (6A), 0-0 4. Trinity Christian (Jacksonville) (3A), 0-0 5. Miami Northwestern (5A), 0-0 6. Deerfield Beach (8A), 0-0 At the end of most seasons the final poll is usually mixed with teams from 7A, 6A, 5A and 4A as well. Look at TX and their polls are usually dominated by the 6A teams with a couple 5A teams. CA and OH are top heavy also with mainly D1 teams at the top and a few D2 teams mixed in. I would like to see an open division in the Florida playoffs. In the same manner that AZ is going to do this year. The matchups would be great!
  5. It is still very possible for the Gaels to win a MNC in the future. 1) the top notch facilities are still among the best. As good as some Texas schools. 2) the coaching staff is truly underrated and mostly intact over the past 10 years. 3) the school administration is willing and able to schedule OOS risk games. 4) kids still want to go to Gorman to get a good education and to get recruited for college. 5) USA Today, Maxpreps and other polling services will give them the MNC if the team wins several risks games and goes undefeated.
  6. https://thevegaspost.com/over-100k-californians-migrated-to-las-vegas-in-2018-to-escape-high-cost-of-living-and-taxes/ Over 100,000 Californians Migrated to Las Vegas in 2018 to Escape the High Cost of Living and Taxes October 19, 2018 According to findings by the American Community Survey, about 5 million people moved out of California over the last 10 years. The recession, the high housing prices, high taxes and the high cost of living are the major reasons that make people move to another destination. I can find you a nice house when you decide to move to Vegas @Kalven
  7. Just wait until Jason Negro Jr and Bruce Rollinson III enroll at Gorman. 🤣 FIFY
  8. That all depends on which state you are talking about. Chandler and Saguaro are both public AZ schools and they can get many transfers. The same goes for Centennial high in California.
  9. Gorman will be fine. There are a lot of talented underclass men fighting for a roster spot. The Fertitta field and training center is still among the best in the west. If not the best. Kids still want to go there to get recognized and recruited. Last year they played the second best team in the country in MD. The second best team from CA in Dls. The best team from AZ in Centennial. And a UT state champ. No other school west of the Mississippi sets up a schedule like this. This year they are playing three more reining state champs. Gorman set the bar so high that people expect the team to be a national contender every year. And that is not a realistic expectation.
  10. Now that’s a falcon that knows how to party!
  11. Pop quiz: who uses this logo? Founded in 1648 The Cambridge Rindge and Latin School (Massachusetts) uses this Falcon as their logo.
  12. You know what would be great? If a High School sued the crap out of a big time university or NFL team for using their logo. 🤣
  13. https://amp.azcentral.com/amp/1993095001?cid=twitter_azcsports&__twitter_impression=true ”Principal Jeff Simon said the school received a cease and desist letter this summer from the University of Texas. Payson must stop using the silhouette longhorn because it infringes upon a copyright held by Texas. The Longhorn logo has been the pride of Payson High School and its sports teams for decades.” There has to be a better solution.
  14. Bonus points if you can just look at this map and name all of the schools from each state.
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