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  1. Stone Mountain is not part of our history ... make no mistake ... it is a state fucking park which was private and then purchased by the state of Georgie . explain that ? don’t just react - take some time to explain ?
  2. Stone Mountain is a State Park in Georgia! whar else is there to say !!! Why not just paint KKK on the mountain if your ancestors are from the south .... u lost the war ... the dudes on the mountain are traitors / war criminals - like Nazis in Germany - you have any preference for Nazis you go to jail your response is sad. Maybe you can learn but dude ... do you understand where you live what has had occurred ?
  3. How about u start a petition to blow that mountain up ? Not ur problem ? It s ur state and fucking traitors truly worse than. Benedict Arnold have a racist monument for what and it’s a state park !!!! what the fuck —- your supposedly 16 in high school in GA ... are you not embarrassed? you have many opinions on this board ... but I want to you know what kind of man are you gonna. Be ? What is your opinion on this ?
  4. Not for nothing but GA just had 260 teachers test positive in your largest school district - north Gwinnett ????? You wonder how you have a state park in Stone Mountain in your state - when do you traitors get state monuments like Mt Rushmore ... only in your fucking south ... deserve what you get
  5. GSB - you are a complete joke - what are u gonna say when FlA / TX do not have not high school football Bc they decided not to shut down at all while we shut down for 12 weeks - you are total joke - wondering if you care about making money over lives - GSB = Trump = Clown
  6. the Haka has been watered down as opposing teams have complained forever that is an unfair advantage.....they used walk up to the other team during and the haka and get in their face....there is famous one verse Ireland back in the day....will try to find....saw the All Blacks play Scotland in Ediburough for the Quarterfinal of the World cup in 1999.....drank a beer with Joma Lomu 2 days prior to the game....was an amazing experience......
  7. BC is yes.....SJR was the Mcourtys and Ron Girault....he a cup of cioffee in the NFL but still counts
  8. 17 to 91 ....is kool....nice ride....
  9. its still going....in round robin still....then knockout.....nbc on weekend....20 $ for streaming.....for entire tourney.....get on it ....and start drinking ....or go back to being a pussy baseball player.....
  10. I was at SJR vs BC game in the endzone w 50 SJR alumni...it was 21-0 SJR in the 1st quarter...were gonna leave to go out and tailgate.......the turning point in the game was also delivered by Cushing on a SJR kick return in the first half....he went unblocked and hit our best all around player...Ferla who was returning the kick...cushing shattered his right arm in multiple breaks......that was the physiological turning point for SJR.......all time great game with 6 future NFL players....3 from each team....can you name all 6 ???????
  11. Correct SJR best Bosco. At Bosco ... same amount of time for both SJR and BC to beat Bosco under toal era .... I was on a plane flying to Ireland for my wedding ... I called the record 3 times for updates ... cost me and arm and a leg .. when we found out we won ... me and my dad had a celebratory cocktail over the Atlantic .....
  12. not to mention all of the BIG 3 schools have huge Football boosters that support the schools...was at our meeting last night....that is why all three schools will play anyone / anywhere.....the will is there because of the support of the alumni......
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