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  1. Gorman Schedule

    C/O 2019 Evan Bennett 3* DL from Sacramento just transferrered to MD. He was a frosh at Folsom. Then he went to Capital Christian in Sac.
  2. Gorman Schedule

    Long Beach Poly beat MNW in FL too. But I believe that it was considered a preseason game for MNW
  3. Gorman Schedule

    Gorman will come to Georgia on two conditions: 1) Ya'll need to pay our full travel expenses. 2) You need to tell us where the best BBQ restaurant is in SOWEGA or the ATL metro area. Because our boys are always hungry. And I'm fixin to try some of your GA style brisket, ribs, grits, corn muffins and cobbler.
  4. Gorman Schedule

    Before Gorman was well known the team traveled to WA, UT, AZ, CA, Missouri, Alaska, Hawaii and Texas. Earning their stripes and their ranking in the west region. Since 2004 the Gaels have compiled a 41-12 OOS record. They have beaten 99% of the top programs in the US (Bellevue, Dls, SJB, Centennial, Chandler, Bingham, Don Bosco, DeMatha, Good Council, STA, St. Louis (HI), Long Beach Poly, Cedar Hill, Bergen Catholic). They don't really have anything to prove.
  5. Coach Q&A

    Is this going to happen?
  6. Best teams ever??

    This was their best team ever and I was fortunate enough to watch a couple of their games in person. Derek Landri was a beast. Always causing chaos along the LOS. Allowing DJ and Kevin to sweep in and contain the run.
  7. Best teams ever??

    Re: 2016 SJB Calpreps currently rates that Braves team as the third best team in California history. They had 20 kids on the roster with D1 offers (mainly Jrs and Srs). They played a great OOS schedule. And according to Calpreps they are the only CA team which also beat the #2, #3,#4 and #6 rated California teams in the same year. Including MD with JT and Amon Ra. Definitely one of California’s best teams and should be included on your list.
  8. First Two Games 2018 Cen10

    The last time that I checked Reno is 122 miles from Folsom. So you might want to fix that.
  9. Coach Q&A

    Since 2010 Cocoa has gone to Ohio (x2), Texas (x2), LA, NJ, PA, KY and Nevada. What are the benefits of playing OOS games for the team? And as a public high school how have they been able to travel so much?
  10. If I hear ONE more gushing accolade about Mater Dei,...

    I didn’t crop it. I just needed a wide angle lens 😂
  11. Texas HS Football OffSeason News

    Sorry about that. They did not go blonde for MNW. http://www.dunn-photography.com/High-School-Sports/Sports-Football-HS/Southlake-Carroll/2007-09-15-Football-Miami/i-HJdv5Ss/A I must be losing it. The fact is that I will always associate SLC players with bleached blonde hair.
  12. If I hear ONE more gushing accolade about Mater Dei,...

    Do they have anymore room in the trophy case?
  13. Texas HS Football OffSeason News

    So what is the bleached blonde hair thing all about? SLC football players have been doing this for quite awhile. I remember that all of the kids had blonde hair when they played that great game vs MNW.
  14. Texas HS Football OffSeason News

    Does Mike have to bleach his hair blonde too? J/K Hell it looks like a great job to me.
  15. Texas HS Football OffSeason News

    Does Mike Singletary have a real shot at this job?