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  1. is this game going to be re-scheduled ? or did Bosco just get lucky.....SJR was gonna roll them.....
  2. what happened Covid outbreak at bosco?
  3. connecting the dots means nothing in high school btw....and keep on being the ass hat.....excited for SJR to roll bosco
  4. The black stripe is a symbol of buying in to the program and conducting yourself the right way on and off the field. Having the black stripe removed is a notable distinction and a cause for celebration.
  5. we can travel anywhere ...the Big 3 ...the problem we have faced are teams not honoring the return leg to play us in NJ. SJR has been to Cali / FL / GA / MD / OH etc....
  6. gents - any info on a stream for SPP vs SJR in Jersey city for Saturday?
  7. i cannot speak for BC or Bosco but SJR reached out to a top3 program in TX a couple years ago and said school would not agree to a 2yr contract bc they did not want to travel
  8. do you mind telling us who you are ? or where on this site? always dubious when someone comes out swinging and has lot 27 posts....so who are you ?
  9. GSB - nothing to discuss on Brother Peter, man of faith and a great man. Brother John is a scumbag...was in school with him as welll...it was known amongst students that he was off....no idea who Brother Donnelly is.....but Brother Peter was the man....will defend him all the way.
  10. while you both opine on the glory days....there is a dark side here ...thats all...who is hurting who...it happened.. 7 kids died of unusual circumstances....its not like there are some baseball players or lax players or soccer players or members of the glee club...7/9 from football....so just asking what is the pattern....bc if this was my school..I would sure as hell would like to understand what the hell happened
  11. is the circle jerk over now....??? no comment on the 9 Bosco kids who have died since 2014? what other program has a record like this = NONE. Maybe these kids got pushed too far or too hard...one or two ok ....but 9????? please enlighten us?
  12. and there is this....also from the Toal era https://www.nj.com/sports/g66l-2019/07/1aab74958c6745/9-exathletes-from-a-top-nj-school-have-died-since-2014-why.html
  13. ok...can you list the rest of his OOS teams....like a parade of bells paulsy cases,,,,,I guess SFA beast team means nothing...or SJC in their best years....or GC or Dematha....tried for Allen....St Eds. .... will stack up our OOS vs them any time........you are a clown....#moneyforclownovertruth-trumperasshat
  14. u are such an ass hat....thats their total list....given any chance ..hansen will play the " B " level team in OOS.....he was forced dragging and kicking being put into the United division .....torn away from his hudson public schedule averaging 70-0...plus has not BC / SJR /PC and not sure Bosco also played IMG.....side note...believe SJR played them the closest.. ......stop being a clown.....#SPPNOTBIG3
  15. ok appreciate the honesty as there are so many idiots who will hide themselves......
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