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  1. He got his bachelors in 3 years. Yep, he's a dunce.
  2. Blah, blah, blah. OVERRATED! RTR
  3. OSU got their asses WHIPPED!!!!!!!!!!!!! RTR!!!
  4. Or, the stereotype for ANY home with responsible parenting and high expectations for their kids. You assume that only happens in white homes? Thats a very racist viewpoint.
  5. Alabama-42 OSU-41 Id never bet against my ride or die, but I also give credit where it's due. This is a very good OSU team that matches up with Bama. I can see this game as a push, depending on how well the Bama Db's and Lbs play. Dylan Moses has been average at best this year, and his pass coverage is terrible. ROLL TIDE
  6. Or, blueprint = 2 parent, productive, disciplined, responsible homes with high expectations for their kids.
  7. Sometimes, especially at the HS level, DISCIPLINED football can win over swag and talent.
  8. Worst fans I've ever been around, bar none. Yep, OSU beat Bama in the Sugar Bowl, but I can assure you there's one Fuckeye fan that regrets talking shit and screaming in my wife's ear. Great and storied football program. Horrible fans.
  9. And LSU will continue to be until they get rid of mush mouth Orgeron. https://fansided.com/2020/12/16/alabama-flip-lsu-recruit-nick-saban/?a_aid=41091
  10. POS should be in jail. And the mother is a POS for not filing charges. Maybe she was fucking this weak ass POS? And the D.A. should be out of office for not picking this up. And he was a Sheriffs deputy to boot. Im sure there is a long line of people he has abused.
  11. Orgeron has never been anything but an average head coach. He's not smart enough to be elite. He hit the lotto last year. Even a blind deer finds an acorn occasionally.
  12. Was a great HS football game. My nephew is one of the coaches at West Jones HS in Mississippi. They play West Point tonight for the Miss. 5A Championship. They have a really decent program for a school that is literally in the middle of nowhere.
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