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  1. Give it a try. Fly fishing is an art. I have bait casters, spinning, and fly rods. Love the Fly the best.
  2. For the record I don't condone burning and looting but I'm not there in the situation from day to day getting shit on.
  3. Read the Dead Zone when it came out. I said to myself it would never happen. WW3 is a pretty big jump.
  4. Whom ever owns the patent for the vaccine will make Millions... Suicide is questionable. A hit is more probable.
  5. The Coulda - Shoulda of my investments was America Online in the very early stages. My wife didn't think we should have invest half our savings into a company that talks over phone lines by computer... Her reason was "why would people talk to each other on a computer when they can just pick up the phone and call?" Boy does she ever regret it. LOL.
  6. I like Italian even though I took french in college. Italian was easier and I've forgotten all but a little French. With French you can read Italian and Spanish well enough to get the point. I was lost in Germany even though my grandparents spoke German to me when I was very young.
  7. I didn't/don't have patience and hated seeing money evaporate when stocks turned. It's why I let someone else manage my investments. I do have trust issues though and I trust Edward Jones to some extent. I do pull money on occasions and asks for meetings quarterly/Bi-annual to adjust if needed. I've not had a meeting since last November. Like I said earlier, I invest 25% in aggresive stocks but will not let it ride when they start to lose by more than 4 or 5% . My long term slow growth is steady at about 2 or 3 %, better than a bank. My aggresive can get up to 7 or 8 %. At 25,000K or more that grows fast but I also lose fast, so I have to move some over to long term or the risk becomes unbearable for me. I don't like to gamble... even though I feel luck is a small factor in investing, paying attention seems twice as important IMO.
  8. If it was easy everybody would do it. I lost tons when 911 happened.
  9. Florida, Brevard; About 50% wear masks is stores and maybe 5% wear gloves. Brevard has had 9 deaths so far related to Covid, ages range from 74 to 95. 40,000 + tested, 345 residents tested positive. Live in Destin for awhile. Beautiful beaches, emerald waters, good fishing. Have fun Larry. Stay safe though.
  10. I have to believe the arrests will come and charges of manslaughter apply. This kind of law enforcement needs to stop. He was handcuffed and on the ground for christ sake. Live or die the bogus 20 should never have warrented this kind of treatment. My son had a 100 dollar bill given to him from the bank. In the end the bank took it back after some issues. Glad he wasn't confronted by these cops. IMO, Rioting was the only way this kind excessive force will get the attention it needed.
  11. Totally agree, as do most people that I know. Just sad to watch the brutality.
  12. Sometimes the obvious isn't to some, so someone has to explain it to them.
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