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  1. I wouldn't say the right doesn't like to acknowledge it, I would say the right does like to acknowledge how the far left likes to blame all the problems on the right and call the left out on it.
  2. It's sad really. People of any color should work together to stop gang violence. Gangs form out of desperation. More inner city supported youth programs with mentors would be a start. I have coached with the Police Athletic Association for a few years. I hurts when I see a very talented athlete being led into a gang. I've been told some gang members are not getting that comradery from their family like they do with other gang members. And sometimes it just the Adrenalin Rush one gets from committing a crime. Scary how many extremely good athletes have some kind of crime in their past.
  3. When the NY Post is wrong they have to print a retraction. Where is the retraction.
  4. Some people will deny they are male even when they are born with a penis. Evidence is evidence, deny the fact and look like an Idiot.
  5. Spanish flu was called that because Spain was the first country to come out and make an effort to control the virus. The health org believe that the Spanish flu started in New York USA or London England. Now the Spanish Fly is another story.
  6. Manslaughter at best in my opinion. A retrial if it is hung. Extreme situations extract extreme measures... they may find Chauvin guilty of 3rd to appease the mob mentality. my 2 cents; the minute Floyd stopped moving Chauvin should have released pressure. An unintentional death is Manslaughter. Going to be hard to prove he meant to kill Floyd who was on drugs at the time. So 2nd and 3rd are going to be hard to prove if I'm the jury foreman. Fuck the mob mentality. Do what's right. And for what it is worth, if it comes to Civil war there will be a wake up call like nothing anyone liv
  7. Supposedly 6 women, 4 white and 2 mixed, and 6 men, 3 white and 3 black. Could be a hung jury.
  8. Found a wallet on the tennis court. Mailed to the dude and he sent me a 25 dollar reward. I was 16 at the time. It was like hitting the lotto. The wallet had around 250.00 in it which I noticed when I was looking for his address. Never once crossed my mind to take the cash and leave the wallet on the court. I think the same way today. It's called morals. Some have them and some don't. Tells you the mind set of some people now days. Voter fraud... no big deal, just don't get caught... Steal the cash from a wallet and let your friend take the blame, no big deal. Rob a bank and hide the cash
  9. I had to wonder when NASA ordered their employee's to wear 3 masks because Fauci said we should wear 2. From the stats I've seen say that you have a 18% chance on becoming infected when exposed if you're not wearing a mask vs a 4% chance when you wear a mask. What that tells me is that you have a 82% chance that you will not notice or become infected when exposed and a 96% chance of not being infected if you wear a mask. I think I'll pass on the shot after seeing what is happening. Chances are better that I will live a long healthy life even if I don't take the shot. Herd Immu
  10. Yeah, CG was trash back then. Should have put Madison County in there. They beat Lincoln who won state by FF against Armwood.
  11. BLM/Antifa terrorist John Sullivan Why was John Earle Sullivan in the Capitol Building on 01-06-2021?
  12. Not sure but Ed may have coached at Merritt Island as an assist.
  13. It will only take one lab with D. Death in charge to wipe out Millions and Millions.
  14. If CTE is the cause, why are there not more ex tournament Boxer's and Martial Artist shooting up people? I see more concussed fighters than in any other sports.
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