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  1. According to the CIF transfer portal MD has more transfers than SJB at this point. https://www.cifsshome.org/public-transfers.php
  2. Alejado was in the Vegas Strong team before coming to Gorman as a freshman as you know well. Vegas Strong squared up with the OG / IE Ducks many times in those years. Those kids all know each other.
  3. Except for that one rivalry game with Northwestern HS last year the Rockets dominated everyone that they played in Florida.
  4. TBH there are not that many public schools in America that are aggressive in OOS scheduling. The ones that come to mind are Miami Central, Corona Centennial, Liberty (NV) and formerly Cocoa (FL) before they changed coaches. You have to respect and applaud the public schools that are willing to schedule the likes of IMG, MD, etc.
  5. My original reply was @On2whls because he did not take into account how small of a state Nevada is. So yes Gorman will probably win 9 out of every 10 NIAA championships. Gorman is in a very similar situation as Trinity HS from Kentucky. The fact that @Cossacks @HurricaneNick and others knew that I was implying Liberty High means that yes they have earned national recognition. And Calpreps did rank Liberty as #137 in the nation in 2021. And #163 in 2017. Other publications have ranked them in the top 100 preseason polls over the last 5 years or so (before and after Covid). Liberty HS opened in 2003 and they have done very well over that short time frame.
  6. Nevada only has 77 teams in the whole state that play 11 man football. And only 20 teams in 5A our highest classification. So that fact that at least two of our 5A teams are nationally relevant is pretty amazing considering how many thousands of other schools there are in America.
  7. And 2022 Gorman v SJB. If the Braves wanted it
  8. In 2016 Gorman played and beat CIF Open champs SJB. In Bellflower. A great comeback win for the Gaels.
  9. Liberty Nevada will travel to defending 6A champs Lone Peak (UT) on 8/26 Then the Patriots will play Pittsburg CA in San Diego on 9/3 The 9/9 game will be in Humble Atascocita (TX). So this will be a difficult game for Liberty because of how they scheduled these games. Either way go Liberty!
  10. Yeah I kind of feel bad for the guy. He must have known that there would have been some type of repercussion for hosting an off shore betting site. Maybe he could have hired a bodyguard? Damn sorry to hear that.
  11. A lot of people on this site used to view the 5dimes website because they had betting lines on high school football games. They were pretty accurate with their picks. And to my knowledge it was the only site that had HSFB. Their website disappeared a couple years ago and I was curious as to what happened. I found this interesting article about the owner of the site and how he was kidnapped and held for ransom in bitcoin. https://www.casino.org/news/costa-rica-court-sentences-5dimes-founders-killers-including-two-cops-to-prison/
  12. If he could use a nail gun with both arms you would be all giddy! 😂
  13. Hey ESPN put this kid on TV. If he does switch arms during actual game play that would interesting to watch.
  14. I was expecting to see some type of weakness or major flaw in one of his throwing arms. But his arms and throws seem to be equally strong. In my case I’m right handed and I can barely do anything with my left hand or arm. I can’t write or draw or throw with my left arm. It must have taken a few years or training to do what he does. I’m not sure. I do think that some offensive minded guru can utilize his skills in an RPO offense to their advantage. If this kid could pitch effectively with his right or left arm he would make a great baseball prospect.
  15. Wow this is the first person that I have seen that can do this! He goes to East Bellevue high in Nebraska. https://247sports.com/player/mikey-gow-46125600/
  16. Hamilton owns Gorman at this point. 2-0 vs the Gaels. I’m just hoping that this team does not implode like they did last year vs Hamilton. It should be a good one I’ll be there.
  17. Let’s get back to talking about football. Tell me a little bit about this team. How many prospects do they have? Who is their most notable football alum?
  18. https://www.maxpreps.com/m/news/8nlH-fa0z0eQOajhcevTEQ/mapping-out-the-best-game-each-week-of-the-high-school-football-season.htm Hopefully Covid numbers stay down and we can get back to great HSFB games.
  19. Nice video. Keep them coming please.
  20. Hey slow your roll Red. The Nevada side of Lake Tahoe is beautiful. Zephyr Cove beach, Sand Harbor and Incline Village are all great places to visit.
  21. Hey Antt Do not collaborate with the enemy. 🤫 Thanks
  22. https://www.maxpreps.com/m/news/vrMWUSGyfE2TbAFb1rin5w/high-school-football-bishop-gorman-schedule-headlined-by-mater-dei-showdown.htm?amp=1
  23. Kahuku played 10 games last year with one bye week. Obviously playing games on a weekly basis helps a team to gel, to improve their consistency and to expand the playbook.
  24. The 2021 St Louis team played one of the oddest seasons in HSFB history. 10 games stretched out over 4 months because of Covid.
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