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  1. SJR was the first of the BIG 3 to be dominant in wrestling in the 90s from 1993 - 2008 in state medals. how we let our momentum go away I am sure was due to coaching, clubs etc. Happy we are back on top. Going to these matches in my time was an absolute blast as well our SJR Hockey winning the Stats as well 85- 89 was great time at SJR 1st 6 2nd 5 3rd 9 other places. And when ranking all time greatest wrestlers in NJ. Damian is in the top 5. Mike Grey / Pritzlaff / Logan / add your own for the last Damian Logan 93 1st 95 1st 96 1st 94 2nd Erik Norgaard 00 1st 99 3rd 98 5th Rory O'Donnel 04 1st 03 4th Mike Mazzenio 00 1st Frank Lodeserto 95 1st john Trumbetti 04 2nd 05 3rd 06 2nd Ralph Denisco 99 2nd Bryan Stoll 93 3rd ( Delby HC ) Karl Norgaard 96 5th 97 5th Lee Dugan 02 8th Ed Puzio 98 5th Mike Palo 99 6th 00 3rd 01 7th Vinny Santainte 03 8th John Ceccio 08 8th
  2. Not a good look for Marangi … weird season … a lot injuries … some bad game management all on the coach’s ….good on SHP …. Ultimately it’s beating your 2 rivals and winning the chip …#fingshitshowofaseason
  3. Big win for the Irish on an underwhelming season....basically took a lot of pressure of Coach Freeman....also kudos to Brian Kelly...the man can coach...big win over bama...knocking them into the poulin weedeater bowl !!!!!!! if OSU and Michigan play within 3 pts.....they both will make it final four.....committee left with ugly choices...in one loss Tennessee is out....Clemson may be out with the shalacking....TCU could win out not easy....Oregon is probably gonna lose...how about how huge USC / UCLA then if they win USC vs the Irish may be a play in game for the Trojans to the Final four,...also if Ducks win out you gonna take them after a 49-3 destruction by UGA...me not think so.....Great Win Irish # Vir Fidelis !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. As expected 1 bosco 2 BC 3 SPP 4 SJR interesting QF games for SPP vs Delby and An injury riddled SJR vs SHP …..
  5. Not sure what to make of it....Rees splits the carries evenly between Tyree / Diggs /Audric....Audric has been the horse not sure why he is not getting the lions share of the carries....this loss is on Rees and ultimately Freeman....he may not be the answer long term as he had no answers to get irish going vs stanford.
  6. BC lost when they made SJR wait in the rain for an extra 10 mins prior to kickoff....go back and watch the beginning of the game ...look at the SJR sideline when BC came out....game was over....those were some pissed off dudes up and down that sideline at Giants Stadium !!!! IMO this is a huge game for SJR....2 weeks to prepare...high octane offense....QB settling in....Marangi needs to get help for the Defense....hopefully Willis will play both ways all game...SJR needs a win ....and I believe they can get it. 28 - 21 SJR !!!!!
  7. BC 35 - 7 .....,,,,,Bosco like SJR has a weak defense....BC should roll.
  8. we spend way more than 35k on OOS if a plane is involved.....more like 125K and up
  9. funny how everyone makes fun of our little state for high school buts wants all our players....whatever.....is being played on the regional cable station as well...I am out country and 5 hrs ahead and probably many beers ahead....lets GO SJR !!!!
  10. this is a failed experiment in human existence...giving 15-17 year olds calling a game...no real experience...no game experience...wear your white out shirt...chug beers in the woods etc...leave the call to grown ups or on mute...enough....
  11. if SJR could just not give up the big play...offense gives them a chance.....a little birdie stated that SJR back up QB was like Brito back in the day from PC....either way lets get it on....severin kid having a really tough game from bosco...got burnt on bomb to forster and bad hit on QB....how he did not get targeting...no clue ....
  12. big difference for bosco is depth....SJR can hang w anyone but young defense has no depth on DL / Lbs due to injuries....secondary is all young....insanely talented ...all have D1 offers...all Sophs.....need some turnovers....and long drives to spell Defense
  13. also when did bosco decide to go w that really bad charcoal gray / maroon...crap...screw what the kids want and stay old school....same for SJR...wearing that all green home unis is atrocious...both coaches need to get their heads out there asses...on the unis...although will admit like the SJR all Whites
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