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  1. SJR89

    BNU Commitments

    cmon...this is such an asinine statement.....so kids who go away get in trouble...distance or location have no bearing if a kid gets in trouble...look at Devera at Rutgers...kid is stealing credit card numbers off the dark web,,,,but hey his family is close to support...sometimes....think before you type....once again...you think about the less one percent that make the NFL. This is a life decision...best school ...best fit...who cares if there are other kids committed at his position...if you are that good...go compete and take the job....never play it safe in that scenario....if Cal or Oregon is his fit then go........stay away from Utah...no need to get brainwashed by a mormon chick.....next thing you know your wearing the magic underpants
  2. SJR89

    DeMatha HC to Maryland

    Maryland more so than Rutgers should get a bigger bump from the big ten.... Maryland should be all over NJ .... not sure if any recent tip Kids have gone to Maryland .... there regional football from VA to NJ is top notch with blue chips .... they need a dynamic coach to make it happen .... just like Clemson pre dabo .... Maryland has all the pieces to big time ... just need the right coach. / staff
  3. SJR89

    BNU Commitments

    I do not want to say I told you so about Grieco but this kid is a beast .... offers are flowing even w the RU mistake....he may want to wait till after signing. Period this month .. for teams looking for a top safety after they lose one etc unless one of the current offers is his best fit ....
  4. SJR89

    BNU Commitments

    UNC would be great for this kid...but not a big fan of UNC going retread with MAck Brown back at head coach. IF Duke offers him, I would take that ......strong SJR connection......also went thru ND's 2019 committs...they have 2 4 star safetys in that class...pipe dream over
  5. SJR89

    BNU Commitments

    SJR OG Francois get WM offer
  6. SJR89

    BNU Commitments

    of course....but this goes back to us old guys and say,,,,take the Ivy offer for life vs a mid level power 5 team.....
  7. SJR89

    BNU Commitments

    should be his first and last offer...take it ...today...just ask SJRs Fossati and what being Captain of the Ivy league champions means now and in the future
  8. SJR89

    BNU Commitments

    says the young guy.....you have to learn padawan
  9. SJR89

    Bergen guys

    The most important part of the article is the negative review . The only truthful thing in the article. Side not when sjr was becoming dominant in hockey in the early 80’s ... 1/3 of the team was Jewish ..
  10. http://www.maxpreps.com/athlete/howard-cross/GErgvWf8Eea-8KA2nzwbTA/gendersport/football-stats.htm#year=18-19 this stats are linked to SJR website so they come directly from our stat guy Andy.
  11. what is your problem with acknowledging a great year by Cross...bc he goes to SJR.? we celebrate all these kids...not sure what your deal is here....
  12. press release with his stats..... https://playeroftheyear.gatorade.com/winner/howard-cross/36899
  13. was RJ oben dominant in two games vs SJR or against the BC and Bosco...no...was Cross vs all three,,,yes
  14. Truly happy for this kid, hard working, great work ethic, motor , football IQ... great cap to an amazing year. Will go down as one of the best lineman ever at SJR. https://irishsportsdaily.com/s/8045/howard-cross-iii-named-nj-gatorade-player-of-the-year
  15. SJR89

    Official Excuse Thread for #8 ND

    watch the game ....padewan and see the brilliance of parcells