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  1. There are various articles detailing how Al Martell moved his whole family and his business to Las Vegas. Don’t be clueless.
  2. Are you the Uber driver that was shuttling Dollars and Cridell back to San Bernardino county after every game?
  3. MD had a nice two year run at best. They should be disqualified from this topic. A 23 point loss to SJB in 2018 and another loss to the Braves to end the 2019 season. Coach Negro > Rollo. STA, DLS, Gorman and 99% of the teams in America are required to play league games. You can’t choose those opponents. And the majority of the programs in the US are not elite. legit Over rated Now the third best team in CA Who gives a crap. Why didn’t Rollo schedule Gorman when they called and tried to set up a series back in 2011-2016? Pussy!
  4. Mater Dei had 3 losses in that 2017-2019 time period. The FFL to Bishop Amat was the first one. MD allowed an 18 yo kid from New Zealand who had already graduated high school to enroll there. The second loss was an embarrassing 41-18 blowout to SJB. No other team in this tier lost by such a huge margin. And the third loss was also to SJB. Ending MD’s claim to the best 3 year run ever.
  5. QB Riley Dodge was a trooper. Watch at :50 into this clip.
  6. I was fortunate enough to watch several of these teams in person as well. The 2001 Spartans crushing MD 42-0. All of the 2016 Gorman games. And the Gorman at MD game in 2017. According to their list #1 2001 Dls #5 2016 Gorman #7 2017 MD
  7. I saw the highlights of that game. The Manatee kid was out of bounds and the pass should have been ruled incomplete. The most shocking part was that the ref was right there and ruled it a TD.
  8. Look at Dls and the teams that they played during their run. And do the same with STA and many other programs on this list.
  9. It would really be great if Liberty (NV) scheduled and beat Servite or JSerra or Santa Margarita.
  10. Come on man! Gorman has more frequent flyer miles than any other program in the US. Throughout the years several of the teams have gone to Alaska, New Jersey, Texas (x2), Missouri, Washington, Hawaii, Arizona, Utah and California. I can only think of two other private schools that might have traveled as much: Moeller and DBP. If parents want to bring their kids to the program with the best facilities in the western region why wouldn’t they take that opportunity? 1) they get a great education 2) their kids receive recognition and with that a better chance to go onto college 3) travel t
  11. Gorman was not down. The 2018 and 2019 teams were not coached well because they used an athletic running QB who IMO was playing out of his natural position. The teams that had similar talent recognized this error and game planned by stacking the box. Challenging the Gaels to pass the ball. The Gaels are also graduating several players. Save this for the excuse thread.
  12. Any list that excludes 2014-2016 Gorman is bogus. The Gaels were undefeated at that time with a 45-0 record. They won three consecutive MNCs. They owned California during that run and played marquee programs from the whole US. It is quite possible that Gorman was excluded because Samuel is still butt hurt from all of the beatings that the Gaels put on the Friars. 🤣
  13. I remember that some guy on this board would always say “the Bishop has no weaknesses!” Hmmmm....
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