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  1. And... Confusion says; If you go looking for someone to hate, you have already found him in yourself.
  2. First off, these 4 Apocalyptic Horsewomen of the U SA, do not have the power to overthrow America. They can scream and shout all they want but the true power lies in the people united together. Trump can make dumb statements, but you will never back him into the corner to get an apology. He ain't going to budge. You and the media should know that by now, and they do. They sell their agendas to all of us daily in the name of money. You can't reason with a mind that is made up. If you believe someone is racist and they're not, then what does that make you. I said it from the begenning that I like Ben Carson, and yes, he is to soft for todays presidency, but I believe him when he says that Trump is not racist. I will not always have respect for every person I meet, but I will not disrespect anyone until they earn my disrespect. My words will never matter as much as my actions do, and I know that so I try to live like it matters to me, and that I treat you like a human being even if I don't know you. Who of us have walked in a persons shoes that we don't like? There is always a reason why people hate and are ugly to people they've never met. Confusion says; You brother is not your brother until you let him be.
  3. How to Bring Down a Nation If you were intent on bringing down a nation whose attitude, philosophy and moral standing was strong, independent and entirely opposite from your own - a country that you cannot and may not confront militarily—how would you go about it? The answer is simple: orchestrate the society’s destruction from within. The corrupt leadership of countries are merely fired by greed, power hunger and self inflated echoism and they fall "boots and all" into the trap set for them. Although possibly taking longer than a military victory and requiring great patience, the damage would be just as effective if not more so. When you destroy from within, you do it by using that country’s own people, no blood is spilled in combat and the physical infrastructure is left intact. In any country, there are but a few key areas that determine how the citizens mature, live, and develop their beliefs. These are the focal points that must be attacked. In his book, On War, Clausewitz referred to this concept of identifying and then focusing on select points as attacking the center of gravity. The center of gravity is that key element, if controlled or destroyed, would most hurt your opponent and is the critical factor in achieving your objective. In this case, when taking control of or destroying a country from within, the key is to attack and control the mind of the inhabitants—you must shape the way people view life and the values upon which their life is based. Shape the mind and you control their direction. Control their direction and you can lead them down a pathway to hell. The centers of gravity in orchestrating a country’s downfall from within are as follows: To shape truth, control the media: Most people absorb what they know about life from the major media centers these days. The media paints the picture for all to see. If that picture is constantly distorted, lies become accepted as truth, i.e. tell enough lies repeatedly and soon those lies are accepted as fact. Spin and concoct, distort and influence using the public platforms such as television, radio and print and you can influence, sway and control the mind of the vast majority of its population in any area you choose. This subversive influence includes pitting one group against another in order to ferment internal discord as well as ridiculing, discrediting and challenging moral principles and national values in order to destroy any hint of a strong spiritual foundation or allegiance to a unique national culture. This is a much easier task if many in your target audience have become lazy, ill-educated, ill-informed, demanding, inconsiderate, intolerant and apathetic. To shape future generations, control education: Incrementally indoctrinate the children with principles that are sympathetic to your philosophy. Make future generations weak in mind, body and spirit. Avoid teaching children the basic facts about their own true history, constitution or rights. Teach them that natural aggression is wrong and docile submission is right. Teach them that any basis of a moral foundation, like the principles of religion, is a weakness to be avoided in the name of freedom and also redefine the concept of patriotism to support your views. Teach them to cast off old values and traditions in the interest and name of sensitivity—after all, we wouldn’t want to offend anyone with our old fashioned or traditional beliefs. Make our fastest growing demographic group the least educated. You can add a second underclass, unassimilated, undereducated, and antagonistic to the population. Have this second underclass achieve a 50% dropout rate from high school. Overpopulate universities and training institutions with students that really does not have a chance to succeed. Promise them free education and create a culture of “Pass one, pass all.” University students has been misused in the past to change the face of history for ever or force government and educational institutions into de rigueur dialogue to meet their idealistic demands and grievances. It would be easy to recruit students with some objection or gripe against society and then exploit it to your own advantage. To shape the political philosophy, infiltrate the government: Whenever and wherever possible place those sympathetic to your philosophy into office at all levels—the higher, the better—so they can sway the direction of the country within every function of government, promising solutions, handouts and benefits for all. In such a way you can tilt legislation toward incrementally increasing the control of and dependency on government—a government that you are shaping. Concurrently, if you can pack the courts with appointed judges who will not hold you accountable to the law and its constitution, you can act with virtual impunity. Infiltration at the highest levels can also be employed to weaken the military through budget cuts, unwarranted restrictions and over commitment, degrading both force morale and effectiveness. A country without a strong military is defenseless and vulnerable. The same applies to the political appointments of leaders with no law enforcement experience in the Police Service. To shape the sense of nationalism, dilute the culture and the language: A strong society has at its foundation a unique culture and a common language. Simply put, it is the culture and language which ultimately defines and unites a nation. If you can manipulate these two critical elements through legislative action and social pressure, you can weaken the foundation of any country. How? Introduce and eventually force the acceptance of a multi-cultural concept and refuse to accept a common tongue as the official language. In short, prevent cultural assimilation and undermine any sense of nationalism. Encourage and orchestrate a mosaic society rather than a melting pot and you will eventually mortally wound the national fabric. The key is to celebrate diversity rather than unity. It is important to ensure that you have various cultural sub-groups living in South Africa reinforcing their differences rather than as South Africans emphasizing their similarities. Invest in ethnic identity, and establish the cult of 'Victimology.' Get all majorities to think their lack of success was the fault of the minority. Start a grievance industry blaming all majorities’ failure on the minority population. To shape the economy, spend, spend, spend and tax, tax, tax: A country with a strong economy is financially independent and its people unlikely to look toward the government for much of anything. If free people don’t depend on their government, that government has limited sway over them, looking at the current social grant system and demands of economical freedom. No government, in its right mind, can ever promise its citizens equal distribution of resources. By legislating large sums from the public treasury is allocated to people not actually contributing to the fiscal, you accomplish two important goals. First you create dependants that are now subject to conditions, rules and regulations you dictate, like for instance vote for us or you will lose it. Secondly, you are putting that country into unsustainable promises of financial gain, reducing the value of the currency while undermining its economy. And of course, to support all this spending, you now make the case that the people must “invest” in all these government provided “benefits” so you tax them relentlessly, stealing money from their pockets and independence from their lives. Eventually, if you tax and spend enough, you financially oppress the taxpaying people to the point of serfdom and overload their economic structure to the point of collapse. Look at the increase of toll road levies, fuel, electricity, personal income tax, food prices and a battery of other taxes. Somewhere, the economy will eventually collapse. Make it impossible to enforce immigration laws: Make a government agree that they owe other countries some type of compensation for past favours. Allow alien citizens to flock to your country in thousands without proper border or passport control. These people are fleeing their own despotic and repressive countries for a better life in South Africa and need to make living. They will prove to be better employees expecting lower salaries without any exuberant labour union backed - up demands. They will also establish businesses making a killing from local residents. A very good breeding ground for xenophobic related incidents to further destabilize the harmony in a country while taxing the security, education, health and socio - economical structures. What will happen one day when all illegal immigrants mobilized and suddenly started a revolt in a country at the same time at different locations? (currently the number of illegal aliens in SA by far outnumbers the combined forces of the army and police) Through patient manipulation and clever coordination of these few centers of gravity, you can, in time, weave the downfall of even the most powerful nation, using its own citizens and systems to orchestrate the destruction. Other centres of gravity can be added like the deliberate stirring of labour unrest at strategic industries like mining. Eventually, mining houses cannot afford the loss of production and high wage demands and close the mines – easy pickings for any foreign investor (In Zimbabwe, a high tech military airbase was built by a foreign country right in the middle of a diamond belt) The irony is that in just a few generations, the indoctrinated masses will be convinced this trail which has been shaped for them is truly the enlightened path for mankind and they will unwittingly look forward to the trip! You have thus taken control of a country without firing a shot or spilling a drop of blood. There is a saying:” When you have them by the balls, their hearts and minds follows”.
  4. I think you are on point with this responce. A lot of people are lumping all the Democrats into the same boat as those that are very far left/Socialist. It will hurt the candidate that runs against Trump more that help them. I wouldn't be surprised if the Republicans are paying these wack-a-doodles to be this crazy.
  5. It is Americas best interest to save France, England, etc... otherwise eventually there would be a one world order. Gee, wonder who would run it and if we would still have some of the little freedoms we have today. Like blogging about HS Football or Politics.
  6. It's simple really. You believe the ones that feed you what you want believe. You hate Trump you probably believed CNN is fair and balanced. You like Trump you probably believe Fox is the most honest news source. News flash. They all can mis report. It is common and called a retraction when the errors are pointed out and they make a correction.
  7. Damn tapes Epstiens kept locked up... The porn movie he just turned off was just getting to the good part when he turned it off. You can almost see Clinton's stiffy in the glass if you look for it... See how wonderful a creative mind isn't.😄 Haahaaa, how many of you looked for a reflection?
  8. LOL, you shouldn't have explained it. Now everyone is a tad bit smarter. I love the answers that some PHD's gave. One was correct even.
  9. Besides, They needed the money to continue their research on parallel universes.
  10. BTW, I did the sunglasses answer under pressure with my wife telling me we need to go... The reason I made the math mistake. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy 101. Is the answer 49?
  11. Damn, I had to go and do the math wrong, but you knew that I meant 36+4=40. Not 36+1=40.
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