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  1. Forget the Friars. Samuel is swinging to MD’s nutz in 3,2,1......
  2. Change the logo and change the name. We don't want the raiders in Vegas! #SorryNotSorry
  3. Lone Peak was made aware of their ineligible player just after the CC loss. I’m sure that the team lost some of their morale when they realized that potential penalties were coming down soon. And coupled with the loss.
  4. Lone Peak vs Corner Canyon was a close game this year. CC scored a touchdown with about 1 minute left in the game to squeak by. LP can beat them.
  5. I believe that they were kicked out of their league after the 2018 season. And are not a MIAA league member. Only state champs are invited to these post season bowl games.
  6. There is an odd situation in the Utah 6A bracket. Lone Peak had to forfeit some of their regular season games but were still allowed to qualify for the playoffs. Their record now stands at 4-9 and they are in the semifinal round. They can beat Corner Canyon next Friday and win it all the following week. I believe that they could be the first UT state champ with a losing record. Also Bingham lost on Friday to East. It seems that their long reign in UT has ended.
  7. If Florida had an open tournament similar to AZ these would be the teams involved. STA 7A 9-0 NW 5A 8-2 Lakeland 7A 10-0 Armwood 7A 9-1 AHP 5A 8-1 Central 6A 7-3 Edgewater 7A 9-1 Seminole 8A 9-0 The best teams from 8A to 5A in one bracket. Competitive games every week leading up to an undisputed state championship. The bottom line is that most states are trending towards creating more divisions and more championships. So it’s refreshing to see that Arizona is going in the opposite direction.
  8. It will be interesting to see how far Saguaro can go.
  9. Thanks for this statistical breakdown. I also greatly appreciate the work that you do in making the weekly compilation poll. IMO that is the best way to determine the MNC. According to Calpreps the highest rated teams in California are MD, SJB, DLS, Mission Viejo, Centennial, Servite, JSerra and Central Fresno. Obviously Narbonne is out. And Massey has Folsom instead of JSerra in the top 8. If the top 8 teams from the Massey ratings were in a CA state open bracket that would be a million times much more competitive and exciting compared to the Nov 15 and Nov 22 CIFSS games.
  10. I’m kind of confused about the WCAC. A) the teams in this conference are undoubtedly the best teams from the states of Maryland and Washington DC. Sans St Frances. B) But the WCAC champ is not considered as a state champion of either state. Is that correct? Can either you or @NicholasMalibu explain this.
  11. Thanks! I’m trying to get a grasp of the most competitive state brackets and the NPG4 is up there. But why did they have so many bye games last week?
  12. Yes that’s correct. I would defer to @Wooderson at this point. He has a better understanding of their system in the coming years.
  13. Calpreps lists all 8 of these AZ teams as the top 8 teams in that state today. In a like manner Massey lists 7 of these teams as the best in AZ. Does that not sound competitive and compelling to you? Would you not like to see that change? Centennial might upset Chandler and that’s what makes this format great. Most of the games should be a challenge and we won’t know who the champion will be until December 7th. IDK much about the CIF D2 teams. Except that if OLU and Santa Margarita lose in the first round that would not be good for the trinity league.
  14. I‘m talking about the system that is in place in AZ not necessarily the teams that are involved. The way that Arizona is running their open tournament brings together the best teams from throughout their state. At its conclusion there will be no doubt who the best team is in AZ and the computer polls are going to give a huge boost to their eventual open champion. Whereas the CIFSS bracket is only a regional format, it’s top heavy and we already knew that either MD or SJB would be the open representative before the season kicked off. CA could actually learn from the AZ format and put the best of the best including the north and the south into one bracket.
  15. The Arizona open bracket looks amazingly tough. Here are the games: Chandler 6A #1 seed 10-0 VS Chaparral 6A #4 seed 8-2 Pinnacle 6A #3 seed 8-2 VS Salpointe 4A #2 seed 9-0 Horizon 5A #2 seed 9-1 VS Saguaro 4A #1 seed 9-1 Hamilton 6A #2 seed 8-2 VS Centennial 5A #1 seed 9-1 I realize that this format is not necessary for all states but it can possibly work in Florida.
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