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  1. STA 2014-2016 was one of the Raiders best runs in FL. That was the only time that they ever won three state titles back to back to back in their proud history. They have a great program.
  2. Oh sorry. I can’t wait for the day when @jserralions mom kicks this dip shit out of her basement.
  3. I can’t wait for the day when @jserralions mom kicks him out of the basement.
  4. Yeah @jserralions is quickly earning his place among the other infamous knuckleheads that roam this board. Such as Rab, texasfrog and blockhead.
  5. @DevilDog will give you an unbiased opinion on Gorman’s fan base. He was at Cedar Hill when the Gael’s travelled to Texas. And the Chill community was very welcoming to us desert folks.
  6. Absolutely correct. The C/O 2017 mostly started playing varsity games back in 2014 as sophomores. Biaggio Ali Walsh, Tyjon Lindsay, Haskell Garrett, Tate Martell and Alex Perry played roles in the huge upset versus CA state finalist Centennial. At that time it was common to see the late great Muhammad Ali, Snoop Dog, Flav or Flav and other celebrities in the stands. So yes that support from family, friends and the community was IMO a big reason for their success. Allen didn’t want to schedule Gorman in 2016. I’m not sure why the Eagles declined when they did play ECA (LA) and Hoover (
  7. Ah good times. Nevada owned Texas in 2016. ”For the second straight week, a team from Las Vegas went into the most storied high school football state in the nation and came away with a victory against its top-rated team. Liberty upset Westlake 21-14 Friday night in Austin to join Bishop Gorman, which thumped Dallas’ Cedar Hill six days ago, as Texas slayers.” https://m.lasvegassun.com/news/2016/sep/02/texas-sized-victory-liberty-downs-austins-westlake/
  8. Houser. The kid who transferred in from Henderson Nevada.
  9. “Friday’s 5A title game rematch between Timpview-Orem canceled because of COVID-19, one of 10 originally scheduled games that’s been canceled.” https://www.deseret.com/sports/2020/10/1/21497750/high-school-football-fridays-5a-title-game-rematch-between-timpview-orem-canceled-of-covid-19 Dang that could have been a good game.
  10. CC scored 3 touchdowns on their last three possessions. It looks like they are putting this game away.
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