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  1. since 1985 TK's first season all through Auggie and present between SJR And BC SJR 16 wins & BC 16 wins That is what a real rivalry looks like @GardenStateBaller
  2. “Everyone knows our M.O. is we’re going to run the ball,” Hoffmann said. “And we have to do that behind our great O-line. ... And anytime you can beat Bergen Catholic in any fashion, it’s beautiful.” #groundandpound
  3. If you go TK area to now it’s either 500 or one game either way .... and yes it is the best football rivalry going back to the 1987 state championship game ....#Virfidelis
  4. You are such a phony ..: just go to Pc games lol
  5. really...look at the last ten games...instead of now bosco getting beat like a red headed step child by both teams...just bc PC blows and bosco blows,,,,not my problem..
  6. OOS means nothing once u get into these rivalry games...especially these two teams https://www.northjersey.com/story/sports/high-school/football/2019/10/10/bergen-catholic-st-joseph-nj-football-memorable-games-between-rivals/3919242002/
  7. SJR is a mess....bad snap on punt...BC with ball on SJR 38
  8. Alaimo playing like crap...another missed easy pass...they need run the ball
  9. SJR no where on offense...great punt to BC 9
  10. BC score...rollout pass to TE ...SJR looks flat on defense...also not sure why they are throwing the ball so much ...run it down their throat... 7-7
  11. BC QB...long run...gangly looking specimen on SJR 12
  12. SJR punt.. BC moving the ball...SJR takes 2nd personal foul hit...BC on SJR 39
  13. almost picked by SJR....SJR ball on thier 38
  14. 4 and 3 BC going for it on sjr 38
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