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  1. Wife and I had the virus in Oct. I was moderate, she was very sick. Got tested 3 weeks ago and still have antibodies. Have been told, and read that so far, it seems the worst reactions are people with a high antibody count.
  2. You get about 40-50% coverage. I already have antibodies (tested last week, had the covid in Oct.), so I should be good. According to the Pharmacist, people with antibodies are having the worst reactions.
  3. Day 2 after the vaccine, and still feel like shit. Making me not want to get the backup shot. Not trying to influence anyone either way. I know people that had no issues at all with it.
  4. Got the 1st Pfizer shot yesterday. Have felt HORRIBLE all day! Body aches, fatigue, fever. Had the virus in Oct., and was told yesterday that people who already have antibodies tend to have a much worse reaction. I concur!
  5. This POS should be out for good, and prosecuted and serve time. But, as we all know, when it comes to talented athletes, its probably not going to happen. Just another reason I watch less and less NFL. It's been an issue in the NFL for many years. Ill never support an industry that coddles criminals. Im mean come on...Michael Vick and Terrance Cody were treated worse for abusing animals (not that I think thats right either).
  6. Stop sucking dicks with your asshole. That will probably solve it. "National crisis". HAHAHA Only in you're NorCal gay world. You're a fucking idiot.
  7. 100%. It's always been competitive. That coupled with way to many kids getting totally worthless degrees. What young folks today consider "hard times", doesnt come close to comparing to actual "hard times".
  8. Just one more I promise.
  9. Thats a Mini 14. Semi automatic, gas operated, magazine fed, air cooled rifle that can be chambered in either .223 or NATO 7.62 x 39 calibers. Its a magazine, not a "clip". The term "clip" is only used in movies and the hood. Minor point for us former military types.
  10. with reliable facts, and without mentioning Donald Trump, what Joe Biden has accomplished in 47 years in politics? Im honestly not taking sides, because I cant stand either party, but just want to hear peoples thoughts/facts.
  11. Original. Congrats. I have that right as a tax paying, fully employed adult since the age of 17. My "whining" is legit, theirs is not. We have a whole generation that needs to grow the fuck up, including several on this board. Im out. Actually, it's more of my experiences trying to train 20 something year olds in my job since LE, who think the world and mommy and daddy owe them something. At least the criminals I dealt with while in LE were out hustling to get a dollar, albeit, most of the time, illegal. These overgrown children now want to sit at home and expect society
  12. If what's not happening? Being called names? Not being able to "handle life" at 16, 24 or 30 without a hand full of pills? Crawling into a corner because your 500 SAT score wont get you into the college of your choice? Mad because you refused to follow a police officers orders, told him "fuck you pig", and got arrested? Because a 28 year old who's never tried to work a day in her life had her food stamps reduced? I could go on and on, but I digress. Todays youth are a weak minded shit show.
  13. Can you imagine the people who have won World Wars or actually endured REAL, violent racism, whining about petty shit and hurt feelings like these idiots do now.
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