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  1. Character is a losing proposition vs. race in 2022.
  2. Im in the camp of...I think championships are won on the field. Unless a team pre playoff years was totally dominant, I never put too much stock in sports writers votes.
  3. Congrats to all you Dawg fans. Been a long time coming. Enjoy. The Tide will be pretty salty again next year. Lots of youngsters and injuries this year. I think this is one of Sabans best years of coaching since he arrived. I only hope OBrien isnt there next year. LOL ROLL TIDE.
  4. So many injuries. Lots of dropped balls. Getting tougher every series.
  5. Im not sure he'd be doing it solely for a bigger payout. I think he is a driven person who would love to be the next Nick Saban. And yes, a lot of $$$ goes with that. Good for him for being ambitious. Jeez man, does everything have to be about saving the "black community"?? How abow them saving themselves for a change?
  6. So accepting a P5 job at a major program would be a "sellout"? Why? Id love to see what he could do at a SEC school, or rebuild Florida State. Maybe he doesnt define his lifes ambitions based on race.
  7. Cincy did accomplish one thing last night...They nailed the door shut on any other G5 Junior Varsity team making the playoffs anytime soon. RTR
  8. Yeah, that all world defense got spanked all night by the Bama o line. No contest at all.
  9. WIll be at Grease Money Bar and Social Club by 11am tomorrow. At the Stadium by 1. After game, Texas Live is a cool place to watch the 2nd game. RTR
  10. Needs way more teachers like this. https://www.instagram.com/p/CXjhnG7pjEM/
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