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  1. One of the reasons why I like Trask...
  2. Thought I would post the trailer link for those interested.
  3. Fount it interesting. Of course most of us that keep up with the computer world already knew a lot of this. Welcome to the dark side of humanity. Want to stop the division of America... stop the media.
  4. I thought Biden said he had the vaccine ready to go... bet they don't release it until Feb...
  5. Walmart and 3rd world countries will probably get the test run. When no one is turned in to a mutant then the eliteist will get the next run, and maybe the middle class will have to pay for it all when they get theirs.
  6. to answer my question... https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/2020/nov/06/facebook-posts/did-president-trump-issue-secret-watermarks-ballot/
  7. You are right... some Trumpers are talking rebellion if the vote counters continue to lock out the vote watchers while counting. why the lock out? off subject, did the mail in ballots really have a watermark?
  8. Oregon = The New Amsterdam. Soon addicts will be sitting in windows selling their bodies for their next fix.
  9. Probably going on with their lives... What do you expect them to do... Whine, Cry and have tantrums like in the Dems in 2016 did? Trumpers do not act like babies.
  10. I probably will not get the vaccine until I'm forced to... Then I'll be forced to get a chip implant so I become a number in the system if I live long enough. Social Security Numbers inmeded in the flesh in a chip. What next you may ask... How about Social Status (or 1%ters) and YOUR children will be the ones that become the slaves of the 1%. Higher education will be for those that can buy their way in. Political offices will be pay to play. If you make it to the top you will still owe someone.
  11. Amendment 25 coming up in 3 months. Will not have to impeach Biden. Maybe impeach Pelosi after Harris.
  12. Was told I could not where my trump mask so I turned it around.
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