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  1. Have no clue....but time for a change. hopefully great move...
  2. Shannon rose is a joke.,,,,,,corporate con job for an irish pub......they cannot spell " buy back ".....go to Daveys or Bradys...or the Saloon in pearl river.....rose is Shite
  3. Grades do matter.....Rutgers in the Gator Bowl....good for them https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/32930171/rutgers-accepts-invite-replacement-team-gator-bowl-play-wake-forest-sources-say
  4. Rutgers first up to replace A+M in the bowl game.... #Grades matter. Would be great for them etc. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/32926787/oversight-committee-meet-discuss-whether-rutgers-scarlet-knights-gator-bowl-opposition-wake-forest-demon-deacons
  5. respect for Sabella and bosco alums would be idiots to chase him away....cant say the same in Montvale....disappointed with this season for SJR...expectations were not high per say but some quality wins and then a blowout to bosco in the playoffs...not a good look....
  6. as an Irish fan..disappointed but understand. He has pretty much maxed out recruiting the right kids to get into ND....timing is actually ok by him as well....gives ND time to pivot then wait till after bowl game......if he stayed 2 more years would have easy to make the DC Freeman HC....one year not so sure.....ND as a destination and what is left in the cupboard is a really good land for the right person right now.....I would go after Fickell first ....see if he will leave Ohio finally...if not ...then not sure on Campbell.....ND may look at O'brien .....saw someone mentioned lane kiffin.....hells no....or urban meyer ,,,hells no....another angle are top assistants in the NFL....mentioned earlier...ND has the money...hopefully they make the right decision..... as far our Green Knight Audric Estime....this probably means he is transferring......any big ten team should promise him the moon for the big back to come there......think Diggs will stay....hope they both stay......would be nuts if Irish back door CFP and no Kelly as coach
  7. Diggs is legit and Audric as well.....pretty sure Brian Kelly will do everything in his power to keep both at ND....they have 7 OL's that are Frosh / Sophs....with a lot of playing time. they are finally getting elite depth all along the team.....if they can figure out the QB position they will have their best team under Kelly in the next few years...and Audric and Diggs with a big OL is their blue print. think SJR04 is spot on as usual. just need a bearcat and or Bama loss....for the back door in the CFP!!!!
  8. ass beat down....those stats should be burnt into the SJR lockeroom......like the scoreboard in Red Dawn movie.....just embarrassing from an SJR perspective......hung out with his dad earlier in season at Nelies and was worried about not enough stats for Princeton or YAle....pretty sure that sealed the deal.....
  9. an absolute tragedy. Coach Gibbs was a great guy and an legendary coach. Thinking of his family and players. Hopefully these kids can pull it together and prepare the battle for the chip with Highlands. #lifesucks
  10. stream did not work for me etc...so saw none of the game only read the articles and my boys texting me.....hats off to Bosco....quality beat down....for my Green Knights not sure what to think. not saying we were world beaters but getting embarrassed at home horrible look. thank god for booze...........onto next sports season...... Hopefully Bosco can go down and the blow the doors off of St. A's as to get rid of this notion of them actually deserving a #2 seed for playing nobody. I would have gone for the deep throw on 3 & 2 on first play back.....but thats just me.
  11. SJR used have have some Friday night games in the 90’s with portable lights but all the neighbors along the campus complained from their multimillion dollar homes so no lights etc which minus these daylight issues I am ok with just Saturday games but the bigger question for SJR and BC is why did they even play yesterday .... it’s not like the fore cast was unknown etc ....., let’s go Green Knights !!!!!! part 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!’
  12. Game postponed until tomorrow Sjr vs Bosco at 1m from Ireland !!!!!
  13. I wish I could be there as well .... will be streaming from out of the country ....pint in hand .... let’s go Green Knights !!!!! side note - still total bs that the winner has to go down to play St A hermits from competition ass hats
  14. this is what we know about SJR...they have not played a complete " A " game this year.....that being said of course the second game will be better. Think SJR will be in top form and pull out the W.....QB needs to make some confident throws early to keep 8 in the box away from YAsin. If that happens ...SJR will win....our defense is good enough to cause problems....still waiting for the full Mullen beast mode game...
  15. the only peoples opinion that matters is college coaches who hit New Jersey hard...even the publics......so yea we are a dam good football state
  16. Total BS St Augustine at #2 in NP4 .. all public’s .. only loss to Phillly Catholic ... SJR should be 2 and Sta 3 ... but that would mean Hansen would have to have a set of balls for another team other than SPP in seeding meeting ... NP seeding meetings are the only ones that have a human input beyond the ratings for seeding
  17. seeding committee cannot let St A's be #2...if all goes normal..... 1. BC 2. SJR 3. SPP 4. St A 5 DB 6. SHP 7. Delby 8. Donovan Catholic
  18. one way to look at it or after college ...90% of the Alabama roster has no great options while all 100% of the IRISH roster have a degree for life an infinite options
  19. no is that true !!!!....oh wait....85% of your roster would not academically qualify to get in to Notre Dame. #Truth....and will always enjoy the Irish success bc the extra steps they need to go
  20. you play who is on the schedule....on track for another 11 win season......keep it rolling.....
  21. Quality win by SJR with lucky pixie dust thrown in for good measure on that 107 Fumble TD return. OLine is getting better and Yasin is running in beast mode all good signs. Need the QB to slow the game down and make the IQ decisions ... too many throws into double coverage etc ...great atmosphere at game ... .... BC losing to SPP would be nuts and that loss would be only be on Vito and staff.. little Hansen is the worst coach of the Big 3 + 2 so don’t screw up Vito !!!
  22. Your reading it wrong this was his 4th game. He will RS he is just turning 18 sometime this fall. OLine has been shuffled so much that next year they will be dam good w lots of experience and fisher back from injury why not feature your 6 foot 220 Lb RB in Audric and the other Frosh Digga from Louisiana
  23. Old school dude from the Bronx goes to Vietnam to bring his boys from the neighborhood beers and that people back home care about them. Being made into a movie...watch the video ,,,,Chickie is a character....Love this country !!!! https://www.nj.com/entertainment/2021/10/peter-farrelly-filming-in-nj-for-the-greatest-beer-run-ever-starring-zac-efron-and-russell-crowe.html
  24. whichever team can stop the run has the advantage....for SJR...our QB needs to make some confident completions early...if he is on and we can run...SJR will win by 7-10 pts if not could be reversed. Lack of depth on SJR defense for long drives is a concern....Defense ran out of gas in second half vs BC. Tailgating should be great...weather will be great..................... Lets GO SJR !!!!! beat the pillow biters from Ramsey !!!!!
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