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  1. Cocoa's defense had bus problems and they were way late to the game in Venice. They didn't get there until the second half.
  2. For some players out there It would be like releasing poll data. 🤣 Besides, no one can call you out if there is a mistake on the count.
  3. Thompson AL JSerra CA L Columbine CO L St. John's DC W DeMatha MD P IMG Academy L Marietta GA L Grayson GA W St. Thomas Aquinas KS W St. Joseph Regional NJ P Iona Prep NY P Elder OH W St. Xavier OH L Byrnes SC L
  4. All major news networks are owned by 6 corporations, or 90%... however you want to see it, it's not good because of the strong opinions they push. Very little balanced reporting.
  5. I too was a Dem until Obie X 2. Couldn't get over the extortion on America and the Burned up Birth Cert he had to have remade. I did like his go green deal though.
  6. The DNC is accusting Gabbard of being a Rusky plant also... their claim is that she will run independent to pull Dem votes...
  7. Okay, 30 might be a tad over exaggerqtion. Prolly really 20+. I didn't go out so I could only hype it up to max wave hight. Just that the PD and rescue were saying it was 30. lol True on the paddle out. I had a lull or 2 but was just so exhausted by the time I was almost out that I couldn't get past that last set. You know how it is, you are almost out and a big set comes in and drags you back 50 or 60 feet after the 3rd or 4th wave and you have to start over. Ever been fighting it for 10 mins and look back at the shore only to be shocked that you're way closer to the shore than you thought...
  8. That's the problem... they don't have a clue. 😄
  9. I paid 140.00 for 2 season tickets and parking behind the bleachers. Cocoa does give a portion to the other programs, or they did a few years back.
  10. Back in the day I made the trip to Hatteras in Aug - Sept for many years. Rode Nags Head 3 or 4 times in the 2 weeks we would surf there if the Light House was to crowded. Big fast barrels right where the Drone is shooting this Vid. Only a few houses in that area back then. Saw it breaking around 30 feet but the local fuzz wouldn't let anyone go out. Doubt I could have paddled out as fast as it was coming in. No lulls but lots of rip so who knows. Heck, Dorian put a hurtin on my pride and made me wait till I got my strength and wind back for a second go before I got out and it was only 10 or so feet. It was the relentless waves coming in one after another. Dang Krazy seeing the ocean water crossing over the road. Pretty sure it's fairly flat on the other side of the road all the way to the river there.
  11. Thompson AL JSerra CA Columbine CO St. John's DC DeMatha MD IMG Academy Marietta GA Grayson GA St. Thomas Aquinas KS St. Joseph Regional NJ Iona Prep NY Elder OH St. Xavier OH Byrnes SC
  12. Your crew did the east coast proud. Fantastic waves + gnarly rides... Brings back memories of Hatteras. Sebastian Inlet would get like that 3 or 4 times a year until they xtended the boardwalk. Now you have to hit monster hole on the right swell. Dorian brought in some nice waves no matter where you lived on the east coast, but those waves in this vid were special. hang loose.
  13. Nice... wave behind it was pretty decent also. I didn't see any like that when I was out before and after Dorian. Did catch some decent waves though.
  14. A reasonable solution is always better than a punch in the face.
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